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They've grown up together, lived together, shared everything that two young people can... Well, almost everything. But brothers and sisters aren't supposed to share their bodies, are they? Even if their hormones are raging? Even if their sibling is their most passionate desire? In these 13 tales, brothers and sisters just can't help themselves. It's dirty, it's wrong and it feels too good to stop! ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ From "A Midwinter Night's Roleplay": It was one o'clock in the morning when Denise stirred on the couch. I was sucking on Jayden's neck like a vampire. Tomorrow he could wear a scarf but just now I hoped it was too dark for her to see the hicky. "You guys still up?" she mumbled. "We're just going to bed," Jayden said. "The time really got away from us." "Mmmm!" I hiccuped, as his finger tickled me below. "I, uh, had to fill him in. On stuff!" I gasped. "And now I have to fill her in," Jayden murmured.  "What?" Denise said. She shot us a weird look as she bent over to wake Serena. I had to rise with Jayden, otherwise his arousal would be all-too-obvious. As I set my bare feet on the table, I felt it brush my thigh. I had to will myself to remain standing (and tried not to imagine how close we were to being naked and alone). Jayden lifted the remote and turned off the TV, dropping a blanket of darkness over the four of us. "Now I have to tuck her in," he said, as smoothly as before. "Oh," Denise said. "Right, right." A groggy Serena refused to take Denise's hand, so we just covered her in a blanket and left her on the couch. Then we said goodnight to each other and went to the opposite sides of the hall.  No sooner did I close my door than I felt my twin's hand's on my cheeks. He kissed me with all his strength and I tried so hard to keep quiet. "Please don't tease me anymore," I moaned. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I was impatient. I don't want to be bad." I ran my palms over his incredible chest. "I want it rough tonight. Can we do the rough one?" "You're too horny to stay quiet for that one," he said. "I'll behave," I said.  "No you won't," he said. I pushed my body into his chest. "I will," I said, and slid my lips into his ear. "Just ravish me," I whispered. His hands held me against the door. "Get into bed," he ordered. "Take off all your clothes and wait for your brother to join you." I did as I was told. I was quiet and I was good as I stripped off my sweater and t-shirt and scooted out of my jeans. With only the dim light from the street to guide my way, I felt for the bed with my toes. When I reached the bed, my bra was already slithering down my arms. My panties were the last to go. I thought about keeping them in my hand but decided to drape them over the chair instead. He could have them if he wanted them. Me, I was getting naked, just like he told me to.

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Sibling Affairs Omnibus

© Copyright 2018, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

NOTICE: This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Disclaimer: The stories in this collection contain explicit content, including graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and consensual incest. It is intended for adults only. All characters depicted are 18-years-old and older. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

A Note on the Omnibus Edition:Sibling Affairs Omnibus collects 13 short stories previously published in the first three volumes of Sibling Affairs, complete and unabridged. Stories included from Volume 1: "Double Trouble," "Cuckolded by My Wife's Brother!" "Happy Birthday, Little Brother," "A Midwinter Night's Roleplay." Stores included from Volume 2: "The Big Bad Wolfman," "The Hangover Slut," "His Sister, His Slave," "Three Girls, a Guy, and a Magic Sex Spring." Stories included from Volume 3: "My Sister Swallows," "Blind Man's Bluff," "Bad Dog," "Say Uncle," "Talk Dirty to Me."

Trigger Warning: The story, "A Midwinter Night's Roleplay," contains a scene of rape roleplay between two consenting partners.

Image Disclaimer: The individuals depicted on this book's cover (and the individual volumes) are models and should not be mistaken for the characters in the book.

Cover design by Veronica Sloan. Cover photo © artem_furman.

* * *

Double Trouble

Elsie and Amelia are in big, big trouble. Their drunken joyride has totaled their dad's car and left a swath of destruction across the neighborhood. There's no way they can escape punishment! That is, unless they can find someone to blame before the cops arrive. Luckily, their brother Jason is home and he might just be open to persuasion...if his sisters give him what he wants.

© Copyright 2018, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

* * *

Chapter 1

My heart was thumping like it wanted to punch through my breasts. My whole body felt hot and sick and dizzy at the same time. My life is over, I thought. I twisted around in the passenger seat to stare at the incredible mess behind me. "Elsie..." I whispered. "Oh my God, Elsie, what did you do?"

In the driver's seat, Elsie slammed her palms against the wheel. "What did I do? You were the one screaming!"

"Because you were the one driving!" I shrieked.

