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Anders Berget



Sling Training is the ultimate guide to bodyweight suspension training. This is functional fitness at its best: Agility, strength, and balance. Every exercise connects to your core muscles. 100 exercises range from easy to extreme. Individual chapters take you from targeting simple muscles to full-body movements. "It makes you less Arnold, more Bruce Lee," says pro snowboarder Fredrik Austbo. Sling Training features 15 sport-specific programs by world-class athletes, coaches, and physical therapists. Whether you do golf, soccer, or snowboarding, you will improve your game by adding suspension training to your workouts.

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Anders Berget

Lennart Krohn-Hansen

Two physiotherapists have spent three years perfecting this book: Lennart Krohn-Hansen works as an international sling training course instructor. Previously, he developed the educational program for an international sling training company. Anders Berget has worked with sling training through gyms, rehab centers, and teaching personal trainers.

Sling Training

Big thanks to our families, Stavanger Sports Clinic (location), Jungle Sports (equipment), Gry G. Thorsen (photographer), Lene Løland and Siw Øie Norheim (models), Øyvind and Bent (Norwegian publishers), Anne Mellbye (Mellbye Design), Meg Willett and Susan Bujko (proofreading) and all the experts who contributed with sport specific workouts.

This book has been very carefully prepared, but no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the information it contains. Neither the author nor the publisher can assume liability for any damages or injuries resulting from information contained in this book.

Sling Training

Full Body Suspension Workout

Lennart Krohn-Hansen and Anders Berget

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Why this book

How did sling training start?

Get started!

