Taboo Incest Act - Winifred Clinton - ebook

Warning: This is a VERY taboo, vintage, hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description.******Mary wriggled her way to her father and lay beside him, her nipples standing out from her tits. The twin peaks were thick and stiff with hot blood. They were aching for a hand to caress them, to touch them, to pull and grip them!Fred didn't waste any time. He reached out and caressed one of Mary's heavy tits. He took the nipple between thumb and forefinger, twirled it slowly, and lowered his head to kiss her. Her thick lips met his, and their tongues explored the other's mouth.Mary moaned deep in her throat, feeling the familiar tingle begin all over her nubile young body. Her breath came in and out of her nose in great, shuddering gasps. Her blood was zinging through her veins, and the perverted thought of fucking her father made her that much more anxious than before!Fred sent his other hand out over his daughter's trembling thighs. He caressed the smooth, satiny skin, bringing goosebumps of delight to her skin. He drew out the kiss longer as his fingers crawled between her dainty legs and found the jungle bush of her hairy cunt.His fingers parted the thick, puffy lips of her pussy, and encountered the juices already flowing freely out of her snatch. The hot oils splashed onto his fingers and the raw flanges of her aching cunt gripped his fingers hard. His thumb expertly found her tingling clit and rubbed over the nubbin.Mary pulled her head back from her father's mouth. "Oooohhh!" she gasped. "Daddy! Oh, Daddy!""My little girl!" Fred crooned at her. His eyes were flashing with raging lust.

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Taboo Incest Act

Winifred Clinton

Copyright © 2017

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She was sharing her dressing room with her brother, Ronny. He had used the shower first, and then she had gone in. The warm water had excited her.

Her tits bobbed on her chest. She moved carefully. She liked the feel of her flesh sliding freely. She glanced over at the mirror in the corner and could see her white body clearly. Her thick brown nipples became stiff as she stared. The puffy lips of her pussy were slightly wet from excitement. She shook her head. She mustn't let Ronnie know about her sexual fever.

She felt guilty each time the passions overtook her. She was brought up in a very religious family, and wasn't accustomed to such strange feelings. Her thoughts were interrupted momentarily when she heard her brother dressing on the other side of a screen which divided the room.

Her tits were full and heavy. They had already reached their maximum size. She smiled at her reflection. Her thick brown nipples were stiff and sensitive now. She reached up slowly and caressed them. She stifled a moan of excitement.

Mary watched her fingers slid from her melonlike tits down her sides. The satiny smooth feeling of her skin was bringing hot blood to the surface of her body.

Her eyes followed the movements of her hands as they went farther down upon her body. She grinned. The flat plain of her stomach was baby soft. She liked the feel of it. Her fingertips brought goosebumps to her body.

Her hands traced the outline of her hips. A thick patch of black pubic hair covered her cunt. The hair masked the slit of her sex. Her hands slid to her cunt. She let one of her fingers slide up into her hole. The way was slick with her juices!

She opened her mouth in pleasure. Her thick middle finger brought sparks to her mind. She could hardly think. The blood pounded in her ears. The sight faded from her eyes. The image in the mirror seemed to disappear.

In the back of her mind, Mary could hear herself saying no, but it felt so good! The muscles in her legs relaxed, and she squatted slightly. Her fingers dug into her slit. The blood flashed to her tits and cunt. She let one hand slide up to her breasts.

It was happening again - the sin of sex. She knew it was a sin, but she couldn't help it. It was almost too much for her teenaged mind. She bit her lower lip as tears of frustration came to her eyes. She wanted to come! She wanted to do it! But she couldn't. She just couldn't. Not with her brother pulling on his pants on the other side of the thin screen.

Mary rubbed her thumb over her nipple. The blood-engorged nubbin jerked under the contact. She loved it! Her tongue lolled out of her mouth. She licked her lips. Sweat beaded on her forehead. The finger up her twat continued to dig away and her thumb ground against her clit.

It sent jolts of pleasure up into her mind. It was delicious! It was delightful!

But the horrible feelings of guilt made her cry. She did it silently. She wanted to stop, but her body demanded release. It was all too much for her. Confusion whirled around within her as her fingers and hands pulled and stabbed into her body. Her tits felt as hot as fire, her nipples stiff. It was searing her mind. She gritted her teeth and her beautiful, young face became a distorted mask of wanton passion!

