Sports Trials: Taboo Erotica - Mattie Norris - ebook

Excerpt: "But it's so big! God, I never knew a guy could be so big! Ohhh, Pete, I'm afraid! I'm afraid if s going to hurt too much!"Oh, stop that spineless sniveling and get on with it, Debbie Roman thought to herself. You silly little bitch, you're not likely to get a chance to make it with any guy who's half as foxy as Pete and you know it! So just let him slip your panties off and then lie back and spread your legs! You know you 're dying to let him fuck you! That's what you came up here for, isn't it?

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Sports Trials

Mattie Norris

Copyright © 2017

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"But it's so big! God, I never knew a guy could be so big! Ohhh, Pete, I'm afraid! I'm afraid if s going to hurt too much!"

Oh, stop that spineless sniveling and get on with it, Debbie Roman thought to herself. You silly little bitch, you're not likely to get a chance to make it with any guy who's half as foxy as Pete and you know it! So just let him slip your panties off and then lie back and spread your legs! You know you 're dying to let him fuck you! That's what you came up here for, isn't it?

Debbie squirmed forward, snaking under the heavy brush, and worked her way closer to the edge of the little clearing. She took great care to make not a single sound, though she expected that Pete Roman, her nineteen year old brother, and Cathy Simmonds, the latest in a long line of girls to develop a crush on him, would be so fully occupied that they would hear nothing. Another three feet brought her under a large, thick oleander which she parted slightly, just enough to enable her to look down into the clearing.

Just as she thought, Pete was already naked. He had stripped off his navy-blue warm-up suit, the tee shirt and the shorts, along with his jock and his training shoes. He had spread the warm-up suit out on the thick grass, making a sort of pallet, and lay beside a tall, slender girl. Cathy, a senior at Debbie's high school and a member of its track team-she had visions of amounting to something as a middle distance runner, though Debbie knew that the girl lacked the inner toughness needed to make her a real champion-had leaped at the chance to train with Pete. Only a sophomore at the local university, Pete had already established himself as a powerful long distance runner and was widely thought to have a good chance of making the U.S. Olympic team, perhaps in the 12,000 meter event or possibly as a marathon runner.

"Ohhhh, God, don't kiss me there!" Cathy moaned as Pete lowered his lips to one of her magnificent breasts. "Mmmmmm, you're making me hornier than ever!"

Debbie had to admit that Cathy's breasts were truly superb works of art. A sharp twinge of envy shot through her own heart when she saw the utter beauty of those big, marvelously sculpted mounds, each with its own needle-pointed nipple and the big, flushed areole crowning the firm, ivory-hued globes. Her own breasts, firm but very small, often looked like little more than a nipple, though they were fiercely sensitive. She had to admit that her small breasts were probably an advantage for her. A budding track star in her own right, she was almost certainly due to represent her country at Montreal in the 400 meter dash. This fact had led certain silly newspaper writers to call Debbie and Pete the "Koman Comets." She had often seen girls with big breasts making utter fools of themselves on the track. Nothing looked more ridiculous, she thought, than to see a pair of mammoth boobs bouncing and flopping about under a track jersey. The jouncing motion became especially irritating when a girl lost her natural rhythm, having run herself out, and began running at an awkward pace. That usually happened to Cathy Simmonds, she knew, and she scorned the girl for her ineptitude.

On the other hand, a large set of boobs generally attracted attention from boys. Pete seemed to be particularly attracted to girls well endowed in that area and Debbie especially resented Cathy for her success in provoking Pete's interest. She adored her brother and would eagerly have accepted the chance to take Cathy's place next to him at that moment.

Yeah, and there's about as much chance of that happening as there is of me starting to grow a beard! the girl ruefully told herself as she thought of lying beside her strikingly handsome brother.

God, what does he see in that cow? Just another easy lay, that's all! And she's acting like she doesn't even want him to fuck her! What a stupid idiot she is! She's just a cockteaser, that's all she is! Yeah, she leads him on and shakes her tits at him and now, when he's all hot to ram his meat up her cunt, she's acting like she's got the biggest cherry in Walnut Valley!

