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This is Book 6 of The Angels Of The Lord ChroniclesThis is the story of AAyaelees Amistis Star. Think of this like a science-fiction soap opera. A spin-off to the wonderful hit series - THE ADVENTURES OF AMISTIS STAR, already in the production of being published. Even though they may take a while to get published and put out there. This book gives you a bit of insight to her adventurous life. Her many travels as she goes from dimension to dimension, planet to extravagant planet.This is the last book of The Angels Of The Lord Chronicles. The books in order are:Book 1 - FLINT'S PRESENT Book 2 - THE VORTEX EXPERIMENT Book 3 - A NIGHT WITH THE GENERAL Book 4 - CORY AND SUZY Book 5 - UNDECIDED Book 6 - Star Child

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Star Child

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This is the last story of my ANGELS OF THE LORD CHRONICLES. But it is not the end for many of my characters that were found in these 6 stories, for I have other such series like, THE ADVENTURES OF AMISTIS STAR, which is about the Star Child AAyaelees Amistis Star, actually.

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Aireck Sebastian Knight did not know his father. All he had was his mother. But his father had had other brothers. One such brother, Aidrik Knight, had a son named Aekan. This is the story of him and one of the daughters he had that went by the name of AAyaelees Amistis Star.

All along the Knighthood had thought that Aireck was the so-called Star Child, that was to come and free the people from slavery. They knew the scrolls and it spoke of a woman, not a man, so since they did not want that to be the case, because men were stronger in Life Source than any female had a right to be, they rewrote the scrolls. (Forgery)

Life Source was said to be like the blood veins of the Universe, and with it came an unmeasurable energy. (Power)

So, tapping into this Source would give the person greatness, to say the least.

So, they believed Aireck the one to bring back order in the Universe. But it did not go well for Aireck, as he was betrayed, his wife raped and killed, and he was left for dead because of jealousy or some other rotten reason against him.

He was found by one of the Knights turned over to the wrong side, but he wasn't one of the ones who betrayed Aireck, he in fact had before, tried to get Aireck to see that it was the Dark Empire he should be serving, and not the Alliance of Planets' Brotherhood of the Light, but Aireck had refused to hear him at that time.

So anyway, with the aid of the Dark Empire, they tried to treat his wounds, but they had been just too severe in which Aireck had to live the rest of his days in a special suit of Armor, to hide all his hideous scars.

He left to live in seclusion. He was known as the dreaded Black Knight now. That was the end of their so called chosen one. It never became of anything.

Then Aekan came into the picture and boy was he ever strong in Life Source! So much so they all thought here he is! The Star Child finally come!

But he too was betrayed and left like useless rubble. He barely got out of the explosion alive. He too ended up terribly injured, losing limbs, and half his face.

After years of painful reconstruction on his brain, and most of his limbs reduced to robotic simulations, having to breathe only with the aid of artificial respiration for the rest of his days now, it was concluded that no, he was no star child either.

And Aekan had sons born to him next. One such son, Aclaen Knight, well, it was thought he might be the one, but no, they were wrong about him too.

Ok, so back to Aekan Knight. Aekan was betrayed by his brothers, of all people, and ended up getting badly injured, a lot like what happened to his great Uncle Aireck Knight. And Aekan had started down the same dark path as Aireck had too.

The Dark Empire was the only organization that seemed to give a hoot about saving his life, so he, like Aireck, owed his entire existence to this dark empire, who was bent on ruling the galaxy. And fighting tooth and nail against their enemy, the Alliance of Planets. They stood for the opposite of the dark empire, fighting for people's rights to be free. Free from any tyranny.

The Dark Empire believed you had to have strong order and keep the planets in line, to achieve perfect so-called peace.

Aekan Knight became known as the dreaded Zartharyos now, the Dark Knight, having a body Armor like Aireck's, where it was his main life support unit.

At least Aekan wasn't scarred all over like his uncle was. I guess you could even say that Aireck and the fictional character of Darth Vader on Earth, had a lot in common.

Aekan knight lost his right arm at the elbow, and left leg at the knee. Not to mention the explosion caused a severe head trauma where they replaced some of his brain with artificial hardware.

He wore a helmet mask to hide the circuitry. His deep artificial breathing machine was attached to an airway, connected to a trachea incision just below his neck. It was well hidden from view. Covered up by his suit.

