Taken By The Alpha Werewolf  Shifter Mega 6 Story Bundle (Gay Paranormal Shifter, #1) - Ricky Chandler - ebook

6 BOOK VALUE BUNDLE Warning: extremely sexy alpha gay werewolf shifter erotica Aside from being the adventurous one, I always had a feeling that I would one day and up in an erotic situation with something from my imagination, or so I thought. Get the WHOLE Taken series for a Bangin' Price ( pun intended )  6 Sexy stories sure to please and leave you fullfilled. Follow our main character get taken by sexy alpha werewolves in many different settings.  Enjoy and get ready to let loose in this gay fun read.   

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Taken By The Alpha Werewolf Shifter Mega 6 Story Bundle

Gay Paranormal Shifter, Volume 1

Ricky Chandler

Published by Ricky Chandler, 2018.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. October 4, 2018.

Copyright © 2018 Ricky Chandler.

Written by Ricky Chandler.

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Gay Paranormal Shifter

Taken By The Alpha Werewolf Shifter Mega 6 Story Bundle (Coming Soon)

Table of Contents

Title Page

Copyright Page

Also By Ricky Chandler

Taken By The Alpha Werewolf Shifter Mega 6 Story Bundle (Gay Paranormal Shifter, #1)

Wet Dream

The next day.


Action time

Heating up

Run away

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Also By Ricky Chandler

Taken By The Alpha Werewolf  Shifter Mega 6 Story Bundle

Gay Paranormal Shifter


By: Ricky Chandler

Taken By The Alpha Werewolf 

Gay Paranormal Shifter


By: Ricky Chandler

I DON'T KNOW WHAT I was doing this far away from the city. I was just a small-town reporter for the local Chicago newspaper. There have been word on the street a lot of crazy shit had been happening all over town. People were disappearing and people were hearing howling in the night. I didn't know what to expect. But, as a very diligent reporter and an extra Kenai on finding extra curricular adventures, I thought this was just up my alley.

I got a tip that one of the "werewolves" was right outside of town in a local forest. I had no idea what I was going to do if I found this werewolf but it was okay, even if he took me, I wouldn't care. I wouldn't friend would run. I had always wanted secretly to be taken by a werewolf. I didn't have much going for me in life and although I was happy with my job, that's about all I had pleasure from. My parents were pushing me to marry a girl that I didn't want to marry. I feel it's for men and nothing was going to stop me from living a life that was fulfilled to every distinct area of it.

I could smell the air get a little thinner as I climbed the mountain up in the forest. The roads became more narrow and then all of a sudden the road went from asphalt into dirt. I turned down and when is deep in the forest is a code on a small dirt road. I then stopped as I heard myself run over a loud stick which cracked really loud. I break the car and turned off the engine. No one was around, I looked up at the sky and was a full moon. Just then I heard howling in the night, it was allowed howling and I knew I was getting closer.

I opened the door and put my timid feet out of the car.

I then walked straight into the woods away from the road, all I brought with me was my cell phone which I use the flashlight feature on. That was all that I would expect and all I wanted to protect me. I didn't want to bring any weapons because if I was caught I didn't want to have any reason for the world to attack me and think that I was trying to hunt down and kill it. It just makes sense not to try to intimidate something that can easily shred your part in a special in their own environment.

As I walked deeper and deeper into the woods I smelled a stench of an old musty dog. I knew I was getting closer and I heard a bunch crackling around me. First it was behind me and I turned around. I saw nothing.

"Hello?" I said meagerly into the dark. Dimly lit forest. I saw nothing and so I kept walking forward and I heard another cracking of bushes and branches off to the left side of me. I looked over again I saw nothing.

"Is anyone there?!"

I thinner more crackling around me and then a howl coming from the right side up in the tree.

I then saw him, he was bare chested very muscular, he had dark hair with green eyes. He was looking right at me, and his human form. He then disappeared, I didn't know what was going to happen next but all of a sudden I hear this loud breathing behind me and a sniffing sound.

All of a sudden I feel the knowledge on the back of me and I feel that something is there. I don't know what it is so I turned around and is a giant werewolf. It is him. I turned around from my hands in the air try my cell phone down on the ground.

"I mean you no harm."

"Why are you here?" The beast said to me as he took one of his paws and pushed me down the ground.

"I told you I mean you no harm, I'm just trying to find myself."

He put both paws on top of me as I was laying on my back, I could feel my chest crunching under his weight.

"Then why are you here? What you want to find. I am horny tonight and I want you right now." The beast said to me and then released his paws from me.

"Really? That would be very interesting to me."

As soon as I said that he ran off into the forest and before I knew it he was back in his masculine form. I could see that super muscular chest and his bulging biceps. His green piercing eyes were staring at me and he jumped on top of me ripping my shirt off right away. I didn't even have time to question him or talk to or even know his name. My shirt was just shredded off of me like nothing. And then he took his lips and he sucked on my neck so hard and gave me a big giant hickey. This hickey was enormous and it was painful on my neck but I like the pain I want him to keep going.

"Are you, I like that. Keep going!"

"Shut up, you are my slave now. I'm the alpha you are not." He said as he took his hand and put it around my throat.

He then stood me up on my knees and held the back of my head with his hand and I could see his manhood rising. His manner was rising so big and thick and long. He then shoved my mouth around his penis and I had to suck it so deep in art. It felt so good to put inside of me it was so warm and it filled my throat. He began moaning and making very odd sounds, not the sounds you would normally hear from human but those of a half human and half werewolf. This was when I knew that my fantasy was becoming a reality. I knew that I was special. I knew that something important would happen to me and this was it. I was finally being able to meet with a werewolf.

It didn't take long before he was getting into it and getting into a nice rhythm. Since he was worked up and I could feel the veins filling up with blood, warm-blooded, he then withdrew from my mouth and ripped off my pants, and bent to me over a log.

After he bent me over the log he spit into my ass. But the spit wasn't enough lubricant, he tried to put it inside of me and it was too dry and it didn't feel good for him, my ass holes too tight and too fresh, it had never been penetrated before, much less penetrated by something so big.

"I'll be right back. Do not move muscle." He instructed to me.

"Okay, I will move." While I move, this was everything that I wanted.

I then here some more growling coming from behind me and then I see him at the corner of my eye, he was back in his human form and looked like he had a lot of saliva built up. I now he went up to me and started licking my ass. It felt so good, to be licked by this mystery man. I started moaning now, and it felt amazing. The warm tongue licking all the way from the bottom of my ball sack up towards my ass. Mightiness was totally dripping with his saliva now.

He didn't even take time to lick my ass as he started putting it in me. His hands were giant compared to my small frail body. I could see them in front of me as he was hunched over me and doing me from behind.