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DESCRIPTIONEver wonder how a sadistic voyeur begins his life of exploration and forbidden passions? In Surely Wilder’s latest tale, readers will discover the dark past of one son’s incestuous desires for his mother. Negotiating what will become their life of passion fueled mother son sex, a life for a life is the deal. With their hidden lusts driving their kinky experimentation, will this hot older woman find herself taken in unimaginable ways by her young son?EXCERPT“She’s in the living room, but you might not want to go in there.” He stated with a shift to his head and a sly smile that made me more than aware that something was up.“I came all this way to see her. I’m sure she won’t mind.”“Oh... I’m sure she will.” Earl teased with a slight laugh. His statement made me more than curious.I brushed past him. “No don’t go.” He taunted which caused me to hasten my entry.I walked into the southwestern styled room and was repulsed with its ornamentation. He had certainly used some of Mother’s assets to decorate this space in a gaudy fashion that reeked of cliché. The room displayed his hunting trophies from antelope to beavers, but the thing that gravitated my attention was my mother standing at attention in perfect posture wearing another chestnut of masochistic servility. She was in a maids outfit with a thick bondage collar strung about her neck and a black, latex ball gag in her mouth. She wore a black, baby doll skirt that barely covered her crotch and she was cinched into a black latex corset that pushed her beautifully large breasts up which were covered by a flimsy white peasant blouse that strapped over her shoulders. The plunging neckline of the costume revealed an obscene amount of her creamy cleavage which I liked. A white lace tiara perched on top of her head pulled her curly, long black hair back. She looked stunning, and I instantly knew that something was wrong. “Here she is. You interrupted one of her training sessions, but we’ll continue. Won’t we, Sylvia?” Earl sneered as he picked up a riding crop from a table on the side.“MMM HMMM” Mother sputtered instantly through the ball gag. I was stunned. She had just given her pervert of a husband permission to continue what was obviously a sexual game in my presence. “Very good.” Earl beamed and pushed past me as he tucked the crop underneath his arm. He approached mother who remained completely passive and still despite his obviously aggressive approach. Mother’s face never wavered. She never looked toward me as though I weren’t in the room; instead, her gaze was transfixed on an imaginary point on the wall behind me. I watched in complete disbelief as Earl stood behind her. “Stretch,” he commanded.

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Surely Wilder’s

A Wilder Short

Published by Lot’s Cave

A Wilder Short

Son’s Delight, © 2015, Surely Wilder

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Moira Nelligar

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Chapter 1 –Lessons

Chapter 2 –The Homecoming

Chapter 3 –The Bargain


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1


Mother is a whore. Well, not the usual kind of whore. There are no street corners, no pimps, no call girl notices of any kind, she’s just a whore, and that’s all there is to it. She learned early in life that she was beautiful and evocative; that she could control men and wealth with a tilt of her head, a flash of her plunging cleavage, her wicked imagination, and her many, many fetishes. She is a woman of multiple talents, but most especially, her breasts. Mother has wonderful tits.

She was smart. Someone must have told her that it was as easy to snag a rich man as it was to entrap a poor one. Of course the advantage of a rich man was that they would eventually die, especially if they married my mother. Oh, not that I’m accusing the depraved woman of murder; there’s no reason to accuse when it is a clear point of fact. Mother was just careful and clever with her plans and it’s why I keep the bitch under tight control now. Given what I’ve done to her, my life expectancy would be rather short if I didn’t take... precautions.

You see, my mother taught me many lessons in life. The first and most important one is that everyone in the world vacillates between one of two personas, hunter and prey. It is ingrained in us from childhood. We are taught that it is better to compete than cooperate; win rather than loose; fuck rather than be fucked. I learned those lessons well. My mother was a magnificent huntress, a lioness of amazing appetite and skill until I turned her into my whimpering pet. I enjoyed fucking her figuratively and literally.

Her first conquest came at… a very young age. You see, her father abused her wickedly; so she ran away from her Iowa, dirt farm home to take her chances in the big city of New York. I blame her father for the many perversions she embraced later in life. Lucky for her, she had blossomed early and because of her abusive household, she thought she was safer on the streets of the wicked world than she was at home. Either way she would have ended up pregnant. It was just a matter of time.

