Teacher's Cocky Students (Vintage Erotic Novel) - Anju Quewea - ebook

This is a Vintage Erotic, Adult Novel... Full of sexual adventures... Involving a sexy and Seductive girl... Full of Sex, Surprises and Unusual Naughty Twists.

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Teacher's Cocky Students

CHAPTER ONEIt was the voices that first attracted my attention. Even before I located exactly where they were coming from, there was no doubt what was going on. No groaning or fast breathing yet, but lots of husky whispering and muted, secretive talking. Someone was about to do some serious fucking, that was for sure-or, at the very least, get in some hot mouth action or a little between the-legs finger work.I dropped my suitcase where I stood, locked the door of my newly assigned room behind me so I wouldn't be interrupted, and headed for the window. Sure enough, there they were. A couple was on the grass right below my second-story window. There was plenty of shrubbery around them so they probably thought they were hidden completely, but they hadn't counted on being spied on from above. Especially by a teacher. I have to admit, though, that what I was seeing made me less and less aware of being Miss Millicent Ward, newly hired teacher at snooty Brightwater Free School, and more and more like being simply a healthy 25-year-old girl named Millie. I mean, Jesus, I can act the part of sensible Miss Prim all day in front of my classes or on the street. But when it comes to being presented with a sight like this couple was giving me, I got hot panties from it just like any other girl would do. Any girl who would be honest and admit the truth, that is. Plenty of them would try to look cool as a cucumber. I'm sure, even though they might have such hot cunts their panties would be fairly dripping.As I looked down on them I could see the girl fine, but the guy was pretty much hidden by a bush. Damn it, it was him I was dying to get a better look at. The girl was cute. Blonde, long legs, my age or a couple of years older, and nice enough tits to make me just a little jealous even though I've never had any complaints in that department. Until I saw them I took for granted that it must be a pair of high school kids getting it on with each other, but the girl's age made that impossible. Brightwater Free School only went to the twelfth grade, so she must be an instructor like me. I could hardly wait to get my first look at a male faculty member ... the guy who was obviously getting all the attention from her.I was close enough now to hear what they were saying."Don't be so tense, sweetie," she was telling him, "nobody's going to catch us. Last time I only had time to give you a hand job, but now I'm going to show you what it feels like to have a woman's mouth on that cute little cock of yours."That certainly made me curious. What the hell was going on, anyway? I looked closer but still couldn't see the guy well enough to make out any details. What kind of mommy's boy would a guy have to be in order to rate being talked to by a woman like that, I wondered. What a nerd he must be!Then I heard him say, "Wow, you really gonna suck it? I've heard of that but I sure never had it done to me before."I almost lost my balance and pitched out the window. That voice! Nobody but a young kid could possibly sound like that. And a damned young kid, at that. His voice was still high. It hadn't even changed yet, for Christ's sake.Then as she knelt down, I finally saw him; A little towheaded kid who couldn't have been a day over eighteen! He still had his clothes on, but she had his fly open and his belt unbuckled and knees spread apart so she could get at his cock. She had him down on the grass on his ass and elbows, and she was on her knees in front of him giving his little prick its first blow job. She had her blouse off and wasn't wearing a bra, so the kid had a full view of her tits, and from where I was standing her skirt was pulled up so high in back I could almost see her panties.I was scandalized. The girl, woman, whatever the hell she was, must be a real pervert. My first Impulse was to yell down and put a stop to the sick scene. But I had too admit she wasn't exactly being taken advantage of ... He seemed to be having the time of his life, as a matter-of-fact.Even though he was only old enough to have a few hairs around his cock, he sure seemed old enough to enjoy what was happening to him. His eyes were closed and he was starting to move his little ass around on the ground.She raised her face from his just long enough to say, "GO ahead and lie down, sweetie. All the way. I'm going to work on this thing for you 'till I get a tongueful of come from it." Then she dropped her head back to his cock and went to town again.This time she worked her hands in underneath the cheeks of his pint-sized ass and started squeezing it in rhythm to the mouth-sucks she was giving him.He had sweat on his brow by now, and had his hands on the back of her head. You could tell he was really loving it. But this time I'd forgotten all about trying to put a stop to things. It made me feel nasty, but I was actually sweating inside my panties just as