Elsie refused to respond to that. She stared straight ahead at our dented garage door and wrapped her fingers around the leather steering wheel. "Just shut up," she said. "I'm thinking."

"Elsie! There's nothing to think about! We're fucked!"


I had to turn around again. A serpent of white smoke was slithering from the hood of dad's car and I couldn't bear to look at it. What was he going to say? What was Helen going to say? Or Mr. Dawson? It was his car that was parked on the street in front of our house. At least it used to be. Now half of it was leaning on the sidewalk like a boxer that had taken one too many blows to the head. Its headlights were smashed in, the bumper crumpled like a piece of paper. Our mailbox looked like someone had blown it up with a stick of dynamite. The lawn was chewed up by our out-of-control wheels. Helen's car, which had been resting peacefully in the driveway, was now buried in the hedge. Elsie had scraped the paint off the two facing doors and broken most of the windows. The side mirror of dad's 1968 California Special was sitting on its trunk. Smaller pieces of the Mustang were scattered behind us like a trail of incriminating bread crumbs.

"I'm going to throw up," I moaned. I popped open my door but Elsie seized me by the arm.

"Amelia! Stop being a baby. We're going to fix this."

I stared at my sister shocked beyond comprehension. I was used to her lying to get her way, used to her sneakiness and general bitchiness, used to covering for her and even, sometimes, benefiting from her schemes, but the crash must have knocked whatever sense she had out of her skull. "Are you fucking serious?" I hissed. "There's no fixing this, Elsie! We are so fucked you don't even realize it, do you?"

And then she really scared me. She gave me her patented I'm-the-bad-twin-and-I-do-what-I-want smirk. I'd tried a thousand times to replicate it in the mirror just to see if I carried any of her crazy in me, but I couldn't do it. I lacked Elsie's talent for destruction.

In every other way, we were identical. We were five foot nothing with smooth black eyebrows and even blacker hair--hair that was so thick and wild that every morning and evening (no matter how pissed we were at each other) we brushed each other's manes. Our lips were pink and puffy, "soft as clouds at dusk," as our mother used to say. We had the same button nose, the same brown eyes threaded with crimson. Our busts were the same, to our equal delight and frustration. "I know, I know," Elsie loved to tease the boys at school, "we're carrying way too much titty for our itty bitty bodies." Our butts were only slightly more manageable. The problem was, we were like 50 percent curve by body weight. The two of us together probably weighed less than 200 pounds.

"Nothing but tits and ass and attitude," Elsie liked to say. Except she was the only one with attitude. Strangers couldn't tell us apart. Everybody else? They knew damn well which was which. Elsie always did everything first. She got her license first, she drank first, she fucked a guy first. But then she'd always rope me into her naughty behavior. "If it wasn't for me, you'd never have any fun," she said.

Maybe she was right, but it didn't matter anymore. We'd had too much to drink and gone joyriding in dad's car. It was a miracle that Elsie didn't kill anyone. Although, with the several thousand dollars' worth of damage we were looking at, we'd surely murdered our credit rating. No "bad twin smirk" was going to change that.

I smacked Elsie's fingers off my arm. "You're such a bitch," I said. "I didn't want to do this. I told you not to take dad's car!"

"Sure you did," she said. "And then I said 'get in' and you did what you always do. You got in. I didn't make you do anything, and I even sat here while you embarrassed yourself with Dante."

I hated her. I really did. Unless you're a twin yourself, you have no idea what it feels like to hate someone who looks just like you--or how much it hurts to know the boy you've been crushing on for five years would rather fuck your evil doppelgänger. I had to suffer the shame of watching his eyes flit over my shoulder while I talked to him, inwardly cursing myself for all the stupid decisions I'd made that day. If we didn't steal the fifth of rum from Jason's closet, I would never have gotten drunk enough to call Dante; if I didn't call Dante, Elsie would never have driven me to his house; and if she didn't drive me to his house, she would never have blown the red light driving me back. Well, maybe she would have done that, but if I hadn't been crying so much she might not have looked over, clipped Mr. Dawson's car, and fishtailed into our garage. Yes, she was driving like a demon but this was...

"This was all my fault," I whispered.

Elsie pinched my cheek. "That's right, tits. But I'm going to fix it."

I exploded at her. "How? Someone's probably already called the cops after that peel out you did on the street!"

"You're right," she said, "so there's not much time. Unbuckle your seatbelt and let's get inside."

