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This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Punishment, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.Rachel adored me, yet her discipline was usually pretty cruel. She had taken a class in San Diego at a place called "The Learner’s Studio”. She had taken the segment for Dominatrix's and I had taken the part for submissive’s throughout the entire week. They had discussed what sort of Dominatrix I needed and had laid out the boundaries for our relationship redefining them as we came along. I needed a solid, Dominatrix who strictly went by the rules and held me to task went I broke them. Rachel had been clear, she adored me, my brain, my soul, yet her standards were strict, and there would be disciplining. Safe words and body language like gestures were set up and there hadn’t been any true test, but this evening there would be one and Rachel knew it. Rachel realized too, that I normally committed an offense once and seldom a second time. I made Rachel proud of that, and knew this would be the same. She called Paula to ask if she would take me shopping, and to let her know what happened, then she had a thought."Paula you busy this evening?" "No was simply going to just lounge around, maybe do some shopping and perhaps call and torture a young lady, why?" "When I send you a text, would you be able to come down to ‘The Room’? She’ll die of humiliation if you see her getting disciplined.” 

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Strict Discipline

Title and Copyright


Strict Discipline

By Mistress Daria

Copyright 2016 Mistress Daria

All rights reserved.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

No part of this publication may be replicated, redistributed, or given away in any form without the prior consent of the author or publisher.

I stretched and rolled over in bed then sat straight up in bed! I looked frantically at the clock on the nightstand. SHIT! Oh shit, shit, shit! It was 6:15, and I was late waking up Rachel with her morning pussy licking. Not just sorta late, but REAL late, 45 minutes late in fact, Rachel wasn't the type of person who liked to rush around in the morning, being late. She was quite regimented and extremely punctual, There would be hell to pay. I knew it when I looked over at my clock. Jumping out of my bed and running down the hall to Rachel’s master bedroom, I had no idea what kind of punishment Rachel would have in store for me for this transgression. I’d never overslept before and Rachel was a Lawyer, a well respected one at that, being late wasn't in her DNA, and I was the reason she was going to be late!

Rachel was leaving our Master bedroom's shower as I got to the doorway of our bedroom. She pranced over to me, and said sweetly. 

Get. Your. Ass. Under. The. Dining. Table. Right. This. Minute! 

I ran and slid under, taking my position. That meant I wasn’t to keep Rachel company in the kitchen, it also meant she didn't even want to look at me, I’d fucked up. I knelt there shaking as Rachel made herself breakfast with her angry ass music playing. That music was another sign and not a good one, which was making me worried. I’d never been the cause for so much hostility from her. The last time she got this angry with me, almost to the point of abuse, I’d done nothing, she was simply wound up and needed to release. This was a different matter. I’d not only disappointed and angered her, but messed with her professional life. 

I started shaking under the specially designed dining room table bent on my knees. Rachel had told the person who made it that it must be high enough for a person of my height to kneel under it. This implied I had to kneel in the wood maker's workshop while he calculated the measurements. I had been completely dressed, however I still felt humiliated since there was probably some wicked thoughts going on in his mind as to what I would be doing down there. As I glanced up at him I could see the wickedly knowing grin across his face, but I just tried to ignore it. When the carpenter went on to make the chairs he requested that Rachel and I return so he could ensure that with Rachel sitting in the chair that my head would fit and have enough space for bouncing without banging my head up on the table excessively. I felt truly humiliated, but Rachel had loads of fun on that day…

Then I heard the music turned off and Rachel came in sat down in front of me, now naked from the waist down, she’d put her panties, skirt and purse on the kitchen counter. I didn't want to move without her permission. Rachel was testing me. She’d not given me any orders, letting me torture myself in the confusion.

Rachel finally said "Breakfast slave" and pointed to her moistening pussy.