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At St Severine's School for Turbulent Girls, young ladies between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one are sent receive the discipline they so desperately require...Selena is eighteen, and is already wed. But she is simply too shy to perform her wifely duties. In frustration, her husband sends her to St Severine's.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Upon entering the building itself, my eyes were instantly assaulted by the absolute perversion of it all. The halls were flooded with girls like Elizabeth - girls with ample chests, girls who wore their skirts far too high, girls whose brassieres were visible through their small blouses. It was too much for my delicate sensibilities - I had to avert my eyes.Elizabeth giggled, noticing my obvious discomfort. She led me up a flight of stairs, and I marveled at the fact that even though she was naught three steps ahead of me, I could still catch glimpses of her panties. It seemed wrong, somehow. "Don't worry, Selena. You'll get used to the way things work around her in no time!" She insisted, though I wasn't exactly inclined to believe her. "The uniforms are a bit unique, sure - and so are the punishments. But it's really a lovely school, trust me on that. You're sure to have a fulfilling experience here!"Elizabeth chattered away about how lovely St. Severine's was, but my brain was still stuck on that one word - punishment. So this boarding school had unique punishments, so unique that Elizabeth felt they were worthy of mention? In most schools, you had to write lines, complete extra work...or, in the worst cases, your hands were slapping with a ruler.

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Spanking Selena

School of Discipline Story 2

Victorian BDSM EroticaAnna Austin

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 Anna Austin

Written by Anna Austin

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or over. ~~

I had always been a model child growing up. My parents were members of our society's aristocracy, and therefore, a lot was expected of me. I was their only child, and so their reputations rested entirely on my shoulders. It was a burden I had been happy to bear during my childhood - I was consistently praised for being clever and charming, and I was modest and humble in my interactions with the other children in our neighborhood.

My parents were overjoyed to have raised such an obedient, beautiful daughter. My looks were praised by every guest to ever set foot within our manor - it grew to be a subject of embarrassment for me. I did not consider myself to be particularly attractive, but as I aged, it became clear that I fit within society's idea of the 'perfect woman'. My hair was long and blonde, and my eyes were an angelic baby blue color. My lips were pink and pursed, and my body was slim in all the right places.

When I had my eighteenth birthday, my parents threw me a party. Guests from all across town were invited, and needless to say, I was somewhat nervous about being the centre of attention. The frock that my mother had given me as a gift was a bit too tight, and it showed off my frame in ways I hadn't imagined possible. It was only a dress, but somehow I felt as though I was being forced into womanhood a bit too early.

As it so happened, the dress wasn't to be my mother's final gift for the evening. No, her true gift for me was a thousand times more shocking. She had invited to our house a man that I did not recognize. He appeared to be only a few years older than myself - very tall, very charming, very good-looking. My cheeks flushed pink when my mother introduced him to me.

"Hello, Miss Selena." He'd began, his voice deep and rich like chocolate. I squirmed awkwardly under his gaze, shifting my weight from left to right as I tried to find something for my eyes to focus on that wasn't his face. "My name is Peter Watson." I nodded awkwardly, extending a hand towards him, hoping he'd shake it and then leave me be.

My mother's frown told me that there was something else at stake.

"Selena," She said, her tone stern. "This man is to be your groom. He's made an arrangement with your father and I, and you two are to be married at the end of the month."

Peter seemed taken aback at the fact that the situation hadn't been properly explained to me until just now. His eyebrows shot up, and he turned to look at my mother, the worry in his eyes almost tangible. He seemed like a kind man, and I knew that my parents had been planning on arranging a marriage for me for quite some time now - it was just a bit too sudden.

Hastily, I straightened my back, willing the blood to drain from my bright red cheeks. I had to regain my composure - I couldn't humiliate my parents by acting unkindly towards my groom-to-be. I met his eyes bravely, smiling up at him with what I hoped would look like confidence.

"Ah, of course!" I blurted awkwardly. My mother winced at the forced joviality in my voice. "Yes, yes - it's very nice to meet you, Mr. Watson." I smiled. "I look forward to our marriage immensely. Perhaps we should spend tonight getting to know each other?"