Student's Submission - Mistress Daria - ebook

This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Punishment, Humiliation, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.....Hot university student Gail is in for a wild night when she agrees to a Menage of Domination in a hotel with TWO of her Lesbian Professors! She’s always had Fantasies of Submission. Gail is curious, but can she handle TWO Lesbian Dominatrix’s at once?

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Hot Lesbian BDSM

Mistress Daria



Student’s Submission

Married! The sexiest bitch I’d ever laid my eyes on, and god damn it!, She was married. Of course it didn’t help matters that she was my English professor, but to be perfectly honest, I didn’t give a rat’s ass about that. She could have been the fucking President, and I’d still go after her. But she was married. Married!

Not that that would have stopped me under normal circumstances. But my experience had taught me that most married women would rather not take on an extra project, even if she was twenty years old, with nice perky 36C’s, a round ass, and eyes that burn holes right through your goddamn head. And watching her, I guessed she was one of those women. She may not have been happily married, but she understood the sanctity of the marriage vows. I probably didn’t have a shot under heaven.

I hadn’t tried very hard, though, really. I’d been in her class the whole semester, and would have to take it all year, so I definitely had time to try to win her over. Something about it, though, just felt wrong, and as flirty as I could be with her, I couldn’t bring myself to seduce her outright.

Yet I couldn’t help watching her in class, following her with my eyes as she paced back and forth during her lectures. She was very interesting overall, which completely turned me on, not to mention her full-figured shape, perfect hips for clinging to and scratching up. Then of course there were her shapely thighs, her perfectly round ass, and her eyes. God, her eyes! They were just like mine; deep, intense, looking right through you like she knew something you didn’t. I squirmed in my chair just watching her, my pussy getting wet under my skirt, as I wiggled around in my chair, trying to rub myself against it. I wished I were back in my dorm room, so I could whip out my vibrator and go to town.

I liked to stay after class and talk to her, after all, she was only 30, not too much older than I was. In fact we’d actually become pretty good friends, as students and teachers go. But while I was talking to her my eyes always drifted to the pictures on her desk — her husband, her kids, smiley faces. I had a feeling they were only smiling for the camera, though, after hearing her talk about him the way she did. Apparently her husband expected her not only to make most of the money, but to take care of the kids and the house as well, while he himself never did anything to help. And god, was he ugly. Having the kids had evidently put a lot of weight on him, and he looked in the pictures like he took a bath maybe once a week or so. God, how did she fuck him?

So, in a way I felt sorry for her, but more than anything I just wanted to fuck the daylights out of her. Just once, so then she’d be out of my system for good.

I didn’t even hear her end the class, I was too busy watching her. Everyone began collecting their books and pens and things and leaving the lecture hall, and I kept watching her from the back. Just watching. By the time everyone had left, I was reorganized and ready to leave. No classes after this one, just back to the dorm to study or masturbate or whatever. I stood up, and the sound of her voice stopped me.

“Hey, Gail,” she called.

I turned around. “Yes, Professor?” I called her Professor when I wanted to tease her. Everyone knew we were on a first-name basis.

She didn’t respond to my ribbing. “You got a second?”

I was surprised. I had been so busy staring at her and analyzing her body during class that I hadn’t noticed something was bothering her. Now it was clear, something was definitely not right. “Of course I’ve got a minute. What’s wrong?” I made my way to her desk and sat down on the edge of it, looking at her attentively.

She flopped down into her chair. “I’ve just got a lot of shit on my mind, I guess. I need to talk to someone.” She broke off, obviously looking for the right words. After a moment, I continued, “Someone who isn’t a part of the whirlwind. You know what I mean? I mean, I could talk to my mom or my brother, but they’re all biased…” She trailed off again.