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You know you can do more with your career. And the future is going to demand more of you. The problem is you are so busy keeping up with the day-to-day that you can't prepare for tomorrow. Stretch: How to Future Proof Yourself for Tomorrow's Workplace gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to achieve your goals in an ever-changing world. Karie Willyerd and Barbara Mistick—established experts and the collective winners of dozens of awards in the field of personal development and learning—offer evidence-based guidance on obtaining the skills you will need to thrive in tomorrow's workplace. Built on solid, global research and dozens of personal interviews with people who have achieved new and inspiring goals, Stretch offers advice, valuable insights, anecdotes, and recommendations to make achieving your goals practical and within reach. If you are like other professionals, your biggest worry is becoming obsolete at work. Shifting technologies, fierce competition among corporations, and recruitment occurring on a global level would give anyone concern. To remain relevant in spite of change, you need to know how to: Learn in any situation Open your thinking to a world beyond where you are now Connect to the people who can help you make your future happen Seek experiences that will prepare you for tomorrow Stay motivated through the ups and downs of a career so you can bounce forward Stretch: How to Future Proof Yourself for Tomorrow's Workplace offers five practices to help you start, enhance, and lengthen your career by anticipating the needs of tomorrow's work environment. Don't become obsolete.  Instead, stretch to achieve your potential.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The STRETCH imperative

Chapter 2: The five practices which flow from the STRETCH imperative

Chapter 3: How to STRETCH into the future


Table of Contents

Main Idea

The only way you will ever stay relevant in your job and future-proof your career is if you get into the habit of systematically and consistently stretching yourself professionally. This will always be a challenge because you're already busy keeping up with the day-to-day demands of your current job but if you don't take the time and make the effort to stretch your career won't move forward.

There are three imperatives which apply here:

■It's up to you

Nobody else will care as much about your career development as you do. Thus, take charge of stretching your career. Don't sit back and wait for direction – it will never come.

■Create options

The future is uncertain so you need to be doing things which will create multiple paths to the future. You never know which you will end up going down so maximize your flexibility.

■Follow dreams

The whole idea of a career is to be rewarded for doing something you love. Leverage your career so you bounce forward and ultimately embrace your dreams. It can be done.

Key Thoughts

"The future beckons. Will you be one of the disengaged, or will you stretch to new capabilities, extending your sell-by date? The fulfillment of dreams doesn’t happen by luck. Stretch to become your best self—the person who you know you can be."— Karie Willyerd and Barbara Mistick

Chapter 1

The STRETCH imperative

Tomorrow's workplace is already being actively shaped by megatrends which are now underway. That means you have to regularly reshape your expectations for your career to allow for these new realities. The STRETCH imperative breaks down into three personal imperatives that apply to developing your career today.

Key Thoughts

“Of the approximately 100 million people in America who hold full-time jobs, 30 million (30 percent) are engaged and inspired at work. So we can assume they have great boss. At the other end of the spectrum are roughly 20 million (20 percent) employees who are actively disengaged. These employees, who have bosses from hell that make them miserable, roam the halls spreading discontent. The other 50 million (50 percent) American workers are not engaged. They’re just kind of present, but not inspired by their work or their managers.”— Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO, Gallup

Contrary to what Gallup suggests, it's not your boss's job to inspire you to manage your career. To get everything possible out of your career, you have to take the wheel and do things which will move your career forwards.

As you do that more actively, you will soon find there are seven megatrends which will impact on the type of job you have in the future:

1Globalization -McKinsey currently estimates within fifteen years, nearly two-thirds of the global population will be middle class and half of the world's largest companies will be headquartered in emerging markets like Brazil, India and eastern European nations.

2Demographics -Most countries now have declining birth rates and better healthcare. That means graying populations and more diversity in the future.

3Data explosion -Experts are estimating the amount of data will grow by more than 4,300 percent between 2009 and 2030. Mining this data for insights will become increasingly valuable.

4Emerging technologies -Driverless cars are coming. 3D printing is now changing manufacturing from a subtractive process to an additive process. Robots will become more widespread in customer service fields.