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Lisa Biritz



The soul is our centre of vitality. If we experience painful or traumatic things, parts of our soul can be separated from us and our vitality. However, these parts are not yet lost. With the help of shamanic soul work you can succeed in retrieving them. With their return you regain your vitality so that healing can begin. This book is suited for everyone who seeks an intuitive approach to shamanic soul work and provides many exercises.

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Lisa Biritz

Soul Medicine

Inner Wholeness through Shamanic Knowledge and Soul Retrieval

About the Author

© Diana Sayegh

Lisa Biritz traveled around the whole world and learned shamanic work according to Sandra Ingerman (Core Shamanism) as well as Sun Bear. She also accompanies people to encounter free dolphins and whales. Born in the Netherlands and a mother of twins, she now lives in Hawaii and Vienna.

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The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

ISBN 978-3-8434-6209-9

Lisa Biritz:Cover Design: Murat Karaçay, SchirnerSoul MedicineCover Picture: Francene HartInner Wholeness through( Knowledge and Soul RetrievalGerman Editing: Sarah Neumann & Bastian Rittinghaus, SchirnerOriginal title:E-Book-Publishing: HSB T&M, AltenmünsterSeelen-MedizinMit schamanischem Wissen undSeelenrückholung zu innerer Ganzheit© 2014 Schirner Verlag, Darmstadt

1st E-Book Edition 2015

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About the Author

Foreword by Susanne Hühn and Mike Köhler


What Is Shamanic Soul Retrieval?

The Soul: a Glowing Sphere of Light

Exercise: Healing Work of the Glowing »Soul Sphere«

Soul Retrieval with Children

Shamanism – What Exactly Is That?

Shamanism Exists Everywhere

Shamanic Techniques

Shamanism – Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO)

New Western Shamanism

Exercise: Journey into the Soul World

Why Do Soul Parts Leave?

Everyday Life: Totally Normal Insanity

Pregnancy and Birth

Exercise: Into Life


Entanglements and Dependencies

Exercise: Becoming Free in Relationships

Traumata, Coma and Death

Past Lives and Collective Themes

Symptoms of Missing Soul Parts

Exercise: Dismemberment


Exercise: Healing

How Do Soul Parts Come Back?

Exercise: Soul Retrieval

Action Time

Maintaining Vitality – Soul Care

Integrating Soul Parts

Exercise: Soul Part Integration

Traits of a Healthy and Complete Soul

You Are Whole When You Yourself Feel Whole

Exercise: Journey into Your Inner Garden

Health from the Shamanic Perspective

Illness: Too Little or Too Much

Intruders and Possessions

Exercise: Cleansing of Extraneous Energies

Soul Retrieval for the Earth

Soul Loss in Nature and Places

Exercise: Soul Retrieval for the Earth



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Foreword by Susanne Hühn and Mike Köhler

Susanne: Shamanic work, soul retrievals – that sounds complicated, like strange rituals and elaborate trance journeys. But something about this subject magically attracts us, Mike and me. And so we travel to Vienna and sit in a circle with Lisa and those wanting to discover Core Shamanism for themselves. For the first time we hold a drum in our hands. It feels good, familiar and yet exciting and new.

I’ve been working psychologically and spiritually for a long time and feel at home with soul retrievals – but what Lisa conveys is so clear, logical and so powerful that it revolutionizes my entire work. Suddenly I don’t have to do everything all by myself anymore! There are power animals, helper animals which go on journeys for me; there are forces operating which I hitherto only expected amongst Indians or in the deepest Amazon jungle.

Lisa is gifted in making these energies accessible so easily and naturally that it feels like coming home.

Mike: Lisa lightly and easily dispersed any of my reserves about shamanism. All along I suspected something important was waiting for me – and through Lisa I discovered my own approach to shamanism. Because she so clearly and without much ado teaches what is to be taught, conveys the things easily and simply without ever becoming superficial, it was very simple to implement what we’ve learned. Her classes are characterized by great awareness and responsibility and at the same time so uncomplicated, that really everyone who is interested in shamanism can only win.

Susanne: So now this book. Can a book convey the really »strong medicine« of soul retrieval? Yes, because in truth it is totally natural.

Lisa writes: »Shamanism teaches people that communicating with the source of everything that exists – the divine – is a natural part of life. With the right techniques everyone can learn to see the invisible world and communicate with it.«

And so it is. It does not necessarily require complicated techniques or deep trance journeys. Lisa teaches us to connect with that which we already always knew deep inside: We are a part of the great, all-embracing creator soul, and we may realize ourselves as such. Soul work is not reserved for only a few. Everyone who can and wants to handle energies mindfully and responsibly receives tools with this book to perform great service to themselves on their path to wholeness.

Lisa describes what a soul is and how one can lose parts of it with her matchless down-to-earth, unadorned manner. For this, she uses simple images which everyone can imagine and which are powerful precisely because of that.

Mike and I are deeply grateful to Lisa that she made the path to shamanism so easy for us and showed us how natural and close to earth this path is. We treasure you very much as our teacher, dear Lisa! And we wholeheartedly wish you that this book reaches many people, that our world becomes a big piece more healed – we all hold it in our hands.

Susanne Hühn and Mike Köhler1

1 More information about Susanne Hühn’s and Mike Köhler’s work on the websites and


The majority of people consulting my practice already sought many doctors with their concerns. These, however, could only partly help them with conventional medicine. Often their symptoms were soothed for a short while, but emerged exactly the same or in a similar way again after some time.

In the process of searching for healing, the path to a shamanic practice is deeply rooted in the history of humankind: medicine man and shaman – similar to our doctor and psychologist – have always worked together in old indigenous cultures. Often they even were one and the same person. They belong together in the healing process, one complements the other.

So it is only natural that many people sooner or later are drawn from academic medicine to the alternative healers.

Justly my clients want a complete healing of their physical or psychological grievances. And intuitively they sense that the deeper causes and solution may be found in their soul.

Like almost everyone practicing shamanism in our Western world, I too found the path to ancient healing methods through my own injuries and a near-death experience. There even exists an expression for this in shamanism: »wounded healer« – those who, due to a life-threatening illness, a psychosis or a near-death experience »go to the other side« and come back into life on their own again. They bring the knowledge from there with them and understand the path of convalescence on a deep cellular level. Consequently, they can ideally accompany other people in their healing and at the same time develop a compassionate heart for all beings, which is a prerequisite for good healing work.

Though my childhood was characterized by affluence, I grew up nonetheless in a strict parental home and was raised in accordance with old school style, the way many of my generation still experienced it. My parents were shaped by the war- and post-war era. Their expression of love was that we children could grow up with material security. Only little space existed for feelings, they were rationalized away or suppressed.

In addition to that, at the end of my puberty and the beginning of my adulthood I helplessly had to watch how my brother – that is how I would explain it to myself today – slipped into a schizophrenia due to a birth trauma with lack of oxygen combined with our harsh upbringing. To witness how a person whom I dearly loved loses his mind and his grounding and suffers deeply from this was one of the most painful experiences in my life, characterized by total powerlessness.

I myself suffered from slipped disc problems and pains in the lower abdomen during that time. Not surprisingly, I was also psychologically imbalanced and faltered back and forth between fear and anger. I often felt like my soul was burning. Everything hurt and my heart cried. I was not free and I was not happy.