Spicy Hotel Manager: Taboo Erotica - Mattie Norris - ebook

Excerpt: She should have know better than to beg him. The tight grip of her gliding anal ring around his cock gave him such stimulation that the Pope and all his bishops couldn't have stopped him from continuing to fuck her tight, hot ass. His strokes became freer as her o-shaped muscle was forced to relax a bit. Soon he was pumping steadily up and down, in and out of her ass-hole, as his balls swung against her cunt.It happened that her clitty was squashed against the arm of the chair. Except for that, Estelle's pain and intense humiliation might have prevented her from getting any pleasure from the unnatural rape. Or perhaps the pain flip-flopped and formed a stimulus in itself. Estelle only knew, to her amazement, that she began to enjoy the man's brutal buggering.As he fucked her ass faster, making the stroked rim of her anus sizzle, she squirmed and moaned-no longer in protest."Oooh, Ron ... RONNNN!" she cried. "You don't KNOW how that FEEEEEEEEELS!"

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Spicy Hotel Manager

Mattie Norris

Copyright © 2017

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All she knew when she answered the door, in her slinky wrapper, with her ash-blonde hair soft at her shoulders and curving against an aristocratic cheek, was that the little boy collecting for the newspaper was cute and shy ... and tremendously attractive. He reminded her of Robert.

Estelle's firm nipples imprinted themselves on the satiny fabric of her robe, and her high-set, braless titties quivered. She smiled, green eyes sparkling.

"So, that's four dollars, you say?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well, come in. I'll have to get the money. Just sit down there. Uh, may I bring you some milk and cookies ... or something?"

"Oh no, ma'am. Thank you just the same."

The slender, brown-haired youth in t-shirt and jeans took a chair in the sumptuous living room and looked around, obviously unfamiliar with such luxury. Estelle hurried upstairs to her bedroom, where her purse was. Her shapely, impudent buttocks shimmied tautly in her sleek robe. As she strode across her bedroom, the robe split at the front and her tapering, bare legs flashed.

Harry, her husband, wasn't at home. He was hardly ever at home in the evenings any more, and he seldom took her out-only to business affairs, where he took pleasure in parading her. He had a mistress, she assumed. Her pride hadn't permitted her to question him about it.

Her fingers trembled unaccountably as she fumbled a five dollar bill from her purse. She stared at herself in the mirror of her old-fashioned vanity.

What's the matter with me? she wondered. I'm nervous as a cat. I've been alone too much lately, with too much time to think ... and no point in it.

That boy! God, he is sweet! He can't be older than eighteen. I'll bet he doesn't even have hair on his balls.

Estelle! You mustn't!

Robert didn't have hair on his balls, either. We probably couldn't have DONE anything, even if Father hadn't caught us.

She was drenched by shame, just from recalling the incident of many years ago.

"Here's five dollars," she said when she returned to the youth in the living room. "The extra dollar is for you."

"Thanks a lot, Mrs. Vance." He ripped a tab out of his printed receipt book and handed it to her. He gazed up at her, his eyes wide and brown.

"Do you, uh, have to run off right away?" Estelle asked, wondering what in the world possessed her. Noting the lad's confusion, she added, "I'm lonely. Sure you wouldn't like some milk and cookies, or maybe a Coke?"

"No, thanks."

Estelle was standing right in front of his chair, so that he couldn't get up. "You're certainly a fine boy! What's your name."


There was a faint blush to Estelle's high-cheekboned face as she asked, "How old are you-about eighteen?"

"Almost eighteen," the lad said proudly.

"That's a delightful age!"

It was clear to Estelle that she would have to make a bold move if anything were to come of this encounter. She had never done anything of the kind before, had never even seriously thought about it, but tonight she was bored and restless and deeply frustrated. The opportunity seemed perfect, and she couldn't shake the compulsive urge to take advantage of it.

"Do you have a girl, Stevie?" she asked.

The boy blushed. "Naw."

"Why not? Girls don't interest you?"

"Well..." He looked down at his feet and shuffled his tennis shoes.

"Have you ... ever seen a lady without her clothes on?"

Estelle! her secret voice warned frantically. This is insane!

Stevie just stared up at her, frightened but obviously fascinated.

"If you promise not to tell anyone," Estelle went on, shocked by her own unconventional boldness, I'll let you look at me."

She was blushing fiercely by that time and aroused to the tips of her toes. She hadn't been so hot in months. Maybe years. She trembled, but couldn't have altered her course to save her life.

"Gosh!" Stevie exclaimed as he gazed at her, he too blushing.

"Well, do you want to see what I look like without my robe on or don't you?" she demanded, some of her aristocratic haughtiness showing through.

