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Kyle's big sister, Jenna loves to tease him any chance she gets. Ever since they were kids whenever she'd aggravate him she'd give him a kiss and tell him "Sis loves you!". Up until now it had been typical sibling rivalry, but that changes the day Jenna catches Kyle watching porn. That's when Jenna takes her games to a new level and one that adds a new meaning to the phrase Sis loves you!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~"Jenna, please." Arguing with her wasn't going to get him anywhere so he decided to beg. Most of the time that's what she wanted anyway was to see him squirm. "Don't tell mom and dad.""Why shouldn't I?""Because I'm sorry. I figured it was no big deal. It's just a stocking.""But it belongs to your sister, you pervert.""Not like your foot was in it." "Then why not buy a pair to use to enhance your experience?" She raised her eyebrows, "Hmmm?""I just found it on the floor one day." He sighed. "I shouldn't have done it." "Did you sniff it?" She smirked"Hell no!" "You're lying." The smirk turned into a big smile. "You sniffed it didn't you?""I'm not answering that.""Wonder if dad will ask you."Kyle put his head down, "What do you want from me, sis?""The truth. You sniff it?""What's it matter?""If you're honest maybe I won't tell mom and dad." She waited, but when he didn't say anything she asked again. "Little brother, did you sniff your big sister's sweaty stocking?""Yes," he whispered."What was that?" Jenna put her hand to her ear. "I didn't hear you.""Yes, I sniffed it!""Dirty boy." She spoke in that teasing tone she'd used on him for as long as he could remember and annoyed the hell out of him. "Did it get you hard?""Get out!" He snapped. "Fine, Mom will be home in an hour." She started to slide off the desk."Jenna, please. You know they'll go nuts over this.""Then answer the question.""I can't.""That's an answer right there." She laughed. "Okay, forget that for now. How about this one. Do I have sexy feet?""Sis, that's...hey!"Jenna lifted her leg and put her foot in his face. "Well do I?""They're okay I guess.""Just okay?" Jenna wiggled her toes. "With my pretty toe nails and sexy little tattoo?" She slid the side of her foot along his cheek."Stop that.""That rose would make a nice bull's eye wouldn't it?" "Jenna, you're my sister, knock it off." He sounded properly upset, but it really wasn't at her. It was at the fact his body was reacting to her foot touching his face. "You like my feet, don't you little brother?" She puu her toes inches from his lips."No." He turned his head, then shivered when she pressed the sole of her foot along his cheek. "Yes, you do." She insisted "I can see it in your eyes. You like my feet.""Jenna, I...oh, shit!" he gasped when she put her other foot on his crotch. His rapidly swelling crotch.

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Sis Loves Me!


Laura Lovecraft

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

* * * * *


L.L. Craft Publications

Copyright © 2017 by Laura Lovecraft

All Characters are 18 and over

Chapter One

“Nice!” Kyle exclaimed when he pulled into the driveway and saw Jenna wasn’t home.

His parents were still at work, but he’d thought his older sister was going to be home. Maybe she’d gotten an extra shift at the restaurant. On any given day Kyle loved having the house to himself, but was even happier about it today.

Not just because it was unexpected, but he could view his new purchase, right away. Grabbing the purple Amazing superstore bag from under the seat where he’d hidden it figuring he’d have to wait to bring it inside, he walked briskly to the house smiling at his good fortune.

Kyle took the stairs two at a time and entering his room, pulled his latest acquisition from the bag.

“Sweet feet.” He read the title aloud while staring at the pair of sexy feet in their black stockings, a load of thick white cum sprayed across them.

Sitting down at his desk, he slipped the DVD from its case and inserted it into his laptop. While he waited for it to come up, he flipped the case over and looked at the six small pics on the back, each representing one of the scenes.

Kyle sat back and looked at them. Each scene was around fifteen minutes and he was trying to decided which one to watch and get off to in this found time he’d lucked out with. The pictures showed the girl as well as their feet, but Kyle focused more on the subject matter of the video.

He felt a little weird, knowing full well when his friends watched porn it was to watch women fucking and sucking, not them jacking guys off with their feet. But, as he’d told himself many times before, they wouldn’t make the videos if guys weren’t into it.

Kyle was torn between the scene where the girl had on light blue stockings, her feet wrapped around a huge cock and one where the girl’s feet were bare. In this picture she had one foot along the cock, her other was pressed against the guys lips and he was licking her red tipped toes.

