Sibling Sex: Taboo Erotica - Candace Spencer - ebook

Warning: Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include BDSM, incest, and other taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.*******John drew a deep breath. He was going to fuck this little piece of Cajun tail tonight. He was about to discover just how good Cajun pussy was. The other Navy kids had talked about it constantly, had assumed that because John lived dawn the bayou in the midst of the old Creole families, he had been getting his share regularly. He hadn't, but that was about to be remedied tonight. He was going to drive his cock into that teasing ass and fuck her until she was begging him to stop and continue at the same time.

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Sibling Sex

Candace Spencer

Copyright © 2017

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"My folks would kill us bath if they knew I was with you," she said.

"So why are you risking meeting me like this?" John asked, admiring her lithe form. John liked these Cajun girls because of their saucy tits, because of their fun, pert asses. His eyes glowed as he looked down at the dark-haired girl who was risking her parent's wrath to meet him out here along the bayou.

"Oh, I don't know," Nichole pondered. "Maybe I just wanted to do something wicked." She took his arm as he climbed onto the boat after her and pressed one of her luscious tits against him. She was doing it again -- teasing him with her tits, rubbing them against him. Maybe she didn't really know what they were for yet, but he'd sure the hell teach her. He was going to get his aching hands on those delicious globes. John was panting with the thought as he led her into the cabin end sat beside her on one of the bunks.

Nichole felt his eyes looking over her tits. She felt the warmth of his gaze along her thighs. The young woman shivered, a delicious tingle rippling over her skin. John Spencer was different from the Cajun boys. His father was a Navy officer, stationed up at Belle Meade. John had been all over the country, all over the world. The blond boy knew plenty of girls, yet had been chasing Nichole ever since his parents bought the old Beaux estate along the levee.

John drew a deep breath. He was going to fuck this little piece of Cajun tail tonight. He was about to discover just how good Cajun pussy was. The other Navy kids had talked about it constantly, had assumed that because John lived dawn the bayou in the midst of the old Creole families, he had been getting his share regularly. He hadn't, but that was about to be remedied tonight. He was going to drive his cock into that teasing ass and fuck her until she was begging him to stop and continue at the same time.

He put his arm around her and drew her to him roughly. Nichole struggled at the crudeness of his approach -- she anticipated John would try to kiss her. She had already agreed to let him kiss her after a few moments of resistance. If he kissed her with any skill, she was going to let him play with her tits a little.

Nichole gasped as John pulled her closer to him and began kissing her wildly. He groped for her tits, sending mixed delight and tenor through her young body. Nichole struggled to get free of his embrace. She wriggled loose of his arm and scampered across the bunk, turning to face him angrily.

"What do you think you're doing!" she gasped. "Just because I slipped out here to meet you, doesn't mean that you can treat me like that!"

John moved closer to her, his eyes filled with lust. He looked at the girl as she crouched against the end of the bunk, her tits heaving wildly, her legs folded beneath her, showing luscious thighs where her tight shorts ended. John reached over and caught her arm. He yanked her violently, circling his arms around her again. He pushed her down on the bunk and held her there, panting as he brought his lips to hers.

"I haven't even started on you yet," he panted. "You haven't felt anything yet, baby!"

"You'll be in more trouble that you ever dreamed!" she hissed. "My dad would be out here in two minutes if he heard a sound from me."

"So call him!" John dared her. "Go ahead and scream. You just said he'd kill you if he knew you were out here with me. This was your idea, remember?"

Nichole shuddered as he stared down into her eyes. He was right. She had suggested they meet like this. She had suggested it because she knew her dad would not allow her to date John. Her parents were convinced that the Navy kids only had one reason for dating Cajun girls. She stared up at him, her eyes wide in apprehension.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to kiss you," he smiled. "I'm going to start by kissing you. Then I'm going to get that blouse off and see just how good those tits feel. When I've finished with them, I'm going to pull those panties off and fuck that pussy of yours."