though I was watching her blow a guy her own age. I was doing more than just sweating, if you want to know the truth. The lips of my cunt were swelling up and I could feel the love juice start to drip."Oh wow!" he hollered out. "You're gonna make me ... oh ... ungh ... you're gonna make me shoot my wad!"Her only answer was to rub her big tits against his legs and suck more avidly than ever. Her hair was flying over the kid's hard, tight little stomach and I could see streams of sweat run down the back of her thighs. Her skirt was hiked up so far I could see half way up the backside of her panties, and they were so damp they stuck to her skin like she'd just jumped into the river.But it was the boy that kept attracting my attention. "Dirty old men" are common enough, but you never hear about "dirty old women." I guess I was becoming one-and at the age of only twenty-five! The more I watched the kid roll and sweat under her hot mouth, the more I opened up to the idea of having a fling at someone his age myself. He was just about to come now, if the noises he was making were any indication. He was huffing and puffing like a steam engine and grunting hard every fourth or' fifth time her mouth slid down his cock.It made me think of the many times I'd had some big stud on top of me and heard him grunt and groan just before he got his nuts off in me. Just because I'd never made it with a kid so young, of course, didn't, mean I was a prude or anything. Far from it. There had been plenty of men in my life, and I can truthfully say I think I can give a fellow just as good a ride as any girl around. I'm not ashamed of my pussy, and I know how to use it. But it had always been with a grown man, or at least someone very near my own age. Here I was beginning to consider taking on a kid barely old enough to shoot off come! I've always been a pretty horny girl ever since I discovered how groovy it is to fuck and suck, but I'd never sunk this low before.The kid must have come then, because he gave a little yell, then lay back and shook like a dog shaking. off water. A look of satisfaction came over his face, which was as smooth and hairless as a girl's, and he lay with his eyes closed and breathed deeply.The girl rolled onto her side and just watched him, her elbow on the ground with her chin in her hand. She didn't seem to have come off, but was still obviously very hot. As she watched him I saw her sneak a hand between her legs and diddle the wet lips of her cunt. I knew just how she felt. I'd had guys come too quick or something before, and make me have to do the same thing. But I'd have died if they ever caught me at it.But I was wrong when I thought she was being sneaky about it. As soon as the kid opened his eyes, she said, "Feel good, sweetie? I thought it did, from the way you were carrying on. Me too. But I didn't get my cookies yet. See what I have to do to myself when I'm so hot?"She spread her legs and slipped her panties down where he could see what she was doing. I thought the kid's eyes were going to pop right out of his head, He stared at her hot snatch, and at the way she was working on herself with her fingers, as though there was something from another world between her legs. Of course in a way I guess it was something from another world, to a boy that young. He might have got a look at some hairless little girl's pussy before, but never at a grown woman's and certainly not at a hot, wet cunt with fingers working on it!He just kind of mumbled under his breath, "Jeez!" it wasn't even a word, just an awed rush of air out his lungs."like what you see, sweetie?" she asked him, still fooling with her open cunt lips.Before he could answer she said, "Bet you didn't know girls ever do this to themselves, did you? But you have, haven't you? You've jacked yourself off plenty, haven't you? I get you grab a fistful of that thing every night, huh ... when you're in bed and nobody can see you? Well, let me tell you something. While you're flogging that thing girls your age are doing the same thing in their beds. Not just young girls, either. Big girls. I ought to know. I'm one of them."The kid looked real embarrassed. He seemed ashamed of the way she had guessed right about his bed habits. She noted his reddening face and grinned."No need to be shy about it," she said to him. "Just about everybody under the sun does this little trick on themselves sooner or later."As she spoke she nodded toward her open crotch and directed his attention to her cunt, where she still bad her hand going. Prom where I was standing at the window I could see between them, and I saw his little cock start to swell. It had gone limp after be shot off and was only one inch long, but now it was swelling fast toward a brand-new hard on."That's right, sweetie," she coaxed him, "let it get nice and hard again. This time I want to get a real fucking from you."His eyes glazed. "Can I ... can I put it in and everything? Lie on top and really do it to you?""That's exactly what you can do," she answered, "I love to suck it for you and have you come off in my mouth like we just did, but I need it inside my cunt to be completely satisfied. I've got myself so hot