Stolen Moments - J.C. Wittol - ebook

Nicole is a gorgeous suburban housewife with a handsome husband and great kids. She has it alluntil Cynthia enters her life and captures her in a steamy lesbian relationship. Nicole's world careens in a new direction. When she agrees to a private vacation with Cynthia, she starts to consider a new life. Stolen Moments in a thrill-ride of lesbian intimacy, sex, and an amazing conclusion.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Cynthia squeezed her hand. "Go away with me."  "Go away with you? What do you mean? Likerun away together?" "No, silly. I want to take a vacation with you. Just the two of us." She smiled, and clasped her hands to her chest. "No kids, no jobs, no husbands, and no stress. Just us. Will you do that for me?"She found herself nodding, before she thought about it. She loved the idea of a vacation with Cynthia. Nick would have to agree, of course, but he was easy-going, and she didn't think he'd refuse her. Jasmine and April might not understand, but she'd work with Nick to craft an explanation for her daughters. She sensed this was important to her girlfriend, and the idea of being alone with Cynthia made her heart pound.A vacation with this sexy woman sounds like fun. A lot of fun. Cynthia leaned back on the couch, and pulled her on top of her. She laid her head on Cynthia's chest, and her heartbeat echoed in her ear.  "When?" she asked.  "Jasmine and April are going to summer camp in about a montharen't they?" "Yes. They go every year. It's sponsored by our church, and the girls love it.""Why don't we go while they're away? That way they won't miss you, and you won't have to worry about them."Nicole raised her head, and narrowed her eyes. "You've been planning this for a while, haven't you?"A cute blush colored her cheeks. "I spoke with Nick, and he already agreed. He wasn't comfortable at first, but we talked it through, and he finally surrendered.""Wow. This means a lot to you, doesn't it?" "You mean a lot to me. I want to spend more than a night, or a weekend, with my girlfriend." "Cyn, I know it's not ideal""Stolen Moments, Nikki. That's all we have together. Don't you want more?"Once again, she found herself nodding. Cynthia had a point. When she was seeing Collin, she'd been able to spend several nights a week with him, and a few weekends a month. Cynthia moved closer to her, but they still couldn't get more than a few nights together. It wasn't enough timefor either of them.

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Book 9 of “The One Less Traveled”

Stolen Moments

By J.C. Wittol

Artwork By Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2017 by JC Wittol

~ All characters in this book are over eighteen ~

Chapter One

It’s commonly understood that perfection is unattainable, yet humans strive for it nonetheless. We know we can’t attain it. We’re not even sure if we’d recognize perfection if it showed up on our doorstep.

What is perfect?

Is it a sunrise on a secluded beach? A glass of wine, and good friends? Or is it a quiet moment with someone who fills your soul with peace? Maybe it’s not what we think. Maybe, just maybe, ‘perfect’ introduces itself to us every day, but we’re too focused on something else to recognize it.

These questions, and the delightful soreness of great sex, combined to pull Nicole out of her slumber. She rolled over, yawned, stretched, and began the process of waking up. But she resisted, because she didn’t want to leave the comfort of Cynthia’s bed and the warmth of her lover’s body.

A sultry smile curved her lips, and she turned back to Cynthia’s naked body and snuggled closer before inhaling her sweet scent. Her eyes traveled over her lover’s body, finally resting on her model-perfect face. Cynthia’s beautiful brown hair was splayed out over her pillow, and Nicole lightly, carefully, ran her fingers through her hair.

How did I get this lucky?

Cynthia, or Cyn, as she preferred to be called, had approached her in a club, and asked her to dance. Nicole had been with her boyfriend at the time, but he hadn’t minded, and she’d accepted Cynthia’s invitation. They’d been dating ever since. Their relationship defied explanation, but it didn’t matter. What they had together was amazing, and it was stronger than the challenges in their lives. Cynthia’s and Nicole’s personalities just worked together. With a glance, they knew what the other person was thinking. They finished each other’s sentences. They made each other laugh. It was cute, funny, and disgustingly sweet.