"Gee, I. . . "

"You do-don't you, Stevie? Well, stand up! I want you standing!" Estelle backed away shakily to give him room. She was terribly flustered, but firm in her purpose-so firm that it scared her.

The boy placed his receipt book on the chair and stood. He was flustered, also. It was an awkward confrontation.

Estelle sought to overcome the awkwardness by forcing a smile and lunging ahead with what she had to do. She unfastened her robe with trembling fingers and drew it open wide.

She thrilled wildly as Stevie goggled at her naked, tip-tilted breasts which had rigid coral nipples. Her tits were not large but were marvelously well-shaped, and they had a springy firmness which made for maddening motion when she walked without a bra on. The only article that she wore, besides her high-heeled slippers, was a pair of clingy, champagne-colored briefs with a white-lace trim. They permitted only a faint shadow of her deltoid fur piece to show through.

She dropped her robe to the floor and did a slow turn, her nerves thrumming. She let her buttocks undulate in her filmy pants.

When she next faced Stevie, he was staring all the more widely, his boyish mouth hanging open. And-what a delight! The front of his Levi jeans was pushing forward!

"Do you like me?" Estelle asked giddily. She glided her hands up her front and cupped her satiny, jutting breasts. "How about my boobies?" Her utterance of the naughty word gave her an added thrill. "Do you like them?"

"Wowwww!" Stevie breathed.

Estelle laughed, her breasts shaking, "is that all you can say-just wow? Ooh, Stevie! Look, this is no place for what we want to do. Come up with me to my bedroom. I won't hurt you!"

"B-but, Mrs. Vance...!"

"Hush!" she said, quivering with forbidden excitement.

She turned to the stairs, wanting the youth to follow of his own accord. That would lessen the onus on her, she felt. He got a look at her twisting ass-cheeks in her panties and her long, shapely legs, and he did follow, though he obviously was apprehensive.

If she thought about Harry at all, it was with a flash of vengefulness. She didn't consider the possibility that he might come home early that evening; he hardly ever arrived before eleven-thirty or midnight.

In her bedroom she turned and gazed at Stevie-hot and giddy, ashamed but not caring in her extreme arousal. Stevie was so vulnerable! With him, she could re-live her childhood infatuation with Robert, but from the more knowledgeable perspective of her twenty-five years.

"Take off your clothes, Stevie!" she purred huskily.

He shifted from one foot to the other, obviously embarrassed by his hard-on.

"Oooh, I'll do it!" Estelle said, and dropped to her knees in front of him. Her breasts jiggled.

"Gosh, Mrs. Vance! I don't know if..."

"It's all right, Stevie! For goodness sake!" She tore at the top of his snug jeans, unfastening them and pulling his zipper down. A lump formed in her throat, and her sanity seemed to have deserted her as she tugged his jeans away from his lean hips, taking his stretchy briefs along.

His small cock sprang free, sticking almost straight up and quivering in extreme turgidness. His glans was bare and baby-pink. His white little ; alls were hairless. He looked exactly like


Estelle verged on a swoon. "Oooh, Stevie ... Stevie!" she cried. "God! Oooh, darling!"

She grasped his firm, young pecker and tilted it toward her face. It was so hard and warm! She wanted to...

Oh God, no! she thought. I can't do THAT! I've never done it with anyone. Harry always wanted me to do it, but I wouldn't.

She sprang to her feet and rolled onto the bed, coming to rest on her back. "Take all your clothes off!" she husked at the flustered, excited youth. "We'll have fun! Hurry up!"

The boy was so aroused by that time that he couldn't protest further, despite his uncertainty and fear. He scrambled from his garments, his up-thrust dick quivering as his baby balls shook.

Estelle couldn't take her eyes off him as she anxiously stroked herself, rubbing her conical breasts and her lower front, through her panties. Her brain seemed to have turned to warm mush.

She was mushy between the legs, also. Sexual moisture had saturated the crotch-strip of her briefs.

"Come here!" she cried when Stevie was naked except for socks. "Come look at me! Feel me! You can do anything with me that you want!"

The lad rushed to the bed, proving he had more than a mere curiosity about females. His erection proved that, also. But could he get to a sexual climax at his age? Estelle wasn't sure. He could bring her to a climax, she believed. She was almost there already!

Stevie knelt beside her, staring down. She grasped his terribly enticing rod.

"Well, touch me!" she said as she squeezed his dick, which would have felt just like a slender bone if it weren't so warm.

He put his hands on her breasts, and she thrilled.

"Oooh, wowwwww!" he rattled, agitating her titties and feeling how firm her nipples were as they tickled his palms.

Estelle writhed. "Stroke farther down!" Her eyes became heavy-lidded. "Take my panties off!"