Debbie felt even more jealous of the raven-haired girl as she watched Pete kiss and tongue her nipples. Her own breasts were so sensitive that she could come simply from having them caressed properly, not that any of the boys interested in dating her possessed that skill. On the rare occasions when she had managed to get a boy to kiss her breasts she had quickly felt thunderous waves of orgasmic joy pounding through her loins. The mere thought of having someone as handsome as Pete, a really good-looking youth who enjoyed a girl and knew how to arouse her, kissing her breasts sent agonizing spasms of sexual hunger ripping through her cunt.

Pete had already slipped Cathy's jacket and teeshirt off, along with the bra she wore, and had one hand thrust down the front of her warm-up pants. As his mouth worked miracles of sexual arousal on the girl's big breasts, he gradually slipped the knit nylon warm-u ppants down lower. Debbie's lips curled with disgust when she saw that Cathy was actually wearing underwear! The bra was probably a necessity, she had to admit to herself, but as for wearing skimpy, frilly bikini panties, that was sheer madness. Debbie wore a warm-up suit toolike Pete, she had come out into the hills around Walnut Valley to do her daily stint of cross country running-but under it she wore only a tee shirt and shorts, the no-nonsense outfit of a truly dedicated runner who intended having a hard, productive workout.

Cathy seemed to be torn between opposite reactions as Pete's big, skilled hands worked the scarlet warm-up pants down her thighs. At times she seemed to struggle against him, as if to protect the hypocritical facade of virtue she was projecting. At other times she gave every indication of wanting to be completely naked. Once the tightly fitting warm-up pants were around her ankles Pete left them there, since the vital areas were now already exposed to his hands. Her long, slender thighs quivered convulsively as his fingers played over them, caressing the smooth, super-sensitive skin in soft, swirling motions that brought his hand ever closer to the dark 'vee of tightly curled hair growing at the base of her belly. Her thighs clamped tightly together at times, as if to hide that warm slit between them, but then at other times they spread wide, inviting his most intimate touch.

Debbie happened to be situated in a spot that gave her an excellent vantage point. As Cathy's beautiful thighs swung open she could look directly between them. No more than eighteen feet from the couple, she was able to see every detail of Cathy's fully developed slit. That sight gave her own flesh a definite charge of sexual energy. Unlike several of her fellow athletes, Debbie had never felt a strong attraction to her own sex. Laura Reynolds, for example, a senior at her high school and a state champion in the hundred yard dash, frankly wanted girls as sexual partners and made no secret about it. Had she not been one of the top runners in the country the school authorities would probably have booted her out for her flagrant behavior, especially with Ann Benson, the high school's leading contender in the shotput and discus events.

Ann Benson! Debbie thought, wrinkling her nose in disgust. That cow, that animal! Yes, she gets it on with Laura all the time, I know they do! That pair of fucking queers! I wonder what they do? Suck each other off? Ohh, that Laura, that horny little bitch, I'd like to see her trying to go down on that cow!

Despite her disdain for Laura and Ann, Debbie had always been highly susceptible to sexual activity of any kind, or even the hint of it. When Laura and Ann paraded their naked bodies through the locker room at school, wet from the shower, Debbie sneaked looks at them and felt her own pussy growing warm and wet with excitement. Once she had surprised the lascivious pair in the shower room, both under the same shower head. Ann had her hand thrust between Laura's thighs and was obviously giving the lithe little girl a hand job. Debbie's quick eye had caught the clenching, spasmodic motion of Laura's buttocks as she tightened them and jigged back and forth against that carefully placed hand. Ann had seen her over Laura's shoulder and had merely grinned, continuing to fingerfuck the girl with steady strokes.

