Sorority Girls Love Dogs: Volume One (Bestiality Erotica) - Max Edelman - ebook

This taboo erotic novel is so sexy that we can't tell you about all the things in store for you in this blurb. Check out the "Free Excerpt" below for all the sexy details!****Excerpt***Miss Nancy L., a very pretty young blond girl of twenty-one, was in her final year of studies when she came to my interviewing office in one of the campus buildings."You wanted to speak with coeds who'd had sex with animals?" she asked me when she came to my office."That's right," I said to her as I led her into the inner office where my interviews took place. I asked her to lie down on a couch and, as I turned on a tape recorder beside the couch, I assumed a seat in a chair behind her head."I'd like to know about any experience you've had with animals on campus," I said to her, "but most specifically I'd like to know about experiences which you found most rewarding or sexually most gratifying.""It would be hard to pick out just one incident," she said to me. "That's why I'm here."*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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Sorority Girls Love Dogs: Volume One

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Miss Nancy L., a very pretty young blond girl of twenty-one, was in her final year of studies when she came to my interviewing office in one of the campus buildings.

"You wanted to speak with coeds who'd had sex with animals?" she asked me when she came to my office.

"That's right," I said to her as I led her into the inner office where my interviews took place. I asked her to lie down on a couch and, as I turned on a tape recorder beside the couch, I assumed a seat in a chair behind her head.

"I'd like to know about any experience you've had with animals on campus," I said to her, "but most specifically I'd like to know about experiences which you found most rewarding or sexually most gratifying."

"It would be hard to pick out just one incident," she said to me. "That's why I'm here."

I didn't quite follow her line of thinking. "How do you mean that?" I asked.

"The reason I came," she said, "is that I've probably had sex with more animals than any other girl on this campus. I've done it several times a week for all four years I've been here."

I studied Miss L. for a few seconds before continuing with any more questions. She had shoulder length blond hair and a very intelligent pretty face. She wore a tight sweater which revealed her ample bust line and a short gray skirt which amply showed her long tan legs. Her legs were as attractive as the rest of her.

"Tell me," I said to Miss L., "I can't help noticing that you're a very attractive young woman. Do you have an active social life with the men on the campus?"

"It's fairly active," she said. "I let guys take me out to lunch or to football games or to dinner." She paused and then began to give me a knowing smile. "But, doctor," she then said, "I know what you're really interested in. You want to know whether I screw for the guys on campus if I fuck so often with animals. Is that what you want to know?"

"That would be of considerable interest to this scientific study," I said.

"Then I'll tell you quite frankly," she said. "I go out on dates with two or three special guys who have particularly long penises. Them I let fuck me. But really animals turn me on. And although

I occasionally turn a trick for some new guy who strikes my imagine, I generally reserve my screwing for animals. It's just much more satisfying than screwing with men."

"Miss L., " I said, "this fascinates me. Would you tell me how this began?"

"Certainly," she said. And as my tape recorder took down every word, she told me this story....

...The way I came to be initiated to bestial sex was perhaps just plain luck. But it was a wonderful experience, one I'll never regret having. Bestial sex is the greatest joy a girl's pussy can encompass. I pity any woman who goes through life without trying it.

I was just a naive freshman here on campus when I had my first bestial experience. It was with a dog, a great big Siberian husky with a furry cock that absolutely makes my pussy drool with anticipation.

I can remember just how it happened. When I came to the campus I was no longer a virgin. I had surrendered my cherries to a guy named Chet Wentworth back in my home town. You see, I'd heard that a lot of really intense fucking goes on at the college campuses and I had the feeling that I'd be left out of all the fun if I still had my hymen. So two weeks before I was scheduled to come to the campus, I let Chet slam his big bulging blue-veined rod right through my hymen. We did it out behind the alfalfa patch of his uncle's farm. That big blade of his was thick and long, but it was no match for some of the horses I was later to move on to.

Well, after Chet had deflowered me I knew what a thrill it was to get penis in my vagina. And actually, I must admit that Chet had done a good job on me. He licked my clit nicely before screwing me and worked it up to a big erection. I liked having my pussy licked and he made me know how good it felt to have something long and hard stuck right into a cunt.

But after fucking with Chet, I knew I'd have to start fucking with someone else. The first few days after Chet screwed me I'd be able to think about nothing but screwing. So when I got to the campus, I was anxious to quickly get in on all the fun.

So the first day I was on campus I happened to be standing in a line with a guy who had that big Siberian husky on a leash. I didn't pay much attention to the dog because I was more interested in initiating a conversation with that guy. His name was Sammy and the dog was his.