The youth's hands glided along her svelte body as she kept hold of his boyish handle. It was as if her fist were locked to it. He plucked at the elastic of her panties.

"Ooh, yessssss!" she hissed. "That's the way, Stevie! Take them offffff!"

He slowly drew her panties down. He stopped when her light-brown pubic fluff came into view-gossamer threads that curled and tangled, gleaming in the soft glow of the bedside lamp.

"Gee!" he exclaimed. "I didn't know ladies had..."

"Ooh yes, I have hair!" Estelle cried, all but out of her mind by that time. "Pull my pants the rest of the way off, dear! Look at alllllll of me!"

Stevie quickly complied, having to struggle a bit with her stretchy briefs to work them over her slippers. Estelle finally knocked her slippers off. Then she steepled her knees and spread them wide apart.

The boy stared between the tapering, converging columns of her tilted thighs. "Well?" she asked excitedly. "Do you like it."

"I ... I don't know!"

He seemed more frightened than ever as he gazed at her fluff-adorned pussy. The hairs were wispy and pale, growing so sparsely on the labia of her cunt that the delicate beige of her fat outer lips was exposed. Her spread-legged pose caused the plump lips to part, revealing her moist, coral-pink crevice, her hooded clit standing guard at its top. Even the outer edges of her little labia were pinkish.

The boy's curious gaze took in the small star-shaped aperture below her pussy, which her plump buttocks did not quite conceal.

"G-gosh, Mrs. Vance...!" he said.

"Oooh, doooooo something, Stevie!" she begged, squirming as she continued to grip his stiff dick. "Touch me between the legs!"

He placed his hand there and recoiled, evidently shocked by her extreme warmth and moistness-or just frightened by the whole idea.

Estelle blurted, "Play with my pussy! Rub it! Open it up!"

The lad tried again, tense and excited. He rubbed her soft vulva up and down, the labia wiggling and coming unstuck. He worked two fingers between the elastic folds and opened her delicate vault.

"That's ittttt!" Estelle cried, thrilled by his touch and by the cool air that kissed the interior of her damp twat. "Oooh, Stevie, that's wonderful! Stick your fingers all the way innnnn!"

The lad glided both digits up her slippery tunnel, and his cock quivered harder in Estelle's grasp as he stroked up and down. She was teetering on the brink of orgasm, a point she had never reached with Harry ... or anyone. Only her own hands had ever brought her off!

Her mind swirled. She couldn't take the time or focus the thought necessary to guide Stevie in screwing her. Still, she had to have his cock! As he frigged his fingers up and down inside her pussy, she twisted her upper body and lunged at his dick, tilting it down.

Oh God, I'm going SUCK it! she realized in surprise.

Then she was DOING it, engulfing his slick, bland-tasting cock in her hungry mouth and sucking madly as she bobbed her head.

"WOWWWW!" he cried.

Estelle made gurgly, blubbering sounds as she moaned against the modest mouthful of little-boy cock, gulping down her gushing saliva. Her senses reeled. She felt herself tumbling over the giddy crest of orgasm, and her hips heaved, her cunt clutching spastically at the boyish fingers that diddled inside it. Her eyes were shut. Waves of luscious warmth rolled through her.

Stevie squirmed on his knees, and he stopped moving his fingers, though he kept them in her hotly clasping channel. She continued to come, having never experienced such a thorough orgasm before.

Her circling lips clasped strokingly on the kid's cock. In her passionate zeal, she took the whole thing into her mouth on each forward stroke, causing the boy's nuts to bump her chin. Her forehead smacked his straight belly.

"Uuuuuuuh ... ooooooooh ... WOWWWWW!" Stevie panted.

He twisted his dick in Estelle's hotly sucking mouth.

A flash of light blazed behind her eyelids, and she thought at first that it was part of her orgasm. Then she realized it had come from beyond. Her eyes popped open. A figure at the periphery of her vision caused her eyes to roll.

Harry stood in the doorway, holding a camera.

Oh God, NO! Estelle thought, and she reeled back from Stevie's dick just as he let go with the first ejaculation of his young life.

A single juicy glob of boyish sperm struck her full in the face, and her husband exploded another flashcube.

"That's priceless!" he said. "It's my ticket to freedom! Thank you, Estelle, and you too, kid-whatever your name is!"

Stevie scrambled from the bed, and Estelle lay back, panting. The boy's musk-scented semen still clung to her face. She tried desperately to think.

Stevie rushed for the door, and Harry let him pass.

"Ticket to freedom?" Estelle echoed stupidly, as she grappled with the phrase's meaning. She held her clammy thighs together and stared at her gloating husband.

