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Vanessa felt guilty about her affair with former boyfriend and his wife. Likewise, Fred and his daughter felt the same about their incestuous behavior while she was away but they were determined to find reconciliation. The workaholic mother and son  team of a lake resort find a new mode of leisure after meeting sensual family on vacation at the resort. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ The cottage remained warm as Pete took charge of the wood stove that would also be used for cooking diner. The sensual party of six donned only their underwear as they gathered together in the front room to talk shamelessly about their sexual activity. So far, it had not been put into words, but they all knew that was sex between Louise and Pete was on the horizon. It would be a big step for the mother and her son but the way had been paved by the kinky action of the day that already included some incest. Wintertime can get very cold in the San Joaquin Valley, and this January was no exception. The cottage was warmed by the wood stove and they had all their essentials for at least three days and the office was closed for the weekend. After showering and hygiene, Louise suggested maintaining the holiday spirit with Christmas music and warm cocktails. After singing along with the carols being played on the stereo, Kay suggested dancing while still in their underwear. Louise immediately took her son as her partner while, Kay danced with her father and Doreen with her son. At that point the stage was surely set. After several upbeat tunes, Louise and Pete embraced for a slow waltz. With his arms around her torso and her around his neck, he could feel for the very first time in his life just how shapely and sexy his mother's body was and could not resist tightening his embrace. Kay paused from dancing to call attention how intensely Louise and her son were embracing each other, "Check 'em out, Mom." The two couples were then both standing to watch Pete and Louise as they were simply swaying in one spot with their arms locked tightly around each other. Kay tapped Pete on the shoulder to say, "I don't mean to cut in on you two lovers, but would you like to join me in the bedroom?" It were as if he had been awaken from a dream. Pete looked puzzled as he turned to look Kay in the face. He looked as if he were in a daze when he then make eye contact with Louise. There was a look on his mother's face that he had never seen before. It was not a grin, not even a faint smile but rather a sensual look that seem to be inviting him to make love to her. Well, maybe that is what he read into it, but in case, he could not get Kay's words "two lovers" out of his mind. "My mother, father and brother can have their menage a trois in the other room," Kay said and then addressed Pete, "I'm still your date, sweetheart but now your mom is going to join us." Getting back in touch with reality, Pete remembered his ongoing infatuation with Kay   but was ready to accept that it was now transferred to his mother. Once inside the bedroom, Louise looked up into her son's eyes, parted her lips to give him the hard French kiss he had been longing for. Kay shed her underwear and after breaking the kiss and seeing that she was naked, Louise followed suit and Pete stepped out of his briefs.

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Taboo Next Door 2

By Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2018 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced without permission from the author.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~


In the first story of the Nasty Neighbors series, Matt had often noticed that his one and only daughter had developed into a lovely young woman and was certainly no longer a child. He had an exceptionally strong libido and the guilt he felt for his sexual attraction to his daughter weighed heavily on his mind. After owning up to it with his wife Alison, he was shocked to find that she not only accepted the situation but gave him the green light to make a pass at his daughter and even offered to set the stage. Before Alison had married Matt, there was a history of incest in own family so it just came natural for her to even enjoy allowing her husband and daughter to make love. It just so happened that Shari had already entertained sexual fantasies about herself with her father, but for her, it turned out to be more than just taboo and kinky sex. She fell deeply in love with her father and to the delight of all three, it did no damage to the marriage. To the contrary, in addition to private sexual episodes both with his wife and then his daughter, family threesomes would happen quite frequently.

Shari's best friend was Rita, the teenage daughter of Vanessa and Fred, lived next door. Vanessa and Fred had been swingers in their early marriage years but settled down after the birth of their one and only daughter. When it was time for her twenty year high school reunion, Vanessa felt like attending the reunion without her husband. She and Fred had not attended the same high schools and he knew almost none of her old friends thus it seemed appropriate. She was also looking for adventure. Vanessa wanted to look up her old boyfriend and asked a husband for his blessing. Fred was divided over wanting his wife to have a good time and letting another man have his way with her. He thought that he and Vanessa let go of their wife-swapping days but, nevertheless, he agreed to let his wife have her way.