She tried to roll out from beneath him, but John held her firmly, pressing his lips to her mouth. His tongue easel between her lips and forced them apart. John ran his tongue into her mouth, slapping it against her tongue in delight. She twisted under the kiss, trying to escape the clawing hands which pulled at her blouse and grabbed her tits roughly. John straddled her struggling body as he kissed her and caressed her tits. She tried to bring her knee upward to force him oft but was stunned by the resounding force of a quick slap across her face.

She looked up at him. He had his hand drawn back to slap her again and she saw the glow of lust on his face. She saw, in horror, the swollen bulge in his pants. He held his hand poised to strike her again. Nichole tried another approach.

"Please," she begged him. "Please don't!"

"Save your begging," he panted in a husky voice. "I made a promise to myself. I promised myself that if you flashed those tits before me one more time, I was going to get my hands on them. I told myself that if you kept swinging that ass of yours around me, I would get my cock into it and fuck it off."

"I didn't know," she stammered. "I didn't realize..." That wasn't true and Nichole knew it. She knew her ass and tits excited the boys. Cammy had told her what they said about her. Her mother had warned her. Even her father, in his brisk way, had cautioned her. It had been fun, though, to tern and taunt. It had been fun, until tonight.

"Stop sniveling! You're going to get fucked. It isn't going to hurt you unless you fight it. You relax, and you can have as much fun as I do. Here, get your hands on my cock and work it up while I see just how nice those tits are."

John sat up and unzipped his pants. Nichole stared in horror and anticipation as he drew the long, curved cock into view. She gasped as he took her hand and placed it on the hot shaft, closing her fingers around the throbbing rod. He kept his hand on hem another moment, pumping the cock. She watched the knob turn redder in excitement as she pulled the skin along the shaft. It looked angry, but it was also strangely appealing.

"Now," he smiled when he saw her staring longingly at his cock, "to find out about those tits."

He slipped her blouse off and began to play freely with her tits. He ran his fingers along the top of her bra and slipped them between the tight nylon and her satin skin. She watched the glow of desire spread across his face as he tried to finger her nipples.

"Damn, but they fill up that bra," he breathed. "Have to get it out of the way if I expect to have any fun!" He lifted her shoulders from the bunk and reached behind her. He unfastened the snap and pulled her bra away. His hands trembled as he reached for her delicious tits which were now exposed to his view, shimmering in the moonlight which filtered into the cabin.

"That," he gasped, "is a gorgeous pair of tits!" They seemed so white in the moonlight, the nipples and areolas darker brown against the soft, inviting skin. John began massaging the luscious globes, fingering the soft flesh. He cupped Nichole's tits, his thumbs pressed into the nipples. Finally, he leaned over and took a nipple between his lips. Nichole shivered at the first thrill of his kiss, her nipple tingling as it hardened in excitement. John massaged one tit while he sucked on the other.

"Mmmmmm," he murmured as he toyed with her heaving breasts. "Mmmmm, they're beautiful!"

Nichole kept her hand on his cock, feeling it grow stronger and more active. It leaped and lunged beneath her fingers, the film of skin gliding back and forth along the shaft with amazing ease. She began to pump more aggressively, feeling less fear of him now. The rising glow in her tits, the rising excitement in her hands, the sudden pulses passing through her pussy, forced her terror back. Instead of fright, she now felt a driving curiosity. How was it going to feel to have that cock slide up her pussy? How much would it hurt? Would the delicious feeling outweigh the pain?

"Not so bad, is it?" he asked her. "Not bad at all."

John slipped off and snuggled beside her, no longer worried about her fighting free of his embraces. Nichole kept hold of his cock as though the long, curving shaft had a spell on her. The thrill of its warmth, the feeling of its surging power, had possessed her. She pumped sensuously, tauntingly, as John buried his face in her tits. He kissed her chest between the swollen breasts and pushed them against his cheeks with both hands.

"Uhhmmmm!" he sighed as he began to lightly kiss her moist and parted lips. "Wow! What a body! What a gorgeous hunk of tail!"