Thus the sight of Cathy Simmonds' pussy affected Debbie in a powerful way. As she spread her thighs once more and heaved upward, stabbing her loins into the air, the pressure of her thigh muscles forced the outer fold of flesh apart. A thick growth of dark, curling hair completely framed the girl's slit. There was even a little patch of hair between her pussy and her asshole, Debbie noted with surprise, and that made the deeply flushed crevice even more provocative. The inner lips, big and moist with excitement, hung down like halves of a big, dark fruit. Pete's middle finger brushed those dark lips, touching them lightly. A low, whimpering moan of utter delight escaped from Cathy's throat. She surged upward with her hips to press her loins against his hand more firmly.

Oh, she wants it, she's really hot for it! Debbie thought. Mmmm, look at how she's humping his hand! She's dying to get his big cock deep in her cunt, little bitch! God, I hope he fucks her right out of her mind! It'd do her good, getting a real man inside her cunt for once!

Debbie's gaze strayed away from that deliciously aroused slit and fell on Pete's lust-stiffened prick. He happened to be lying in a way that gave her a fair view of most of that tool's thick length and it affected her far more directly and powerfully than had the sight of Cathy's pussy. At least as thick as three of her fingers and rearing up from his loins for a good eight inches, the broad, meaty shaft soared straight to a swollen tip. The foreskin remained pulled down over the head, obscuring that bulging knob, and his balls hung low between his thighs. Debbie could not imagine a more manly fucking implement than that one, nor could she conceive of one that she wanted more for herself.

Pete took Cathy's right hand and guided it down to the stem of his cock. She flinched, at first wanting to pull her hand away, but then the tool's lustful magnetism took hold of her and her fingers curled around its great heft. She caressed it slowly, tenderly, and it seemed that the rod grew even more as her fingers made it harder than ever. She ran the tips of her fingers over his balls too, caressing them lightly and fondling the big eggs enclosed in the almost hairless sack of wrinkled purple skin.

"It's just so big!" Cathy murmured. "Oh, wow, I never knew they got to be this big! Mmmm, are you sure it won't hurt me? Wouldn't it ... well, tear me? Rip me apart? Oh, Pete, I do want to, you know I do! But I'm afraid! I'm afraid it'll hurt too much!"

"No, we'll take our time," Pete assured her. "You'll have lots of time to get used to it, baby, you can be sure of that. And if you're right, if you start hurting too much, well, we'll just stop, that's all. It isn't worth it, not if it hurts you too much. But you'll be able to handle it, I know you will! And then you'll really get into it, I'll bet on that! Mmmmm, I can't wait to get it in you! You're so tight, so hot and wet! It'll be good, Cathy, it really will!"

As he murmured those assurances into her ear, he worked the tip of his middle finger between the inner lips of her pussy. The girl groaned loudly and gave an ecstatic quiver of sensual pleasure when she felt his finger working down the hyper-sensitive furrow between the lips of her pussy, traversing that richly oiled canal between her clitoris and that taut, highly inflamed mouth of her cunt. Pete fingerfucked her slowly, teasing her along, and continued working his lips and tongue over her big red nipples.

Once, as he was manipulating her pussy, she sucked in a quick breath of air and thrust against him with special force. Soft, moaning sounds of delight escaped from her throat as she fucked herself against his finger, thrusting hard and gripping him tightly with her thighs. Suddenly she stiffened her entire lower body and brought her hips completely off the rumpled warm-up suit on which she lay. Powerful tremors of ecstasy pulsed through her thighs and belly.

Debbie watched intently. She knew that the girl was having an orgasm and the sight of that lithe, lovely body throbbing with ecstasy moved her greatly. She would have loved to slip a hand between her own tightly clenched thighs but she dared not. She knew that she would never be able to suppress her own animal-like groans if she brought herself off and it would not do for Cathy to learn that she was being observed. Debbie gritted her teeth and forced her hands to remain tightly clasped in front of her.

"Ohhh, God, you did it!" Cathy murmured wonderingly. "You really did it! You made me come! Wow, I couldn't believe it was happening and then all of a sudden it was just all over me! Mmmmmm!"

"That was just a beginning," Pete told her. "There's a lot more of that in store for you, girl!"

