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Sparks fly and emotions run high when Mia has to choose between an eccentric billionaire who wants to crumble every barrier of resistance in her body and make her submit and a black alpha male who enjoys stripping and taking control of her in public.Who's to say she can't have both?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~There weren't many cars on the road, but even the few cars that drove past made my heartbeat speed up. Could they see me? It was dark enough that drivers still had their headlights on.I had to go through security. They knew me well enough to just let me past, but the thought of letting them see me still made my entire body tingle.Then I heard the unmistakable sound of police sirens approaching me from behind.Blinding police lights showed in the rear view mirror. I tried to sink into the seat even more and prayed that they were just passing by and was heading elsewhere.The warning to stop the car blared loudly from behind me and I slowed the car to a halt and stopped it by the side of the road.The sight of the uniformed police coming from the rear view mirror set my heart pounding loudly. I couldn't breathe."Please get out of the car with your hands up." The unfamiliar sound of the policeman came from outside the car.I gulped and opened the car door. I walked out of the car.  My cheeks were red from shame and I was breathing heavily."Do you know why I stopped you?" the unfamiliar police said, still looking at his notepad.I gulped and tried to fight back the panic bubbling in my belly. I shook my head. "No sir," I whispered."Hands on the roof of the car," he instructed.I did as I was told willingly, preferring to face away from him completely so he wouldn't see how red my face was.I heard a sharp intake of breath from behind me that told me he finally looked up from his notepad."Ma'am, why are you naked?"

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Toxic Love 3


Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This is the last book of the Toxic Love trilogy. Sinful Surrender features a dominating black male and an alpha white male taking control of a young woman who yields to both men completely.

It also contains scenes including exhibitionism (balcony, roadside, highway, elevator & bar), domination, bondage, submission, MFM, and a female on female kissing scene.

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

This book can be enjoyed on its own, but for optimum reading experience, check out the first & second book of the Toxic Love trilogy first.

Brazen and beautiful private detective, Mia Faye has never been caught doing anything illegal. That is, until she takes a new job and agrees to steal something deeply personal from an infamous billionaire, Damon Davis. After breaking into his mansion, she finds herself witnessing perverted acts involving a young woman and a group of strangers.

She steals what she needs and escapes, only to fall into the clutches of the mysterious man soon after. And what begins as a simple job turns into so much more...

Chapter 1*: Bar Show

"Come on Mia, you can do it!"

My three new friends heckled me relentlessly as I brought the cup to my lips with the intention of making me down it all. The only reason why I was taking so long was because I've had three drinks prior and my stomach was feeling bloated. At this point, the mimosas had been flowing for a while and there was no reasoning with them.

"Done!" I yelled as I slammed the empty glass on the table.

At the sound of my voice, James looked over with a worried glance and I gave him a thumbs up, my brain buzzing pleasantly from the abundance of alcohol flowing through my veins. It was nice to finally relax amongst friends. Or in this case, new friends.

Picking Las Vegas to get away from everything and have a short holiday was a great idea but our initial plan to sightsee in the morning and sleep in was demolished the moment we ran into one of our old clients, Carla Manning.

Carla found out through our investigation that her husband had been harboring not one, but two side-chicks. With the damning proof we found, she managed to win the case with almost everything. He got the mansion, but she had enough money to get a new one that's even bigger.

Carla was getting married to the man of her dreams, someone we also helped vet prior to her engagement. He was a good guy. A little boring, but a good guy nevertheless. Her new soon-to-be husband was even richer than her ex, though he was a little older in his mid-forties.

She ran into us at the airport, just as she was about to get her pre-wedding party started, and insisted on having us join her party.

"You're together now?!" she squealed upon seeing us. "You have to join us!" she cried gleefully, sliding between us and dragging us towards her hens party. She called her fiancé to pick James up and we somehow still managed to end up in the same bar.

"I think I'm going to be sick," I burped, then hurried into the bathroom to wash up. I had never been a heavy drinker.