Their relationship was flawed, complicated, maybe doomed, but it was also…perfect!

As Nicole stared at her sleeping lover, she was still surprised by the depth of feeling she had for Cynthia.

She stopped stroking her hair, and stared down at the person who’d captured her heart. Cyn’s hair was naturally brown, but she frequently added blond or auburn highlights. Nicole thought auburn looked the best, but Cyn was gorgeous either way. She had big blue eyes—captivating blue eyes—a perfect smile framed by cute dimples, and impossibly kissable lips.

It’s not love. It’s not! I have a husband! I love my husband. We have kids.

Ugh! This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Nicole’s life had exploded just over a year ago when she’d asked her husband if she could have a boyfriend. A boyfriend…not a girlfriend. Her husband, Nick, had been shocked, but ultimately had accepted that she needed more sexually than he could give her. They’d stayed married and continued having super-kinky sex, but Nicole also found a boyfriend.


Collin and Nicole had dated for several months with Nick’s full knowledge and consent. Their relationship was unique, because Collin and Nick had grown to become friends and ultimately business partners. It was while she’d been dating Collin that she’d met Cynthia, and the gorgeous ex-cheerleader had changed the course of her life. Not all at once, of course—but gradually, inexorably, Nicole’s life had grown to include her new lover.

Cynthia had dropped into Nicole’s life, and the ripples of their relationship were still spreading over the pond. Still growing stronger. Cynthia had met her husband, Nick, then she’d met their two daughters, Jasmine and April. Fortunately, Nicole’s daughters really liked Cynthia, and her oldest daughter, Jasmine, accepted her new relationship. Nicole’s youngest daughter, April, was too young to notice anything unusual with Nicole and Cynthia.

Collin, her boyfriend at the time, had thought Nicole’s attraction to Cynthia would fade. It hadn’t. While Nick had accepted of her relationship with Cynthia, her boyfriend, Collin had struggled with it. He’d ultimately ended their relationship by going into business with her husband. It was an unusual turn of events, and Nicole still had a hard time wrapping her mind around it. It worked, though, and Collin’s and Nick’s new business had exploded. She missed Collin sometimes, because he was gorgeous and well-endowed, but her relationship with Cynthia was more powerful and fulfilling.

“Hey, baby.” Cynthia’s sleepy voice interrupted her thoughts. “Awake already?”

Cynthia’s hand ran lightly over her stomach, and the familiar stirrings of desire grew.

Nicole’s smile grew until she thought it was going to split her face. “I was thinking of us.”

“Happy thoughts, I hope.”

She nodded. “Happy doesn’t begin to describe how I feel, Cyn.” She paused. “You make me so happy, it’s scary.”

“Why scary?”

She opened her mouth, then closed it, and after a moment, she shook her head. “I don’t know. I guess I worry about losing you. Losing us. Losing my marriage. Losing everything. I’m not sure I could handle it.”

Cynthia kissed her cheek and ran her hand over her forehead, lightly brushing her hair out of her face.

“Nicole, I love you. Please don’t worry about losing me.”

Cynthia stared deeply into her lover’s eyes for a few more moments before kissing her softly, and Nicole’s hands framed her face as their lips met. Their kiss lasted several long, beautiful seconds. Finally, Cynthia pulled back, and ended their tender moment. “Hmmmmm, that was nice,” she murmured.

Nicole ran her hand down Cynthia’s body, and her lover laughed. “Wow. I guess I didn’t satisfy you last night.”

“Stop it. You were amazing. I just…want more,” Nicole replied lightly.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Cynthia threw back the covers, exposing her naked, athletic body, and offered her an inviting smile. She was a former cheerleader, and she was several inches taller than Nicole. Lean, lithe, muscular, beautiful, amazing…all those adjectives flew through Nicole’s mind, and her eyes devoured her lover’s body with a greedy sexual hunger. Desire bubbled up in her, and threatened to erupt in a beautifully erotic way…when the unmistakable sounds of a child interrupted her carnal plans for Cynthia.


