Spanked in the Woods - Anna Austin - ebook

Claire has made a terrible mistake. Leaving the beaten track, she has wandered into the woods, without realizing that she is trespassing. Caught by three strapping aristocrats, she must pay the price for her transgression. To begin with, they will spank her, but the three of them want oh so much more than that... ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ "Hey - you're trespassing!"  "This is our territory!" The shouts were loud enough for me to hear exactly what they were saying, and when I saw that they were brandishing their rifles as they charged towards me, I did what any sensible person would do. Dropping my gloves and the basket, I sprinted away from the men as fast as my legs would carry me. I dashed through the wildflowers and weaved between the trees, sure that my agility would make up for my lack of speed. Perhaps it was that particular thought that doomed me - as soon as I thought that I'd lost them, my foot got stuck in a particularly large tree root, and I came tumbling down to the forest floor.  I could hear the loud crunching of the footsteps behind me, and I scrambled to get up. My fall had knocked the wind out of me, but I was certain that I could work myself back to a standing position. My arms struggled to heave my upper body off of the ground, and as soon as I had managed it, I felt something cold and metallic touch the back of my neck. I gulped.

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Spanked in the Woods

Victorian BDSM Erotica

Anna Austin

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2018 Anna Austin

Written by Anna Austin

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or over. ~~

My family had never been of great wealth or importance. However, we had still managed to eke out a respectable existence regardless of our lack of resources. My mother operated a pharmacy, using herbs from the bountiful forest behind our house to concoct various elixirs and medicines.

Quite often, I was made fun of for being 'The Daughter of The Witch', but I didn't resent that moniker - I simply steeled myself against criticism and went on my merry way. I supposed I had always been like that - often, people would tell me that words went in one ear and out the other during conversations with me. I was extraordinarily absent-minded, a fact which my parents took great joy in teasing me about.

My lack of concentration had never impaired my quality of life - as the daughter of a merchant, I wasn't expected to be educated. I was simply told to keep my head down and help out around the house, perhaps find a husband of a higher social standing than myself, and settle down. My mother was adamant about receiving grandchildren - and I supposed that the least I could do was indulge her request.

I had only just recently celebrated my eighteenth birthday, and as soon as that day had passed, my mother was more and more insistent on my getting wed. She began to send me out for errands more often, presumably in the hopes that I would meet someone wonderful and come home with the happy news.

These were pipe dreams, however - our town was populated with the poor, and my parents were absolutely unflinching in their belief that I deserved better. The few times that I'd ventured outside of our town and into the neighboring city, I'd felt so embarrassingly out of place that I had returned home without completing so much as a single errand.

And so my life went on, with my trips outside of town growing more and more frequent. No man seemed to take much of an interest in me, though this was probably due to the fact that I gave off the impression of being shy and unapproachable. My mother was disappointed in my lack of success, but I was still young, and there was plenty of time.

I began to grow more confident in my errands - even entering the forest to help my mother harvest herbs. I cherished these moments together, and being taught the ways of the job I might end up inheriting was an extremely rewarding experience. As the spring turned to summer, I spent more and more time outdoors, collecting what was needed for my mother's elixirs.

I awoke one morning to find that my mother had neglected to force me out of bed at the usual hour. Grateful for the opportunity to sleep in, I rose slowly, languidly. Today, it just so happened that the sky was completely cloudless. The sun hung lazily amongst the teal of the horizon, signifying that it was already the afternoon.

I hurriedly dressed myself - the frocks I wore were not showy in any sense of the word, and I was sure that the aristocrats in the city were put off by my style of dress, but they were comfortable, and that was all that truly mattered. Over the years, my frame had grown to be quite feminine - a trait that made my mother rather jealous.

Every time I bent over to pluck herbs, she would make a comment about my rear, and every time I leaned over the counter to watch her mix an elixir, she would make a comment about my cleavage.