from frigging myself that I really want it from you now. Does that scare you? Don't let it; I won't bite."His eyes were dazed from the sight of her agile fingertips gently rubbing the moist lips of her cunt. When he moved forward she flung her arms around his small shoulders and pulled him to her. I could see her tits press full against his chest, and hear his intake of breath as he felt her hard nipples through the front of his shirt."This has to come off," she told him, unbuttoning his shirt. "I want you to know what a woman's tits really feel like ... in the flesh, not just with clothes on."His shirt, dropped behind him and she rolled sideways, pulling him against her and twisting her skirt to make sure he had easy access to her pussy. From then on the little devil needed no help. He plunged a hand into her muff with greed, and with the other he grabbed one of her naked tits. You could tell he had never handled a woman before. He was shaking all over from excitement and being too rough."Slow down," she said. "We've got plenty of time. Feel me up all you want to, but don't be grabby. It hurts."But it seemed like he hardly heard her. She grabbed his ears and yanked his face to hers. From the looks of it, the kiss she gave him was wet and wild. I'm sure eke must have tongued him. His prick shuddered a couple of times and gave me goose bumps from thinking how it would feel to have my panties full of it.She put her hand on it and started to jack him some, but he put a knee to the ground and rolled on top of her."Oh sweetie," she said, "you're ready to go, aren't you? You're really ready to go now."The sweat was streaming off both of them. The kid was working his ass up and down before his cock was even in her cunt. She spread wider and guided him in.He slipped inside her with an eagerness that made chills run down my spine. I felt like a dirty slut for doing it, but when I saw that, I just had to have some relief for myself. I dropped to my knees by the window and jerked my panties down to the floor. My pussy was wet as hell from watching all' that had been going on, and I just couldn't stand it anymore not having anything in it-even if it had to be my own fingers.I glanced behind to make sure the door was still locked. A silly thing to do, but I would have died if anyone would have caught me bringing myself off in the middle of the day with my clothes on. Much less' the idea of anyone knowing I was spying on a couple while they were fucking."Umm ummm!" she moaned. "Now you're doing it. Now you're giving me what I need. Go ahead, you little angel, fuck me for all you're worth. That's it, lemme feel it good. Shove it in, gimme a good hard fucking ... I'm so hot I can't stand it."The kid didn't need a bit of encouragement. He dug his little knees in the ground and pushed his prong in and out like a crazy person. The sweat ran down his back and made his ass cheeks gleam like a pair of wet rubber balls.I leaned forward and pressed my chin on the window sill for balance so I could go after myself with both hands. God, but 'I was horny. I hadn't been fucked for almost two weeks, and seeing them at it made me miss it that much more. I have to admit that deep down I was terribly ashamed of myself for acting so downright depraved, but I had just let myself get so involved in watching them that I couldn't help it when my pussy started demanding some loving.The girl had both hands full of the kid's ass now and was drawing him against her with all her might every time he hunched forward. It looked to me like she was nearly to the boiling point. He had hold of her tits with both hands and was kissing her all over her face like a hungry puppy. His pants were still on, but they were down to his ankles by now and he seemed not even to notice them. His white under shorts were all twisted around his calves, slipping up and down every time he plowed into, her pussy.I was using one of my hands to part my cunt lips and the other to f rig my clit. My hairy, juicy fuck-hole was finally, getting what it needed.I remember saying under my breath, "I hope he shoots off in her pretty soon. It'll be darned near like I had him right up here between my legs when he does."But just before I got to watch the rest of the proceedings, there was a knock at my door. My heart skipped a beat, then rushed like an engine. I was' certainly in no mood to receive visitors-not to mention the way I looked, with my panties to my knees and my skin all hot and flushed from fingering my cunt!I turned from the window and, from the force of habit, jerked my panties back up where they belonged. I knew whoever was on the other side of the door couldn't see me, but just the idea of having them present out there, with me in such a state, was enough to make me stop what I'd been doing. I held my breath and waited, hoping they'd go away. It was undoubtedly just someone from the faculty staff, and surely what they had to say could wait. But the knock came again, this time louder and more insistent."Millicent," I heard a man's voice call out, "are you in there? Millicent?"Who the hell could that be? I'd hardly' been at Brightwater long to be on a first-name basis with