Nicole and Cynthia looked at each other for a second, then sighed in exactly the same way…at exactly the same time.


“I’ll get him.” Nicole gave Cynthia a quick peck on the lips. “You stay and rest.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’d like to spend some more time with Jason, anyway.”

“Thank you, baby.”

Chapter Two

Nicole winked, slid out of bed, and checked to make sure her lover was watching her. She loved sleeping naked with Cynthia.

She walked over to the chest of drawers and rifled through her clothes until she found something appropriate to wear in front of Cynthia’s son. At four and a half, the cute, precocious little guy was the spitting image of his father. His hair was dark, but his eyes were blue like his mother’s, and he was growing like a weed. Jason was full—almost too full—of energy, like all kids his age, and he had a rebellious streak in him that reminded Nicole of Cynthia. Nicole enjoyed spending time with him, especially since she only had daughters.

Her husband, Nick, had had a vasectomy after their second daughter, so they couldn’t have any more children, and she’d started to see Jason as the son she couldn’t have with her husband. He’d adjusted to Austin really well, and was looking forward to starting school.

When Nicole’s relationship with Collin had ended, Cynthia had moved from Dallas to Austin to be closer to Nicole, and after she arrived, their relationship had taken off. Dates had turned into overnights, and overnights had turned into weekends. Eventually Cynthia had insisted she move some of her stuff into her house. It was a big step. Nick had resisted at first, but she’d tag-teamed her husband with Cynthia, and together they’d worn him down.

No surprise, logic had won her husband over. Cynthia had pointed out that Nicole had clothes at Collin’s house, so why wasn’t it okay for her to move some stuff into Cynthia’s? Nick had had no answer. At least he’d had no answer beyond his own biases, and once he’d stopped to consider Cynthia’s point, he’d agreed with her. That had earned him a hug.

For the last few months, she’d spent at least two weekends a month with Cynthia, and she’d tried to bond with her lover’s child.

Jason was sitting directly in front of the TV, watching cartoons, a stuffed toy in his lap, when she walked into the living room.

“Hi, Nikki.” He offered her a quick glance and smile before his attention returned to large flat-screen TV where mean green monsters fought the good guys and girls. The superheroes danced around the screen in their tight, colorful spandex costumes.

“Hey, kiddo.” Nicole smiled as she passed by on her way to the kitchen. She started a cup of coffee, then checked Cynthia’s refrigerator and pantry. Her husband did most of the cooking at her house, but she wasn’t a complete klutz in the kitchen. She could manage breakfast.

“Jason?” Nicole asked quietly. “Any idea what you want for breakfast?”

“Waffles!” He shouted his response, and then lowered his voice, and added sheepishly, “Please.”

“Waffles, it is.”

“Thank you!”

The coffeemaker beeped, and she quickly poured a cup for herself. It was a super-fancy model with lots of features and attachments. Fortunately, it had pictures showing how to make a single cup. Cynthia had had to show her how to operate the damned thing twice. The end result, though, was a damned good cup of coffee. Nicole savored it for a moment, then got started.

Jason loved waffles, and the little guy could put away some food. Cynthia would want something else for breakfast—something protein-based with a side of fruit—and if her lover had a fault, it was her devotion to clean eating.

The waffle batter got made, then stowed in the refrigerator, and she moved back to the NASA-designed coffeemaker. Cynthia preferred a stronger type of coffee. It was almost caffeinated syrup, in her opinion. While it was brewing, she retrieved butter and syrup from the pantry, and set the table for Jason. Finally she sliced some fruit and cheese for her lover.

“Ta da.” She surveyed the kitchen, then nodded in satisfaction. “I’m the shit.”

Nicole found a tray in one of Cynthia’s cabinets. It was dusty, so she cleaned it off, and placed the fruit plate and silverware on it. The coffeemaker beeped. She poured Cynthia’s coffee/syrup into a cup, and placed it next to the fruit. Then she paused for a moment, and a deep sense of fulfillment washed through her. Taking care of her girlfriend and her son made her feel good. No…great!