He hadn't been Zartharyos for very long. 2 years since the explosion did this to him. He could get around fine. He could not breathe on his own without his respirator unit. He was tall like Aireck too.

CHAPTER TWO: Roxanna And Dixy

Dixy and Roxanna were twins. Roxanna was a couple of minutes older than Dixy. They were very close. They both lived on a planet called Vegros.

Dixy and Roxanna's parents were dead at an early age. Dixy and Roxanna were only 14 at the time of the car accident. It happened on a snowy, slick road. The car skidded and crashed down a mountain side. There were no survivors.

So now Dixy and Roxanna only had each other. "Don't worry Dixy, I will get a job to take care of us both."

No one would hire her because of her young age. She had no choice but to get hired as the entertainment for the Dark Empire. Roxanna could really sing. Dixy couldn't carry a tune. It was so strange being identical, but they sure weren't in that department.

Roxanna caught the eye of Aireck Knight one night as she was singing on the DarkTar, a huge space station for the dark empire.

Roxanna had to leave the galaxy for her next gig. She left Dixy safe with a friend. Peebo. He kind of looked like Bugs Bunny. He had very long ears, whatever he was.

Anyway, Dixy loved Peebo. Peebo was unhappy that Roxanna was entertaining the Dark Empire, and he sure didn't like it when he learned from Rox, because she could not keep anything from him, that she would be staying on that dreaded DarkTar for the next entertainment gig.

Black Knight had come into the lounge. He went often looking for company of the female type let me just say, to help him to forget about his pain. He was lonely and miserable. He missed Breeanni, his wife, so very much.

Tonight, he caught sight of Roxanna. She was strikingly beautiful. Most beautiful he'd seen since his wife that is. And she had such a voice. He sensed something special about this one. She reminded him of her too.

Black Knight went to speak to the one in charge of entertainment. "I want her brought to my chambers," he boomed deeply at the man. He swallowed. What the Dark Commander wanted, he got.

"I live to serve you, my lord. It will be done," he replied.

"And buy her something with a little more... grace," Black Knight ordered handing the man some coin. He bowed then left.

Roxanna was told about the good news. But she sure didn't think it so good after learning who wanted her company. "Oh no. I'm out of here," she spat under her breath. But when she tried to leave, she could not. "Commander Knight requires your company. It isn't a request. He has just bought you. You belong to him now," spoke Conjeeves, her entertainment manager. He handed her the dress. She had no choice but to put it on.

"Please, won't you come in," loomed Black Knight after she was escorted to his quarters. Roxanna came to find that the dark commander wasn't as scary as she and others had thought him to be.

He was actually quite charming. He was kind towards her. He did not encourage her to have any sort of sexual encounter with him whatsoever. He was a gentleman if you could believe that. He just wanted some company. He loved for her to sing to him and wear beautiful things. She was such a lovely thing. A thing to cherish. Her heart was pure.

And so now he was comforted. It had been a long time since a woman graced him with her presence. In a way Roxanna began to feel a love for this poor tormented soul.

Meanwhile, Roxanna never returned back to Dixy. She told Aireck about her twin sister.

"Is there not someone who can care for her?" he asked.

"Well, yes. Peebo can," she said and told him what species he was.

"That is good. They are very reliable. He will see that she is cared for. You need not worry, my darling," he told her and placed a gloved hand upon her shoulder. Aireck had come to love Roxanna very much.

Aireck had other quarters prepared for him and Roxanna. So, she could have plenty of room for herself. Their new living arrangements were near the observatory and forest section where she loved to take walks. He took many at her side. She was his confidant. He was her strength.

She was only 15 when they met. Many years later and she was 30 now. So was her twin, Dixy. Aireck knew Roxanna was hurting and wanting to see her sister.

"I have to venture to another system. The same system your twin sister was last seen on the planet Vegros," Aireck told Roxanna that evening. She perked right up.

"You are invited to join me. We will try to locate your sister on Vegros. Perhaps she is still there," he told her. She went up and hugged onto him. I really do love you, you know," she beamed. He chuckled. "I know you do," he replied. "You are my own joy too," he said.

They did not locate Dixy. Dixy had gone in search of her sister, against Peebo's better judgment of course. She snuck out of the bedroom. She was 16 when she did. She wasn't seen since. He looked for her but could not find her.

