Teaser Gets Taken: Taboo NC Erotica - Lazarus Orlando - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.*****"Goddamn, a virgin. I wouldn't have believed any man-hating, prick-teasing, slimy cunt like you would still be a virgin. This is going to be a special pleasure and a rare privilege," he said."No, no, please, no!" she moaned over and over. It did no good. He was going to rape her no matter what she said or did. He was too strong for her. He could have his will with her—and would.He maintained the steady pressure against that membrane buried a few inches up her cunt. She felt the tension in her body—and then it turned to pain as he pressed even harder. She arched her back. This caused her cunt to mash down on his prick.She felt the membrane inside her break. He had popped her cherry. And then his prick surged into her untried, bloody cunt. She bled inside from the man's cherry-robbing cock and she knew she was ruined for life.....

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Teaser Gets Taken

Lazarus Orlando

Copyright © 2017

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"Fuck me good, James. I need that big cock of yours all the way up my pussy. Fuck me all the way!"

"Shit, baby, you don't mess around do you? You want it and you want it now!"

"You know what I want," Gretchen said in a husky voice to her boyfriend. "Give it to me. Please!"

Priscilla didn't know what to do. Screwing wasn't supposed to be done on the high school grounds. Not ever. And yet she couldn't turn her best friend in to the principal. That would be like turning into a traitor.

And there was something else bothering her, too. She simply couldn't ignore the sensual sounds coming to her ears. She had to go look and see what was really going on. The blonde girl knew the best thing for her to do was simply leave. She didn't have to turn anyone in but she could ignore all this and pretend it had never happened.

But some magnetic force drew her closer and closer to the corner of tile building. Poking her blonde head around, she got a perfect view of what was happening. She saw the long, red prick parting Gretchen's puffy cunt lips. For a second, that prick was rimmed by the fleecy black pussy fur of the girl's cunt, and then it vanished all the way up into that juicy, excited twat.

She gasped almost as loudly as Gretchen as the cock vanished from sight. She couldn't pull her eyes away from the scene. It held her hypnotically. Again, Priscilla knew she should turn around and leave the couple alone. It was wrong spying on them.

But she knew it was also a sin to screw like they were doing. Gretchen and James weren't married.

Fucking outside of the conjugal bed was a sin. And she had never seen sin quite so graphic before. She thought she owed it to herself to see what it was like firsthand. Her minister might not approve, but she had to know what sin was to properly resist it.

That made perfect sense to her, even if her friend's actions didn't.

The idea of allowing a boy to stuff his prick up her like that made Priscilla feel... how did she feel?

She tried to figure it out. It disgusted her, sure. It had to. She had been raised for such things to make her feel uneasy, sick to her stomach. But that churning from her belly wasn't sickness, she didn't think. It was something more than upset. It was causing her pussy to begin to churn out the thick, sluggish juices that annoyed her so much.

Priscilla had tried to hide the offending stains on her sheets after she had dreamed all those naughty dreams. In her sleep she pulled the pillow down between her legs and rocked gently back and forth until she was really going and the friction of the pillowcase against her cunt lips worked into a frenzy. She usually woke up sweaty and feeling guilty. She had to wash out the stains right then and there so her mother wouldn't discover them.

She felt incredible guilt about that involuntary response of her own body. The girl knew she was responsible because she thought dirty thoughts and was somehow unclean in her mind. And now, watching James fucking the holy shit out of Gretchen made her feel the same way.

She rubbed across her turgid cunt lips and felt a zing of carnal electricity shoot all the way up into her loins. She didn't like it—and yet she did. The confusion held the girl rooted firmly to the spot. The blonde teenager knew she shouldn't spy on those two and yet she couldn't move.

"More, James, give me more of that swollen prick."

"God, Gretchen, you're burning my cock off now. I never fucked a cunt as tight and as hot as yours."

