STAR LOVE Part one - L.j. March - ebook

A love story between a girl and a strange boy is starting while something terryfing is happening in the Universe. But luckily someone is watching, they are many, they help us and sometimes they fall in love.

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L.J. March

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STAR LOVE Part one















STAR LOVE Part one


Dedicate to J.

This book is for you who believed in other worlds. I hope you found yours.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.However some events could have occurred in another time or another dimension.



   This morning I heard it very clearly. Finally, after all this time I spent waiting for a sign I'm sure, now I will complete my research, the work of a lifetime, it will all make a sense.

I leave my house and I go towards the sign, I'm following it, going downtown.

I'm walking fast

"I'm coming.... I can hear you, where are you?"

"I'm at the grocer's, with mum.... we are almost leaving, she's finished with the shopping... please...."

I reach the grocery and I enter, I feel happy looking for him and there he is, next to a woman in her mid-thirties, his mother.

The boy on a wheelchair, 10 years more or less, I make a diagnosis quickly with my right lens, with the left one I'm looking for the data and comparing them: a serious malformation of the spine, I think about what I can do for him, for his family, how would he feel, wether it's right or not.

Suddenly the boy turns his gaze to me, opens his eyes and shakes his arms. From his mouth some unintelligible sounds, his mother resigned takes a tissue and wipes the drool.

"Calm down, calm down, it's all right!"

But she can't understand what's going on. The boy instead is very well aware while I listen to his powerful silent scream:

"Yes, yes I want to heal, help me, help me please, I've been waiting so long.... Take me away!"

I smile, we are delighted to have met and felt, we perceive each other!

I was certain that among Humans there must be new individuals with higher communication ability, maybe not to overcome great distances, by now. I was sure, I feel the adrenaline on edge, at the moment there are very few people capable of launching effective mental messages on Earth, I'll check right away and I will complete my research. I can not wait to share it with my colleagues, but above all I think how I can help this boy with all his pain.

After years living on this planet, finding a Human to communicate at this level stirs me a great enthusiasm, no matter how this can exalt an inhabitant of my planet. I left my galaxy following a passion that I'm growing since a child, the research of evolution and communication in species and among different species. I was so concentrated on the communication that I have never assessed the chances of finding a case like this, a powerful sick boy. In our archives are reported cases of great mathematicians, inventors, poets, musicians, people with above-average skills compared to their peers, forms of genius. Instead this kid seems at a disadvantage, and I do not have much time, I can not give illusions and make promises I can not keep, but it does not depend only on me, the problem is figuring out what is the right thing to do, because we can do very much.

He keeps on emitting restless verses, his mother is concerned, I tell him to be quiet and confident, I need only a few days. He calms down and smiles at me in his own way, with half of his mouth, tilting his head to the side. The mother looks at me, I smile as comforting as I can, as I've been training to do for months with the research group on human communication.

The woman seems less worried now, more available, perhaps curious, still watching me. Her anxiety is palpable, an anxiety that is with her since a long time, probably when she was told the situation of the child shortly after birth. A perfect little human being in the womb, then a problem, a cesarean emergency with permanent damage to the baby and a lifetime of sorrow to the family.I can read the whole story in her eyes.

I come home, I need to take off my glasses and overalls, they are beginning to give me itchy, after 6 hours that I wear them. I look in the mirror, my eyes are slightly irritated but simply closing them and blinking to give me some relief I feel better. Fortunately my eyelashes are long and brown, an advantage for my mission, wearing lenses I look human hundred percent. No one notices my very small ears under my hair, I keep it just long enough to cover them, I don't want to arouse curiosity in my new neighbors.

Just before falling asleep I perceive the child's demands, his dreams are clear to me: running, playing, riding a bike and skate boarding.

"My name is Jason, remember me, I'm going home now, I had so many visits today and I'm tired, but I'll wait, now I'll show you well where I live. Promise you won't forget me.... please."

"I promise I'll help you, Jason."

The day after I ask the permission to my command to take action on the little Human, after all it is an easy and fast operation, low-risk and not at all expensive, we might even run it out in one of our bases on this planet, in 2 Earth hours everything would be concluded.

I go home, I'm hungry, after my meal I relax, then put in order my thoughts, as I always do in the event of important developments.