His own cock had been swelling since he’d sat down, but at the sight of the girls toes in the guys mouth, he decided to go with that one. As much as the thought of getting a foot job turned him on, imagining sucking and licking some sexy toes, hell licking the entire foot, did it for him even more.

Kyle had never asked the couple of girls he’d had sex with if he could play with their feet because he was afraid they’d not only make fun of him, but say something. He shuddered at the thought of going to class and people calling him footboy or girls teasing him with their feet and asking if he liked them.

Okay, that part was a turn on. The videos where girls teased the guy not only with their feet, but about them, borderline humiliating them were his favorite. Kyle plucked the small key he kept in a jar of change on his desk and unlocked the bottom drawer of his desk.

He slid it open, revealing a stack of other foot job DVD’s he’d bought over the last few months after stumbling on a hot foot vid on pornhub. He knew he could see plenty of clips for free, but they were always short and didn’t show a lot of teasing and pleasing these videos did.

Kyle unzipped his jeans, and pushing up with his feet, lifted his hips so he could push them and his boxers down. His hard cock sprang free, the tip swollen purple and already oozing precum. He selected the scene he wanted and as he clicked it, reached down into the drawer with the movies.

He fumbled around while he watched the video which started with a tall sexy brunette in a short dress sitting at a table dangling her heel from her foot. A guy across the room from her was watching, his hand rubbing his crotch.

The camera zoomed on her foot. Blue nails, a silver toe ring and an ankle bracelet decorated her foot as well as a sexy little butterfly tattoo. The girl beckoned the guy over and when he rose to his feet she smiled and pointed to the floor.

The guy crawled on his hands and knees over to her and she offered him one foot at a time, allowing him to take off her shoes. Kyle found what he was searching for in the drawer. He removed the black stocking that belonged to Jenna that he’d found on the floor in front of the washer a couple of weeks ago.

He was going to give it back, but found himself staring at it and thinking of the videos he watched. Feeling weird, but unable to help himself, he’d sniffed it. All joking aside about being stinky, feet did have a certain scent to them. Not a bad one, but different from other parts of the body.

Jenna wore stockings and skirts to her waitressing job and did eight hour shifts. The scent was a little strong and to his surprise it was turning him on. Instead of giving it to her, he’d taken it to his room and the next time he watched a foot movie, wrapped it around his cock while he jerked off.

He loved the feeling of it and it looked so good he’d ended up just jerking while watching it around his cock and imagining a foot in it. Ever since he used it every time he watched one of the movies.

Kyle did the best he could not to get any cum on it because he didn’t want to wash it and just before he’d go off, he’d pull his cock back and cum all over his stomach. A few drops had gotten on it here and there, and he felt gross not washing it, but the small dried spots of jizz made it even sexier.

He wrapped it around his already aching cock while watching the guy on his knees, licking the girls foot from heel to toe while she rubbed her other foot along his face. She then dropped it in his crotch where he’d already unzipped and pulled his cock out.

“So hot,” whispered when she curled her toes around the tip of his cock and precum oozed across them.

She added her second foot, rubbing the top of it across his tip while her other foot pressed along the length of his shaft. His pre cum smeared over the top of her foot and Kyle loved how his swollen cockhead looked pressed against the bright tattoo.

Foot tattoos were so damned hot. Jenna had a tattoo on the top of her left foot, a beautiful purple rose. Kyle would be lying of he said he hadn’t noticed his sister’s feet. Jenna had damned sexy feet and always went for pedicures and had her toes brightly painted.

She had a nice curve to her arch and the long slender toes that could wrap around a cock. With the weather getting warmer, she wasn’t wearing stockings all the time and her bare feet in the heeled sandals she wore to work looked good enough to be in one of these videos.

But she was his sister and other than acknowledge she had some sweet feet of her own, Kyle never fantasized about them. Not even with it being her stocking. He had found himself wondering if she’d be willing to let a guy play with her feet and give a footjob.

Jenna was twenty and had a few boyfriends, at least three of which Kyle knew she had sex with. One of them had busted his balls saying his sister was a nasty little thing in bed that liked to talk dirty and would try anything.

Kyle had given him a smack in the mouth that earned him a two week grounding, but also his father telling him he was proud of him. Jenna, who in typical big sister fashion always teased him and busted his balls, had actually had a rare moment of being sweet, kissing his cheek and thanking him for sticking up for her.

