Sucking Secretary (Vintage Erotic Novel) - Anju Quewea - ebook

This is a Vintage Erotic, Adult Novel... Full of sexual adventures... Involving a sexy and Seductive girl... Full of Sex, Surprises and Unusual Naughty Twists.

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Sucking Secretary

CHAPTER ONEAs Angela Roberts lay in the warm sun beside her swimming pool she could only think of one thing. Two things, actually. One, she was bored, and two, she wanted to get fucked.The latter thought was beginning to take precedence over the former.She could feel the thin material of her bikini as it rubbed against her sensitive tits, and just thinking about what she would really like to be doing right now was enough to make her nipples grow firm and hard, and cause her cunt to tingle expectantly.Damn!She rolled over until she was lying firmly on her stomach, trying to forget about sex for the moment, but it was no use. The tight webbing beneath her only made her more horny.With a groan of frustration she got up and walked inside the house. Even though she was thirty-six years old, there wasn't a trace of excess fat on her tanned body as she moved across the yard, the bright sun glistening on her moistly oiled skin.Inside, she sat on the edge of the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Why should she have to put up with this boredom? It was easy enough to see that she was an attractive woman; more than that, she was sexy, and she knew it.The eyes that looked back at her from the mirror were green, and there was a minxish seductiveness in them that had always made the matter of getting men easy for her.But of course there was more to that than just her eyes. Her breasts were large and firm, held tightly now by the top of her bikini, while her waist was slim and flat, spreading gracefully into hips that were full, but firm and tight.And then there were her legs.They were long, slim, and absolutely smooth.With a quick motion that indicated her decision had been made, she reached behind her and released the clasp that held her top in place.Immediately her tits jumped free, the large nipples erect and hard, the milky whiteness of her flesh mounds contrasting excitingly with the darkness of the rest of her skin.Gently, with supple motions of her fingers, Angela began to touch her tits, lightly at first, just brushing her slim fingers against the nipples, then more firmly as her excitement grew.In the mirror she could see her dark brown hands as they explored her creamy tits, and the sight of the juicy melons being squeezed and massaged was too much for her.Quickly, almost frantically, she reached down to take off her panties.But then she stopped.Why rush it?She was breathing heavily now, and her tits were heaving up and down. But she was in control again, and instead of ripping off her bottoms as she had almost done a moment before, she now leaned back on the soft spread of the bed and once again allowed her hands to touch her tits, pressing against the tingling nipples, then rubbing and squeezing the soft melons that seemed to jump in her hands from the excitement she was creating."Aaaaaaahhhhhh... " she moaned. Deep inside her she could feel her level of excitement growing, driving upward in a rush that she knew would lead her to a juicy, satisfying climax.Almost without realizing what she was doing, Angela began to rotate her hips, rubbing her ass against the bed beneath her, causing the material of her panties to rub between her legs. Her juices were really beginning to flow now, and she could feel the fabric becoming moist between her legs.Slowly, teasing herself, she began to slide one hand down across her slickly oiled stomach. When she came in contact with the elastic of the waistband she paused, then finally allowed one finger to slip beneath it.At the first contact with her furry muff, Angela could feel her control slipping, and with frenzied motions she finally pulled down her bikini bottoms, revealing the dark-brown hair of her triangle.Then she spread her legs and could suddenly see in the mirror the rich, dewy lips of her cunt, spread wide and begging for something, anything, to be plunged into the panting, throbbing wetness within.But somehow Angela managed to control herself, and instead of driving two fingers deep into herself, she slowly reached down with both hands, allowing one of them to pull the lips of her pussy apart, while the other gently flicked and darted across the entrance, touching and rubbing her clit as it began to swell, massaging the sensitive button until she was so excited that sticky streams of her cunt juice were running in rivulets from her parted lips onto the creamy softness of her thighs. "Aaaaagggghhhh!" she groaned as she finally couldn't stand the torment any longer and, with a single motion, drove two fingers deep into the sloppy recesses of her pussy.Suddenly there was no restraint in anything she did. It was as if a fire had suddenly been unleashed within her.Wildly she drove her crotch up against her hand, the muscles in her thighs and ass straining tautly. Deeper and deeper she plunged her hand into her cunt, smashing into herself with every ounce of passion within her body.There was a fire inside her now, a tiny pinpoint of burning heat that was growing larger, stronger, with each successive plunge of her fingers into her melting