Easier said than done. Elsie's side of the car was wedged so tight against Helen's Mercedes that Elsie had to slide out the passenger door. That meant I had to stop gaping at her and actually step foot on solid ground. "But--" I started.

Elsie stabbed her thumb at my seatbelt release and pushed me out. "Come on! Let's go!"

"But what are we doing?" I stammered, as I staggered onto the cracked asphalt.

She grabbed my hand and fished my house key out of my purse. Then she shot me another manic grin. "We're going to blame it on Jason."

"What?" I gasped. "But he had nothing to do with this!"

"Not yet," she said, and pulled me up the front steps.

Chapter 2

Jason was pumping iron when we left. I gave a silent prayer of thanks that he wasn't still in the garage (or worse, in the driveway) when we got back. It was the first time in my life that I'd seriously prayed to the Almighty. I guess near death experiences will do that to you. Or maybe I was still so shaken from the crash that I wanted someone, anyone, to turn to. I didn't trust Elsie to fix this problem, though I knew she had a plan. I could feel it bubbling in her evil brain. I let her drag me from the front door and up the stairs, dreading every second.

Jason must have been in the shower when we smashed into the cars. His music was blaring from behind the bathroom door, where Elsie dragged me to a stop. I yanked back my arm and rubbed my shoulder while she banged on the door. "Jason!" she yelled. "Help! We're in trouble!"

The door flew open and Jason lunged out like a super hero. His towel was bunched loosely around his waist and dangerously close to falling off. The rest of him was naked and wet, his skin still red from the steam. The cords of his muscles framed his neck and shoulders and arms like the lines of a master sculptor. His pectorals were swollen from his workout, his chest hair glistening like rusty straw. He took after our father that way, his hair more burgundy than brunette. He was tall and broad-shouldered, his jaw an imposing lantern, his freckles like embers of the sun. Next to most men, he was tall. Compared to us, he was gigantic. He gazed down at Elsie in wet confusion. "What's going on?" he said. He grabbed his towel just as it started to slide off his hips.

"We're in big trouble," Elsie repeated.

Jason wasn't an idiot. He knew Elsie's games and he had zero patience for them. Still, he was our big brother, and his suspicious eyes glimmered with concern. "Okay," he said slowly. "So? What did you do?"

Before Elsie could answer, he turned to me. "What did she do, Amie?"

"She's in just as much trouble as me!" Elsie exclaimed.

He ignored her completely. "Amelia," he said firmly. "What's up?"

I turned away from his penetrating stare. Even at my most devious, I was a bad liar--and I could never lie to Jason. "We...we crashed the..."

"What?" he snapped.

Elsie grabbed his thick bicep. "We crashed the car!" she said.

Jason whirled on her. "What car?" he said. "My car?"

"Dad's car."

His eyes swelled to white circles. "Oh, you are so fucked." He clawed his fingers through his wet hair. "Why the hell would you take dad's car?"

"Cause it's nicer, duh!" Elsie said.

"Well where is it?" he said.

Shaking, I pointed to the front of the house. With an exasperated grunt, Jason cinched his towel tighter around his waist and stomped into Elsie's room. It faced the front of the house and from her window he would be able to see dad's car. And Helen's, and Mr. Dawson's, and the mailbox, and the garage...

"SHIT ON MY BALLS!" he roared. "How did you even--?"

Elsie grabbed my wrist and pulled me after her. "It doesn't matter how, meat-for-brains! What matters is how you're going to get us out of trouble."

Jason turned back from the window, all concern melted from his face. Now he wore the smug expression of a sibling who knows better. "Kid, you are seriously deluded if you think I can smooth this over with dad. You know what has two thumbs and zero problems?" He jabbed his thumbs at his chest. "This guy."

"No, you do," Elsie said. "You were the one driving dad's car."

Still grinning, he leaned over me and my sister. "Uh, come again?" He bent his ear with his fingers. "Parlez vous, not-my-fucking-problem?"

Elsie planted her palms on our brother's massive chest. "Take the fall for us," she said.

His grin faltered when he realized she wasn't joking. He frowned at the little hands massaging his pecs, and asked, "Why would I do that?"

Elsie smiled at me over her shoulder. "Because Amie and I will do whatever you want."

Jason chuckled. "Not worth it, ladies."

Elsie pushed her body up against Jason. I mean, right up against him. Jason was taken aback, but he was pinned between her tits and her bed. "Not even if we blow you?" Elsie asked.

Jason laughed again, but not convincingly. "Uhhh, gross?"

