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When Matt suddenly became overwhelmed by his young daughter's physical development, he felt a need to express his forbidden desires for Shari to his wife. To his surprise, Alison gave her blessing and later joined them in a threesome. Vanessa next door went to her 20 year class reunion leaving her husband and daughter alone who together find a side of each other they had never known. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ As Vanessa and Rita looked embarrassed, Fred said, "Please don't ever leave me again." After hearing her father's plea, Rita felt a hint of jealousy as thoughts rushed through her mind, What's going on here? I feel strange. Dad started our thing and I went along with it. At first, just to make him happy, but now I still want him. Mom's here and he loves her. What about me?  Am I that easy to forget? Thoughts about whether or not she should tell her mother what went on while she was away continued to plague her conscience. Rita kissed her mother tenderly on the lips and said, "Mom, I'm just as glad to have you back as Dad is. The County Fair is going on in Monterey and we want to show you a good time there. Dad used to take me on the wild rides when I was a kid and now I wanna ride with the both of you. Mom, he's just a big kid anyway so let the kid inside you out." **** As she lay alone in her bed later that night, she could not help but think about her father and mother making love in the master bedroom. She fantasized about being alone with him and then, the image of being with both of them flashed for a few seconds in her mind. The next day, Fred would be working and Rita would have a chance to be alone with Vanessa. For better or for worse, Rita felt that she had to clear the air. As they were sitting together enjoying coffee after breakfast, Rita looked Vanessa in the eyes with a smile and said, "Of course I'm please that you had a chance to get away, so to speak, and it seems like you had a nice time. I know that Dad does not know any of your high school friends, but may I ask if there was more to it than that?" Vanessa smiled back at her daughter and said, "Okay, since you brought it up, we'll talk. I'm not keeping it from your father and I won't keep it from you. Your dad and I did some swinging in the past but we gave it up long ago and yes there is a 'more to it' part." Vanessa then proceeded to describe in rather graphic detail her threesome with Roy and Diana.  "Mom, I have only one more question, Rita responded. "Will you ever do that again?" There was a blank look on Vanessa's face as she remained momentarily silent. "Never mind," Rita asserted. "I have something equally important to share with you. Mom, I love you dearly and I'm not going to be judgmental and I would like the same from you." Before Vanessa could respond, her daughter began to describe in detail her spicy weekend with her father. After a few moments of silence, Vanessa said, "Well now, we have a situation. If we put adultery in one tray of the scale and incest in the other, I wonder if they would balance out? In any case, it seems like we have no choice but to forgive each other." Rita quickly spoke, "Mom, let's not think about the 'forgive' part. Now that we've both owned up to going out of bounds, let's just accept it and move on. Honestly, I have to confess that I enjoyed intimacy with Dad but we will not sneak around. If it's over for you, it's over for us. Besides, when he first saw you once you walked through the front door, he expressed his love like a happy kid on Christmas."

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Taboo Next Door

By Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2018 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced without permission from the author.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

Chapter 1: Happy Valentine's Day

Alison was sitting alone on the love seat skimming through a magazine when Matt came home from work. “Can we talk?” he asked in a soft tone.

“Don't be silly,” his wife said lightly. “We can talk any time and you don't have to ask.”

“Yeah, babe, I know but it's a sensitive subject,” he responded.

“'Sensitive' does not matter. Out with it!”

“Okay, it's about Shari. Obviously, she's not a little girl anymore. She's become a young woman and I'm having to learn to live with that fact in more ways than one,” Matt said before pausing to think of the words to use for the rest of what he had to say.

Alison was amused at her husband's loss for words and with a smile she said, “Go on.”

“Okay, here it is, our daughter stands about five feet ten now and lately she's been wearing the shortest of short skirts that reveal the longest and prettiest legs I've ever seen, and...,”

“Not to mention that cute butt of hers,” Alison chimed in as an interruption.

“Alison, I'm trying to be serious here,” Matt said. “When Shari sits down and crosses her legs, it's almost like she's not wearing a skirt at all. Alison, I'm afraid of my feelings.”

“Okay, I get it. You get turned on just looking at your daughter's long, sexy legs and you wanna fuck her,” his wife said with smile.

“Alison! I can't believe you said that!” Matt exclaimed.

“Well, I did say it and I believe it's true,” Alison responded. “We've shared secrets. You know my history with my own parents so I'm hardly going to be shocked that you are attracted to your daughter. Well, she and I talk and it just so happens that she's got her eye on you. She's been getting a lot of whistles and looks from the boys at school so she got the idea to show off some skin in front of you. She was hoping you would notice and you did. Many years ago, I caught you the same way, flashing sexy legs.”