cunt.Harder and harder she drove on, smashing against her own hand, driving it both into her pussy and still letting it rub her burning clit with each stroke.She was coming...Sweat was pouring from her body now, mixing with the oil to form a glistening sheen that danced and glimmered in the light of the room.She was almost there now, and Angela gathered herself for the final rush that would send her spinning into the wild throes of orgasm. It was as if her body was filling, churning, foaming, trying to spill her hot cream out of her crotch.And finally it did just that."Aaaagggghhhhh!"The hot honey shot out of her in a gush of sticky wetness, but Angela was oblivious to everything except the spinning, seething bliss that was rushing through her.She had three fingers in her cunt now, and all of them were totally covered with the drippy juices that were shooting out of her.Finally she collapsed, a contented smile on her face.Just then the phone rang.Reluctantly she reached over and answered it."Hello.""Hi, honey. I'm not gonna be able to get out of here until seven or so," came the voice of her husband."Again?" she asked crossly. This was the third time this week."I'm sorry, baby, it's just that-""I know, I know. Spare me the explaining. I've heard it all before."She hung up without saying goodbye. Vaguely she wondered if Jim was really working when he stayed late, or whether he had something going with that secretary of his. Probably not, she decided, aware suddenly that it didn't matter a great deal to her right now what Jim was doing, or who he was doing it with.The realization depressed her.* * *Jim was pissed off when he hung up the phone. Christ, she acted like she thought he liked staying late and busting his ass so she could have her swimming pool and her Mercedes, and her sailboat..."Mr. Roberts?" asked Nancie's voice."What is it?" he growled into the intercom."I'm sorry to bother you-""That's all right," he said, his voice softer now. It wasn't Nancie's fault that Angela was being such a bitch these days."I just wondered if you wanted a sandwich or something."Jim wasn't hungry, but he knew he should eat something. He'd missed lunch again today, and if he didn't eat now he'd be getting weak."Yeah, I guess so," he replied without enthusiasm."Anything special?""Use your imagination."In the outer office Nancie waited a few seconds to see if he was going to say anything else, then clicked off the intercom.So he wants me to use my imagination? All right, she thought to herself, I'll do just that. But not quite the way he wants me to.For the last two months, since she'd started to work for Jim, she had been trying, without success, to get a rise out of him. What was wrong with her?When it came to men, Nancy had always gotten what she wanted, and this was driving her crazy. It wasn't that there was anything that great about Jim, although she had to admit that everything about him, from his looks to his manner of speaking, turned her on. It was just that he seemed impervious to anything she might do to try to arouse him.But not tonight.Tonight she was either going to lay him or lose her job trying. It didn't matter which; there were always plenty of jobs for someone who looked like Nancie.Outside it was getting dark, and far below the sounds of traffic on the street indicated that most of the workers were leaving for the evening. Jim would be expecting her to serve him the sandwich and then go home. No way.As soon as she had the sandwich put together (one of the nice things about working for Jim was having a kitchenette to work in) and fixed him a drink, she then turned her attentions to the final thing that she was going to make ready for him.Herself.It didn't take long; even though it was the end of the day she looked almost like she had just arrived. But she did brush her long blonde hair several times to give it even more body than it already had, and then she unfastened the second button from the top on her blouse.Now she was ready."Thanks, Nancie," Jim said without looking up when she brought in the sandwich. "Why don't you go on home now?""If you need some help I don't mind staying," she said. Jim still hadn't locked up, but now he caught a faint whiff of her perfume, and it caused him to come out of the working trance he was in.Damn!For perhaps the hundredth time in the past two months cursed himself for not having gotten an old battleaxe for a secretary. Women like Nancie were just too damn distracting.From where she stood above him Nancie could suddenly sense that he was aware of her. She had to move quickly, or she'd blow her chance. Putting both her hands on the front of his desk she leaned forward, revealing, she hoped, all of her lush white tits through the opening in her blouse."Really, I don't mind staying. Just tell me what I can do."Christ! Jim thought to himself. She's practically trying to rape me. He could feel his cock getting hard. For a moment he wavered; it would serve Angela right if he fucked Nancie.But he had too much work to do."Or," Nancie continued, a light smile on her face, "maybe I can just use my imagination like I did with the sandwich."Jim could feel his control slipping.How long had it been since he'd had a good fuck? Too long, that much was certain. Entirely too long. He leaned back in his chair."What is it that you have in mind?" he asked, finally