Steam Lessons - Marlena Plebańska, Katarzyna Trojańska - ebook
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Steam Lessons is a unique book presenting huge education opportunities in the STEAM model. This is a book that shows how to educate the competences of the future. This is a realistic book, set in the realities of life. Pupils took an active part in its creation. It is a book about children created by children. It presents the global trend in education developing around 20 years, a method that combines five main areas in the didactic processes: science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. It puts the student in the role of a researcher, discoverer, designer and performer who uses science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to create own solutions, projects and innovations.

The book contains a theoretical introduction to the subject of STEAM, the results of the STEAM study, the opinions of teachers and experts already using STEAM in their didactic work and eighteen original scenarios of STEAM classes tested in practice.

Steam Lessons are not only the first in Poland, but also the first book in Europe dedicated to the STEAM methodology.

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