Elsie's hand reached down and grabbed something behind his towel. I was so shocked that both Jason and I yelped in shock. My sister grabbed our brother's dick!

"You sure?" Elsie said. "Not even if Amelia and I get down on our knees...and suck you off?"

Jason was done grinning, but he didn't do what I expected. I expected him to throw her back with the full strength of his bulging biceps. I expected him to recoil in disgust. Instead he appeared to be frozen to the floor, his eyes locked on hers in pregnant silence.

Elsie stroked our brother through his towel. "Yeah?" she said softly. "Would you like that? Your nasty little sisters getting your dick wet?"

"Don't..." he started.

"Not enough?" she said. "You can have it all, Jason. We'll do whatever you say."

"Elsie!" I hissed.

"Shhh," she hushed. She was still pushing her body into Jason, her fingers massaging his rising cock. There was no mistaking his erection through the towel.

"Jason!" I yelled.

"What?" he exploded at me. "What the hell did I do?"

"You're hard!"

"She's grabbing my dick!" he said.

"But, but..." Now Elsie's plan didn't seem so insane. I mean, it was still evil, but Jason didn't reject her outright. "Your behavior is appalling!" I shouted.

"Whose?" he said. "Me or Elsie's?"

"Yeah," Elsie giggled. "Me or Jason?" She squeezed him through the towel and this time it was enough to make him shudder.

"Fuck," he groaned. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"I am serious," she said huskily. "Anything you want, big brother." She slid her other hand over his bicep and smiled back at me in triumph.

"Amelia?" Jason said. "You too?"

I had to say no. That was the only thing I could say. Right? Elsie was suggesting that we blow our own brother (and maybe do more than that?) to get out of punishment. That was wrong on every level!

"Maybe she just wants to hear you promise," Elsie said. "Will you do it for us, Jason?" She slid her other hand under his towel. "If we do...what you want?"

My brother's face contorted in guilty pleasure. "Jesus," he grunted. At her tender touch, his abdominals flexed, his thick neck strained.

A sympathetic twinge flared between my thighs. His body was just so... "No!" I said.

But Elsie would not be denied. "I know your dumb little girlfriend's in Costa Rica with her family," she purred. "I know you've been...frustrated." From the way her arm moved back and forth beneath his towel, it was obvious that she was jerking him off. I was still shocked that he didn't stop her, and even more shocked by the warm throb behind my mound. "Remember when I caught you two in the garage?" Elsie whispered. "I saw her loooong legs wrapped around you, her loooong blonde hair so wet with sweat. You were really giving it to her, big brother. With your big, loooong co--"

"Fuck!" Jason grunted. He was built like a professional wrestler, but Elsie's little fingers were sending shivers up his spine. I watched in terrified silence as his hand slid up the back of her neck.

"Mmmm," Elsie moaned.

"You've been a bitch for nineteen years," he growled at her. "You think you can get out of this the same way you get out of everything? You know how badly I want to smack the shit out of you right now?" His fingers dug into her thick hair and yanked her head back.

Elsie's pink lips spread into an insane smile. "I...I told you, you can do whatever you want. Ummmhh!" If I didn't know better I would say that she was enjoying his painful grip. Actually, I did know better, and her arousal was painfully obvious. "You can...punish me," she whispered.

Jason knew he was being played. He knew Elsie would do whatever she had to to escape our father's ire. His brow furrowed as he thought it over, trying to weigh what he knew was right against what he knew was wrong...and would feel so good. "You get off on this, don't you?" he whispered.

"One way to find out," she said.

Even if you're a twin yourself, you probably don't know what it's like to watch your brother kiss your face. Jason grabbed Elsie and attacked her mouth with a passion that ripped my own breath away. He clutched her cheeks between his massive hands until she moaned into his mouth.

Then his towel dropped away...and I saw my brother's cock.

Shamefully, my first thought was, how did Elsie get her hand around it? His member was swollen and red, the circumcised head like a crimson doorknob. The curve of his shaft sent it arcing towards his belly, revealing a vein that was thicker than my ring finger. When that prodigious manhood throbbed, I clutched my stomach in sympathetic pain. For a second I imagined it inside Elsie--inside me--and how it would stretch my little pussy.

Elsie's fingers delved into his copper pubes and grabbed hold of his heavy balls. "That's it, big brother," she panted. "W-will you promise? For us?"

Jason brushed his thumb over Elsie's trembling lip. "Both of you?" he asked. The two of them turned to me.

