Stripped By The Billionaire Sheikh - Daniella Fetish - ebook

When Christy gets her dream job in Dubai she jumps at the chance to work for Hassan, the billionaire Sheikh. However when she arrives it's only a matter of time before the handsome and all powerful leader begins to control her - telling her what to wear and showering her with gifts, designer dresses and heels worth thousands, telling her how to act at his high profile parties, and before long it becomes obvious what he really wants: Christy as his submissive, willing whore.Christy isn't the type of woman to sacrifice her morals for anyone no matter how rich and powerful they are, but Hassan has spent his entire life getting exactly what he wants and he knows Christy is no exception. 

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Stripped By The Billionaire Sheikh | Daniella Fetish

Stripped By The Billionaire Sheikh

Daniella Fetish

Christy's eyes were open wide with awe as she looked at the breathtaking skyline of Dubai. The tall buildings looked especially marvellous at night time, lit by the million golden lights. As a shy, young girl she had imagined this would only be a farfetched dream for her. But here she was, standing in the balcony of the apartment she had been allotted.

Christy still had to pinch herself to make sure it was real. A few years ago, she was simply a fashion design student, not even a popular one. She was certainly cute, with her curly brown hair and big blue eyes. Two adorable dimples would form in her cheeks when she smiled. As a petite girl, it was a while until she grew into her womanly body. While her breasts and hips were still slender and small, the subtle hint of curves made her look quite alluring. Yet, her looks did not garner much attention because of how timid she was. She was approached by quite a few men in the beginning, but her inability to hold conversation made them lose interest. And now this quiet girl, who happened to have an incredible eye for aesthetics, had been awarded the prestigious internship with Elysium Pulse, an up and coming fashion company in Dubai.

She paced about in her studio apartment, looking at the lavishness of the furniture. Back home in the USA, she was a poor student, working part time at a job she disliked to fund her education. And all her hard work had finally paid off. Christy wasn't sure she deserved it though. Her outgoing and confident peers were so much more suited to living this lifestyle. But she was the chosen one and she would make the best of it. It was time to put her big girl pants on and navigate her new life by herself. Tomorrow would be her first day and she needed to get lots of rest. She lay on her new bed looking up at the high ceiling, the ever-moving lights from outside reflected upon it.

Christy woke up early the next morning and got ready for the first day of her internship. That was one thing she could trust herself on, she thought, she always dressed well. She wore a modest blazer with a knee length skirt and completed the look with a pair of flats as she found heels to be very uncomfortable.