He kissed her with greater intensity. His tongue darted through her lips and probed her mouth. Nichole responded to his kiss, letting her tongue meet his in passionate, teasing play. She thrust her tits against his chest and pumped her hand more rapidly, more lustfully along the shaft of the throbbing cock. Slowly she drew her knees upward, letting her thigh lay against his.

"Now, let's see what that cunt feels like," he whispered. Nichole felt another wave of fear grip her as he reached for her shorts and unzipped them. She had been almost this far with several boys. She had gone so far as to let them play with her tits. She had even let Charles Devereaux get his hands inside her bra. She had never had her pussy petted, though. She shivered in apprehension as John slowly pulled the shorts down her hips and thighs. She was wearing flimsy panties -- she wasn't quite sure why she had slipped these panties on before she came out to meet John -- she usually only wore them to church on Sunday. They were almost like wearing nothing.

It was as though there was nothing between his fingers and her pussy. She jerked when she felt his finger on her cuntlips. She shuddered as he pressed the thin nylon into her cunt and worked his finger firmly over her clit. She tingled as he kept pressing her passion button. She tingled and began to writhe about the bunk in delicious passion.

"Ooooo," she gasped. "Ooooooo, that does feel good." She felt a return of the apprehension, though, as he grasped the waistband and began drawing the filmy fabric down her thighs. He stripped them down her legs and tossed them aside, then began fingering her pussy again.

Her eyes still pleaded with him, begging him to stop right here and not to go any further. Her pussy was sending another message, though, as his finger pressed her clit... then slid deeply into her cunt, his buckles continuing to work her clit into frenzied excitement. She tightened her thighs against his hand and wiggled slowly back and forth on the bunk. John leaned back to her tits and began sucking once more, this time much more vigorously. He drew the nipples between his lips and worked them into hard, pulsing buttons of desire. He seemed to be trying to suck her entire cunt into his mouth as he slavered the milky-white flesh. His finger was causing her cunt to glow and secrete juices in the tingling passage.

"Like being finger-fucked, don't you?" he smiled as he lifted his mouth from her now glistening tits. "Won't be long before you feel my cock in there. That won't be as gentle as my finger. Hell, you can feel how excited it is already!"

She could feel it. She could feel the rapid throbbing which shook the cock in her hand. She could feel the lust which had enflamed the gleaming prick. She could feel the lust which was flooding her pussy in anticipation of the long shaft going inside her.

"You feel all lathered up?" John smiled. "You feel like that pussy is ready to get down to some serious fucking?"

"No!" Nichole panted. She sobbed a moment as she tried to resist, but he climbed on top of her and parted her thighs. He brought the steaming head of his cock against the lips of her cunt and began forcing it between them.

"No!" she gasped. "Please don't! Oh, please! Not yet! Not tonight! Please, John, let me get used to the idea first. I had no idea you'd want to tonight."

"Just relax, baby," he assured her. "Just relax and enjoy it. You know you're going to get fucked. Just getting my finger up your pussy isn't fucking. Now settle down and take this cock up your cunt. No way I'm going to back off now, not until I've tasted that pussy."

Nichole trembled as he pushed his cock into her. She was tight. Her virgin pussy resisted entrance. His cock slid up to her cherry and stopped. John struggled to break through gently, then accepted that he'd have to take her roughly.

He took a deep breath, then thrust his cock into her with full force. She shuddered as he rammed her maidenhead, gasping as his cock struggled briefly. She cried as he broke through and plunged past the softly bleeding evidence of lost virginity.

"There!" he panted in excitement. "We got it in! Take it easy a minute, then we can get with this fuck."

Nichole was crying softly. She cried from the pain. She cried from the knowledge of what he had done. She cried from fear. She cried from the strange delight which stirred in her loins. She was a woman now. She was different from other girls. She had a cock between her legs. She had a cock in her pussy. That made her different -- that made everything different.