"I live in an apartment off campus," he said to me after we'd gone through the line together.

"Alone?"I asked.

"Well, not completely alone," he said. I was disappointed. I hoped he lived alone so we could do some screwing right away. I didn't want to miss out on getting fucked just because he had a roommate...or worse, a live-in girl friend.

"Who do you live with? " I asked.

"Just Roger here," he said, pointing down at that big Siberian husky.

I took a good hard look at that dog for the first time. The dog was looking up at my crotch and panting. His beautiful fur coat had a lovely sheen to it and his pink tongue was long and hanging out of his mouth as the dog panted on that warm day.

"He really is a nice dog," I said as I gazed down at him. There really was something captivating about that big muscular animal. He was not quite as big as a German Shepherd, but he was every bit as burly and muscular. I reached down to pet him...and something strange happened.

I couldn't explain the feeling right away, but when my hand touched his fur I got something of a sexual charge out of it. I" couldn't tell whether I felt that way just because I was horny and wanted to get a good pronging from Sammy or whether there was something about that dog that turned me on. Anyway, I gave him a few more pats and I felt my whole pussy starting to juice with excitement.

"Yes, sir," I said, almost beginning to fumble with my words, he sure is a nice big dog."

"He's big in every proportion," Sammy said.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, nothing," Sammy smiled, "he just has large features."

"What I'd feature right now," I said, changing the subject a bit and dropping a broad hint, "is a large cup of coffee. At your place."

"Easy enough," said Sammy. So we went off to his place, just the three of us.

We went up the stairs of this run-down building where he lived just off the campus. When we went through the door to his apartment, I was almost beside myself with the sexual fantasies I'd been having. You see, Sammy had taken that big bruising dog off the leash and the dog had walked up the stairs in front of us. My eyes just couldn't get away from the rear quarters of that dog. He had two of the biggest nuts I'd ever seen. They were swinging freely and merrily between his legs. Meanwhile, down between my legs-back between the folds of my wet pussy-was this urgent feeling that demanded satisfaction. I knew that there was just no way that I could leave that apartment without getting something inserted into my slot.

"Sammy," I said to him as we came through the door to his apartment and closed it behind us. "I lied. It's not coffee I came up here for, it's cock."

"Cock?" he asked in a voice rising with excitement.

"Cock," I repeated loudly. "I've got to have a big bare penis stuffed into me." I started to go for Sammy and I pulled him down onto the sofa in his living room. "You won't fail me, will you, big boy?"

The dog was staring up at us as I moved my hands to Sammy's belt and started to undo it. Sammy took the hint and started to feel up my boobs from outside my blouse.

"Don't feel them from the outside," I moaned to him, "not when you could press some bare flesh to them."

He unbuttoned my blouse and worked his hands onto my boobs. He unhooked the bra from the back and soon had me in nothing but my skirt and my panties and my stockings.

I unzipped the skirt and wriggled out of it. That big dog was now staring at my pussy and was licking his lips with that long pink tongue of his.

"I've got such a feeling of desire down there," I moaned to Sammy. "Can I fondle your nuts?"

Before he even answered I reached to his belt buckle and undid it. I unzipped him and out came a great big hard penis, standing up like a needle and pointing straight out at me.

"Oh, Sammy," I moaned as he reached inside my panties and started to rub a finger over my clitoris. "There's already some droppings of come in the spout of your dick," I said.

"I get excited fast," he said to me. And as he let me wriggle out of my scanty little silk panties, I leaned forward and took his penis into my mouth, swishing my tongue all over the sensitive underside of his big shaft. The dog growled when I took Sammy's penis into my mouth. But I patted that big muscular furry beast on the head to prove that everything was all right. I wasn't trying to hurt his master, I was just trying to turn him on.

It was so exciting to be sucking on a man's penis again. I was just dying to get it into me. I licked all up and down the big fat shaft and I was terribly excited that he was fondling my bare pussy. I was so excited that I had completely neglected to pull off my stockings. They were still wrapped all the way up my legs, right up to a spot just a few inches below my pussy.

"Come on, Sammy," I murmured to him. "I'll take my stockings off and you can plank me."

"Leave them on," he insisted, wriggling his penis between my lips. "Leave them on and sit on my stick."

The first time I got laid Chet instructed me to lie on my back, spread my bare legs apart and get ready for him to mount me and slam it home. But Sammy wanted to do it differently. So I let him lie back on the sofa. I crossed my stockinged legs above him and worked my pussy downward until it was just above his cock. Then I slowly lowered it.