Dixy got a job like Roxanna had. But she got her job on some other big space station known as the Permeethius. It was very similar to the DarkTar, but it's guard dog there was Zartharyos, as the DarkTar was Commander Knight's.

Dixy could not sing, so she had an operation. It was experimental and so she did not have to pay for it. They were looking for volunteers and so she signed up. She could have lost her voice altogether, but she didn't, but it did get changed somewhat. So now she could carry a tune, so that she could get a job.

Zarthar thought her singing voice very unusual. He liked it. But Dixy not locating her sister here, needed to go elsewhere, but she just did not have the funds right now to be able to leave.

She saw however, an opportunity arise. Zarthar was looking for the right woman to give him children. He could not be with a woman the old-fashioned way because of his near fatal incident that turned him from Aekan Knight, to Zartharyos. He wanted to have the woman of his choice, fertile eggs, and with his sperm, babies to be grown in incubation chambers. He wanted all sons.

Dixy went to apply. She would be paid a lot to do this if chosen. The room was full of women. Zarthar came strodding in. His eye caught sight of Dixy right off. He gestured to a staff to take her first.

After the testing was complete Dixy was chosen, along with 5 other women. Zarthar wanted to have 6 sons in all. Each woman to give him 1 child each.

Dixy was of high quality beauty and she was the best candidate, better than the rest. Her son would come first and be the heir to his throne. None of the other subjects could light a candle to her.

So, she accepted. The surgery to remove the eggs would not be painful. Zarthar would have Dixy put to sleep.

All was going well up until an accident was made in the sequencing, and a daughter began to form instead of a son. Dixy got herself hired in the lab because she wanted to be close to her child. She wanted her child in her life but Zarthar told her right from the start, no.

Still, she wouldn't take no for an answer and got a job being close to the child. This was her child. When Zarthar learned about the screw up and that it was a female he became real angry. The staff that made the mistake was choked to death by his mind grip. He had the same ability as his Uncle Aireck did. "I want that female terminated at once!" he ordered another. Dixy froze. She had never counted on that.

"What have I done?" she said about to tears. She decided right then and there to take the still forming cells and have them implanted into her uterus and leave. No way was Zarthar getting his way.

"I'll tend to it at once, Sire," said the staff now in charge because the other had to be carried out dead as a door nail. Dead eyes looked at Dixy as he was taken away. She had to cause a distraction and quick or her baby was done for!

She then had a stack of glass bottles come crashing down from the shelf.

"What now?" ranted the staff leaving the petri- dish which in it were the baby's cells, and he went to see what the racket was.

Dixy slipped another dish in its place, that had some cells of an animal being cloned, he wouldn't notice the difference, and she placed the viable baby cells into another container and put them on ice. She then left the lab. The cells would have to remain in this state until placed inside her uterus. She headed for a shuttle.

"Why you in such a hurry, Dixy?" Zartharyos now asked catching her off guard.

"Oh, please God, don't let him know what I am doing? If You exist, save my child," she prayed. The Spirit of God heard her and blocked it from Zarthar's mind. But Zar felt she was upset about something. "What is it, Dixy?" he asked.

"I have just learned that my sister may be dead," she told him thinking quickly. He knew of her sister and her being separated.

"I was given the news just now, that a body was found that might be her. "I am leaving to go see," Dixy told him. So far, he was buying it.

"Do you want me to send you an escort?" his voice boomed in question. He really did care for her. She was the mother of his soon to be children. He had decided he did want her in his sons' lives. He had grown fond of her even.

"Dixy, when you come back I want to talk to you about something," he said. He tried to take her hand, but she rushed off with, "sure," and climbed aboard a shuttle. He watched it take off.


Dixy came off the shuttle bay, onto Vegros' space station. Roxanna was coming down the corridor just as Dixy turned another corner. She was planning on booking passage to a planet that would newly colonize soon. Arca it was called. She wanted to be there to help get people settled and she also wanted to become a nurse.

"Dixy?" Roxanna questioned. Dixy stopped in her tracks. "Roxanna?" she chirped back. They then embraced. They cried. For a time.

"Oh, Roxy, where have you been?" Dixy asked wiping her eyes.

"It's a long story. Where have you been? I've been looking all over Vegros for you. Peebo said you left years ago and he couldn't locate you," Roxanna asked. They hugged again.

"Oh, I'm so glad to see you. I, I need your help Roxy," Dixy then said.