I raised my hands before me, a silent protest against Elsie's incestuous plan, but then Jason's cock drew my eye again. I could not look away. How was this her first idea? How could she know Jason would agree?

Elsie had a frustrating talent for reading my mind. Her trademark smirk twisted her face as she slowly squeezed Jason's balls. "I might have...maybe...asked to practice on him once. You know, just to see what boys like."

I trained my wide eyes on Jason, whose guilty face revealed the truth. "Practice?" I whispered.

"It was just a blowjob," she said. "And it doesn't really count. I could barely fit him in my mouth."

"Jason!" I cried.

He sighed. "I was really horny and she was... You know how persuasive she is."

I did, unfortunately. It was why I faltered when Elsie ran her hands up Jason's rippling chest. "I know it's a big sacrifice I'm asking for," she said to me, her tone dripping with sarcasm. "But maybe if you see it as punishment for drinking and driving?"

There was no time to disagree. If one of our neighbors did call the cops then they'd be here soon. They'd knock on the door. They'd ask questions. Someone had to take the fall. "You'll do it?" I breathed. "Jason?"

He stared at me like I was a stranger. Was he already thinking of me naked? Is that why he looked so far away? "I...I will," he said.

"See, Amelia?" my sister giggled. "Men are so easy. Now take off your clothes and let's thank Jason for being so responsible."

Chapter 3

I wasn't a virgin. Elsie had seen to that, too. During the last big party of the summer she made sure Joe Fields and I had plenty of privacy. I liked Joe a lot, but I wasn't sure about the sex. It was awkward and disappointing, mostly uncomfortable, and a huge mess. It was Joe that made most of the mess. He got his gunk all over my new Dolce & Gabbana skirt. Meanwhile, I had trouble making any moisture at all.

So why was I suddenly so wet? Why, when I should have been dry as a desert, were my panties sticking to my pussy? I'd never wanted to fuck my brother, not even in my weirdest fantasies. I mean, did I think he had a nice body? Of course he did! I've already described him as a superhero and he would have looked amazing in spandex. Well, the bulge in his crotch would have looked ridiculous, but...

Another twinge inside my pussy. A hollow feeling in my knees. Yes, Jason was attractive, but it wasn't only that, it was...

I clutched my stomach as it nervously flip-flopped inside me. I knew why I felt this way, why I couldn't look away. It was because of Elsie. Watching her lips, my lips, glide over Jason's muscular neck, watching her sigh as his hand slipped under her bra, watching my own body roll against his naked thigh and then his fingers dig into my thick black was like watching a dream. A wet dream.

"You want them?" Elsie moaned. She pulled her camisole over her belly and threw it onto the bed. She giggled as his big hands clutched the black cups of her bra. "Let me get it off first!" she chided. Her fingers deftly unclasped the back, whereupon Jason ripped the bra from her shoulders. She shrieked in delight as he scooped her tits into his palms and squeezed her like a hungry ape.

Elsie's areolas, like mine, were small and maroon, but the nipples grew large and pointed when aroused. Jason sucked one into his mouth and bit down hard. "Mmmmh!" Elsie grunted. "I'd tell you to be more gentle but I guess I'm at your mercy now. Aren't I?"

"Yes," Jason growled. "You're going to do whatever I tell you."

"Mmm. Yes, sir!" she chirped. She caressed his rusty hair and pulled him deeper into her cleavage. "You bite 'em, then. Hard. Harder!"

It was me who hissed when his teeth bit into her downy skin. Unconsciously, I grabbed at my own breast, and imagined the bruised teeth marks Elsie would sport like badges of honor. "God," my brother moaned, "how does a chick so small have such perfect tits?"

"And guess what?" Elsie sighed. "You get four of them, big brother." With a stern glance in my direction, she signaled me to join her.

My trembling hands covered my aching breasts and I shook my head. She nodded fiercely. You have to, she mouthed at me.

I floated towards them as if tugged by invisible hands. I tried to keep myself covered but Elsie batted my hands away. She tugged at my shirt until I had to lift my arms up. I had to let her pull my shirt over my chin. My muscles were too weak to argue. I was seeing stars, couldn't breathe. Then Elsie was fumbling at the catch of my bra. Then the tan cups were spilling down my chest and my heavy breasts were rolling into Jason's warm hands. "Oh!" I cried.

"Shhh," my twin whispered in my ear. "We have to let him have his way."

