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In the 21st century, a lot of things have become "instant". Instant coffee, instant satisfaction... and it seems that this trend has come to journalism, where people are producing instant news. Joel Landau, a journalist by profession, having spent long time in this field has seen the degradation of the news values with the rise of the internet, especially with the rise of social media and Facebook. He says that while this content is directly served at the end-user, it may not be necessarily validated and true.

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Joel Landau - Source Journalism and News Values

by Joel Landau

Table of Contents


Chapter 14

chapter 28

chapter 311

chapter 414

chapter 515

chapter 616

chapter 719

chapter 823

chapter 924

chapter 1025

chapter 1127

chapter 1228

chapter 1330

chapter 1433

chapter 1535


Breeze gently caressed his face, froze and clogged every pore with tropospheric crystals, while she alosuvashe hands, holding the Parmakov balcony. He observed his city that has long ceased to be a challenge for her. Imposed thick woolen blanket, a gift from a friend before going into retirement, around holding it firmly with one hand. The sun emerged from behind the mountains coloring the sky with a pale pink tones. The cold broke her bones and decided to warm body in the home-microwave. Sat down, raised toilet with hot cappuccino in both hands, blew steam emanating from inside and she razretchi, dispersing as impotent clouds in the July afternoon. The attention she took the white envelope lonely resting on the table. Reached out, he took it into their hands that discernible cracked skin, with fear and trembling muscle opened. Torn edge suggests that the envelope was opened previously. It looked at the black printed letters dyslexic as you can not read. He leafed through her gaze once more and close mechanically. Nervously stood up from his chair, heading into the bedroom. It stretched over the body feathery duvets, sinking in complete silence and restlessness loop ...

Chapter 1

Congestion and purging nervously knocked on the whistle, so joining the procession of riders ahead.

I chose a terrible day, he thought.

Dashboard istopori it his nod, and finally, after several minutes ranging worn by the wheels of his car. The tension in the area and felt minimized through car windows: expressed through the strong steps the fat man loaded with a ton of bags that sharmerski walked along the sidewalk, and the mother whose child frightened vrishteshe the cart. They had so many ... He wondered whether aware of it and if you get a promotion, I would like to "did them" with another question. Do you appreciate what you have? Many place good luck to capture each passing moment, anything over small parts that crack in everyone's psyche - neizmeten floor habit of delay, negligence ... Mankind as mistakenly understood the need for survival. If you are looking logic live it utnal vekuvanjeto. It should be convenient it and live peacefully. As if looking through museum exhibitions on an organized tour. What have you missed, he missed. People understand the values when confronted with the inevitability - death which everyone turns in underground fossil.

She held her hands on the wheel and his body had relaxed the uncomfortable seat of the old Lada Niva. He rushed to the exit of the city, joining the E-75 highway. The speed automobiles developed through four lanes was equal to the speed of her life. Yeah, right - proportional equation errors and problems that they ran tirelessly. The only mantra outlined in her head is blended with sounds of hissing, radio. Vibrations caused by potholes on the highway vary the frequency, her body carried into zero gravity position. While avenues of trees arranged themselves in the distance, she got the feeling like to be in the opening scene of the film directed by own acting.

The sign in capital letters, Welcome to Kriva Palanka. The familiar cobbled streets of her childhood back to his hometown in the narrow chikmak. City where she was born and her mother ...

* * *

In the house everything was as before. Only thick layer of Rights already decorated, the familiar interior. Old furniture, torn furniture, wooden window frames ... kilim with a huge hole in the middle that year before the death of her mother, clumsy ignite. But ... she did not have her! To meet with warm baked rolls namrveni Kim after a busy day at school. Let her cry lap because dark-skinned guy cheated on trust with its biggest rival. Breast absence felt even svenatite flowers. Pots roughly clutched at his restraints, although these decades ago missed the last oxygen.

Her father long ago left the house. Matthew, the hostess of this familial ramifications was the only pillar which strengthened the home and family. Once discharged soul, all things got out of control. Irina luck went to the bar in the city of consuls finishing secondary and higher education, he worked at three jobs a day, but labor and anguish were paid. Header stressed as the most important reading of the book was a skillful escape away from home municipality. Her father, on the overwhelming pain and grieving after the death of the mother Irina returned to his summer house in the countryside, enjoying the fresh mountain air and rural setting. Thus, the idyllic family environment began to sink and the poor Cirri to otcepuva and relations members to unravel.

Joel Landau was in the family unit and as such enjoyed many privileges - always had what he wanted. Slowly moving around the room, trampling the creaking parquet floor, remained in the picture above the fireplace. He took in his hands and wiped the dust that have accumulated as a defensive cobwebs over the glass. Little girl with blond hair was whacking the strong shoulders of his father, and artificial redhead them two srnesto staring into the lens. Picture frame spoke loudly in her box of memories.