"Come, let's go somewhere quieter," Roxanna suggested. So, Dixy followed. They went to a quite pub to talk. There after ordering some drinks, Dixy told Roxanna all about what she did.

"I know of someone who can help you. Hide the child from Zartharyos," Roxanna then spoke. Dixy was so happy. "Really? Who? Can they help me live a quiet existence far away from here?" Dixy asked.

"Yes. We will go live in a whole other dimension even, Dixy. I know someone with high authority who can help you. He is feared by many," Roxanna spoke.

"First, I need to get impregnated with my daughter. She is in a frozen state right now but it's only good for another 24 hours," Dixy said.

"We'll go to the medical section. My confidant will take care of all the expenses," Roxanna said. They then left.

Commander Knight was in the quarters that he and Roxanna were staying in when the intercom beeped. Dixy was changing into a surgical gown as Roxy wanted to touch base with Aireck to tell him the good news. That she found her sister.

"That is good, my pet. Where are you now?" Black Knight asked.

"At the medical section. It's a long story, my lord. I will explain later," Roxanna was saying. Dixy overheard her say Aireck Knight. Surely not! Dixy knew about him. He and Zartharyos were related!

"Roxanna, I need a word!" Dixy blared startling her sister.

"In a moment," Rox said, then signed off to Aireck.

Dixy told her everything about Zarthar, that he was Aireck's Nephew. Roxy was speechless.

"Aireck can be trusted, Sis," she then said.

"No, Roxy. Neither of them must know about this!" Dixy hollered. A feeling she had real strong.

Roxy got a little huffy then. Men then were notified that Dixy Smith, who was really Dixy Star, for she had changed her last name to elude Zarthar, was on the space station.

They came out of nowhere it seemed like. Zarthar had found out what Dixy had done. It didn't take that staff too long to find out he was given the switch. Dixy was then arrested. She had run away from Roxanna not able to trust her own sister.

Dixy, seeing the men coming for her, hid the backpack that had the frozen female cells inside a container in it, swept into a dark corner just prior to the men reaching her. Roxy saw her do it before they took her away. Roxanna took the backpack. "Don't worry, little one. I know what to do to save you," she spoke, then went back to the medical section.

"I'm Dixy Smith Star, and I am ready for the implant into my uterus now," she spoke. So then soon she was taken to a surgical room and the cells were planted on the wall of her uterus.

Aireck paced and paced wondering where Roxanna had gone to. She said she'd be back to explain something about her sister. Aireck felt by Life Source, that her sister was apprehended for some reason.

That night, while still in medical, Roxanna had a dream. "Roxanna, I am the Spirit of the Living and only God, the Highest. That baby you are carrying in your womb is the Star Child spoken of, promised to bring order to the known and not known universe, but she will do so not of herself but by bringing the Word of God to these ignorant races. You must not return to Aireck Knight."

"But, he is no threat to a child. He will raise her as his own, with me at her side, always," Roxanna spoke.

"No! He is the very evil she will fight against. Black Knight and her father will always be after her, to destroy her because of who she is. They will be able to sense her true virtue. She must be hidden from them both. She will have to face them in the future, but you must leave him without saying a word," the Holy Ghost spoke. From that moment on she believed.

CHAPTER FOUR: Switched Identities


Aireck felt it real strong. Something in Life Source had changed. Zartharyos himself felt a stirring in the Life Source.

Dixy was taken back to the DarkTar. But she did not have the child on her.

Aireck went on board the DarkTar. "I was not informed you were coming, Uncle," Zartharyos spoke after the Commander came off the shuttle. Now both apparatuses could be heard just a breathing away. Aireck's and Zarthar's.

"You had better tell me the mess you are in," Aireck said jabbing a gloved finger into Zarthar's chest.

"I do not know what you mean, my lord?" came Zar's reply. Aireck stopped. "Do not play dumb with me! I know you can feel the change that has taken place in Life Source. As weak in it as you are, a fly on the head of a pin could sense its change. When my son Anthony was born, I felt the stirring, but this, what I feel now, is stronger than even him. That tells me there is yet another to come. In our own blood line, it appears. I must find that child," Aireck made clear. He, as well as Zarthar, knew the stakes and the consequences if this child was to survive and grow up strong on the wrong side. The side where those fool rebels came from who formed the Alliance of Planets, and it would mean the end of the Dark Empire. But they just didn't know that love would put an end to their empire, period. And an end to the confusion about Life itself.

