Taken By the Alpha Werewolf in the Forest pt#5 - Ricky Chandler - ebook

Warning: Extremely Sexy Alpha Gay Werewolf Shifter EroticaAlso Reads as a Standalone  After he had his last erotic run in with them, he is hungry for more.  He loves to be dominated by these alpha males and this time there are 4 of them!Follow his search into the deep forest on a full moon...Read this sexy story tonight!

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Gay Paranormal Shifter

Ricky Chandler


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Wet Dream

The next day.


Action time

Heating up

Run away

Taken By The Alpha Werewolf in the Forest Pt#5 Gay Paranormal Shifter

By: Ricky Chandler

Wet Dream

THERE I WAS, ON MY back again being pleased by a werewolf and he was railing me in the rear. It felt so good and it felt so right. I was loving every minute of it and I could feel deep inside me. His hands were on my chest and massaging my tender breasts. I’m glad that he was able to transform into his human self before he was having his way with me because otherwise I would be quite painful with his claws and paws stepping into me.

As I lay back in the mysterious cloud while is pleasure fast was going on and closed my eyes and then all of a sudden I opened my eyes again and I was sitting in my bed. I was sweating and hot.

Thing is, I just realized I was having a dream, a fantasy, a wet dream about the situation and it wasn’t real. Perhaps I was reliving the previous encounter with them. I have been on the hunt now for over two years searching and finding love interest with the werewolves. They were my obsession and they were my life. I was becoming obsessed and all I could think about and all I can do was eat drink and sleep about them. I couldn’t focus on anything else. I barely find myself in the food because I wanted to go out and walk into the forest late at night searching for them. The radar I have been scanning the police waves on had turned up any suspicious activity quite a while. I had to turn things into my own hands and go out into the forest and look for them myself. Tomorrow was full moon and I know that they’re going to be howling and I will be able to track them down that way. I bought some instruments that will help me in my quest to find them. One of them takes the soundwaves from them and plotted on a map for me. I tested it with some owls the last few nights and it was pretty accurate on locating where the sound came from.

The next day.