Taken by the Alpha Werewolf in the Movie Theater Pt#4 Gay Paranormal Shifter - Ricky Chandler - ebook

Warning: extremely sexy alpha gay werewolf shifter eroticaAlso reads as a STANDALONE. Rudy has had enough of his normal human life. He wants to get it all to his werewolf brothers. After his last erotic encounters with them, he just can't take the portal of normal life and wants to explore and give it all to the werewolf community.His Search today leads him to some dominating fun in the movie theater when he reads some brutal police reports in the area.Will his dreams of being dominated with the interracial werewolf come true?Read this very sexy story tonight.

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Ricky Chandler

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Table of contents

Taken by the Alpha Werewolf Pt#4 Gay Paranormal Shifter

The next day.

By: Ricky Chandler

I had now become obsessed with finding and becoming a werewolf. I want nothing more in the world than to join the likes of them. I quit my job as a reporter and dedicated my life to scouring the country and finding more packs to become a part of. I liked it for the power, I liked it for the uniqueness, and I liked it for the sexual satisfaction that gave me. It was a blissful feeling being taken by a pack of werewolves, especially when they dominate me and just hold me down and do whatever they want with me.

This week I happen to be in the middle of Ohio in a small farm town. I still have my connections as a reporter so I got a bunch of it on my computer that told me there was werewolf activity in the small farm town. There was many disappearances that have been occurring with fairly regularity as well as some violent encounters and some interesting police reports from the witnesses. Of course the police would never admit such a thing going on so you really have to dive in and read each witness report.

The last witness report stated that there was a man and then a loud crashing sound in the back room and then he saw something that looked like a bear run out the back and the place was just destroyed with claw marks everywhere. The interesting thing was that there was no one else in the store at the time of the occurrence except for that one man, so, of course it was a werewolf. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it.

I was determined to find him and see what the werewolves over in this part of the country are like. From all of the police reports that I've read it seems that they are a violent bunch. I hope I don't and up slaughtered. All I want is there sweet werewolf sexuality to envelope me and to take me for I am a bad boy. I want them to punish me in ways that sexual deviants want to be punished. I want them to take their throbbing manhood place it inside of me forcefully.

The next day.