Vanessa's experience away from home was even more enjoyable that she had expected. Roy had been a confirmed bachelor but in his late thirties he was happily married to a lovely girl young enough to be Vanessa's daughter. It was Vanessa's good fortune that Diana was as liberal as she was beautiful. She initiated a ménage a trois that included herself, her husband and his former girlfriend, Vanessa.

Meanwhile, back at home Fred was depressed and lonely without his wife. When he inadvertently caught his lovely daughter sunbathing in the nude, his spirits were lifted along with the old “what the hell” attitude. Rita resisted his advances at first, but his persistence combined with her sympathy for what had been his depressed state of mind, she agreed to just a little lightweight touching. Once she was relaxed with the help of some weed and wine, the contact between father and daughter went well beyond simple touching. When Vanessa came home, she felt guilty and owned up to allowing her original plan go much further than she intended. Fred and Rita then felt obligated to confess their own promiscuous behavior. Taboo Next Door 2 begins with the family of three learning how to deal with a situation where the wife has commuted adultery and the father and daughter have had an incestuous relationship in her absence.

Several exciting and “nasty” new characters will be featured in this sequel.

Chapter 1: Neighborly Love

After a restless night, Vanessa finally accepted the fact that she must have a serious talk with Alison, her best friend next door. As she was dressing, she glanced at her husband still peacefully sleeping. She shook her head and was still in near disbelief as to all that had happened. How can my husband and our daughter remain comfortable with this crazy situation we have all created? she was asking herself. Alison may not have the answer but at least I may feel better after talking about it with her.

After greetings, Alison cheerfully asked, “How was your week away? Tell me all about it.”

“Well, that's why I'm here but you may not even want me around when I tell you everything.”

“That's nonsense,” Alison responded. “We've been too close for too long for anything to come between us. C'mon, out with it. What's bothering you?” Alison took Vanessa by the hand to lead her to the love seat.

“Okay, here's how it all started. I told Fred that I was going to see my old boyfriend Roy with the hope of just a little sex action. Since we used to do some wife-swapping, he indicate that it was all right. Well, it just so happened that Roy was happily married to a cute young girl and they were quite liberal, if you know what I mean. We had one hellava ménage a trois and then some.

“That may all sound okay at this point since I had my husband's okay but when I returned, my husband and our daughter felt obligated to disclose that they got down and dirty. Can you believe it? Fred fucked his very own daughter and they have no qualms about it. Here I am feeling guilty about my adultery with another man and even his wife for Christ's sake and they are acting like they want to go on with their shameful behavior.

Alison smiled as the two lovely women looked into each other’s eyes. Vanessa was surprised to see her friend with a cheerful countenance and then was startled when Alison kissed her tenderly on the lips. When she broke the kiss, Alison smiled brightly and said, “Vanessa, we've been friends for many years. We raised out daughters together so trust me now. This does not have to be a bad thing. In fact, it may turn out to be better than you could ever imagine. We know many of each other’s secrets but there's a side of my family that you've never known. I am not blown away with what you told me your husband and daughter have done. Shortly before graduation, my parents came on to me and I did not resist. In fact, it was pretty damn good. Our threesomes went on and even my brother got involved. After Matt and I got married, it didn't take long for us to try some wife-swapping with my mother and father.

“Well, now that Shari has grown, she is infatuated with her father. Maybe it's true love but maybe a passing thing. She may want to one day get married but that's another issue.”

“Are you saying that your daughter is her father's lover?”

“Yes, she is and I'm okay with it. I love to watch them together as a prelude to our threesomes. So you see my dear, it can be a beautiful thing. We have found incest to be much more enjoyable than just straight sex.”

Vanessa was momentarily at a loss for words but noticing the Alison was still smiling, she said, “I'm delighted that you are all three so excited with each other as lovers, but this is obviously something that is not for everyone.”

“You're absolutely right,” Alison said, “but let's consider your options. Based on knowing you, your husband and your daughter all very well and also all that you've said, it seems that one alternative will make Fred and Rita happy and the other one will make them sad. It sounds like they want to continue their incestuous relationship, but out of love and respect for you they will least on the surface. Then, you will always be wondering if they are sneaking around. That's the 'sad' part for them and also for you. The other option is that you give them your blessing and maybe even join them. If it works, you'll all three be happy.”

