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When chance brings two handsome officers to her home, Cordelia is thrilled--she senses romance in the air.But romance is not what the wicked Captain Allard desires, nor his fellow officer. Innocent Cordelia soon finds herself in a sinful world of pleasure and pain, and gives into her darkest fantasies and desires.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Before I could speak, he was on me, his hands encircling my waist, his lips pressed against mine. For a moment my body stiffened, but then I relaxed into his embrace. His lips were soft but firm against my own, and his breath tasted of wine. The kiss lasted for several minutes, something I had not even know was possible. Oh, I had kissed a few boys before, at dances and at balls. But they were fleeting and awkward, little more than pecks. Captain Allard was a man who knew how to kiss. His tongue probed my mouth and brushed against my own. A shudder of excitement ran through my body, and my stomach felt warm. Finally, he broke the kiss."Have you ever been kissed like that before Cordelia?"Mutely, I shook my head. I seemed to have lost the power of speech."Then let's try it again, shall we?"This time, he pulled her closer as he kissed me, his hands reaching under my cloak to rest lightly on my hips. This kiss was even more passionate than the last, his tongue lashing against mine with frenzied abandon. Already, I had let him go further than I had intended, but still I did not pull away. My animal instincts were roused, and I wanted more. Even so, I was unprepared for what was about to unfold.

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Taken by the Redcoats

Victorian BDSM Erotica

Anna Austin

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 Anna Austin

Written by Anna Austin

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or over. ~~

The dinner party was in full swing, and I was a little bit in love, or so I thought. It wasn't every day that we had two handsome men to dinner, and I was enjoying every moment.

The whole affair was highly unusual. Dinner was usually a boring and tedious chore. Father was always intent on his food and rarely spoke a single word, and mother was the world’s worst conversationalist. Some discussion of the days weather, and perhaps a prediction of how it would turn out tomorrow was about as much talk as she could usually muster. Usually I excused myself as soon as I could, returning to my room to read or sew.

But not today.

Captain James Allard and Lieutenant Percy Fox were officers in Her Majesty's army. They were resplendent in their red dress uniforms, buckles and buttons gleaming in the candlelight that shone across the dinner table. They were both in their late twenties, both tall and upright, with fine moustaches and sideburns, and easy smiles.

They were both, I thought, impossibly handsome.

Captain Allard was the more classically handsome of the two. Indeed, in profile he had something of the noble Roman about him. He was of aristocratic stock, well spoken and well mannered. He had put both of my parents immediately at their ease, and even drawn them out into conversation, which was no mean feat.

Sitting across from me on the broad oak table, currently laden with food, he took a sip of wine and then genteelly dabbed the corner of his mouth with a handkerchief. For a moment he caught my eye and smiled, before turning back to my father.

“Really, Sir, we cannot thank you enough. To take us in and give us shelter was an act of the utmost kindness, but to feed us too! Words cannot express how grateful we are.”

My father grunted, swallowing the huge mouthful of beef that he had been chewing before answering. “Think nothing of it, Captain. I am a patriot through and through, and any officer of the Queen’s army is always welcome in my house.”

He held up his glass, filled to the brim with wine. “A toast. To the Queen. Long may she reign!”

We echoed his words dutifully, though I thought I saw a slightly cynical smile touch the lips of Lieutenant Fox. He was smaller and darker than James, but still good looking in a roguish sort of way, with mischief always twinkling in his eyes. Putting down his glass, he addressed my father.

“Indeed Sir, we consider ourselves most fortunate. When my horse pulled up lame, and with so far to travel until the next inn, we thought ourselves entirely out of luck. Even when we spotted your fine farm-house, we could not have expected such hospitality. But to put us up for the night, and to provide us with such wonderful fare…Well, we feel truly blessed.”

My father waved his thanks away with a smile and took another mouthful of beef.

The Captain picked up on his friends comments. I had already noticed that they had a habit of working in tandem, almost as though they were of exactly the same mind. I supposed that it had to do with their military experience. No doubt combat forges a bond between men which is quite outside of the ordinary.