The tide of her lust rose higher. The fire in her tits and cunt roared in her ears. But still no sounds escaped her throat. She didn't want her brother to hear. She wondered for a brief instant what her brother looked like naked. Did he have a big prick? The thought flashed in and out of her mind in a second. But the image that it had planted still remained.

A spark leaped up from her gushing cunt. Her clit spasmed. Her orgasm smashed upon her quickly. It sent her mind to reeling. She collapsed upon the chair near the mirror and her hips bucked and jerked on the bottom of the chair. Her fingers continued to dig into her hairy hole and her hand became coated with her love juice.

A small moan of satisfaction escaped from her mouth as her body slowly relaxed. It had been heaven.

"Are you all right, Sis?" Ronny asked.

Mary jerked upright, and brought her mind back from the clouds. She shook herself. "Yes, I'm fine. Just fine."

"Okay," Ronny said. "We've got twenty minutes."

"I'll be ready," Mary promised.

Mary bowed her head and looked down at her naked body. It had betrayed her again. It had come alive under her hands. It had taken over her mind. And she had succumbed to the horrible sin of finger-fucking herself. She knew she couldn't tell anyone about it. It was beginning to happen more and more. But especially when Ronny was around.

Ronny glanced over at the corner mirror again. The sight of his sister's naked body burned into his thoughts. He had watched the entire obscene episode. He had been surprised and shocked at first. The sight of his sister's nude body had brought his cock to a stiff stand at once. The thick prick had made his balls ache. But when he saw his sister playing with herself, he had quickly dropped his pants and shorts. He had jacked off as he had watched.

Ronny was a normal, healthy boy of eighteen. But the life of being on tour all the time wore him down. The life of a superstar was hectic. He had groupies, but they were all so young! And his mother watched he and his sister very closely.

His balls still ached slightly from the sinful sight of watching his sister fuck herself. He knew it was done by girls, but his own sister? It made him evaluate her in a new light. It was odd he had thought only of her as a sister and not a sex object.

Ronny glanced at the floor. The thick wads of his cum were still there. He pulled up his pants and tightened the belt. He got the towel he'd used and wiped the cream-colored fluid. He caught another glance of his sister's body in the corner mirror. She had turned around and was putting on her clothes. Her asscheeks jiggled as she stepped into her light blue bikini panties.

They both finished dressing quickly. After ten more minutes, they were waiting in the wings of the stage. Their act was famous. They were the famous brother and sister act. They brought in millions and they were happy. But the tension in their young bodies was beginning to make itself felt.

Ronny suddenly realized he had a dry throat. He walked back toward the far water fountain. He didn't want ice cold water, but merely something to soothe his throat. Two stagehands were standing nearby. They didn't see him.

"You know," one of them said to the other, "those kids look too wholesome."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, Garth," the other nodded.

"I bet they fuck each other, that's what I think," the bearded hand said, the one called Garth.

Ronny continued to drink and listened.

"I'd sure like to get into the sister's hot, juicy little cunt!" the other smirked.

The two stage hands walked away. Ronny stood up, shocked. Fuck his sister? Why that was ... an interesting idea. Ronny's face lit up in a broad smile. If his sister was as hot as she appeared, Ronny knew it could be very easy. And they always took showers after their performances.


Mary felt odd. She didn't know what it was, but it seemed as if Ronny had acted a little strange during the performance. She was glad the rest of the family would be with them in three days. They could take a rest then.

Mary turned on the shower and quickly pulled off her panties and bra. Her ripe tits sprang free. The warm air brushed against her cunt. A frown creased her forehead. Would another shower set her off again? She hoped not.

She got into the shower and pulled the curtains. The tiny needles of pulsating water tingled her skin. Her nipples sprang to life once again. She snorted in anger. Why was her body acting this way? Why couldn't she be a good little girl? She felt soiled and degraded.

Ronny stood alone in the next room. He had watched Mary walk into the bathroom in her panties and bra. They had done that in front of each other for years. It was strange now, though. He knew she had a thick patch of black hair on her cunt. She also had luscious nipples. His cock swelled as she closed the door.

He quickly pulled his pants and underwear off. His shirt was stripped from his chest quickly. His thick cock stood out from his young loins. The large knob of its head glistened purple. He gripped his cock with one hand and it throbbed. He smiled.

