Taken! at the Fertility Clinic - Deborah Cockram - ebook

Felicity has the perfect husband – attentive, kind, affectionate, and a mind-blowing lover capable of taking her to the highest levels of ecstasy with the slightest caress.And he's also incapable of giving her what she most wants at this stage in her life – a baby.So Felicity visits a rather unorthodox fertility clinic. Clients get to choose from a wide array of donors – doctors, lawyers, high-finance types, elite athletes, and the like – all while getting a guarantee of success.And for a fraction of the expense of most fertility clinics.Of course, there is a cost – and Felicity learns that means letting the men she chose to be donors have their way with her – binding her and using her as their personal property, making her body their personal playgrounds, two, three at a time.Will she gets what she wants – pregnancy – and is the cost, becoming a virtual slave, worth it?The answer is just a download away…

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Deborah Cockram

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Table of contents

Taken! at the Fertility Clinic

A Taboo Tale of BDSM, Foursomes, & More

By Deborah Cockram

© Copyright 2017 Deborah Cockram & After Midnight Press

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Taken! at the Fertility Clinic

A Taboo Tale of BDSM, Foursomes, & More

By Deborah Cockram

Felicity shivered at his touch.

She'd just stepped out of the shower, staring into the fog-shrouded mirror when the ghostly figure of her lover appeared in the mirror. He was standing behind her, and in the condensation-covered mirror she could barely make out his image.

There was no mistaking his touch, though. Since the first time they'd made love, more than four years ago, there was no mistaking Brandon's caress. Now, after three years of marriage – and two years of trying to get pregnant – she still trembled when his fingers played along her skin.

Brandon stepped against her, from behind, his nude, tight body fitting perfectly against hers. She moaned when he reached around from behind, arms encircling her, hands cupping her breasts. Another shiver ran through her as he kissed along the back of her shoulder.

Felicity melted back into him, felt his hard, large cock against her ass. A thrill ran up and down her body when he pinched her nipples.

She turned to him – at five-foot-eight, Felicity was nearly the same height as her husband. She pressed her lips against his, kissing, as his cock pressed against her pussy. Brandon's tongue slipped between her lips, exploring inside her mouth. Felicity ran her hands down along the side of his muscular body.

Before she knew what Brandon was doing, he had pulled back, bent down and scooped her up. Felicity sighed, closing her eyes, enjoying the moment. She loved it when Brandon picked her up, his biceps bulging against her body as he supported her weight. Several quick steps and they were in the bedroom, he laying her on the bed.

Brandon climbed over her, straddling her now, stretching her arms above her head, hands clasped around her wrists. She felt another shiver racing up and down her body as he leaned down, pressing his lips against hers for a moment, then kissing down over her chin, chest, licking her breasts, taking her left nipple in his mouth.

He suckled hard, pulling as he did, a mixture of sharp pain and pleasure running along her nerves. She arched her back, moaning, trying to lift her hands – she loved it when Brandon held her down, refused to let her go.

Brandon pulled harder, deeper pain coming from her nipple, then he let go, quickly taking her right nipple into his mouth, sucking, pulling just as he had done with the left.

"Oh Jesus," she whispered, knowing orgasm was coming soon.

"Not yet," he whispered, crossing her wrists above her head, pinning them against the mattress with one of his powerful hands while he reached down with his other hand and slapped her on the side of the hip.

Felicity gasped.

"You wait," he said.

Striking her like that, commanding her to wait stirred even deeper wanting.

He let go of her wrists as he slipped down along her body, kissing her stomach, now her hips, hands caressing her breasts as he did. Felicity felt every muscle in her body tighten when he slipped his head between her legs, hot breath tickling her pussy.

"Please," she whispered, arching her back more, lifting her hips toward him.

With a sudden, savage thrust he mashed his face against her pussy, tongue plunging deep, violent shudders rocking her body.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed, hands now on the back of his head, pressing him forward.

With one powerful move, Brandon pulled his head away, lifted his body up over her, then rammed his cock deep and hard inside her, almost as if he were trying to impale her. Hard, savage convulsions wracked her body. Felicity had always marveled at Brandon's ability to bring her to climax so fast – he seemed to know everything about her body, her mind, able to tease and play and hold her right on the edge of orgasm for long periods, then at other times simply taking her to climax almost immediately.

Today was one of the latter.