anyone."Hey, open up!" he yelled again. "It's the rest of your luggage. Come on!"I reluctantly adjusted my skirt back to normal and patted my hair into place. I was all jittery from having come so close to bringing myself off without finishing, but I maintained the best I could.I opened the door to find a tell, friendly guy around forty, prematurely gray and rather handsome."Thought you 'had to be there," he explained. "Rope we didn't disturb you too much. I know you must just be getting settled here, but I saw all your stuff sitting on, the ground by your car so I thought you'd need help with it. This is Tim. I've asked him to give you a hand."He motioned to a strapping boy of eighteen or so, who walked in with two of my suitcases and said, "Where would you like these? There are two more out in the hail.""Rave to run now," said the older guy. "He'll help you with the rest. By the way, I'm Cliff. I teach here too. Heard you were coming, but hadn't met you yet. See you around."He was gone then, as quickly as he, had come. I didn't even get a chance to thank him. The boy placed my suitcase where I indicated and went back for the others. But before I could get my Wits about me and run to the window to check on the couple I'd been watching, Tim was already coming into my room with the other luggage.I'd known, of course, that the school was known not only for its high tuition and its beautiful site overlooking the Pacific, but also as a model though a somewhat notorious one-of a free school. I was just beginning to find out how really "free" they were here. Without a thought, Tim ripped off his shirt and asked where he could wash off. Tugging with all my things had gotten him dirty.I was a little taken aback by his presumption. After all, I was a teacher-though admittedly a brand-new one-and he was only a student. I told him I guess he could use my bathroom. Apparently my tone gave me away."Hey, you're not up tight about the old student teacher bullshit, are you?" he asked. "Because it just doesn't work that way at Brightwater. That's what's groovy about the place."Apparently there was a lot I was going to have to learn about the, place. But, I didn't want to appear a dodo 'to this eighteen-year-old kid."No," I quickly answered, "I'm not up tight. Of course not. Go ahead and wash up."The smile was back. "I knew you must be okay or they wouldn't have hired you. No straight laced chicks are allowed around here. Students or teachers."As he walked to the bathroom I found myself paying plenty of attention to the boy's physique. It was obvious he must have been practicing weightlifting from an early age. Not only was he young and firm, but also quite heavily muscled. But my mistake was that he saw me in the mirror. Without batting an eye,' be stepped out of his pants and turned around. He was through washing up, and it seemed entirely rude of him to take off his pants."You seemed interested," he said confidently, "so I thought you might like to see more."He was wearing only his shorts, shoes and socks. As I stood aghast not yet answering, he kicked off the shoes and socks. There he was, in nothing but his white, tight-fitting' jockey shorts. His hairy legs and strong chest and arms were so mature looking, I'll admit, that I couldn't help but wonder if the thing responsible for the lump in his shorts was equally well-developed. But I tore my eyes away so he wouldn't notice my interest."I really think you'd better-" I began, but was interrupted."I think I'd better, too," he impishly cut in. "I'd better take off my shorts so you can see everything. And while I'm at it, Teach, let's see how you look underneath your clothes."'"What!" I cried, infuriated at his gall. "Listen here, young man, if you think-""Aw, come on," he chided, "you know darned well you like what you see. Don't think I'm conceited, either. It's just that I've had a lot of chicks tell rue they dug my body. Heck, I bet my big sis is older than you, and it was her that first turned me onto fucking. When I was eight years old-"It was my turn to interrupt. Things were getting entirely out of hand. "You'd better leave," I said coolly, maintaining my composure as best I could. 'What makes you think I'd let you do anything ... what even makes you think I like you that well-besides you're much too young to interest me.""Oh! yeah?" he came back, challenging me."Does this look like a cock that's too little for you? There's plenty of grown guys that don't have one like this."He was right. The kid-he was naked now-had a damned big cock for his age. I only' hoped I could keep my mind off it."It's none of your business what I might happen to think about such things, Tim," I said, as formally as possible. "You can't just come in here and show off like this and expect me to-"He surprised me by walking over to where I was and taking hold of my shoulder, not hard but firm enough to make me take notice."I'll tell you what I expect you to do," he brazenly told me. "I expect you to be just like most girls. I expect you to claim you don't want to fool around any, even though you really want to. You're just like my girl friend back home. All this talk about being goody-goody, but when I'd make her take her blouse off, and she'd feel my mouth on her tits, she couldn't wait for me to have my hands in her panties."His grip was surprisingly firm. And now that he was so close, his naked cock was pressing my skirt. He was only about my height, so the end of the damn thing was sticking me right in the crotch. There was something about his super-aggressive manner that made me respond to him in spite of myself.When he put his hand on my blouse and touched my tit, I knew I was a goner. I pulled back and started to say something, but he threw his other arm around me and pulled me to him for a kiss. He didn't just touch my lips. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and started frenching me.I struggled a little, feeling stupid at being overpowered by a eighteen-year-old. It only seemed to make him more passionate. He pushed me down on the bed and in seconds had my blouse all the way open. My braless tits jumped out and he grabbed them with both hands. I don't mind saying that mine are really nice ones, plenty full but also very firm and high, with nipples that get hard as a tack when I get hot. And that's how they were and he knew it. He put his mouth on one and it made me gasp."Jeez, man, these are really nice," he said, getting all excited and impatient. "You remind me of my sis in more ways than one. Coal-black hair and a peachy-smooth complexion. Bet you've got a muff and a half in your undies, huh? Is the hair around your pussy as thick and black as the hair on your head?"But when I started to answer he snaked a hand inside the waistband' of my skirt and in seconds had his hand on the crotch of my panties. When he felt that I was wet there, he got such a big charge from it that I could feel his cock quake against the front of my thigh all the way through the material 'of my skirt.That's when the top blew off."Come on in, Petey," Tim yelled out my half-open door. "She's ready for it. Boy but is she ready come feel how wet she is!"To my utter surprise and deep embarrassment, a little redheaded boy no more than eleven or eighteen dashed into the room and closed the door behind. Then, with a sly grin on his immature face, he turned and carefully locked it.CHAPTER TWOI can't deny I was getting plenty hot from the feel of Tim's mouth on my tits, not to mention the hand that was inside my panties and making me all steamy and wet between my legs. But to have the precocious little devil yelling about it to another kid was too much.I struggled away from him enough to get his fingers out of my crotch and said, "Just what do you think you're doing, young man?" I tried to make my voice sound cool to 'the point of florid anger, but the tremor in my throat was a dead give away to the way I really felt."Don't act alt high and mighty just because Petey's here," Tim shot back at me. "You're not the first teacher he's seen all hot and ready to be fucked."I sputtered a lot and started to give them both a piece of my mind, but it didn't fool Tim for a minute. He could tell I was dying to be screwed, in spite of my best efforts to hide it."Don't leave Petey out in the cold just because he looks a little young to you," be said. "In case you didn't know it, Teach, plenty of boys need it when they're his age, and he's one of them. Hell, he's eighteen. I was laying the meat to my twenty-year-old cousin when I was just ten."Petey had been just standing by the locked door and taking in the scene up until now. But at this point he came to where we were standing in the middle of the room."I heard we were getting a new teacher," he said to Tim, "but I didn't know she'd be this good looking. Man, look at them knockers on her.""Those knockers, not them knockers," corrected Tim with a teasing little laugh. "Want her to think the kids at Brightwater School don't even know their English?"All the time Tim had been talking he had been engaged in slipping his hand back inside my skirt. And I have to admit I was only fighting him off with the least possible strength. His fingers were all the way down to my crotch again, and even though he hadn't slipped them inside my panties yet, I was plenty wet from just the thought of how it would feel if things went that far."The heck with English," the little carrot top retorted, "I'm more interested in French. C'mon, lemme kiss her while you feel her up, wilt ya? I wanna do more than just look, ya know!"The very idea of the little brat thinking he could do what he wanted with me was appalling ... but from the way his older friend was firing me up, it was also beginning to be true.The crotch of my panties was more than just wet by then. My cunt was demanding to be touched, with no, more teasing around the thin fabric that Separated his fingers from the moist meat inside. He wasn't even moving his fingers, just applying 'a slight pressure-but even that was enough to make me unbelievably horny."All right, Tim," I found myself saying, almost to my surprise. "If you're really as grown-up as you're acting, then let me see you keep on at what you've started. But you've got to get your wise assed little friend out of here. I can't see letting the little twirp stay in the same room with us."