"You're going to be stuffed into a hot cunt tonight," Ronny said, playing with his cock.

From the moment he'd heard the two stagehands talking, Ronny had wanted to fuck his sister. The thought had never really occurred to him before, but he had often gotten hard-ons when she was around. And when they had gone on tour alone he had often sneaked and watched her undress. It had made him feel a little odd, but not much. He had heard of other guys spying on their mothers or sisters.

He walked toward the bathroom. He had made sure the dressing room door was bolted shut. He opened the bathroom door carefully. The room was filled with steam. Ronny closed the door behind him. He smiled. He wanted to surprise his sister. He could see her form through the opaque material of the curtain. He noted his sister was washing her hair.

Ronny stepped into the tub. The warm water sprinkled his chest. His cock throbbed at the sight of his sister. Her back was toward him as she rinsed the soap from her head. He grinned. Her asscheeks were ripe, full moons. They looked smooth and inviting. His cock gave another deep throb. He glanced down at it and knew he'd be shoving it up his sister's tender cunt soon.

After Mary had finished with her rinse, she noted a strange sound behind her. She jerked around in one movement. She stared aghast at the nude figure of her brother. His thick prick jutted out from his loins like a fleshy spear. Its thick purplish head gleamed. Her eyes were riveted upon it. She couldn't look at anything else.

"I want to fuck you," Ronny said softly.

Mary looked up at her brother's grinning face. She could see the lust flaming in his eyes. "No!" she gasped. Despite her answer, she could feel the heat of his gaze causing her cunt juices to flow. She wanted him, too! "It'd be incest!" she said.

Ronny grinned. "I know." He reached out and gripped her shoulders. He pulled her toward him.

Mary couldn't resist. Her legs were weak. Her knees felt watery. She wondered how she could be standing up. The lips of her cunt flowered open. The hypnotic eyes of her brother's gaze drew her closer. In the back of her mind, she could hear her conscience wailing. It was a sin! A sin! Her mind reeled. She wanted to resist, but she couldn't. It was impossible.

Ronny's lips descended upon hers. Their mouths met. His tongue slithered into her mouth. She could taste his saliva. His tongue scraped against her teeth and her own tongue. She felt faint. His hands gripped her shoulders tightly. She tried to fight him, but it was useless.

Ronny reached over and turned off the water. The sudden silence was strange. He gripped his sister about the waist and pulled back the shower curtains. He stepped dripping from the shower, his sister trapped in his embrace. Their bodies gleamed from the water.

Ronny relaxed his hold upon his sister. He let her pull away from him for a moment. He then reached out with a snap of his arms and gripped her around the hips. He pulled her lower body against his loins. Her cunt hair scraped against the sensitive surface of his cock.

"No, Ronny, no!" Mary whispered harshly. He kept kissing her.

"Why not?" Ronny answered. "You want it. You know you do!"

Mary wanted to resist her brother. She wanted to escape from the sinful thing that was about to happen. But if his thick prick kept rubbing between her legs, she would give in. She knew she would. She loved her brother. She had never thought of fucking him, but now the thought was ever-present.

Mary gasped as she was dragged from the bathroom. Her brother pulled her into the main dressmg room. She gulped in fear as Ronny dragged her to the hide-away bed.

"Now, you're going to get it!" Ronny snapped. He fell on top of his sister.

Mary whimpered. She felt Ronny force his knees between her thighs. The lips of her cunt spread open, revealing her glistening cunt-juices. She wanted her brother. Deep down, her body craved the sexual release of a good fuck.

Ronny reached out and gripped a tit. He tweaked the stiff nipple hard. His sister moaned. He smiled. He liked to see her beneath him. He liked the thought of shoving it in her. He guessed she was a virgin. He'd be the first guy to fuck her.

He supported himself on one elbow as he let go of her tit. He reached between their bodies and gripped his cock. He slipped the cockhead between the puffy lips of her cunt and ran it up and down. The slick inner surface made his balls ache. He found the hole of her twat and placed his prick at the entrance. He rolled on top of her and shoved at the same time.

"ARRRGGGHHH!" Mary groaned. She kept her voice low. She didn't want people to know she was being fucked by her own brother. But the pain! "Oh, it hurts!"