“Jason. I’m going to take your mom breakfast; then I’ll come back and make you some waffles. That sound okay?”


Nicole carried the tray into Cynthia’s bedroom. “Hey, gorgeous. I brought you breakfast.”

Cynthia brushed her hair away from her face, and sat up in bed. “You made me breakfast, and you’re serving it to me in bed?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she drawled with a thick southern accent.

“I want you so bad right now.”

“Well, you have to wait. I’m going to start waffles for Jason. Do you want one?”

Cynthia popped a strawberry into her mouth. “Hmmm. I’ll probably have half a waffle.”

“That’s what I thought. I’ll make an extra, and we can share it.”

“Sounds good, babe.”

Nicole started to walk out of the room when Cynthia’s voice stopped her. “Thank you for making me a cup of my coffee.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll make another pot of the black syrup you call coffee, in case you want some more. Happy?”

“I won’t be happy until I get you naked again.” Cynthia let out a low whistle. “I like that outfit, by the way. It looks good on you.”

“You’re not getting me back in bed.” Nicole blew her lover a kiss. “Now, eat your breakfast.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Chapter Three

Nicole walked back into the living room, picked up her cup of coffee from the counter, and sat cross-legged directly behind Jason. Carefully she placed her coffee on the nearby table, then pulled him onto her lap and hugged him.

“Watcha watchin?”

“X-Men,” he replied, still staring at the TV.

“Oooooh, I like X-Men. Wolverine is my favorite.”

“I like Gambit. He can throw these cool cards, and he talks funny.”

She tousled Jason’s hair, and hugged him again. He’d warmed up to her slowly, and she was careful not to push herself into his life. They’d been polite to each other for almost two months before he decided he liked her. Now he greeted her with a hug, and didn’t mind being affectionate with her. Recently he’d fallen asleep in her lap, and last night he’d asked her to read him a story.

Jason wasn’t the only one who’d grown more affectionate. She looked forward to spending time with him, too.

The little bugger has wormed his way into my heart.

They watched the cartoon superheroes until the episode ended and next week’s trailer was over. Her ass had fallen asleep from sitting on the hard floor, but she didn’t care.

Cynthia emerged from the master bedroom just as a new episode was starting, and the sight of them made her stop. She disappeared back into the bedroom. A few seconds later, she emerged holding a camera. Grinning, she took several pictures.

After the impromptu photo session ended, Nicole carefully extricated herself from Jason, ruffled his hair one more time, and joined Cynthia in the kitchen. Cynthia’s eyes were full of tears, and she pulled her into the laundry room.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Your little guy is great.”

Their glance turned heated, and their lips found each other. They kissed passionately for several seconds, enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies, and Nicole let her hands wander over her lover. Cynthia’s high, firm breasts made her salivate, and she simply couldn’t get enough of her ass. It was muscular, tight, and perfectly shaped. Cynthia was an athlete, and her body reflected it.

Finally, they separated, breathing heavily, and desperately wanting more than a kiss. She put her hand on Cynthia’s chest.

“Stop. Please. I’ve got to make breakfast.”

“I know. I’m sorry.” Cynthia covered Nicole’s hand with her own. “It’s just seeing you holding my son, well…it really affected me. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Honey, it’s okay. You never have to apologize for being affectionate with me. Never.”

“I love you.” She hesitated, then rushed to continue, “You don’t have to say it.”


“Honey, its fine. I’m not pushing you. I love you, and I want you to know it. That’s all.”

“Thank you.”

She kissed Nicole’s nose. “Make my son some waffles, you sexy beast.”

Jason loved waffles. Truthfully, he loved syrup. Waffles were just an excuse to have syrup. Cynthia did her best to keep him from drowning his waffle, with varying degrees of success, and Nicole let her handle the strong-willed little bugger. Cynthia and her ex-husband handled any behavior correction. It was a rule Jason’s dad had asked Nicole to support, and she did happily. It was to her benefit, because she got all the fun and happy times, while Cynthia and her husband had to deal with the discipline.