Now however, the comment did make him wonder if she’d be game for a foot job. What the hell did it matter and why was he thinking of his damn sister while there was a pair of sexy feet with a cock now wrapped between them and jerking up and down.

Kyle focused on the scene and stroked his cock slowly, teasing himself so he’d last and could cum in time with the guy spraying a hot load on those pretty feet. Hopefully all over that hot little tattoo and…

“Oh my god, what you doing?”

“Holy shit!” Kyle exclaimed, turning to see Jenna standing in the doorway. “What the hell are you doing home?”

He quickly pulled his boxers up over his hard on as she entered the room.

“I live here, you little pervert.” She scrunched her face up in disgust. “Jesus, you can’t close your damn door when you jerk off?”

“I didn’t see your car!” He reached for the mouse to stop the video, but was so flustered, he knocked it off the desk. It fell on the floor, the cover popping off and the batteries rolling across the floor. “Shit!”

“Dad’s in the shop so he took mine because I didn’t have class or work today.” She told him. “I took a shower and was napping and all of a sudden I hear moaning. I thought you might have a girl in here.” She laughed. “Nope just jacking off like a loser.”

Kyle rolled his eyes, but didn’t look her way. Instead he reached for the lap top to shut it down, but Jenna slapped his hand away.

“Ow!” he rubbed he back of his hand. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Ow!” She mocked him. “I swear you’re more like a little sister than a brother.” She looked at the video which was still playing.

At the point the girl was on her hands and knees, her legs bent and her feet cupped together. The video was now from the guy’s POV and showed his long thick cock sliding between her feet.

“What the hell are you watching?”

For the first time since she’d startled him by coming in, Kyle looked at his sister. He had no doubt she’d been sleeping she wore an over sized pink t-shirt with a black cat on it and the words “purrfectly cute” and nothing else.

Her long blonde hair was tousled and darkened from where it was still damp. She wasn’t wearing makeup, but he couldn’t help noticing she didn’t have a bra on either. Jenna wasn’t big in the chest department, something he’d made fun of her about here and there.

But she wasn’t flat either and despite being braless, they were high and proud, and he imagined they would be tight and perky like some of the young slender porn stars he liked. The long shirt went past her ass, but not by much and her legs were visible all the way to her upper thighs.

Jenna had been a cheerleader in high school and taken modern dance for awhile and her long well shaped legs earned her a lot of tips in the short skirts and heels she’d wear for work. He had to admit his big sister was hot.

Then again it was hard not to acknowledge that when he’d had some of his friends admit they liked to sleep over just to check her out. Never mind how he was always more popular in the summer because of their swimming pool and Jenna sunbathing in the bikinis dad had grounded her for wearing when he’d come home early once and saw the guys gawking at her.

Kyle’s eyes trailed down her legs, not that he was checking her out, but it had become a habit of his over the last few months. Every girl he saw his eyes, which used to linger on their asses or legs, would now drift to their feet.

Jenna was barefoot, her toes painted a deep purple that matched the rose tattoo on the top of her foot. His eyes lingered on her toes, and then traced the arch of her foot.

“He’s fucking her feet?” Jenna’s voice made him realize he’d been staring down at her feet, and he quickly looked up to see her pointing at the screen.

The girl had rolled over again and once again had her feet wrapped around his cock, her hands on her ankles helping lift her feet along his shaft.

“Christ what a fucking little sicko!” Jenna looked at him. “You can’t even watch porn like everyone else, you’re watching feet videos!”

“It’s what was on.” He told her. “Now you think you can get out of my room now?”

“Oh, look at that! He’s coming all over her feet!” Jenna’s pointed to the screen. “Wow, that’s a big load and its between her toes and everything!”

Hearing his sister talking about cum and a big load caught him by surprise. Not that she was miss proper around him, Jenna had a gutter mouth when mom and dad weren’t around, but she never made sexual references to him.

“Jenna, get out of here!”

“Aw, did I ruin it for you?” Jenna giggled. “We’re you waiting to cum when that guy on the video did?”


“Wishing that was your dick between her feet and cumming on them instead of all over your hand like a pathetic loser with no girlfriend?”

“Will you get…”

“That girl’s an idiot.” Jenna was staring at the video where the guy was wringing a few more drops from his cock and slapping it on her feet. “That’s a big fucking dick. She should have been fucking him.” She whistled. “I’d fuck that cock.”

“Whoa!” Kyle put his hands up. “TMI! I don’t want to know what you would do.”