She was being silly and thought she would make it as a model or actress. Even at that age she projected a sexual aura that was simply captivating. I’ve seen the pictures. Like my sister, she definitely blossomed early and was quite stacked for her age. Her raven hair, cobalt blue eyes, bounteous bosom, and curvaceous hips fully belied her age. She looked like a goddess of fertility in full maturity.

She ended up with a fake ID and papers that allowed her to work in an upscale strip bar where she met my father. He was a foolish man in his mid-70’s. He had been recently widowed, distraught with life, and moderately wealthy. Old, depressed, rich, these were the qualities my mother looked for in a man. Perhaps her father’s training taught her to enjoy older partners.

She enticed him with her feminine charms; married him and then literally, loved him to death. They were married for two years before he suffered a fatal heart attack in full flagrante, one might say. Cliché’ as it might sound; he came and went in the same moment. As mother described it, she knew that he was having a heart attack in the middle of their love making. She was riding on top of him because his back was too weak for missionary coupling. He begged her to stop, but his pleas only made her more aggressive. She told me that it was one of her most satisfying orgasms until I became her lover.

Yes, I know all about my mother’s sexual activities. I made her tell me her exploits and perversions so that I could exploit them and turn her from a ruthless huntress into a sniveling nymphomaniac begging for her next orgasm. Her mistake was that she made sure to have me in the first year of her first marriage so that I would be the anchor that would secure the inheritance, and it worked. Mother reaped over 5 million dollars off that marriage. More than enough money to live upon for the rest of her life, but mother was greedy. She wanted more.

After my father’s passing, she changed her name and we moved west to a medium sized town outside of Pittsburg where she fell in greed with an even more foolish lech. She was looking for someone to help her invest her money and she went with the most respectable company in town. It just so happened that the man that ran the business was a very well to do gentleman in his latter 50’s who was obscenely obese. He had never married as no woman would have him; but my mother wasn’t after his cock, she wanted his money. It was really that simple. They married less than six months after my father’s death and my mother took over the menu. His demise was easy to arrange as the man she married was simply a glutton. Mother encouraged his indulgence. He weighed over 300 lbs. when they wed, three years later upon his death, he tipped the scales at 523. Mother told me how she would wear a black out mask and ride his dick every night so that she wouldn’t have to look at him. She told him that the mask gave her sensory deprivation and made the sex more intense, but in reality it simply allowed her to imagine that she wasn’t riding a beluga whale to his early demise. It worked. The combination of his obesity, diabetes, and mother’s ravenous sexuality combined to take the man to an early grave, but not before he gave my mother a beautiful daughter who would also become my future lover.

You see, mother taught me well. She turned me into a hunter and she became my most exquisite prey. I watched carefully over the intervening years as she married five more men, each a bit wealthier than the last. She had a knack for finding rich men that had no encumbrances so that their wills would not be disputed. She scoffed at Anna Nicole Smith and the foolish way she went about securing her future. “If a woman is going to be a gold digger, she has to choose her shaft well.” She instructed my sister.

Mother chose her next four shafts quite well and we moved west each time, changing our names as we went to start our lives anew with no baggage or reputation to follow us. With each marriage she amassed property and wealth, and even though we were very well off, it was never enough for mother. I found it odd that other than New York, she avoided the major centers of population. “There are rich men all over the world and those that live in smaller areas are far more trusting than the sharks in the big cities.” Mother explained, to my sister.

Audrey was only twelve at the time, but mother was already training her to understand her warped view of the world. I, of course, was the enemy; I was a man. Mother’s training for me was to make me think with my head rather than my cock. She would point out again and again how stupid men could be and with each national scandal that toppled a rich or powerful man, she would laugh and celebrate the victory of the woman who brought him to ruin. She threatened over and over again that she had not amassed her wealth to give it to someone who could so easily dispose of it. I might be her son, but I would never possess her wealth until I was able to prove mastery of my carnal instincts. I was only 14 at the time of our “talk,” but I realized even then that I would have to take possession of her before she trusted me with her fortune. I was fine with that. Mother had engaged in incest with her father, I would be happy to take her as well, but I would need to plan it appropriately if at all.