Jason wolfed down two waffles with way too much syrup, despite Cynthia’s best efforts, and he was bursting with energy. Cynthia insisted on doing the dishes, and she started to help when the doorbell rang.

Cynthia’s creepy neighbor smiled when she opened the door. “Hi. Good morning.”

Nicole forced a smile. “Morning.”

“We’re having a pool party, and we wanted to know if Jason can join us.”

Cynthia joined them, drying her hands with a dish towel. “Now?”

“Yep. Spur of the moment thing, but we have two sets of parents and plenty of supervision. We even have life jackets and floaties that’ll fit him. You’re welcome to join us. We’d enjoy having you, and my wife wants to talk to you about an exercise program.”

“That sounds great, Greg.” Cynthia glanced over her shoulder. “Can you give me a second? I’ll get Jason ready, then bring him over. He just had breakfast, so he’s got plenty of energy.”

Greg chuckled. “Awesome! We can help him burn it off.”

“I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Great. Thanks. My kids really wanted to have Jason over.”

“You’re welcome.”

Cynthia closed the door, rolled her eyes, and smiled. “Looks like we’re going to a pool party!”

“Can I put my swimsuit on, Mom?” Jason asked.

Cynthia nodded, and Jason disappeared like a magician. She finished the dishes, and glanced at her girlfriend. Cynthia had taken a seat at the table, and now stared out the window.

“Are you going?”

“I don’t see how I can miss it. Besides, these people are my neighbors, and I want to get to know them better. Greg’s a little creepy, though, and that bothers me. Their kids are the same age as Jason, and they’ve already bonded over fast food and soda. You saw how much Jason wanted to play with them.”

“What’s making you hesitate?”

Cynthia didn’t reply. She sipped her coffee, and stared pensively into her cup. Nicole grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator, leaned against the kitchen counter, and waited for her lover.

“I want you to come. Will you do that for me?”

“Of course, honey.”

“Are you sure?”

Nicole slid onto her lap. “Yes. I’m not ashamed of you, or our relationship.” She took a breath. “But I’m not the one who lives here, and I don’t want to put you in an uncomfortable position.”

“Thank you.”

“Should I wear my thong?”

Cynthia almost spit out the coffee she’d just sipped. “Not to this party, honey. It’s a family show.”

“You know I’m only kidding. I have an age-appropriate suit I can wear.” She paused. “How do you want to play it?”


“Works for me. It also happens to be the truth. Although if you want to introduce me as your girlfriend, I’m fine with that, too. I’m serious, Cyn.”

Cynthia kissed her. “You’re amazing.”

She enjoyed the kiss for a few more seconds, then rose and walked into the bedroom. A few seconds later, she heard the pitter-patter of Jason’s eager footsteps running into the kitchen. His excited voice was cute, and he pelted his mother with questions. She stopped to listen, and for a brief moment, a pang of grief washed through her.

I want a baby. My own little boy.

Then she released a heavy sigh. A baby wasn’t in her future. Still, the desire for another baby wasn’t going away; if anything, it was getting stronger. She shook her head, pushed the thought away, and searched for her swimsuit. Cynthia and Jason needed her.

Life hadn’t been easy on Cynthia lately, and if Jason had new friends, she needed to support him. Dallas had been her home for several years, but once their relationship had intensified, she’d relocated to Austin. Her company had an office in Austin, and since Nicole lived in San Antonio, they were only an hour away from each other. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but it worked, and Cynthia had bought a small, one-story home in a nice neighborhood.

Nicole had spent a few weekends with Cynthia and Jason, but today was her first opportunity to meet the neighbors. Cynthia’s friends and relatives all knew her, and she wasn’t living in the closet by any means. She was bisexual, like her, although Nicole suspected that Cynthia was forever done with men. Either way, her girlfriend was out of the closet to everyone she knew…and she was happy.