"How many have you fucked, stud?" the dark-haired girl asked, her voice tinged with both the blur of sex and a mocking tone.

"A lot," the youth bragged. "But none as foxy as you. Or any with cunts this tight and hot. Shit, baby, you're crushing me flat with those pussy muscles of yours. Don't stop."

"Doing this?" the dark-haired teenager teased.

Priscilla couldn't see what was going on but the effect must have been titanic on the boy. His back arched and he slammed his crotch firmly into Gretchen's. His hips began rotating as he drilled deeper and deeper into the girl's pussy.

"Shit, that's it!" he cried out. "You're giving my cock a massage that's driving me out of my skull. I don't know how you grip my cock like that!"

Priscilla couldn't see what was really happening but she could guess. Her own pussy tensed up at the idea of a boy sticking his cock all the way up it. She had sexy dreams of that happening and she came then. Or at least she thought that was what happened from listening to all her girl friends' descriptions of it.

She wondered if Gretchen would come from the fucking she was getting. If the speed of the fucking had anything to do with it, she would.

James' body worked like a machine. His prick slid in and out of her well-oiled cunt like a sex piston. Every single thrust forward caused his ass to tighten up and Priscilla felt her own body responding just as if he had shoved that mighty cock into her cunt.

Her fingers drifted down and lifted the hem of her skirt. She knew it was wrong to touch herself down there. But she couldn't help it. She had to have some relief from the itching, longing feeling.

Her finger slipped under the legband of her white cotton panties and across the fleecy-covered pussy mound. She shuddered at the touch, but it still wasn't enough. If anything, it only heightened her desires. The blonde teenager had to have more.

That questing finger worked lower and found the tiny spire of her clit poking up out of its sheath of protective flesh. A light caress across the pointy tip made her entire body convulse as if she had plugged herself into an electric light socket.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh!" she moaned out. The girl instantly bit her lower lip to keep from crying out even louder. She didn't want the others to know she was spying on them. Not that they were likely to notice anything smaller than an atomic bomb going off, so lost in passion they were.

Her finger worked across the tiny spire until she was hopping from foot to foot. She felt the steamy juices leaking out from between her turgid cunt lips. She had to try and stop that flood. It was making her panties wet and would soon stain the front of her dress. She'd never be able to explain that away.

But the feel of her finger pressing into the hot creases of her pussy lips only increased the flood of frothy cunt oils. She couldn't simply stick her finger into her cunt hole and stop the flow. But she tried.

Her finger shot into her virgin cunt and she suddenly felt weak. Her legs came close to buckling under her and she had to limply lean against the wall of the gym. Her groping finger seemed to know what to do. It began sliding in and out of her pussy in the exact rhythm that James used to fuck his prick into Gretchen's cunt. The girl knew this was what was happening and couldn't help herself.

Her eyes locked on the bodies of the fucking couple. The youth's ass tensed and drove his prick squarely into the hot box of Gretchen's cunt. The spying blonde girl could hear the lewd squishing sound of the cock burying itself in the humid, gushing cunt.

She came hard when she felt her own finger touching all the right nerve endings inside her pussy. The girl had never felt anything quite so wonderful in all her young life. But it was nothing compared to what Gretchen must be feeling, she thought.

The dark-haired girl thrashed around, impaled on the boy's prick. Her long, slender white legs kicked out powerfully and then wrapped around the youth's waist in an effort to pull him even more powerfully into her cunt.

"Fuck me deeeeep!" the bucking girl cried out. She arched her back and rammed her snatch down hard onto the youth's crotch.

Priscilla could see pink cunt lips opening and fluttering around the thickness of the huge cock entering her cunt. The spying girl knew that the enjoyment Gretchen was getting was probably a lot more intense than she was feeling from her own finger fucking.

But the blonde teenager had to continue. The sight of the fucking made her tremble. How she wished she was the one getting laid!

"Oh, God, James, this is too much. You're so fucking big inside me."

