Super Alluria hypnotized - Mindy Powers - ebook

Super Alluria, the heroine who uses sexual power to fight crime, comes to the rescue of her sidekick, Silver Lace, trapped in an abandoned warehouse. But what she'll find there is much worse than she expected! Using an electronic device, Mr Purplecock, the evil, disgusting villain, will manipulate her mind and make her do filthy, degrading things... and she will feel all the horror and despair of the situation, while at the same time she'll fall prey to her own powers and succumb to an indescribable horniness!Super Alluria hypnotized is the third story in the HYPNO-HEROINES saga, dedicated to the misfortune of gorgeous heroines who find themselves depowered, enslaved, hypnotized, mind-controlled, enchanted or otherwise submitted, and have to fight through a series of hot, naughty tests!

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Hypno-Heroines series / vol 3

by Mindy Powers

* * *

A superheroine in sexy peril!

* * *

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* * *

© Mindy Powers, 2018

StreetLib edition Eros Shrugged Publishing, January 2018

Cover image © Eros Shrugged Publishing.

All characters in this story are at least 18 years old in age. Any similarity with real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Don’t read this work if you feel offended by graphic descriptions of sexual acts.

* * *


* * *

From up above, the abandoned warehouse looked completely empty, and Super Alluria’s ears, gifted with the power of ultrasonic perception, could not detect any signs of activity. But the call for help had definitely come from inside.

Please, Allie, come quick! I’m in danger! They will—

The telepathic link had broken then, for some reason, and she could only hope that the reason was not that her friend had been killed. Young Silver Lace had only been her sidekick for a couple of months, and she wasn’t yet ready to face bigger threats like Mister Fate or Mr Purplecock. Those villains were still out of her league — only Allie, as Super Alluria, had the sexual power to face them and resist their attacks. Any other girl would fall to their evil spells and be killed or worse.

Super Alluria could not allow this to happen. She needed to save Silver Lace. And then teach her one or two lessons about being careful and protecting herself.

She descended slowly in the chilly air of the night. Flying would reveal nothing; the evildoers, whoever they might be, were hiding well. They would surely be using some device to cloak sound and their heat signature. She would have to take a look at the place with the naked eye.

The door was ajar, which was not surprising since it had fell off the hinges and was now simply leaning against the entrance, leaving a narrow slit through which she could enter. It was completely dark, but her superior vision would help her see.

She slunk in quietly, her spandex suit creaking ever so faintly. The bad guys could be literally anywhere inside the big warehouse, and she didn’t want to call their attention. The suit was dark (mainly black with a hint of blue) and brief — Super Alluria was not a capricious name, it referred to the fact that her skin, her looks, her whole body were the source of her marvellous power: the power of subjugating anyone through sexual attraction, or allure. Allure was the kind of raw magic she could control and with which she achieved all her feats.

She tried to establish connection with Silver Lace, to see if she was still in danger. But there was no response. Allie feared the worst now — so much silence might meant she was already dead and her kidnappers had fled the place.

As she walked inside the huge warehouse, meandering into corridors and turning around metallic columns and old machines, she noticed a slight but permanent buzzing, so faint that she almost decided she was imagining it. It was a sound that seemed to connect directly with her brain, like attempting to numb it or cloud her mind. Could that be the reason she couldn’t establish a telepathic link? Was that buzzing sound the reason she...?

“Hello, Allie.”

* * *

The heroine turned around, startled. It was Silver Lace’s voice! She was alive after all!

“Lacey! You are OK!” she said. Her first impulse was to run to her friend and give her a hug. But something in her young sidekick’s expression froze her in place. “What... what is happening?”

Lacey cackled. It was not a joyful laugh; it was kind of evil, to be honest.

“This is what is happening,” she said. “I’ve been working for Mr Purplecock for a few months now. I’ve been his spy all the time I’ve been at your side. And now we figured out your weakness, we can finally destroy you.”

Super Alluria took a step back, surprised. Two pairs of powerful arms grabbed hers as she did so. She looked around and saw several stocky guys with fanatical expressions: Mr Purplecock’s evil but stupid henchmen.

“You can’t... you can’t be serious,” she said, still struggling to understand the situation. “I lifted you from the streets. You were just a young helpless girl. There was no way you were in contact with—”

“She’s a good actress,” a powerful male voice said. It came out of the darkness. Allie realized her vision was not working right, since she should be able to see everything, but she seemed to have a pretty normal vision right now.

“That, I am,” Silver Lace chuckled. She got closer to the heroine who had been her mentor. Once they were close enough, she spit in Super Alluria’s face. “This is the truth. This is who I am,” she said.

That was infuriating but above all, it was hurtful. Allie’s heart was breaking. But now she was resolved to end the ridiculous charade once and for all. She had been duped, and now she would straighten things up.