As I looked in the mirror while freshening up my makeup, I started to feel a little melancholic.

I was still in my early twenties and this was the first time I've been invited out partying with the girls. I never got to experience college. The more time I spent with them, the more I realized how much I missed out. I never partied, never had late night study groups, never hung out with the 'cool crowd' or been invited to a party. And James, as much of a catch as he was, wasn't exactly the type to be open to experimenting with anything new.

James was another enigma. I splashed cold water on my face, praying that all the waterproof makeup I applied was really waterproof before looking up at the mirror. I looked decent. My long hair was still curly instead of frizzled and my mascara stayed firmly in place. I applied a little bit of my red lipstick and made sure tried to decide if I looked drunk. My eyes were half-mast and I looked ready to go to sleep. Maybe I was a little drunk.

I grabbed the door handle and could feel the heavy vibrations of the bass thumping music emanating from the other side.

"Another!" I cried out with false bravado as I went back to the table.

The girls cheered and I felt like I belonged. It was clear that our evening was just beginning.

As if we weren't already drunk enough, Carla decided we needed to get away from the boys, who were side-eyeing us and glaring at all the men who got within a five-foot radius. It ruined the fun. I noticed that some of the guys, whom I could only assume were the girl's boyfriends or husbands, warning away guys who approached us with drinks.

"I know a place," Mindy offered. She had been to the bar on a previous trip and it was 'rad', whatever that meant.

"Buh-bye, baby!" Carla called out as she led us out of the bar. Patrick offered her a weak wave, but looked like he was 90% drunk and ready to head to bed already. It was only ten. Like I said, a little boring, but a good guy.

The loud music drowned out the rest of the goodbyes. I locked eyes with James and gave him a shy wave. He looked like he had something to say but it was lost in the noise so I turned away and headed out to join the girls.

James held me by my arm just as I reached the door and pulled me back. I yelped, surprised by his sudden action. His expression was stoic, but slightly worried. It was endearing.

"I'll be fine. I'll stick with the girls," I promised.

He frowned, then nodded curtly. I thought he was going to get me go. Instead, he drew me into his arms and kissed me hard on the lips, almost bruising. "I'll see you later," he growled, his tone suggesting that we were going to do a lot more than sleep. His eyes drank me in, inhaling the sight of me in my tight black dress. I felt a little self conscious. I felt as if he was undressing me with his eyes.

A chorus of cheers rang out from the rowdy bunch around us and he let go. I jogged back to the giggling girls, who made playful banter about how dreamy James was. They were right. James was incredibly dreamy.

He was a big black man who radiated danger even when he was feeling relaxed. It scared away most women... and men. But his eyes softened when he looked at me. It made me feel special.

I was lucky to have him.

Then why was I thinking about another man?

"So, how did you finally find out James was in love with you?" Carla asked as we were waiting in line to enter the bar.

"What?" I stared at her, my mouth ajar. "How did you- He wasn't-" She raised her eyebrow at me and I shut up dutifully.

"Girl, everybody who's spent an hour with the two of you could see he was head over heels for you," she laughed. "I'm glad you finally caught on," she said.

Instead of feeling warmed by the revelation, I felt a tightness in my chest. Was it guilt? Worry that I wouldn't live up to his expectations?

We were escorted to the private elevator after a little while and that took us to the rooftop bar. The scene was sleek with blue lights that was just bright enough for us to see what we needed without being painful on the eyes. I stared around the bar with my jaw hanging open. I had never been to a bar that looked this much like an art gallery before. There were armored statues holding frosted martini glasses that emanated different colored hues. The walls behind the statues were of Koi fish swimming towards the bar.

We made a beeline to the bar and set our asses there comfortably. Carla took charge of ordering our alcoholic libations. She called them 'liquid happiness.' I couldn't help but smile at how giddy with happiness she was. Patrick and her were a good match. The girls asked her about her honeymoon plans and I let my own thoughts drift.