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:DESCRIPTIONMiss Jones was warned by her counselor and friends not to tease them. They let her know that the 'brothers' were too emotional; ready to snap! She laughed. Being a hot, sexy girl in her first year of college, she thought all boys were the same. SHE WAS WRONG!!! By the time the 'brothers' were done with her, she knew beyond a doubt that they were... TOO BIG!!! This story (and other stories) deal with the reality of young, fertile daughters.:EXCERPT“Please, don’t cum inside me!”The young men tore my clothes from me until I was standing clad only in my push-up bras and skimpy bikini panties.“DAMN, YOU GOT SOME SMOKING BODY, TEACH!”I moaned as Leroy started fingering my pussy and another classmate inserted his fingers up my pussy.  They were starting to get all hyper; I wasn’t sure how I could fight them off.Shoving my purse and books from the desk, Leroy lay on the desk and, picking me up by my waist, had me sit down on his monster cock!“NO, YOU’RE TOO BIG!”He grunted and holding onto my hips, he started lifting me up and down until I started riding him on my own.  It felt so good!I arched my back, closing my eyes enjoying this ride.  Finally, I was fucking a black cock.  After so many years, I was getting what I had always wanted!“OH, YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD!”I felt Leroy’s cock throb and then, he came inside my unprotected womb.  The fact that he wasn’t wearing a rubber and I wasn’t on birth control didn’t scare me.  If anything, the nastiness of my letting my students fuck me without protection triggered what was my greatest orgasm.“I’M CUMMING!”  I screamed out as I felt Leroy’s powerful baby batter flood me and then, as he pulled out, he was quickly replaced by another young black with a monster cock.This went on for the remainder of the class, and by the time it was over, my pussy, ass, and mouth were flooded with black sperm.  I had taken on the entire class and was still horny for more!

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by Baby Angie

Published by Baby Angie at Lot’s Cave

So Tight, So Wet, © 2017, by Baby Angie

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Baby Angie

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


So Tight, So Wet


Author’s Note

BDSM Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Baby Angie

“Miss Jones, as provost of the university, let me offer my congratulations on being hired to teach algebra to freshmen; welcome!”

I smiled as Dr. Roth led me to my class to introduce me to my class. I was so excited, finally doing what I had always dreamt of doing. Teaching math to young people was my calling in life.

“Thank you, Dr. Roth! I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you and the university have offered me the opportunity to teach.”

He turned and gave me a mysterious smile. “Don’t mention it, my dear.”

There was something about his smile that gave me the creeps. Why would that be?

Dr. Roth was in his late 60s and overweight. His dress shirt and tie had stains and his sports jacket was dirty and the sleeves were fraying. How could such a dirty man become a provost of a university?

Walking up to the second floor, I heard loud laughter and riotous noise coming from down the hall.

Dr. Roth stopped and looked down and said, “One thing before I introduce you to your class. Please pardon my question but I’m sure that the hiring committee failed to bring this up. Are you on birth control?”


“Pardon me?”

“Miss Jones, before I introduce you to your class, let me take this moment to provide you with vital information that the vermin over at human resources neglected.” Dr. Roth sighed.

“I suppose I can’t blame them. Being truthful would mean we would never have attractive female professors. Oh well, I guess I may as well tell you the truth.”

“What truth?” I crossed my freckled arms over my 36 B cup tits, feeling bad about this job.

“Miss. Jones, our school is ranked number 10th nationally in basketball. In fact, thanks to our basketball team, we are able to provide the student body with the latest in educational tools. Are you following me, so far?”

I frowned and felt really funny about this. “Not really. Do you think you can get to the point?”

Just then the door to one of the classrooms at the end of the hall burst open and a gigantic young black male stepped out and stood looking at us. He had his hands on his hips and yelled out, “Motherfucker! When the fuck you gonna bring over our teacher? Motherfucker, don’t make us beat you down again!”

Dr. Roth cleared his throat and whispered to me, “Just ignore them and do your best. Stick to simple arithmetic and remember, they’re all to get A’s on their grades.”

“But that’s fraud? Why should I even bother teaching them?”


“What did he just say?”

