Strong, Sweet and Dry - Epstein Becky Sue - książka

Strong, Sweet and Dry książka papierowa

Epstein Becky Sue


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Today fortified wines are enjoying a renaissance, rediscovered by discerning imbibers and modern mixologists all over the world. Once extremely popular drinks savoured before or after dinner, fortified wines – such as sherry, port and Madeira – fell out of favour in recent times. But now, in pubs and wine bars, high-end restaurants and homes, these wines are finding their way into innovative cocktails and are being appreciated anew for their fine qualities and strong, complex flavours.

This is the ultimate guide to these freshly rediscovered wines. In lively style, Becky Sue Epstein surveys the latest trends, along with stories of the merchants, warriors and kings who helped create these wines. Featuring fine images along with anecdotes, facts, history and cocktail recipes, this is a superb tour of the long history of fortified wines and their global resurgence today.

Liczba stron: 240

Format (wymiary): 17.0x22.0cm

ISBN: 9781789141528