"Gotta fuck," the teenager said in a dazed voice. "Gotta. My balls are about ready to pop. Feel like a goddamn pressure cooker."

"Don't come in me!" the girl cried suddenly. "I'm not on the Pill."

"Shit," the youth muttered. "A fine time to tell me."

"You're the one who bragged about having perfect control. Don't come inside me!"

Priscilla blinked hard. She didn't understand what was going on. The tempo of the fucking had changed.

James no longer fucked the tight pussy sheathing his prick as if it were the end of the world. Every stroke was more hesitant, easier, less assured.

But the spying girl didn't feel any slackening of the tempestuous emotions raping her young body. She had to continue using her finger all the way up her pussy until she got off again.

Sighing, she braced her back against the cold wall of the gym. Her finger fucked harder and deeper into her twat until she was shivering as if she had a high fever. But the feel of that finger pressing into her velvety cunt walls was more than enough to get her off. Even if the fucking she was spying on didn't have the intensity it had before, she was still so turned on she couldn't hold back much longer.

"Ummmm, oh!" she gasped as the wild passions raging inside her trim body began to break free. When she snapped, it was like a string pulled too taut. She cried out as orgasm smashed through her again.

Her cunt walls crushed down powerfully around her finger. She felt her hand drenched by the sudden outpouring of her cunt oils and nothing less than a quick fucking with her slender finger would sate her insane desires.

Priscilla felt so guilty she could hardly bear it. She shouldn't be feeling herself down there. It was sin.

That had been drummed into her head from her earliest years. She couldn't remember a time when her mother had told her it was all right to fondle herself and play with her cunt lips. The idea of actually finger fucking herself was so totally alien she was blushing with embarrassment, even though there was nobody to see her.

But was it a sin?

It felt good, damned good. She couldn't believe something this exciting should be wrong. And yet hadn't her minister cautioned her that sin could be mighty enticing? That it could put on a false face and lure the unsuspecting into a life of degradation?

She didn't feel degraded. She felt turned on, more aroused than she had ever felt before in her young life. The only thing she knew she should feel guilty about was spying on James and Gretchen. And even that didn't bother her too much.

If anything, it made her horny. And that need for cock in her pussy wasn't evil, she thought. It was just different from anything else she'd ever felt. She was growing up and this must be part of it. It had to be.

James wasn't fucking Gretchen's pussy with anything near the intensity he had been. Priscilla peered around the corner of the gymnasium and saw his huge fuck stick bury itself almost gently into the quivering snatch. The pink cunt lips folded out and fluttered wet and pink around his prick.

"Oh, oh sweet Jesus, I can't take much more," groaned out Gretchen. "I'm getting ready to come. I... aaaieee!" Her entire body convulsed again. The girl's vivid green eyes clamped shut and her entire body went rigid as if a giant hand had crushed down on her. Priscilla watched in fascination. She wondered if she had looked like that when she'd come.

Or had she even come? The girl didn't have the experience with men to know. She knew so little about men and her own body that it seemed almost criminal. Why hadn't her mother told her about how good it was having a man's prick racing in and out of her cunt? It had to be good from the way Gretchen responded to James' hard fucking prick. And it didn't seem the least bit sordid.

Her spying on them was the most sordid part of it all. She felt guilty about that but nothing else. Her finger continued to stroke up and down over the folds of her own trembling pussy lips. As her finger strayed between the flaps and went into her humid cunt hole again, she stiffened. The feelings in her belly began to intensify.

She bit down on her lip again to keep from crying out. And when she saw what James was doing, it made her even more aroused. The youth had withdrawn his cock from the dark, furry-rimmed cunt and was rubbing it against the girl's belly. His prick dragged over the fleecy mat of her pussy mound and crushed itself down into her soft belly.

Priscilla came the instant she saw the teenager's cock stiffen even more and then spew out a thick stream of milky come. The strings of his jism lashed across Gretchen's belly and the way she writhed around, she might have been coming again. Priscilla didn't know or care. She was too wrapped up in the throes of her very own orgasm.