But the neighbors had no idea.

She suspected Cynthia would introduce them as friends, and wait for another time (not a kid’s pool party) to let their parents know about their relationship. It was a delicate balancing act, particularly since Jason was just making friends.

She’d just finished pulling on her one-piece swimsuit and tying it up around her neck when she felt arms circle her midsection. Cynthia nuzzled her neck and brushed her lips against her skin, making goosebumps break out over her body.

“Hey. I like that on you.” Cynthia stepped back, and gave her a once-over. “It’s very…age-appropriate.”


Cynthia’s eyes sparkled. “No, it’s sensible. That’s the word I’m looking for…sensible. It certainly covers all the good parts, and leaves everything to the imagination. A little butch, but I’d fuck you…after several drinks.”

“Keep it up.”

“I think I remember that swimsuit from the 1960 Miss America pageant.”

“That’s it. You are not getting any tonight.”

Cynthia chuckled, and changed into her own swimsuit. It wasn’t much better, in her opinion, although a potato sack would look good on Cynthia.

They slipped on shorts over their suits, and Nicole slipped on a t-shirt.

“Why the shirt?” Cynthia asked.

“Boobs. You said it’s a family show, and I don’t want ‘The Twins’ on display. They don’t need any more attention, especially from Greg.”

Nicole and Cynthia affectionately called Nicole’s breasts ‘the twins’ or ‘the girls.’

Cynthia winked at her. “I like your twins.”

“Do you really?”


“Hmmm. That’s too bad. I guess you’re going to miss them then, aren’t you?” Nicole delivered her response with loads of sarcasm, and topped it with a light dusting of venom. “I mean, they’re not exactly age-appropriate, are they? Honestly, who wants to see boobs when they’re covered by such a sensible swimsuit?”

“Oh shit. There’s that temper. Watch out folks, Hurricane Nicole is approaching fast.”

Nicole glared at her girlfriend, then cocked her head and strode out of the bathroom. Cynthia slapped her ass as she passed and, despite her best efforts, she wasn’t upset. She loved to tease and play.

Cyn loved it, too.

Chapter Four

A few minutes and several coats of sunscreen later, everyone was ready to go. On their way out, Nicole grabbed some Oreo cookies and two bags of chips. Greg greeted them at the door. He was skinny and not all that attractive, but at least he was polite.

Jason pulled Cynthia outside while Nicole dropped off the food in the kitchen. “What can I get you to drink?” he asked her.

“Water is fine,” Nicole replied, and he handed her a bottle of water. “Thank you.”

Greg leaned against the counter, on the border of her personal space. “You’re welcome. I’m glad Jason could come over. He’s a new addition to the neighborhood, but he’s already Mr. Popular.”

“It was nice of you to invite him. It’s important for kids to have friends, and I don’t know any kid who doesn’t like a swimming pool.”

Greg chuckled. “That’s for sure.”

He finished his beer, tossed it into the trash, and retrieved another one.

No judgments, Nikki.

It’s perfectly normal for grown men to pound beers.


In her family, drinking was done away from their kids, but she knew a lot of parents felt differently. Cynthia didn’t drink in front of Jason, but obviously Greg had no issues because he opened another beer with a flourish. He took a sip, and his eyes tracked over her body.


“Why don’t we head outside?” she asked. “I want to check out this pool.”

“Sounds good.”

He smiled widely, and motioned for her lead the way. Nicole and just about every other woman alive pretty much agreed that chivalry was dead. Sure, there had probably been a time when a guy had held a door open for a woman because he was a gentleman. Unfortunately, that tradition had evolved into a charade where men pretended to be chivalrous so they could check out a woman’s ass.

Greg was no exception.

Nicole caught his reflection in a window, and he was staring hard at her ass.

When they reached the door, he quickly reached in front of her, brushing his chest against her shoulder, and opened the door for her.

He bowed. “Ladies first.”

It’s just an ass, Greg. Your wife has one, too, you lecherous fuck!