After listening to his wife's dialogue, Matt shook his head and asked, “What do I do now?”

“Well, like I said, Shari and I talk and we've also touched, if you know what I mean, so this may be easier than you think.”

“You mean...”

“Yes, I mean exactly what you're thinking,” Alison said as an interruption. “Not long ago she was wearing those short, shorts and flaunting her breast cleavage wearing a tie the front crop tee. Her big pointed nipples looked like they were ready to bust through her scanty top. I don't know if she was trying to get my attention or what, but she did. I untied the top to fondle her nipple and then sucked on each of them one by one. The next thing I knew, we were both naked and licking each other’s pussy, and it was nice so now it's your turn. I'll be a key player on this field. I'll pitch you a fast ball and let's see if you can hit a home run. The playing field will be ready.”

“I suppose that means you’re going to set me up with my very own daughter.”

Alison's sensual smile was the answer. She would for certain arrange a time of love for her husband and their daughter to be alone together. To boost his confidence, she said, “It looks like out daughter wants to be a tramp, and since you both have the hots for each other, treat her like one. Wouldn't you rather it be us than with some high school jock?”

Matt could only answer his wife's rhetorical question with a smile and a light chuckle.


After entering the bathroom for her morning shower, Shari removed her robe to glance at her body in the full-length mirror in just her bikini style underwear. She admired her own body and knew very well that the boys at school liked it but there was only one manon her mind. The night before was beautiful. She and her father had made love and it was with the blessing of her mother, his wife. Shari removed her scanty bra, let it fall to the floor and caressed her breasts with her hands. Her reddish brown nipples were pointed as she stimulated them with her thumbs and middle fingers. While still gazing at herself in the mirror, she felt a tingling inside her vagina. She paused from fondling her breasts to step out of her panties which she brought to her face to inhale the scent.

Shari recalled her father's saying, “My dear angel, I love the smell of your sweet pussy.” In her mind, she also recalled the joy of his wonderful performance of cunnilingus as she lay on her back with legs spread apart while petting his head of thick wavy hair. After he had brought her to a climax, he mounted her and gently guided his stiff prick into her moist cunt. He whispered in her ear, “My dear daughter, your pussy tastes as good as it smells and I love how it grips my cock.” To Shari, it was a joy to catch her vaginal scent on his face when he French kissed her. It did not matter to her that he was not a poet. She loved to hear her father speak, regardless of how crude his words might sound to someone else.

A myriad of thoughts ran through her mind as Shari continued to see visions of her night of love with her father. She felt no qualms or regrets about her behavior. It was love and she was certain that nothing could be wrong with love. Her big, blue eyes focused on her bushy pussy as reflected in the full-length mirror. She stuck her middle finger inside her juicy cunt and then brought the finger to her mouth. It tasted good to her because her father had expressed how he enjoyed the taste. She loved everything he did and everything he said. Shari was in love with her father. Although her brand new incestuous relationship with him seemed wonderful, something bothered her and it had to be dealt with immediately. After her shower, Shari donned her short robe without underwear and strolled to the family roomed to find her mother sitting peacefully on the sofa having her morning coffee.

After morning greetings, Shari asked, “Mom, may we talk?”

“Of course we may, but first of all, tell me how things went with your father.”

Shari was pleased to see her mother smiling and obviously in a good mood. She was relaxed by her mother's cheerful demeanor as she responded, “Mom, it was beautiful. Dad is a great lover and it was the very first time I've ever had a prick in my pussy and I'm so glad that his was the first.”

“Wonderful!” Alison exclaimed. “Tell me all the dirty details, everything!”

Her mother's excitement gave Shari the enthusiasm to continue, “Mom, once we were naked, I laid on my back, spread my legs and he licked my pussy until I squealed and screamed. Then, he came up to kiss me so I opened my mouth and our tongues went at it. While our tongues were still dancing with each other, he shoved his big, beautiful cock in my cunt. Mom, my daddy fucked the hell out of me. After a while, I closed my legs to tighten the grip on his prick and he shot a monster load inside of me. When he kissed me again, I could feel the cum oozing out of my pussy onto the sheet. I could feel the wet sheet on my ass but that was fine with me because it was Dad's love juice.”

“I'm happy for you, sweetheart,” Alison said. “but since when did you start using such dirty words?”

“Last night,” Shari answered. “Dad taught me.”

“That old dog,” Alison said in jest. “Your father pops your cherry and then teaches you to talk like a tramp. “What happened next?”