deciding to go along with her game."Oh, I don't know. Maybe a little rest and recreation."Jim didn't say anything, but she could tell from the way his eyes were locked on her tits that she had him where she wanted him.Now all she had to do was figure out how to proceed from here. It only took her a moment to decide, and in another moment she had crossed to the other side of his desk and taken a seat in front of him, her legs crossed casually to reveal the soft warmth of her thighs. She wasn't wearing nylons; this time of year was warm enough, and her tan was deep enough, that she didn't need them. By now Jim's cock was completely rigid, poking ridiculously so that it made a giant bulge in his trousers. For a long moment neither of them spoke; the air in the room was electric with sexual tension.Then slowly, without saying a word, Nancie began to unbutton her blouse. After a few moments her tits jumped free, jutting white mountains capped with hard, taut nipples.The blouse was quickly followed by her skirt, and then her panties.Now she stood before him totally naked. Her breath was coming quickly, causing her tits to move up and down, and already she could feel the beads of moisture gathering at the entrance to her cunt.Jim felt like he was in a dream. The only question in his mind was how he had waited this long to let it happen."Jim," she purred, fully in control of the situation now, "I want your cock."He gulped at her frankness, but somehow it turned him on even more.Nancie reached forward and began to massage the lump through the material of his pants. Then she reached up and unbuckled his belt. A moment later his cock was free, being fondled delicately by her cool, capable fingers.Despite her experience in these matters, Nancie was impressed with Jim's cock. It was long and thick; both her hands could barely fit around its girth.Jim's eyes were practically glazed now, lying fixed on the sight of her hands all over his cock. He could feel the hot cum rising deep inside him, and it took will power to keep from coming right then, shooting his jism all over her before she'd even had a chance to do anything else.But he held on, and the moment passed.Half rising out of the chair, he allowed her to slip his trousers down until they were on the floor beneath his chair. A few moments later she had taken off his shoes and socks, and then she was back on his cock.Only this time it was her mouth that was at work.Cupping his balls gently in one hand and guiding his cock with the other, Nancie leaned forward until her lips came in contact with the smooth, purple skin of his tool. A thrill shot through her as she felt the familiar tautness of an aroused man, and immediately her tongue darted out from between her wet lips.Carefully, slowly, she began to lick up and down the entire length of his shaft, not missing an inch, covering his rod with her saliva until it glistened moistly in the light.Finally, satisfied that she hadn't missed any of it, Nancie paused with her lips just a few inches from the head. Several drops of liquid had squeezed out of the slit in his cock, and she gobbled these up without wasting a moment.Then she began to suck him off.Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she began to descend on his rod. Down, down she guided her head on his giant tool, all the while letting her agile fingers massage his sensitive balls below. Finally she made it; her lips came in contact with the wiry hairs at the base of his cock.There was absolutely nothing else now; only his cock and her mouth...Up and down she worked, feeling every tremor as if it were a part of herself. She could almost feel the blood rushing through his pole just a tiny distance beneath the smooth, sensitive skin.Jim was positively in heaven now. Just the sight of his big hard cock disappearing into her beautiful, straining mouth, was the best thing that had happened to him in a long while.He began to drive up against her now, the muscles of his ass tensing as he sought to push his cock farther and farther into the moist, clinging throat that encircled him, licking and sucking with each stroke.Suddenly he felt his entire body tense as the hot cum began to fight its way upward. There was nothing he could do about it this time.She felt the tremor deep inside his cock, and she knew that he was about to come. Just the thought of taking his seed into her mouth, gobbling it down her willing throat, was enough to make her redouble her efforts.Harder and harder now, she drove her mouth up and down his slippery shaft, feeling almost as if his cock had become a part of her own body. In a crazy way she was sharing in the wild sensations that were running through him."Oooooooohhhhh... " he groaned, "suck it baby, suck my cock, make me come, make me come!"Then suddenly it happened.In a single moment his shaft seemed to grow fiery hot, then it exploded in her mouth. Waves of his hot, molten cum shot against the back of her throat as she took every bit of it into her, not letting a single drop escape.For what seemed like an eternity his seed poured into her as she licked and sucked, merging her identity with his in a hot, messy, combination of his cum and her mouth.Finally, when the last tremor had passed, and his cock had grown limp, she allowed her mouth to relax. But she didn't release him from her grip.Not yet.