That first climax had merely whetted Cathy's appetite and she responded more ardently than ever to Pete's caresses. Working under his guidance, she peeled back the foreskin of his prick, rolling the loose covering skin off the head with slow pressure that Debbie found intoxicatingly beautiful. The broad, flaring head emerged in a truly sensual fashion and was soon completely exposed. The rim of the glans spread wide, overshadowing the broad shaft like a gigantic, obscene mushroom. Cathy stared at the treasure her fingers had uncovered for a moment, as though she could not believe what she had found.

"Here, I'll let you feel it a little," Pete said. "Just enough to let you get a hint of what it might be like later on!"

With that he pushed her onto her back and gently placed his body between her thighs. Cathy reluctantly complied and Debbie could see that she still had serious doubts about whether she ought to allow him to plant that massive beam between the lips of her pussy. Pete's greater strength and determination quickly settled the issue, not that Cathy resisted him very strongly. She was powerfully pulled by her frantically aroused cunt, which continued churning out pleas for relief from the sexual tension which gripped her loins, and she easily allowed herself to be persuaded to go along with his scheme.

Once he was on her and between her thighs, Pete began pushing the naked head of his prick up and down that richly aroused furrow between the lips of her pussy. The soft, spongy head glided easily over those swollen lips, once it had acquired a coating of the delicately scented oil which poured from the depths of her fiercely stimulated cunt. As Pete worked his hot cock over the girl's pussy, touching her clitoris and then forcing the head between the lips, so that it rubbed suggestively against the taut mouth of her cunt, he continued assuring the girl that she would be able to adjust herself to its considerable bulk without great difficulty.

Debbie could see Cathy's indecision gradually melting into a willingness to attempt the lascivious experiment. At Pete's suggestion, she took his cock into her own hands and began rubbing it against her pussy. The shift allowed her to hold that hot, sensual head against the parts most wanting attention and, of course, greatly increased her desire for him. When Cathy lifted her feet and placed her legs around Pete's hips, locking her heels together behind his buttocks, Debbie knew that the girl had irrevocably committed herself to the fuck.

"Sure, you just hold it down there so it'll go in easy," Pete told her. "And me, I'll just press against you a little, so you can see what if s going to feel like. I won't put it in, not all the way, not till you tell me to!"

Debbie could close her eyes and visualize the way her brother's magnificent cock fitted against the moist, throbbing cleft. She had examined her own pussy often enough to have the feminine outlines firmly imprinted in her mind and she knew that the bulb-like tip of his prick would nestle down against the crescent-shaped opening like a ball fitting into a well-oiled socket. As he lowered himself down onto her, pressing gently, his weight would force the head of his cock into that tight little cleft, forcing it apart and dilating it until it clasped his prick in a wet, hot grip and fitted perfectly.

"Mmmm, it feels so sexy!" Cathy exclaimed. "Oh, wow, it's so hot! Ooooh, it makes me want to...."

"What?" Pete asked in an easy, conversational tone. "What does it make you want to do, Cathy? C'mon, tell me!"

"Omigod, it makes me want to fuck!" she moaned. "It makes me want to feel that big thing going in, all the way in, all the way up my cunt!"

"Do you want me to give it to you?"

"God, yes!" the girl cried out after only a second's hesitation. "Do it to me, Pete! Do it to me now! Fuck me and let me feel it all the way up my cunt! Ohhh, drive it up my cunt and fuck me to death!"

He did not wait for her to have any second thoughts. Tensing his buttocks, he swayed against her and then slid into her cunt with a smooth thrust that sent about a third of his brutally large prick slicing into her flesh. That first thrust brought a whooping cry of exultation to the girl's lips and she dug her fingers into his back, clawing at him in her moment of supreme anguish. Her cries of pain quickly trailed away, however, and were replaced by throaty yelps of encouragement. Her hips began swaying from side to side and within a very short time she was fucking back at him with unbridled ferocity.

