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Straight from the Mind ebook

Daniel Barnes



Understanding that we are created for purpose and to share knowledge. This book which is worded from a opinion within fact towards a truth among a fairytale or how I summarize as fair-to-tale. Striaght from the mind is what you will view as you read along the freely written pages inside. A must read, guaranteed ton only relate but also refocus what you may think into a deeper overstanding of that thought. To Have a question with no answer, speculation and assumption's. Only to be distracted from that thought back into reality. It begins with self and our control, limit, and know how. Knowledge is power and whatnwe think so shall it be... With self restraint. So uncover what you to may already know, and even more acknowledgement of utilization in it all. Written now, at that time , at that moment with that date, "Straight from the Mind". Author, Daniel Montez Barnes

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By: Daniel M. Barnes

Copyrighted © All Rights Reserved.


This is the introduction of what’s posses no written manuscript. There are no jotted notes or reminders. All enclosed beyond his page is pure everyday thought beyond the norm. Some say a “Freestyle” but I simple put it as letting the mind be free.

Now this is from what is around us, the natural six senses. Going deeper than what is commonly spoken about. The things we have thought of, and have analyzed Amongst self. Never to reveal what we feel that’s is real.

Comes Now is a opinion within fact but also truth that is explained through lies. The mind that has multiple routes to various destinations.

06/10/2019 – 5:53am

Acceptance in what we face in our everyday struggle or obstacle. I sometimes think as I look down at my second born who is playing without any care.... It crosses my mind as I ask myself is this predestined or is it by chance. We hear a lot of ancient teachings and wise words. “Every hair on our head is numbered”. Therefore is it fate? or just as every hair is numbered, it also change in color, texture and overall appearance.

I often think on if I had taken this path, or if this decision was made rather than what was chosen initially. On another thought what if I did not choose what I had, would I have been what I am today. Would I know what I know now. Like when we are born it begins, the learning process. A human anatomy with infinite traits and characteristics. Similar with each other in various ways. Then why do we have discrimination? What is that?

In actuality what is unity?, a bond between a group of individuals to go against another set of individuals. Sounds like discrimination to me.

A balance is what takes place because without good there can not be bad, without the poor there can not be rich. If there is no one to get fired how can anyone get promoted, or even hired. Simply f there is no problems then there is reason for solution..... then wouldn’t life be death without ups and down. Without a purpose then what s life????

Levels among the common create came a deeper creation but still there is equality because with every battle there is a victory. With every attempt there is another opportunity. The wise said “faith without works is dead”. Only in us can we remove a blindfold that covers our ability to see. Then again what are we really seeing. A cycle to which we inherited but must make that “choice” utilizing what we have at our disposal. We think for a day that’s not promise so we may prepare, but is it a cycle or a route that leads to only “two” ways with numerous directions. Remember there has to be that balance.... Food for thought.

06/15/2019 – 3:02am

Teamwork is what I was thinking about as my son woke up straying me from obtaining my rest from a forever busy day. My significant other lay sleep with our beautiful daughter. The only issue about this is the above time and being at work is only 6 hours away. As a adult and parent with personal matters as we all I have. I learned for whatever a case may be man or woman, as a individual you must do your job and handle your responsibility. We all wish that we could be a kid again, or know what we know now. I say disregard those thoughts but strive to inhance ones self.