My stockinged legs were pressed tightly around his bare hips as the head of his penis slipped between the outer labia of my vagina. The dog was leaning up against the sofa now and was distracting me terribly.

Do you know what the dog was doing? He was pressing his nose between the cheeks of my ass while I was attempting to squat down on his master's whang. Shit! Annoying as hell, but it gave my pussy a weird tingle, too. In fact, I could tell that he was making my vagina open up a little wider.

"The dog," I moaned. "He's pressing into my back door."

"Just pump, baby," Sammy panted. "Pump it up and down. Really grind my prick into you."

I did just what he said and was I ever disappointed. I managed to take that entire penis into me and I was merrily riding it up and down. And then I felt it stiffen up a bit more. I wasn't even close to an orgasm yet. I pumped madly both to please him and to bring myself up to a nice fat orgasm.

His hands were all over my tits and he brought my nipples up to huge hard erections. He was teasing those tits of mine frantically, making me squirm with delight every time I pounded my pussy straight down on that big erect prong of his.

The dog was still trying to press his hot nose into my asshole. His tongue was even making attempts to weasel through those buttocks of mine as I slide up and down on that big shaft. But then I felt Sammy brace himself and the next thing I knew after that his penis was squirting big hot blasts of juice straight up me.

I could feel the penis spasming and spitting and I could feel those gobs of hot semen squirting up into me. I could even feel the dog still trying to make it into my asshole and I could feel Sammy's hands clutching my poor battered bare tits. What I couldn't feel was any orgasm.

Sammy grunted sharply several times and then relaxed. He'd squirted his whole load into me and he was satisfied. Me? My pussy was still on the brink of orgasm.

"Hey, you fart!" I bitched as I felt his penis start to contract inside me. "You came!"

"Right," he said, giving me a big jerk-assed smile.

"I haven't orgasmed yet."

"Tough," he said.

"You better get it up again," I yammered. "I'm not satisfied."

"Tough shit," he said. "The woman's orgasm is only a myth anyway."

Well, I'd only been fucked once before in my life, but what Chet had given me sure as hell wasn't any myth. So when Sammy made me lift up my pussy so that he could withdraw, I was furious and frustrated. I held my pussy a few inches above his cock.

"I'll show you what I think of guys who come too soon," I said to him. And I contracted my vaginal muscles so that his big scummy load would come dripping right back down on him. It landed all over his balls.

"Hey!" he ranted. "Now I have to go wash all that crap off."

"Why don't you go take a royal flying douche while you're in there?" I asked as he scampered off to the bathroom, his penis dripping as he jogged across the living room carpet.

I was left all alone and horny on that sofa. Alone? Well, not quite. Man's best friend was there and he was more and more beginning to look like woman's best friend.

I patted the big Siberian husky right on the head as I sat on the sofa facing him. My stockinged legs were still spread wide apart. And although my pussy was still soaking wet from his come, there was still that terrible pent-up desire down there. The desire was still demanding that something long and satisfying be placed in there to bring me over the brink of orgasm.

I patted the dog on the head again and the dog stood up on all fours. His head was down between my knees now. His nose was sniffing as if it were interested in the scent coming from the wet little tuft of hair between my legs.

"You wouldn't leave your bitch-in-heat all hot and horny, would you, boy?" I asked that dog.

And he barked! Well, shit! I couldn't believe the way he barked in response to my question. He was pushing his face closer and closer in between my legs. I let myself slouch down the sofa a little so that I came so close to him that I could feel his hot breath on my wet pussy.

"Oh, yes, boy," I said to him. 'Your breath feels so fucking good." Good? It certainly did feel good. But more than good, his breath felt sexy. Shit. His hot breathing on my pussy was turning me on even more. I started to breathe heavily again.

"No, boy," I begged to him as his mouth was just inches away from my wet sloppy bush. "No, it's not right."

I was holding his head and trying to ward him off. He was definitely trying to get at my bush. There was no mistaking that. Oh, what a sexy big dog! He flicked that big wet pink tongue of his out toward my pussy. The tip of that warm wet tongue flicked right between the lips of my vagina and scooted upwards to where it rubbed right across my clitoris.

That was all I could stand.

"Oh, yes, boy," I moaned to him as I released that strong head of his. "Oh, yes! Lick me!"

I held my legs open wide and the big husky dog nestled his body through my open stocking-covered legs. His big face poked right into my pussy now. I let myself slide completely down on that sofa so that my pussy was right at the edge of the seat. He had no trouble getting at it.