"Yeah. I've been looking for a way out of this stinking marriage for some time, but with your daddy's money in the firm, I didn't see a chance. Now you've given me what I need!"

She sat up. "H-Harry, I ... don't understand!"

"I want a divorce, and now you'll have to give it to me ... unless you want your girlie bottom to land in jail! Not only that, your puritanical father would cut you out of his will if he found out what you just did!"

"Harry, now wait a minute...!

"Oh, no! There's nothing to talk about. I've got you dead to rights, baby." He patted the camera that he held. "It's all here!"

"B-but how? I mean..."

"When I found your robe downstairs, and that paperboy's receipt book, I sneaked up here to see what was going on. Well, I saw, baby! Then I hurried down and got the camera from the den. Lucky there was some film in it!"

"But ... a divorce? You must be joking!"

He laughed. "Oh, it's funny, all right-but no joke! I'm kicking you out of here tonight!"

The compact, beetle-browed man walked to the bed. "But first, I'm going to indulge my husbandly rights for one last time. I'm going to make you do for me what you just did for that paperboy!"


Estelle tried to scramble from the bed, but Harry caught her and threw her down, her breasts shaking. She gazed at him in horror and humiliation.

"Open my pants!" he directed as he stood next to the bed. He had placed his camera on a chair, out of Estelle's reach.

"Harry, you can't be serious about this!" she said.

"Why not? I like a suck off as well as the next man. But you were always too nicey-nice to give me one, so I had to look for my kicks on the outside. Why, you never even came when I screwed you! Now I catch you with a little boy! You must be queer for kids, huh?"

"Harry, that's monstrous!"

"It's just the truth, the way I saw it! How long have you been sucking little boy's cocks-huh, Estelle?"

"I never did it before! You've got to believe me. I've never been with another man, either."

"I can believe that last part, you cold bitch!"

"Oooh, Harry ... Harry ... please!" she said. "I know you're angry, and your pride is hurt, but let's not ruin what we have!"

"Just what have we got? A rotten marriage! As for my pride, it never felt better! And it's going to feel better yet, when you take my cock in your mouth!"

"I won't do it!" Estelle said heatedly. "You can't make me! I'll keep my lips closed."

She sealed them immediately and gazed with defiance at her husband.

"Okay. Then out you go right now," he said. "Get off that bed and pack your things!"

"Harry, you wouldn't actually throw me out!

Not at night! Where would I go?"

"You've got a little cash in your purse. Check into a motel. You can see your daddy in the morning and maybe he'll take you in. See him right now, if you want to."

"But what would I tell him? He doesn't believe in divorce. Before I married you he said I had better be sure, because it was for life."

"Well, our life is over," Harry said, then added thoughtfully, "unless, of course, you're willing to change."

"What do you mean?" she asked, seizing at the shred of hope he had offered. "Well, if you were to be a little wanner..."


"...like giving me some oral sex."

Estelle was revolted by the thought of sucking him, but he offered her little choice. If he were to throw her out, she would be helpless. She wasn't capable of earning a livelihood, and her father was a narrow-minded prude who wouldn't help her get a divorce. If she were to tell him Harry had rejected her, he would demand to know why ... and she could never let him find out about the paperboy.

Harry didn't really want a divorce, she was beginning to believe. It was all just a dirty ploy on his part, to make her go oral with him.

"All right, I'll do it!" she said, shuddering inwardly.

"Good. But not reluctantly," he warned. "Show me you like it! Otherwise, I won't believe you've changed."

Damn you! she thought. How could I LIKE it? I'll have to struggle to keep from vomiting!

Still, sucking Stevie's cock wasn't bad, she mused as she reached toward her husband's fly. Wasn't BAD? Who am I kidding? I LOVED IT! But Stevie is a young boy...

Estelle unzipped her husband's trousers.

It was clear that he wasn't going to give her affection, nor even much encouragement. He was deliberately humiliating her because, despite what he had said, his pride was hurt.

Well, so be it! I'll do what I must, even though it's hateful!

She snaked a hand into her husband's pants and lifted his penis out. It was meaty and warm, but soft. The bulb had a faint bluish tinge, while Stevie's had been a fresh pink.

She held her husband's penis up, her forefinger and thumb clamped its supple stem where it emerged from his trousers. The head nodded, like a ripe plum on a bough. Estelle leaned closer.

It was particularly humiliating, she felt, to be forced to suck her husband's cock while he had his clothes on. But it would have been awful any way, so what was the difference?

She caught a whiff of his cock's tangy fragrance, which was stronger than Stevie's, and she almost chickened out. She hesitated before opening her mouth.

"Lick it first," Harry instructed, gazing down.