New district

I really like this area, its vegetation, the houses, the tidy streets with clean paths that lead to walk everywhere, easy to get everywhere, few shops, a bar with tables outside in the small market square.

I live here for a year but I have a hard blend. The neighbors are very friendly and warm to each other, not with me. Nevertheless I recognize their qualities and I knew that sooner or later someone would come forward, perhaps with a shy greeting or a sign of interest, common courtesy between neighbors. I tried many times to propose, if not friendship, at least an initial understanding, but I had no answer. That is, I got suspicious and hesitant answers, sometimes even a bit 'scared then do not know what more often indifference.

Perhaps because here they are all so busy, always running, always full of problems to solve complicated situations, sometimes painful.

Being used to a different place, I take it easy. I'll settle for one that gives me my work as a researcher and in the meantime I try to understand my neighbors, their lives, all their thoughts, their hopes, their desires, but everything is so complicated, that's why I waited. I waited for the right time for a contact. Because I really wanted to get in touch with them, after all this time spent watching them now I need results.

I see them leave in the morning with the children in the car, who goes to work, and those who return again for shopping, gym and a thousand other activities. I saw them all on the road in the column at the same time, I see them return in the evening and park nervously. I see the little transported several times, nervous and agitated, or asleep, too tired to protest. I'm sorry for them, I would like to say:

"Hey, stop for a moment, if you arrive late, nothing will happen so serious, take her up the small, because this moment will not come back."

I would but I do not have confidence, and not even the right.

It 'important to act in the right way, humanity, violent and fragile, is accelerating its evolution, and I watch her, but one day I hope to finish my work and get back to where I was born, a wonderful place surrounded by nature.

I can not forget so much beauty. I spent much of my youth in that mild climate, he hung the swing watching the delicate nuances of the aurora borealis, with half-closed eyes to the clear light, almost blinding, thinking about what lay beyond. I had plenty of time to play and idleness. I traveled a lot, and later when I saw this place I knew I could stop for a while ', humanity is so interesting.

I previously had some good opportunities, to make myself useful. It was very cold, the Robert car, the guy below, would not start, was covered in frost and from the muffler out thick smoke. The right thing, I thought, what is the right thing to do? Our knowledge is superficial, he knows that there are, hello good day, a few words of courtesy to run up the stairs.

From the window I watched as he tried to start the car, I heard his words before anger, then depression. I went down to help him, at that everyone quickly. When the machine is shared Robert could not believe his eyes, he had a big day at work and did not want to miss, thanked me so much and heart.

I was happy, one beneficial and rewarding feeling has stayed with me all day because I know I interacted properly.

In the evening I reported the matter to my family, they too will have been happy, but I was advised not to give too much confidence, to wait and study well their behavior to avoid problems, sometimes humans are so unpredictable. New places, strange people, better go easy. You never know with whom you're dealing.

I weigh the loneliness, even though listening and decode hundreds of conversations every day, I are still excluded, hardly anyone here knows of this project, and so it must be. But now it's different, now I have a real contact.

I decide to go and see my brother warned me that it is near here passing by and we decide to visit us in the square, there is a market and it's hot.

He tells me about his latest, is a bit 'sad, things do not go as hoped. My brother has so many projects, teaches at a small local school but without much satisfaction, her students are teenagers a bit 'closed-minded, sometimes they refuse to learn, but they are an outstanding observatory on the planet's future. In fact he is perfectly aware that it can help only those who want to know, to learn, to experience, to live. His field is the neurolinguistic, no one knows more than him, for this I trust a lot, and I love him very much, he's my brother. I speak of the meeting, I am surprised but impressed.

Return home calmly, like walking slowly, feeling my breathing to the rhythm of the steps, watching the scenery, the mountains in the distance, the profile of the houses, the sky and clouds. I like to feel the warmth of the sun and even though today is a bit 'too hot I still can enjoy them. I dress appropriately, a very light and breathable technical fabric, light-colored but enough protection for my skin. Porto also dark colored contact lenses to protect the eyes. I have a cap on the head which keeps the temperature constant.

The only problem with this heat are the shoes, I'd rather avoid, I would walk barefoot, but it's not really the case in a small town like this.