Laughter echoed in the place where found. Children's amusement park full of devices, the smallest shared their joys and dreams.

"Little," addressed her father before her nadvisnuvajkji Eyeballs because it was so petty model of this today stout girl. His young face, without fighting the face, bright brown hair that over the years probelela and began to publicans ... Now you see more clearly than ever, krshniot man who mirrors. One beauty in whose measures fell in love with the other boys. Old teacher with whom already twenty-six years you were angry to each other, because of the woman in which both were immaculate love. They fought in the subconscious, accusing the death of her mother and his wife.

"Here is this cotton candy, sweet as a fruit you mine." Handed the small tree with luxuriant sugar, twisted in the machine plastered the creaking sweetener. Meal wool and she was melting in her tiny mouth, leaving saccharides sense of language and sugar plombichno cells in plaster teeth.

A moment later looked at the pink cheeks of Matthew. Her hair is izvitkuvashe in rosewood red curls that fell freely and gave them veiled shoulders. Acted as a natural woven gown. Gray greatcoat, coincided fit with the complexion of probledenoto person. Sun squirming is high in the sky shining from behind it, forming a glowing halo behind his head. Rightly so. And nature knew he was a saint. He did not speak much, not enough, observed around and merciful gaze poured love naughty daughter. Roughly podzgrbavi and stroked crown linijarski divided by patec. Inherited and concave curved cheekbones, sleepy eyes from her and physically compared the genes of her father were triumphantly set. Since he inherited the pure soul. Mateja strong cough interrupted wonderful memory from the past.

"Well my dear?" Her father gently touched his arm. She in turn, put his hand over her mouth, hiding it, ready to empty the stomach of the contents inside.

"Let them. It'll be better, "barely trickled.

"Let us not happy stork with another doll?" Suddenly worried expression turns into a bright smile. Red-haired LEPOTICA only slightly smiled issileno not progoruvajkji anything.

Joel Landau hung the picture in its place. He could not have seen the happy faces in the glass frame. They whispered painful ... Those people who are now drowning in his own misery and unfortunate peck through anger. And malterisanoto face of her mother, who already devastate the parasites. That day forecast father proved wrong. Matthew was pregnant, suffering from breast cancer. Next year, things completely changed. Her condition deteriorated, do not leave the bed and the old mattress in the bedroom.

Climbing stairs Joel Landau recalled the days when as a little girl ran across them hundreds of times a day. Her hyperactivity radiation. He stood at the resort and firmly gripped the wooden fence near stairs. He could hear the voice of her ailing mother as desperately begging for help and groans of pain which no injections morfiumskite not downplayed. Then, little Joel Landau, saw her for the last time. Snemoshteno fainted and rolled down the stairs. Her mother fell half-dead before her underdeveloped, virgin feet.

"Please accept condolences sir.", Concluded after her doctors feel the pulse behind the neck.

The whole scene took place in front of her consciousness. He recalled the declining bundles hair and red scarf, which embarrassed hid the bald head of Matthew. Chemotherapy tried to reward, but her mother through defiance increasingly brisk. Malignant cells took her body but got behind the soul. Her mother was a fighter, brave premium partisan, not what she had seen in his life. Groveling disease took her under protection but Mateja never gave up. Even when the feet of Joel Landau istumba dogleduvajkji the last scene is not proviori white flag as a sign to give up.Although doctors predicted that Matthew would barely survive half a year, she dribble specialists narrowly voted medical phenomenon. She loved life. Worshiped because of her daughter who wanted to rejoice, to see her color, as her womb rasploduva. I loved life more than the 5 billion people on the planet. He struggled to survive unselfish, not for himself but for the small sun worthwhile life - Irina.

Not wanted to repeat the path that walked her mother. Truth was proud of her in every way, but from the bottom of the whole being hated disease that killed her. Flooding thoughts babbled as a mountain stream boiling in her head. So long avoided visits to his parents' home. Childhood and youth, life and death of her mother, stalozheniot and harmonious marriage of her were united under the roof on the street Ivo Lola Ribar 15th

When he finally pleaded on the second floor noticed that the wood flooring is still krckoti under her feet wearing waterproof boots. The house was built back in 1936. Northeast of the series of earthquakes, the walls cracked, the marble foundation was a matter of time before crack in dodrzhuvanjeto this harness of granite - the facade and enteriernata overcrowding. Plumbing izmrznuvaa the winter and summer were losing control over the pressure which further disrupted life in ancient, makeshift two storeyed. Children's room has retained the pink color of the walls and triesettinata dolls on the shelves are morbidly dzverea in it. Crib looked younger than he could remember. Everything except odrasnuva memory, smiled hard as he just gave them all removed teeth from the jaw. Colourful bedding, sungjerestata yoga and fat feathered pillow, which left some of their dreams, a piece of body technostisolzi, an imprint of himself, warmly welcomed the "Welcome".