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Henry has always wondered who his father is, and finally learning the truth rocks his entire world. Who could have imagined that Uncle Charlie, Aunt Desi, and his mom have been indulging in sizzling-hot group orgies for nearly twenty years? Now that he knows Sara is really so much more than just his sexy can he possibly resist taking her hard and unprotected?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~They stood there a moment longer, staring at each other in dazed confusion.Then Sara started to laugh, and the fierce tension flowed away like a warm spring breeze.Henry managed a breathless laugh of his own. And when she leaned against him this time, he was able to wrap an arm around her shoulder and give her a careless hug.“I guess we needed to get that out of our systems,” he suggested, shaking his head. “All this talk about your mom and my mom...”“...and our father...”“’s just too weird!”“Amen to that!” She rolled her eyes in baffled dismay. “Can you believe, after all these years, they’re still banging each other like...well, like horny teenagers!”He’d turned to pull the saddlebags from his palomino, but now he spun back around to gape at her in surprise. “How do you know?”“Because I snuck over into their wing last night, duh, and peeked through the keyhole.” She grimaced in disgust. “And I do not want to talk about it!”He swatted at her long golden curls. “Then why did you bring it up?”She ducked, and swatted back. Then her gaze dropped lower, and she slowly straightened. “Why did you?”The front of his jeans were bulging in a huge erotic lump. Henry groaned with embarrassment. “Well, what did you expect, after you practically...attacked me?” he demanded, spinning away again.“I didn’t, you grabbed me!” She jammed both fists on her hips again.“No, I...” Henry stopped, and tried to reconstruct the scene. Had he? He honestly didn’t know. “Well, there are some things a man just can’t control,” he scowled as he struggled with the saddlebag buckles. “And getting horny because he’s kissing a beautiful woman is one of them.”That rocked her back a pace. “Do you really think I’m beautiful?” she asked in a shy, hesitant little voice.The saddlebags came free, and he ever-so-casually held them at waist level. “Aren’t you a little too old to be fishing for compliments, Goldilocks?”“I’m not.” Color rose to her cheeks. “No one’s ever told me that before, except Mom and Dad. And they don’t count.”He absorbed that in silence. “Well, someone should have. Because you are,” he finally said. Then his lips curved in a rueful grin. “Damned shame that we have to be so closely related.”Sara dropped her eyes, and nudged the mossy ground with one foot. “Yeah, I know.”“I spent all winter fantasizing about making love to you.”“Really?” Her eyes brightened as she peered up at him again. “I spent all winter wanting you to be the first one who did.”She was still a virgin? Holy Christ! Henry felt his already-rigid shaft jolt with raging lust.“I think...” God, he was panting like a virgin himself! “I think,” he tried again, and struggled to force his voice back down into its normal deep register, “that this is one topic we’d better avoid from now on.”

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Stepbrother’s Taboo Virgin

By Pornelope

Cover Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2017 Pornelope

“Henry, there’s something you need to know before we get to your Aunt Jean and Uncle Charlie’s house.”

Henry looked up from his iPad with a bored expression on his face. He’d been looking forward to this summer trip, but he hated the long cross-country drive to his mom’s big family farm. Hazard, Montana, was such a tiny little middle-of-nowhere town that it didn’t even rate a dot on the map.

But the troubled look in her eyes made him narrow his own. Something was wrong. And she was always so calm and cheerful that anything capable of upsetting her had to be pretty bad.

“What is it?”

They’d been on their own for as long as he could remember. No brothers, no father. It had bothered him as a kid that other children had fathers who picked them up from school, took them to ball games, played sports in the back yard, taught them how to build a campfire and drive a car--or even, in one or two cases, how to pick up girls. He’d never known any of that.

Aunt Jean and Uncle Charlie had been great to him, making him feel like he belonged with them just as much as he did with his own mom. And that had helped a lot. But it wasn’t the same. Not even close.

Desi stammered a little, stopped in confusion, tried again. And with every passing moment, the sick dread in Henry’s stomach grew deeper.

“Is one of them sick? Is something wrong with Sara?”

“What? No!” Her quick half-laughing reply eased his mind on that score. “No, they’re all fine. It’s just that... Well, it’s about your father.”

“My father?” He bolted upright in the seat. “You’ve never talked to me about my father before.”

“I know.” She looked nervous, apprehensive, and more than a little embarrassed. “There was no need to burden you with...

“But you’re old enough now,” she added with a quick, strained smile. “Look at you, my baby boy, so tall and strong and handsome! You look more like him every day!”

“Who?” The suspense was killing him!

Again she stammered, and flushed bright red. “Henry, you need to understand,” she finally hedged, “we were all very young. And when I found out that I was pregnant, I did what I thought was right, for you and for them.”


“Your Aunt Jean and Uncle Charlie...and Sara.” She avoided his shocked gaze, and concentrated on the wipers going whip, whip! whip whip! across the rain-spattered windshield.

“I don’t understand.” But he was afraid that he did, and icy sickness spread throughout his entire body until he thought that he might throw up.

“We used to... Well, we still do,” she added with another nervous laugh, and her cheeks flushed with pretty color. “But...”

That was more than he needed to know! Quickly she tried to ease away from her inadvertent slip. “Back then, when we were all teenagers--before Jean and I both got pregnant--we didn’t think about what might happen, or any of the repercussions. We were just having fun.

“Charlie would pick us up after school, or church, or whatever, and take us for a drive in the country. No one ever thought anything about it...three young people off to enjoy the afternoon...I imagine they thought Jean and I were chaperoning each other, so nothing wicked would possibly ever happen.”

“But it did.” He could barely force the words through his frozen lips.

“Oh, yes!” Another reminiscent smile lit her face. “We used to meet at that little lake out in the back pasture, underneath the tall pines. We’d bring a picnic lunch along, for appearances’ sake. But when we got there...” She trailed off with a wistful sigh. “Oh, the times we had, making love in the sunlight, and sometimes late at night if Charlie could sneak away from his house to join us.”

“Mom, I really don’t need to hear this.” The nausea was rising, and his skin was getting clammy.

“Oh, baby, I’m sorry!” she suddenly gasped, taking a closer look at his pale face. “Here, lean against the window. I’ll crank the air conditioning.”

“It’s all right.” Irritably he waved her away, and took several deep breaths. The dizzy churning faded a little. “So you’re telling me that Uncle Charlie is really my father.”

She hesitated for a long moment, then slowly nodded. “Yes. Sweetie, you mustn’t think that he doesn’t love you. He wanted to move to Utah and become a Mormon so that he could marry us both! But of course that wasn’t possible,” she confessed with a little laugh. “Polygamy was outlawed in the late 1800's.”

Henry closed his eyes, and tried to concentrate on breathing slowly. “Why did he choose Aunt Jean and not you?”

She almost reached over to lay a soothing hand on his cheek, but the anger in his voice held her back. Maybe she should have told him about this a long time ago, after all!