"Ugghhh! Ooooohhh!" she grunted as she humped up at his pistoning cock. "Ohhhh, get it on! Agghhh! All the way in! Ooooh! Uhhh! Now fuck, now fuck hard, damn you, drive it all the way home! Ahhhh, all the way up my cunt! Ohhhh, Pete, you're killing me, you're tearing my cunt in two! Mmmmm, work it harder, baby, work it in and out and in and out and ... annngghhh! Owwwwww! Omigod, I'm almost there, I'm about to come again! Ohhhhh, do it now! Shoot your nuts off, shoot your fucking nuts off and come! Drown me with come! Unnnngghhhhh!"

Debbie's eyes widened when she saw and heard the rapidity of Cathy's response. She was frankly surprised at the urgency of the girl's pleas. She would never have believed that Cathy Simmonds would respond so quickly or so strongly to the stimulus of Pete's big prick. There was no way to deny the girl's delight in feeling that massive shaft working into the depths of her cunt, though, or to obscure the fact that she was enjoying the act with immense gusto. Nor was there a way to get around the fact that Pete was fucking her with genuine, allout abandon. Evidently her cunt's fit excited him greatly and he was ready to let himself go with all the power at his disposal.

Grunting out suddenly, he reached down to take her plunging, writhing buttocks in his big hands. Pulling her up to him, he slammed his prick into her cunt with a sudden surge of bull-like strength, planting every inch of that big rod squarely in her flesh. Cathy writhed against him and clawed even more desperately at his back when she felt his cock begin jerking deep inside her cunt and spitting out the thick jets of hot, sticky love-cream.

"Aurrgghhh!" Pete groaned. "Shake that ass, baby, shake it down! Mmmm, you're milking my cock! Suck it out, baby, suck the come out!"

"Come! the girl cried. "Ohhh, God, come! Shoot it all over my cunt! Ooh, Pete, your balls are up against my asshole! Oh, wow, you're killing me, you're killing me with cock! Unngghhhh! Aiiieeeee! Ohh, fuck me harder!"


Debbie's head reeled with passion as she watched the culmination of her brother's frantic lovemaking with Cathy. She could see the slow, rhythmical flexing of his naked buttocks as they contracted in time with the pulsations of his cock. She could not see his prick entering the girl's tight cunt-his balls hung down far enough to obscure that vital connection-but she knew that the big rod would be swelling and pounding as it forced great spurts of streaming jism up its length and into Cathy's wildly aroused cunt.

Debbie pressed her thighs together and pressed her lovemound into the earth beneath her, an involuntary response to the maddening scene being played out in front of her. Her actions brought a slight measure of relief to her tortured loins, but not the powerful thrill of total sexual release that she most needed at that moment. It was enough to quell the worst of the agonizing pangs that threatened to tear her womb apart, however, and she managed to lie quietly without drawing attention to herself.

She was not certain what Pete would do if he caught her spying on him. He made no effort at hiding his promiscuous ways from her. Indeed, he would have had difficulty in doing so, since they trained together and spent far more time together than most brothers and sisters. If she were to disrupt his assignation with Cathy, she was certain, he would be enraged but she was not sure to what lengths his anger might take him. Discretion, propriety and caution all agreed that she would do better to keep very still and avoid being detected in the act of watching the couple.

Emitting a long, low sigh of relief, Pete lowered himself onto Cathy's inert body and gradually relaxed. She had kicked one foot free of the warm-up pants and her panties during the frantic preliminaries, just before he had gotten between her thighs, and her garments were now twisted crazily around one ankle. She relaxed the grip of her long, powerful thighs and stretched them out beside his smooth, almost hairless legs. Her hands, formerly claws of passionate arousal, now became instruments of tenderness as she lightly caressed his back and ass with long, gentle strokes.

"Mmmm, it didn't hurt at all!" she murmured into his ear. "Oh, Pete, it was just so fucking good! I thought I was going to die when I felt that first come hit me. It was like something was pulling me all apart inside. But then you started to cream and ... ahhhh, I thought you were going to come forever!"

"Hey, you really like to feel a guy go off inside you?" he asked. "Is that really a sexy feeling? Can you feel it good?"