Stealing Paolo's Man: MM Erotica - Michael Johnson - ebook

REVENGE: Stealing My Hater's ManTroy and Paolo were friends since high school, that is, until Troy finds out Paolo has been spreading lies about him to everyone he knows, to the point where Troy’s reputation is destroyed. With nothing to lose, Troy decides that if Paolo is going to talk shit about him, he’s going to give him something real to talk about. He decides to get back at Paolo in a way that he’ll never forget – by seducing his man! This is a story of anger, revenge, and passionate sex.

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Stealing Paolo’s Man


Michael Johnson

Table of Contents

Title Page

Stealing Paolo's Man: MM Erotica

I frowned as I sat down on the couch and looked down at the screen of my phone. I had tried calling four different people to find out what everyone would be doing tonight, and not a single person picked up. My friend Paolo had to help his mom move into his new apartment tonight, but everyone else should have been free. I had even texted several people over the past hour without a single reply. It was Saturday night, I had a stressful week and I was looking too damn good to stay at home all weekend. Sighing deeply, I picked up the phone to make another call only to bring it down again as my message tone beeped.

Finally. I opened the message and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was from my friend Tyler.

You need to stop callin n textin me. Paolo told me how u been trying to get with my man after all Ive done for ur ugly ass. Also stealing money from kikis purse like the broke mothafucka U R!

For a moment all I could do was stare at the screen in complete and utter shock. I had never in my life tried to get with Tyler’s boyfriend, or anyone’s boyfriend for that matter. And stealing from Kiki? What was this nigga on about? Paolo would never say anything like that about me, we went way back.

Thinking it must be some sort of mistake, I called Tyler. It rang out, and I tried two more times before he finally picked up.

“Didn’t you get my message?” He asked, his voice dripping with anger.

“Tyler, you know for real I would never do any of those things you said. You must be confused, because I know Paolo wouldn’t be saying those things about me.”

“Oh I’m not confused my nigga. Paolo told us everything last night after you blew him off on the phone. Now everyone knows about your lying ass, I’m just disappointed in Paolo for covering up for you for so long.”

“None of that shit is true Tyler! You know me, you know I wouldn’t do that.”

“If you call me one more time or if I see you near my man I’m going to go crazy! You’re lucky the Christian in me is stopping me from finding you right now. Get it?”

I was so hurt I couldn’t even respond. I felt tears well up in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I struggled to make sense of what had just happened. There was a brief pause and Tyler hung up, and I threw my phone next to me on the couch and stared off into the distance. Thoughts ran through my mind.

Why would Paolo do this?