Grabbing me by my elbow, Dr. Roth led me to where the black man was waiting and said, “Miss. Jones, just play along and if, after a week, you’re not satisfied, and we’ll make arrangements to give you a different class. By the way, are you on birth control?”

That’s the second time he asked and I didn’t answer him, thinking it wasn’t his business. Before I could respond, he handed me over to the black man and said, “There she is Rodney. She’s new and quite tiny; be gentle with her!”

Be gentle with me? What the fuck was going on?

The black student, Rodney, smiled and patted my butt. “Dayum, that’s a nice bubble butt you got there, bitch! Now get your ass in and start learning us some math!”

I jumped, not expecting such disrespect from one of my students. Dr. Roth called out, “Remember Miss. Jones, size does matter!”

He chuckled as I was pushed forward and the door closed behind me. I turned and gasped as I saw my algebra class for the first time.

The class consisted of 21students; all them tall, muscular blacks.


Clearing my throat, I smiled and took my place by the desk and chair. I was nervous inside, but on the outside, I showed a calm, confident persona.

“Good morning, my name is Miss. Jones and I’ll be your assistant professor for the fall semester. I’ll hand out the syllabus for the class…”

Before I could finish, the young man who patted my butt raised his hand.

“Hey teach, you ever win a beauty contest?”

I stammered and blushed. I had not expected that question.

“Um, no. Anyway, as I was saying, the syllabus contains your…”

“Hey teach, you ever have yourself some black dick?”

The whole classed laughed and I blushed. I blushed because of back when I was in high school, I did, in fact, have a crush on the school’s all-state linebacker, Lionel Washington. The one thing I remembered about him was not only his muscular body but the gigantic bulge in his uniform and jeans.

Unlike most of the other blacks in school, Lionel liked to wear regular fitting jeans instead of the oversized slacks, hanging down by the ass. His tight butt and bulge sure did things to me in my senior year. What made that year so memorable was my obsession with the black linebacker. It was so wrong yet I couldn’t help it. Something about his hot body made me realize that one day I would have to have a big black cock in me.

“I want to say that part of a successful educational experience includes respect between professors and students…”

“But teach, you got such a hot body and that bubble butt is begging for a big black dick! You gots to tell us the truth!”

I was partly flustered at their stubborn insistence on black cock and continued disrespect. How was I supposed to regain control of the class without losing my patience?

I could storm out and complain to the administration; however, that would reflect badly on me. If I couldn’t control this class, then why should the college even hire me?

“Uh, Tyrone? Tyrone, first of all, it’s unacceptable that as a student, you ask me such questions. It’s rude and frankly, none of your business!”

My response triggered a collective meltdown among the students and they glared at me and from the back of the class, a tall, lanky black got up and said, “You saying that you ain’t into black dick?”

Looking back, maybe it was how I blushed or perhaps it was how my nipples pushed out on my blouse. Whatever the reason, something that I said pushed my horny, young students to the point of no return!

“No, that’s not what I said! There’s nothing wrong with my dating a black man. I’m just saying that this is an algebra class and…”

“BITCH! YOU DON’T LIKE BLACK DICK?” Leroy, who was the star of the basketball team and at six feet two an All-American guard jumped up, strode to where I stood and pulled out his huge cock!

“This is unacceptable! Please return to your seat!”

The class laughed and Leroy grabbed my tiny little hand and placed it on his erect cock!

“What do you think, bitch? You feel how hard it is? Can’t you just imagine this hard black cock inside you? Admit it, teach, you want my black snake!”

I was about to run out of the class, screaming for help. I was until I felt just how hard his cock was. I had never had such a hard cock in my hand.

I looked down on Leroy’s monster, and realized that I did indeed want to kiss it; I wanted that beautiful black cock inside me!

“Leroy, this is so wrong! I’m your teacher; I’m not supposed to suck your cock!”

“Who said suck, teach? I’m talking about spreading your butt cheeks and pounding your pussy!”

Looking down, I was shocked and speechless at how thick Leroy’s cock was. I reached out and burned that bridge that separates students and their teacher; I was clearly surrendering to my lust for black cock!

“Leroy, I’m not supposed to do this; I’m your teacher!”