My time came, it was simple really. Mother married 7 times and with each man she chose well. There was my father who suffered from heart disease; Audrey’s father who suffered from obesity and diabetes; the dare devil that had a tragic car accident when his breaks surprisingly failed; the ancient rock and roller who got too close to a flash pot that had been inexplicably triple loaded; the feeble antiques dealer who ran out of gas in the Arizona desert as he was purchasing native American artifacts; the avid fisherman that drowned; and Earl.

Earl, Earl, Earl; mother was slipping. Oh, who could have blamed her? She was 32 at the time and had been through a litany of men from the geriatric fat farm. Each new husband seemed to outdo their predecessor in infirmity in one way or the other. When Earl entered her life, she was ready for a change, and she was smitten right away. Fifty years of age, in perfect health and stamina, Earl was a breathtaking specimen of masculinity. His only vices were that he smoked and enjoyed liquor too much from time to time. I knew it was a mistake from the start. Even at the tender age of 16, I understood that mother had fallen into her own trap and was falling in love with an incredible hunter superior to her skill and cunning. She added calamity to her foolishness by marrying a man that was equally as ruthless, depraved, and manipulative as she, but love had blinded her to the reality I saw only too well. This time she married a man because she listened to her heart, perhaps her cunt, instead of her head. I was delighted.

I learned as much from Earl as I did from my mother. He was a master of deception and for lack of a better word... cruelty. Mother of course knew none of this in the beginning, but I did. She had raised me to be the same, and I could sense my own kind. What made it all the better was that we used the same tools, vigilance and patience. At first, Earl was kind and gentle. He showed my mother the kind of thrilling romance that a woman simply swoons for. I have no doubt that his love making was equal to the challenge, but he was simply drawing her in, giving her a taste of what would come. Two months after their courtship began, they were engaged, and a month later, they married. Everyone of course thought mother was pregnant, that’s all I needed, another brat sibling to divide the family assets; mother wasn’t pregnant, the stupid cow was simply in love and was threatening my future because of her insatiable hormones and the tick of her biological clock.

I watched. Even though I was in boarding school, I had breaks at home. I was stunned with the transformation. During the first year of their marriage, mother began her Stepford wife impersonation and was the perfect housewife. The loving couple seemed happy and anxious to send my sister and me off to boarding school so they could enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle of leisure. Audrey attended a very religious school that focused on classical education. I was amazed with her skill in music, art, literature, and languages. She was only fourteen and could read Latin, and speak both French and German fluently. Despite her obvious allure, she developed like mother, she seemed to have no knowledge or interest in the carnal world and I began to notice an odd dynamic emerge between my mother and her. At first, it seemed natural. Mother just liked being around my sister, but then I began to notice that mother never allowed Audrey to be alone with Earl. She even insisted that I accompany my sister when she could not. Mother was protecting her. From what? Now that my suspicions were raised, I knew that the pretend paradise she projected was not as perfect as she wanted us to think.

As mother arranged trips and camps for my sister to attend with the purpose of keeping her from home, I began to notice that her dress was changing as well. Normally, mother enjoyed wearing clothing that revealed a lot of skin. She was a beautiful woman, why wouldn’t she want to display it? Instead of bathing suits, short skirts, and sun dresses mother began wearing collared clothing that covered her entire body from neck to knee and hid her enticing charms. What was she hiding? I began watching and listening during my summer home.

I found it unusual that mother made no objection to Earl’s love of animals. She had always despised the idea of an animal living in our home and yet she made no objection to her new husband’s two massive Great Danes and his vicious Rottweiler guard dog. Though mother was a stunning woman, she was short by nature, only five foot two. The beasts seemed enthralled with her in some way as they would saunter up to her with their snouts pulling even to her neck. Mother seemed to enjoy the attention, but I wondered if it was for show. She was simply cajoling her new husband to make him feel relaxed, or was she?