He held her ass tightly and began to pump the cock into the aching passage. He fucked her until she slowly began to enjoy having his cock in her cunt. He drew his long shaft back, rubbing the knob against her cunt, then plunged deep into her once more. Nichole was trapped by the strange, exciting sensation. She wanted to run from the boat. She wanted to run home and hide in her bed. She also was glowing at the experience.

"Fuck me, John," she asked quietly. "Fuck me. Shoot your cum into me."

This was what he wanted to hear. This was the girl he had expected to fuck tonight, not the frightened virgin he had been with until now. He held her ass tighter and pumped his ecstatic cock rapidly. The tightness of her young pussy, the elation of having popped her cherry, the excitement of having her suddenly encourage him, swelled through him. He fucked her wildly, last in the beauty of her body, the excitement of fucking.

"Uhhhh!" he gasped. "Uhh! I'll give you a fuck! I'll let you feel a cock unload inside your pussy! Uuuuuhhhh!"

Nichole felt his cock get hotter. She felt his throbbing increase. His body was a frenzied mass of motion above her. He was trembling as he held her ass. His cock was trembling inside her. His chest shook as it pressed against her tits. He began to shake even more wildly, then the hot juice began to gush from his cock. She felt him explode inside her as he rode her in his lustful orgasm, rode her until he had drained his cock of its jism.

Nichole didn't have an orgasm. She didn't really mind, though. She would have one another time, perhaps with another boy. What had happened was enough. She was a woman. She'd been fucked. She'd had a cock go off inside her.


Camille Dusseaux sat listening to Nichole describing how she'd lost her cherry the other night. Cammy looked at the excited expression on Nichole's face, looked at the way the other girl's tits trembled beneath her blouse. Cammy felt her own pussy, her own tits, tremble as excitedly as though she had been the girl who lost her virginity.

She felt a certain sadness, too. Now Nichole had been fucked. Cammy felt that she was very likely the only girl around who still had a cherry. Knowing that Nichole was also a virgin had been some consolation to the slender young woman. Now that consolation had been taken away from her. She looked at her friend, looked at the glow of satisfaction an Nichole's face. Damn! Camille knew she was prettier than Nichole. Her tits were almost as large as Nichole's and they were on a smaller body, which made them seem much more enticing. Her ass was certainly just as cute and saucy as Nichole's. Shit! Her ass was the best-looking tail in school. She had the sexiest ass below New Orleans. That's what Yvonne said, and Yvonne should know. So why was she the only girl along the whole damn bayou who walked around with her cherry?

"You going to fuck him again?" Cammy asked. "John coming back for more?"

"He wants to," Nichole sighed. "He asked me today in school if I could slip out and meet him again. I told him I'd think about it."

"Have you thought about it?" Camille wanted to know. Shit! If John was after some Cajun tail and Nichole wasn't interested any longer, then maybe the boy would like to try another little piece of Creole delight. Cammy, wasn't particular who she lost her cherry to, just as long as she got the chance to lose it. Besides, it might be easier to get John to risk the anger of Antoine Dusseaux. Her father had quite a reputation among the Cajuns as the roughest, rowdiest coon-ass of them all. The French boys were always around, after her and after Yvonne, but they were careful not to let the old man see them when they reached for a pair of tits.

She realized that Nichole had been talking while she was musing. Cammy tried, to pick up what she had missed. No, the wasn't going to fuck again with John, not yet. She was going to try one of the French boys next. She hadn't decided which one, but she would in the next few days.

Cammy walked along the bayou toward home. Her body still tingled over the account Nichole had given. Her pussy was moist from the excitement. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that she was left out when all the world was fucking. Shit! Yvonne fucked all the time. Yvonne was married to her brother, but still the sexy girl was screwing like a mink. Especially Yvonne fucked every man who came down to stay at their camp. Cammy knew Yvonne fucked them. Why else would she slip away from the house at night and walk aver toward the camp? Why else would Yvonne always have more money for running the camp. Gilbert didn't make that much money with his fishing boat. Yvonne had to be selling her ass. They gave her the money in appreciation. That had to be the reason.