"You'll love it, Sis!" Ronny hissed as he bucked in her. He ripped his sister's cherry to pieces. The hot, scalding depths of her honey hole was enough to make him come.

Mary gritted her teeth as her brother's cock speared into her. She didn't understand why it hurt so much. She'd read where many women fucked a lot. She was squirming on the bed. She pushed her hips against the mattress. She wanted to dislodge the prick from her twat. But it did no good. It was useless. Her brother's cock was in her to stay. She had been raped by her own brother!

Mary wondered at the thought. Earlier, she'd wondered how long her brother's cock was. Now she knew. It felt as if it were an iron bar. It war so stiff and hard in her. And it hurt.

"Oh, take it out!" Mary moaned. "Take it out! I'll tell Mom!"

"Go ahead," Ronny sneered. "I'll tell her about your finger-fucking yourself!"

Mary stared into the hard eyes of her brother. Her face reddened. Then she wondered why she was blushing. Her brother was already fucking her, and she worried about someone seeing her finger-fucking herself?

Ronny laughed at his sister's discomfort. It was a pure delight for him. The warmth of his sister's cunt was great! The way it gripped him, it felt like a fist. But it was warmer and slicker than any fist he'd felt. He drew his cock partially out of his sister's twat. The thick head of his prick scraped against her clit and drew a moan of pleasure from her lips.

"Oooohhh!" Mary groaned. It felt great! At first she'd felt pain, but now, nothing but pleasure!

Ronnie slammed back into his sister. The wide spread lips of his sister's cunt accepted his invading cock eagerly. She met his thrusts with equal ferocity.

"Do it to me.!" Mary crooned. "Fuck me hard! Darling brother, fuck me harrrrddd!"

"You bet, Sis!" Ronny gasped.

He shoved into the hot, honey depths of his sister's pussy again. His cock was being squeezed by his sister's loving twat! It was heaven! Pure heaven! He moved his hips up and down, up and down. Slamming into the tender belly of his beautiful sister with his cock made Ronny content. He reached out softly and held a heavy tit. The satiny smooth surface tickled his fingers. He tweaked the nipples.

"Oh, yesss!" Mary moaned. "Do it fine!"

The hand touching and pulling on her tits was exciting. The fire in her nipples and in her cunt was raging out of control. Her cunt convulsed in spastic jerks on her brother's fucking cock. She loved the way the thick rod of flesh slid up and down through her cunt. It seemed to stuff her all the way up into her throat.

"Oh, fuck!" Mary sighed. "Oh, darling, oh, fuck me!"

"Love your cunt, Sis!" Ronny gasped. "Love your hot, wet cunt!"

Ronny shoved again all the way to the hilt. His thick cock was sucked up easily. His sister wrapped her legs around his waist. She pounded her feet on his ass. She urged him to go faster. His body was wet from the shower and his own sweat. The jerking in his balls was getting greater. He'd be coming soon. He'd be shooting his load into his sister's hot, sweet cunt!

"Faster, faster!" Mary chanted. "Fuck me faster!"

Ronny tried to oblige. His body was urging him on. The animal instincts were gripping him. He didn't care if it was his sister that he was fucking. He had to get his rocks off. He had to shoot his load. His face was contorted into a mask of sheer, wanton lust. He wouldn't stop for anything now. He was too close!

"Hang onto your ass, Sis!" Ronny said. "I'm gonna wear it out!"

Ronny smashed into his sister's loins. His sister immediately shoved her loins up again. He smashed down again. The smacking sound filled the room. The sucking, liquid noises of a cock being slid into a cunt filled their ears. The love juices flowing from his sister's twat frothed around her hole. It matted their pubic hairs.

He slid his cock into her again. The lips of her twat spread wide, and the slick juicy walls admitted all of his hard cock. He grinned. He had thousands of groupies, and he was fucking his sister! He would have laughed, but he was too intent on coming. He kept pulling and kneading upon the tit in his one hand. He dropped his head down upon her lips. He thrust his tongue into her mouth. She met it with her own.

Mary pulled her mouth from her brother's deep kiss. She gasped for air. The fluids from her cunt were flowing fee. They trickled out of her twat and slid down the crease of her ass.

"Oh, Ronny, fuck me!" Mary said. She couldn't think of any endearing words. She just wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard. "C'mon, brother, slip that cock in and out of me!"