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Growing up, one constanly experiences various emotions, encounters, and changes as well. In a quest to share my story, thoughts on different aspects of life, i got the inspiration to pen down this body of art, the finnest I could come up with. These poems I have compiled into, 3 poetry collective books with Stellar Youth being the lead release. Stellar Youth, stands out with two words; Stellar (Wonderful) and Youth (since i wrote these poems in my teenage years).It is a balanced collection of soul-wrenching prose, and light inspirational poems, with some that are romantic, satirical, informative, philosophical at the same time. On "My Lost Valentine", i tell a story of an aged couple, in the case where one member of the pair had passed on, and on their anniversary, the partner alive expresses the emotions in words as written in the poem; for her  late husband. I also have a message for all dreamers in the "Clear Air' poem.  I also show off the love and pride i take in my father in the "My Precious Father" poem. And being a young man, i constantly had so many crushes, one of the pieces i wrote about one of those experiences was; "Dear Crush", "Geek In Love" and "I Was A Tenant" among others. Not forgetting the woes of unrequited love at times. So, the poems are like letters from my heart to you.I had promised my very good friend, that i was to drop it back then in November 2017 but I wasn't able to, since i was still in the creative process. This right here is a  set of my finest pieces of poetry work. About the cover, i chose Red roses to represent the love, happiness (highs in my life), that inspired some of the pieces whereas the dark (black and white) represented the low lights (losing loved ones, unrequited love, sickness, thoughts about the so many unanswered questions)I went through. Just hope you can relate with some or can draw inspiration from one of the pieces in here. Have a nice reading...

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Mugibson Mugibson

Stellar Youth

Dedicated to all dreamers, those who take a step to pursue their passion, and bring about the difference in the world. You create the world, and are what the world is looking people for. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Stellar Youth















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To the reader


Stellar Youth

Nearing Beauty


May I Have A Copy


Stranger At Your Door

Silent Piece

You Will Hear

Clear Air

My Precious Father

Two Kids InLove


The Night Has Colour

My Lost Valentine

Geek in Love

Empty Pocket Of Promises

All I Ever Ask

Dear Crush

Have I Ever



I Am Not Moved

Bye Daddy

To The Unsung Heroes

I Was A Tenant






I would like to dedicate this book to my Friends, my three awesome brothers and to my dad for being my biggest inspiration right from my day one of living. To you my friends; who have continuously continued to believe in me even when I had doubt along this journey. Big appreciation to Cindy Atuhurira; Without her assistance, this book wouldn’t be as enjoyable as you shall find it. I also thank each and every person who I’ve met, be it at school, church, or hangouts; you’ve greatly contributed to the happening of this book. Not forgetting my day ones Derrick (DRE), Tracy Alice, David Mutebi, Josh, Mwanje Denis among others who saw the poet in me and to those who genuinely gave me feedback concerning my poetry back in high school. You guys are the real deal. I also wish to thank my teachers of English, and Literature for equipping me as a student and writer. I appreciate you for every single day you gave me time, to advice me on my poetry and writing, especially Madam Lugali Judith, Mr. Wangwe Arnold, Mr. Ronald Musanje and Madam Anita Atwijuka for motivating me.



I genuinely enjoyed every single bit of compiling these poems and I truly hope you enjoy reading it. Poetry is one of my callings in terms of abilities. It has helped me say what I couldn’t say out with my own lips, plus it has helped me grow immensely as a person, and discovered the beauty and power of words and life. I hope this book lends inspiration to others and spreads positivity; once again, enjoy.