I    Before You Start

Perfect posture

Core activation

The 80/100 option

Core stability

General tips

Plank core stability

Standing core stability

Sets and repetitions

Rep and set recommendations according to activity

II   To Work Out in Slings

Basics: backward position

Forward position

Supporting foot

III  Get the Most Out of the Book

Know your way around

Start position

End position

Sling height

Difficulty level

IV  Exercises

1    Full Body Workout

1.1    Squat and row

1.2    Lunge and fly

1.3    Lunge with side bend

1.4    One leg squat to lunge

1.5    Overhead boxing

1.6    Ice skates

1.7    Sprinter start

1.8    Postural squat

2   Lower Body Strength

2.1    One leg squat stand

2.2    One leg squat with rotation

2.3    Backward lunge

2.4    Backward lunge to jump

2.5    Stability lunge

2.6    One leg deep squat

2.7    Hamstring curl

2.8    High hamstring curl

2.9    One leg hamstring curl

2.10  High extension to splits

2.11  Sling leg lifts

2.12  Inner thigh lifts

3   Upper Body Strength

3.1    Kneeling superman

3.2    Superman

3.3    One hand superman

3.4    Flies

3.5    Reverse elbow flies

3.6    Reverse flies

3.7    Y-flies

3.8    A-flies

3.9    One arm row

3.10  Incline pull-ups

3.11  Bent arm side press

3.12  Side press

3.13  External rotation

3.14  Internal rotation

3.15  Hammer curls

3.16  One arm bicep curl

3.17  Triceps press

3.18  One arm triceps press

3.19  Incline push-ups

3.20  Push-ups

3.21  Push-ups on a fitness ball

3.22  Supported dips

3.23  Dips

3.24  Pull-ups

3.25  Incline pull-ups to triceps press

4   Core

4.1    Forward lean

4.2    Knees off the ground

4.3    plank

4.4    Sling cycling

4.5    Omega

4.6    Sideways omega

4.7    Twisted plank

4.8    Delta

4.9    Body saw

4.10  Side plank

4.11  Dynamic side plank

4.12  Supine plank

4.13  One leg supine plank

4.14  Supine plank rotation

4.15  Sling bridge

4.16  Reverse sling cycling

4.17  Leg lifts

4.18  Wide sling obliques

5   Extreme Sling Training

5.1    Extreme plank

5.2    Incline handstand press

5.3    Handstand press

5.4    Twisted side plank

5.5    One hand one foot omega

5.6    Double poling plank

5.7    One arm supported push-up

5.8    One arm sling push-ups

5.9  Straddle sit to half flair

5.10  Wide sling leg lifts

5.11  Extreme swing

5.12  Hanging leg raises

5.13  V-ups

5.14  Hanging and turning

5.15  Sling handstands

5.16  Twisted push-ups

5.17  The egg

5.18  Hanging sit-ups

5.19  Sling squat

5.20  Typewriter pull-ups

5.21  Supported one hand pull-up

6   Stretching and Relaxation

6.1    Upper back mobilization

6.2    Lateral back stretch

6.3    Pectoralis stretch

6.4    Latissimus stretch

6.5    Back mobilization

6.6    Pendulum

6.7    Sling splits

6.8    Hip rotators (Internal rotation hips)

6.9    Hamstring stretch

6.10  Glute stretch

6.11  Quad stretch

6.12  Hip flexor stretch

7   Sport Specific Programs



Sling [sling] – Adjustable looped rope that increases demands on strength and balance compared to regular exercise. Ex: Sling Training, Sling Exercise.

I set my hands in the grips and get ready. Feet are shoulder width apart and my body in plank position. Sling push-ups – how hard can it be?

As I lower myself to the floor, I feel my hands starting to shake. I’m fighting to keep my balance. Chest, arms and core muscles are working at their maximum.

I concentrate to keep my hands steady. My pulse is racing, but I continue for another repetition. Do I always breathe this hard?

After seven reps I collapse on the floor. Seven push-ups? I’m supposed to do five times as many!

This was my first encounter with sling training. Now, what will sling training do for you?

Sling training is different. It will make you stronger. Faster. More flexible. It develops your balance. It can prevent sports injuries. You will feel improvements – whether you’re running, golfing or rock climbing.

My only concern is that... you will get addicted.

Welcome to an all new form of movement. We hope you are ready to try a workout that is suited to you – whatever your shape, height, weight or age. Sling training is a balanced, full body workout that delivers quicker results than regular machine training. It challenges strength, balance and joint stability at the same time. Most important of all, you will notice the results of sling training in your daily life.

Let’s say you’re moving to a new place and you’ll be carrying boxes all day. When you lift a heavy box you need to be strong in all the body, not just the arms. The arms do only a part of the lifting; the shoulders, core and leg muscles do the rest.

Movement science has a term for this: muscle chains. Muscle chains are cooperating muscles that work together to perform different tasks like lifting, jumping, running or throwing. A chain is never stronger than its weakest link and the same applies to the muscle chains of the body.

A “balanced, full body workout” means that all the muscles are strengthened with the most stress on the weakest link. Strength machines and free weights will not strengthen your body the same way. The variable, wobbly support of the slings increase joint stability and decreases the risk of sport injuries. You will get stronger AND prevent injury!

Buy a sling trainer and you’ll have a gym on the go with hundreds of exercises. No other equipment lets you customize your workout in the same way. You’ll save time at the gym when you don’t need to wait in line or walk between machines and then adjust the seat and weight stack. Get creative and make your own sling exercises by adding balance boards or extra weights. When you come up with a new exercise, let us know at

We’ve made this book to show you how fun and valuable sling training can be.

If you exercise at home, the sling trainer will give you full body strength training whenever you want it. Bring your sling trainer to the park or do a post-run sling routine in your garage.

If you are a gym member, sling training will give you the variation you need to get faster and better results. Challenge yourself and activate muscles you didn’t know you have!

Why this book?

We started on this book to show you all the possibilities you have with a sling trainer. We want to give you:

  The best basic exercises

  Exercises for specific muscles and muscle groups

  Extreme sling training

  Stretching and flexibility exercises

  Workout routines and sport specific programs

Variation is the key to any workout. Even if you already have the perfect upper or lower body workout, we encourage you to add one or two sling exercises and notice the effect.

We rigorously test every sling exercise we find. This book is the premium selection of sling exercises. If you find an exercise that is missing, we’d love to hear from you at

Most sling exercises can be modified with equipment like a medicine ball, balance board, free weights or the Pilates ball. In a similar manner you may modify and exercise by shifting from toes to knees or changing from two to one hand for support.

With all the ways to modify an exercise there is an infinite number of variations. We will show you examples of these variations and hope you are inspired to make your own. Good news for personal trainers and instructors: We’ve made every exercise description independent of the photos. This way, the book will be valuable when helping out friends or instructing clients.

How did sling training start?