She watched as the teenager's prick finally emptied itself and began to melt like an icicle in the hot sun.

The puddle of come on Gretchen's belly mocked the spying girl.

"Shit," said Gretchen in disgust. "This is pretty lousy. The least you could have done was come over in the dirt or something." She began wiping away the jism with a kleenex.

Priscilla knew that they would both be coming in her direction soon. Reluctantly, she let her finger slip from her pussy. She quickly left.


Priscilla moped around the rest of the day. The ache in her pussy refused to go away. She felt the gnawing hunger inside her worse than ever before. No matter what she did, it got worse. Trying to press her legs together didn't help her in the least. If anything, the motion of her slender legs moving together only made her even hornier.

She knew that her minister had been right. She had been exposed to real sin and it had polluted her precious bodily fluids. She was lost and would be in for a lifetime of sin and degradation. She would burn forever in the fires of hell.

And yet trying to convince herself of that was difficult. She felt good. Horny, but good, from the finger fucking. And spying on Gretchen and James fucking hadn't brought down fiery lightning bolts of retribution from God. If anything, seeing them fuck had aroused her curiosity and that was hardly a sin.

Priscilla sat on one of the stone benches outside the school building and idly combed her long, lustrous blonde hair. She loved the feel of it gliding across her hands. It was almost waist long and her single most precious possession—after her cherry, of course.

That she was saving for the man she married. Her mother had told her—not in so many words, but she had gotten the message across—that a man wanted nothing but a virgin bride. If the merchandise was spoiled he would dump her. She sighed and wondered about Gretchen's chances for ever getting a man to marry her. She thought that it might be impossible if all her mother had said was true.

The thing bothering her the most was the way Gretchen seemed to attract men like flies. They hovered around her. Priscilla didn't think the other girl was prettier than she was, but that didn't stop the boys from flocking to her rather than to the blonde teenager.

"Hi, Prissy," came Gretchen's cheery voice. "What's new?"

"Huh? Oh, hi, Gretchen," Priscilla said, her eyes downcast. She couldn't face her friend. Not after spying on her and James.

"What's wrong?"


"You're not talking. That means something's wrong. Usually I can't shut you up. Did some guy put the make on you?" The other girl's mocking tones made Priscilla just a little mad. Gretchen chided her all the time for not going out on dates more, for not having more to do with men.

Priscilla wanted nothing but nice boys to date. And there didn't seem to be very many of them that she could stomach. The guys that she would class as "nice" were also so boring they made her sick to her stomach. They were the very ones all the girls avoided like the plague. But she wasn't about to go out with any of the macho stud types who wanted nothing more than to get into her pants.

She was a virgin and she'd stay that way until her honeymoon.

"There's nothing wrong," Priscilla said tartly. And then she blushed. Gretchen put a finger under her chin and raised her face. "You're hiding something from me. I can tell.

Give. What is it?"

"Oh, Gretchen, I saw something I shouldn't have!" she blurted.

"What was it? Couldn't be all that bad. Or maybe it was," the girl said, starting to let her imagination run away with her. "You saw somebody getting killed. Like in one of the cop shows on TV. Wow! Maybe we'll get a cop that looks like that blond guy on the late night show."

"No, no, not that. I... I saw you and James."


"I saw you... making it. Behind the gym earlier today."


Priscilla didn't know what to say to that. Gretchen was totally unconcerned that she and James had been spied on or that her best friend had seen them fucking their brains out.

"It's wrong. I shouldn't have stayed. But I couldn't help myself."

"Learn anything? I sure as hell did. I learned that James isn't much of a stud after all. I thought he was going to be a lot better than he turned out."

"But that's not what you said then," said Priscilla, confused at the turn of events. Gretchen wasn't the least bit bent out of shape over being spied on.