Taken In Public By The Billionaires - Daisy Rose - ebook

Celia has two more days to pay her rent or she's out on the streets. Fortunately for her, the landlord has a proposition that will make all her problems go away:Entertain the billionaires at the Alpha Club and nick a fifty-thousand dollar pearl necklace that's up for auction. Sounds easy enough... But when things don't go as planned, Celia finds herself at the mercy of the billionaires.This standalone short contains spanking, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~"Just let go, darlin'," he urged, clamping his mouth over my shoulder.Pleasure ricocheted through me as he tweaked my nipples, then pinched down hard. Creamy liquid squirted out of my breasts and hit Liam in front of me, taking him completely by surprise."Oh my god," he said, staring at the splatter of white on his chest. He ran his finger across the liquid and brought it to his mouth. "Is this milk?" he asked, sucking the liquid from his fingers."It's milk," a stranger said with an amused smile. "That explains why her breasts are so bloated."I flushed red with embarrassment, though there was little I could do with Zach still pumping my breasts, his inexperience making only small drips leak from the tips."Let me try," Liam offered, prying his friend's hands away.Zach took a step back. Without him pressing against my body, I shivered, suddenly cold."What're you doing?" I asked. Instead of grabbing my breasts with his hands, he lowered his head and captured my pebbled nipple in his lips. Stars exploded behind my eyelids and I shuddered when he lowered his free hand between my legs.He parted my folds and inserted two fingers into my sweet heat, the juices lubricating his way in easily. My muscles clenched around him and the tightness inside me built until it exploded in a stream of creamy milk from my breasts.

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Taken In Public By The Billionaires

(Book 1 Stripped, Pumped, Milked)

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2015 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

Desperate Times

I massaged creamy soap over my breasts, moaning as my fingers brushed against my sensitive nipples. The sensation of my fingers over my pebbled nipples sent shivers down my spine and I crossed my legs, feeling a familiar throbbing between them.

I lathered up the soap in my hands and cupped my soft mounds, pushing the soft curves of my breasts together. Soapy water gathered in my cleavage and I allowed myself a satisfied smile.

The pool of bubbly water fell onto the wet tiles in a loud splash when I let go of my hands, allowing my breasts to jiggle and bounce against my chest. It always amazed me how soft my breasts felt in my hands.

Once upon a time, I had been a mere B cup. I took some prescription pills from the a doctor doing me a personal favor that gave me the wonderful full mounds that I had today. The only downside, if it was a downside, was the occasional droplets of milk that leaks out.

The fullness of my breasts that threatens to burst if I don't satisfy myself every so often threatened to distract me from my work as a freelance photographer.

Work had been hard to come by, nowadays though. I pushed the worry to the back of my mind and focused on the pleasurable sensation of the warm water against my skin. My shaved pussy allowed water to slip right between my legs and hit the sweet spot over my clit.

My pussy was on fire, throbbing and swollen. I threw my head back and let the water wash over my face as my hands slid down my belly and down my pussy.

"Mmm..." I moaned, using two fingers to spread my folds open. Water dripped down my chest straight to the wetness between my legs. My chest rose and fell rapidly and I shivered as my index finger found the hole hidden within the fold and slipped inside.

I loved teasing my pussy and breast at the same time. My free hand grasped my breast firmly and I started massaging the soft mound, enjoying the sensation of my own fingers kneading my breasts but wishing there was a man in the showers with me.

My body shuddered when I pinched my nipple between my thumb and finger. My thumb flicked over my clit, teasing the engorged nerves there and sending a jolt of pleasure through me.

Wet juice leaked from my pussy, quickly washed away by the warm water. I stayed still and focused on sliding my finger deeper and deeper into my folds, imagining that it was a man's hard cock inside me, pumping in and out rapidly to unfurl the desire inside me.

I moaned loudly and slid a second finger inside, stretching my pussy walls. Blood hummed in my veins and my pulse quickened. My pussy clenched as I bury my fingers knuckle-deep into my folds and I pinched down on my nipple with my free hand.

"Ahh..." I moaned. My brain wouldn't focus and I am breathtakingly aware of my fingers curving inside my pussy, touching the spot inside me that made me convulse with pleasure. Charges of excitement rippled through me and I trembled as my insides convulsed and clenched my fingers.

A strangled moan left my lips, mixed together with the sound of the water splattering against the tiled floors. I pulled my fingers out and dipped inside, the pulsing in my walls amplified by my thumb strumming my clit lightly.

I used my forefinger and thumb to clenched down on my clit tightly, sending a jolt of pain mixed with intense pleasure up my spine. The tension deep inside me continued to build until I was shuddering and arching my back. I felt the wetness escape from my nipples, creamy white milk dripping down my ample mounds and down my chest to mix with the liquid wetness between my legs.

My eyes closed to a half mast, everything lost in favor of the sensation of my fingers inside me and the pinching on my nipple and clit.

I shuddered and felt my thighs quivering as I reached my orgasm. Rolls of the consuming climax coursed through me and I closed my eyes. My chest was white with milk and I washed it off hastily, berating myself for wasting perfectly good milk.

I had been reluctant to try my own milk at first. An adventurous lover had been so turned on by my breasts and the idea of drinking milk from my tits that I couldn't help but try it myself. It had a sort of sour-like taste and creamy texture that took a while to get used to.

My friend suggested that I sell the milk on the internet, but I wasn't sure of the legality of the whole thing and didn't want to get in trouble with the law.

"Celia! Celia Blake! Are you in there?" The gruff voice vibrated through my thin apartment walls and I groaned loudly, reaching to turn off the water. I recognized that voice from a million miles away. Usually, I would make an effort to get the hell away from that voice, but that wasn't an option today.

"Give me a sec," I said. I wrapped a towel around myself, careful to make sure that my breasts and pussy were well-hidden underneath the soft blue towel.

I was turning the knob door to the bedroom when I heard the unmistakable sound of him using his master key to open the front door.

"What the heck, Tom!" I fastened my pace and stomped out of the bedroom. I fixed him with the icy glare once I got to the living him. "What happened to my rights to privacy, huh?" I demanded.