Before Vanessa could respond, Alison kissed her again on the lips with an embrace. It was a much harder kiss than the previous one which was only meant to be friendly and comforting. Alison slid her tongue between her friend's lips and Vanessa reciprocated with her own tongue action. Passion quickly took hold of both women and when they both finally needed a breath of air, Alison said, “Let's go to the master bedroom.”

Before entering the room, Vanessa said, “This is a room that is very special to you and your husband.”

“Yes, it is but I wouldn't be surprised if you will be joining us soon.”

The two lovely women undressed and after drawing back the comforter, Alison asked, “How do you want me?”

“On your back.”

“All right! I like that aggression.”

“You got me going with all that incest talk. I wanna sniff and lick your pretty pussy.”

“You're on, babe,” Alison said cheerfully as she took her position on her back.

They were both so sexually stimulated that after several moments of feverish mutual pussy licking, they brought each other to orgasm. After a short pause, Vanessa said, “Lie face down.”

Alison chuckled as said, “Oh my God. You gotta be kidding.”

“No way,” Vanessa said.

Knowing what was coming, Alison parted the smooth cheeks of her shapely ass to let Vanessa's tongue do its work. Vanessa salivated very heaving as her tongue feverishly titillated her friend's tasty asshole.

“Fuckin' A!” Alison cried out. “I'm gonna give up my husband to ya. He'll love this and he'll fuck you good in return.” After several minutes of a delightful session of ass licking, Alison then said, “I feel like I could lie her forever with your tongue up my ass, which was a pleasant surprise, but let's talk a little before Matt and Shari get home.” After they rose to sit side by side on the bed, Alison turned her head to give her friend a tender kiss on the lips. Vanessa opened her mouth to allow their tongues to mingle.

After the kiss, Vanessa asked, “You don't mind kissing after knowing where my mouth has been?”

“Hell no!” Alison exclaimed. “That just makes it all the more better.” She took Vanessa by the hand to lead her to the family room and as they sat down together on the love seat, Alison said, “Today is Matt and Shari's golf day and I expect them home in a while, so here's my plan. For starters, you and I are gonna watch some real live father/daughter fucking. I'll jump in to make it a threesome. I feel certain that after you've seen a sample of our incest, you'll be more comfortable with what's going on in your own home. Believe me, it's fun. I've had sex with my mother and father, my brother and daughter, and if I had a son, I would fuck him, too.”

Vanessa had a puzzled look on her face as she said, “After what just happened between you and me and what you've said, I don't know what to believe.”

“That's fine,” Alison said. “You'll be surprised at how comfortable you'll feel once we get going.”

“Shouldn't we get dressed now?” Vanessa asked shyly.

“No way,” Alison responded. “We'll stay naked and sit here together watching a little TV for a while.”

When Alison heard Matt and Shari enter the front door, she turned the TV off. Upon entering the family room, Shari and her father were quite surprised to see two lovely naked women sitting together on the love seat holding hands with their bare thighs touching. The king bed comforter was spread out on the floor with four satin covered pillows. After exchanging greetings, Alison stood up to approach Matt and Shari to present them each with a tender kiss on the lips.

Matt smiled and said, “Well, I'm not going to ask a stupid question like 'what's going on here?' but anyway, clue me in to see if my imagination is correct.”

“If you are guessing that my good friend and I have been making love, then you are correct,” Alison responded. “I didn't think you two would mind so I told Vanessa a little about our making love within the family. She's still uncertain about her feelings but if we could give her a little demonstration, she may one day want to experiment.”

Noticing that Vanessa seemed to be at a loss for words, Shari chimed in, “Dad and I love to be watched in action and we'd be glad to do it for you right now. C'mon Dad, they got naked, let’s do the same.”

After Matt and his daughter shed their clothes, Vanessa finally voiced out, “Whoa! That's a nice hangin' rod you got there.”

Shari smiled as said, “Yes, it is, and that big thing feels damn good inside me.”

“I hope to find out how good it feels someday,” Vanessa said.

“Now that's what I wanted to hear,” Alison declared. “You're getting into this thing quicker than I expected.”

Shari went to her knees in front of her father, took his hanging cock in her soft hand and quickly brought it to life. Vanessa was amazed to see Shari take over half of Matt's stiff prick into her mouth with her fingers in between his buttocks. Matt put his hands on the back of his daughter's head and moved to and fro to make the impression of fucking her in the mouth.