Aireck went to talk to Dixy but she had nothing to say to him.

"You are free to go," Aireck told her then. Surprised, she then left.

Zarthar wondered what Aireck was up to.

"Given time, these twin sisters will lead us straight to that child. Of that, I am sure," Aireck told him. He then went back to the shuttle and he left that system.

Roxanna stowed away on the galactic ship that Dixy boarded on, to head for Arca.

When Roxanna first confronted Dixy, Dixy could not trust her, but then after Roxy told her what she had done and about the dream. They hugged. "This is our baby, Dixy... We are in this together, but we cannot raise her together. I am leaving for Zies. The Jeni might be able to help me with Amistis," Roxanna said.

"Amistis?" Dixy replied.

"Yes. I am going to name this beautiful daughter of God, AAyaelees Amistis Star, since the Spirit told me she is the Star Child. The one chosen by God to lead the people out of this madness that the evil Dark Empire has started. Especially the Dark Empire overlords," Roxanna said.

"Dixy, you and I must switch identities, just in case we are ever compromised," Roxy then said.

So, Dixy became known as Roxanna Star, and Roxanna became known as Dixy Smith.

Dixy (Roxanna Star) went to Zies, and Roxanna (Dixy Smith) went to Ayanna.

Dixy was befriended by a kind king of Zies, and King of the Jeni named Yanos Gabriel. He would care for all her needs. But Aireck took control of the ship Roxanna was traveling on to get to Ayanna.


Right off Aireck knew it was not his Roxanna, despite her putting on a good act. Roxy had told her enough about him if their paths should cross, but of course he did not buy it.

He ordered Roxanna's death. She was to be terminated for not telling him the location of Amistis Star, or the real Roxanna Star. This he would not tolerate.

"I will not have her terminated yet. But let it leak out. I know Roxanna will not leave her sister to die. She will try to rescue Dixy, and when she does I will be there ready to receive her and her child, the child of Zartharyos, my nephew," Aireck told his main man in charge as they headed down the corridor on the grand DarkTar.

Secretly, deeply Aireck loved Roxanna and would be glad to have her back with him. But about the Star Child, another choice would have to be made. Yes, he could try to hide her for a while, away from the Emperor Sethos, but he feared the old man could sense the changes in Life Source as well.

If Aireck could, you know Sethos could more. Aireck wasn't sure if he could ever pull it off, hiding this child. He would about do anything to help his Roxanna, but he wasn't sure if he would this.

There was another answer to this dilemma. He would have to do more research about chemical enhancements. He might be able to weaken the child in Life Source. Place a virus into her body to slow her down.

He wished for Roxy's sake he did not have to harm this child in any way. If it were any other child, Aireck would bring the child up as his own, and love it no less, because he loved Roxy. But this child was also of his blood line. If turned to the dark side, the brotherhood of the Knights could become the new conquerors of space and the dimensions. Aireck had a lot to consider.

He could have the virus created and an antidote one day to be given to her if in fact she did see things his way and turn to the dark side. He had choices. It would be a shame to destroy this child.

Roxanna heard that Aireck had her sister and was going to terminate her life. Roxanna was only a month with child.

Aireck had an idea. But he could not reveal it to Roxanna. It had to be done.

When Roxanna came on board the DarkTar, Black Knight sensed her. He sensed the child in her belly too very strongly.

Roxanna could not believe Aireck would be that cold and have her harmed while carrying Amistis. She saw him approaching and love welled in her heart despite her anger towards him.

Dixy couldn't understand why Roxy was in love with Aireck in the first place. What a ghastly, awful man!

But Rox had seen another side to him very few ever would. She saw the man underneath all that machinery. She saw something good still. Aireck had not killed him off entirely. He still existed. She could feel it. With God's help maybe, he could be saved.

She hugged onto him so happy to see him, but he was with his men and he showed her no feeling. "Take her to the brig," he ordered. She looked up at him confused.

"I will speak with her when she is assessed," he spoke cold and mechanical. He then waltzed away. Maybe she had been wrong about him after all. For the first time in a long time, since she first came in contact of this dark knight, she felt fear.


"Put them both to death," came the order of Sethos.

"One is sufficient. I will have Roxanna (who is really Dixy) put to death. She is the one with the child," Black Knight told him.