“Mom, my dad is amazing! That's when we started talking dirty. We were laying naked together, side by side, just talking and his dick started to rise again. His cock looks so neat when it's hanging and then when it gets hard, whoa! When it was standing tall, he asked, 'Would you like to give me some head?' When I told him 'yes' he said he wanted me on my knees. So we got up off the bed and with him standing up, I dropped to my knees like he wanted and took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. I had my hands on his ass and he had his hands on my head. Mom, my dad's cock felt so good in my mouth I sucked like a hungry animal. He was moving back and forth and it exited me more to know I was giving him so much pleasure. Mom, his prick must be at least ten inches long and so fuckin' big around, I love it.”

“Yes, my dear daughter, I know very well how big it is and I'm pleased to share it with you. You're getting me horny,” Alison announced.

“Good!” Shari exclaimed. “There's more. Dad was so excited with my blow job that he held fast to my head and shoved his whole cock in my mouth. I could feel his pubic hairs on my lips and his balls on my chin. It touched the back of my throat and I even gagged while he held onto my head. When he let loose of my head, I coughed but only for a few seconds. I looked up at that handsome face of his and we laughed together. Once he could see that I was okay, I finished him off. I sucked Dad dry. Ya know, Mom, even though he came earlier, he still shot a pretty good wad in my mouth. It tasted kinda funny but he said he wanted to come in my mouth and I wanted to make him so happy he'll wanna fuck me again and again.

Alison was stimulated hearing her daughter's narrative and Shari was equally excited to give it. Being together with her mother to share her sexual experience with her father was almost like reliving it. Alison was getting further stimulated by the presence of her daughter sitting across from her in the armchair with her legs crossed. Shari's short robe betrayed most of her smooth bare thighs causing her mother to think of making a pass at that point but she sensed there was something more on her daughter's mind.

“Mom, I know we are both horny right now and I'd loved to do stuff with you, but I have to tell you something else,” Shari said.

“My dear daughter, it sounds serious. Out with it.”

“Okay, I'm sure you can see that I had a great time with Dad. I waited so long to finally have sex and now I’ve found that it's better than I had ever dreamed. Even choking on his big fat cock was fun and I'll do anything that will please him. I want you and Dad to be together forever and I don't want to come between the two of you, but Mom, my problem is that it's more than just a lot of dirty sex. Mom, I'm in love with him.”

Shari was surprised that her mother was smiling as Alison said, “Shari, this does not have to be a problem. Your father and I are in love with each other and our marriage is secure. I see no reason why you and he cannot continue as lovers for as long as it lasts. You will still have your mother and father.”

“Mon, I want this to last forever.”

“That's okay, too.”

“But it's not fair to you. I can't just hog Dad. What happens when he's satisfied from fucking me and you're horny?

“That's all right because you're father has one awesome libido and he can handle the both of us. Not only that, but I get a thrill just thinking about the two of you together. Sometimes I can watch you and him suck, lick and fuck every which way while I'm masturbating. I'll get off that way.

“Mom, how did you get to be so easy going about sex, and how can you accept my thing with Dad?”

Alison smiled broadly as she was also looking at her daughter's eye-catching bare legs. After making eye contact, she said, “I'd be glad to share my 'true confession' with you but please come and sit by me.” Shari moved from the armchair to sit by her mother on the sofa. After crossing her pretty legs, Alison put her hand on her daughter's bare thigh. The touch of her mother's smooth, tender hand caused Shari to shiver.

”When you were sitting across from me, I could see that you're naked underneath that short robe. Just looking at you got me going and then with your story I'm ready to do what you call 'stuff.' You're obviously excited from talking dirty about being with your stud of a father last night so I think we're both about ready.”

“Yes, Mom. I wanna do some pussy licking with you, but first tell me your secret. I hope it's nasty.”

“It is and you'll love it! As a teen-ager, I did not save myself as long you did. My parents, you good old grandparents, could see that I was a little on the loose side and decided it was time to talk to me about it. Well, they went on to explain that they knew that I was not a virgin and that they were okay with it but did not want me to get knocked up before my time. Their suggested solution to the situation was a bombshell!

“If my memory serves me, my mother's words were something like, 'You are a very attractive young girl and your father has had his eye on you for some time. As a matter of fact, so have I and we are suggesting a more intense relationship as a family.' I was speechless when my mother and my father explained what they meant by 'intense relationship' but once the idea set in, I asked, 'Dad, if you wanted to screw me, why have you waited so long?' He went on to explain that even though incest is illegal, it rarely gets prosecuted but adult sex with a minordoes get prosecuted.