But Jason wasn't totally mesmerized. His fingers hesitated on my skin and his gray eyes searched mine. "Is it okay?" he breathed. Please let it be okay, they silently implored.

That stare arrested me. "Y-yes," I said automatically. "I just...I just don't know why you'd want to."

"I want to tear your clothes off," he said.

If Elsie wasn't holding me up, I might have collapsed right then. "It's cause you're the good one," she whispered in my ear. "He wants to do dirty things to you." Her fingers slid down to my hips and began to unbutton my jeans. "And you have to let him," she said, her breath ragged with excitement.

I was the good one, wasn't I? I was the one who always had to be talked into doing naughty things. But I always went along in the end. Even though my fingers shook, even though Jason's penis terrified me, I laid my hand on his shoulder and let him kiss my tits. I held my breath as he roved between us, trying to touch all four of our breasts at once. He rubbed his cheeks into our cleavage, licking, kissing, squeezing. He was more delighted than a cat submerged in catnip. "Th-this is so wrong," I stammered.

"Shut up," Elsie said. "Don't pretend you don't love it." To our brother, she intoned: "She's always had a stupid crush on you, you know."

"Elsie!" I hissed. That wasn't true! But I couldn't get the rest of my curse out of my mouth, because Jason grabbed my arm and threw me down on her bed. She'd already loosened my pants so all he had to do was peel them down my legs. I was panting for air when he whipped them off my shoes (and whipped my shoes off my feet). I choked when he pulled my soaking panties down my thighs. "J-Jason!" I gasped. His fingers were strong and had no trouble prying my legs apart.

I'm not supposed to like this, I thought desperately, as his tongue licked the slit of my vagina. I'm not supposed to dig my nails into his scalp or curl my toes into his shoulders, I thought, as I did both of those things. Jason wasn't an artist when it came to cunnilingus (he was as sloppy as a dog, slobbering everywhere, his attention running from my labia to my thighs to my clit to the inside of my sex without rhythm or reason) but his tongue was so big and his enthusiasm overwhelming. He didn't have to be an artist because he made a feast of my vagina. I've called him a dog and that was exactly how it felt, like a big friendly dog was trying to lick all the juice out of my body. I was wet before; he made me flow.

"Fuck!" I screamed. I tried to twist on the bed but he held me down with those big, strong hands of his. That domination increased my nervous arousal--something I'd never have asked for on my own.

At Jason's side, Elsie ran her fingers down his back. "You want me to show you what I've learned since our little lesson?" she asked. With a sensuous squirm, she tugged down her shorts and dropped to her knees. Jason withdrew from my pussy to make room for her between him and the bed. Drowsily, I sat up to watch her pop our brother's stiff penis into her mouth. The red shaft bulged at the first brush of her lips.

It was too big. Joe's was nothing like that, and I'd thought his was too much to handle. Elsie, who prided herself on deepthroating, was never going to get Jason all the way into her gullet. It didn't stop her from trying. I watched her with the same conflicted arousal that kept me pinned to her bed: Fascinated by the depravity of it all and frightened by the steadily receding line of my sexual limits. Every moment took me further and further away from what I believed was okay. Worst of all, every moment Jason's lips ignored my pussy was a new agony.

Jason stroked Elsie's black hair as she puckered her lips on his purple crown. "Yes," he groaned. "Make it fucking sloppy, you bitch." He thrust his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmm," she hummed, happy to be put in her place. Oh, but she was devious! Didn't Jason realize she was exactly where she wanted to be? Had lust blinded him to the fact? When I looked at his face, I realized he didn't care. Was he in need of a blowjob that badly? Was I as naive as Elsie claimed? Perhaps any man will throw common sense out the window when a girl spits on his cock. There was no more time to wonder when Elsie grabbed my foot and said, "Come on, sis. There's plenty to go around." Drool trickled from her puffy pink lips.

I didn't give blowjobs. It was something I was certain I could never do, but Elsie whispered in my ear that the most important part was just looking at him while I stuck out my tongue. As Jason stared into my eyes, I understood what she meant. I was his little sister, this was his penis, and this was me daring to taste it, daring to put this terrifying cock in my mouth.

Jason stroked my hair and moaned like a bull. "Oh my God," he said. He shook his head in disbelief. "Keep going," he urged me. "You look so fucking sexy." As I suckled at his slit, Elsie bent over my lap and grabbed his balls. He grunted as she sucked one, then the other, into her mouth. "That's it," he gasped. " kiss each other."

I wanted to wipe my mouth first but Elsie grabbed my wrist and forced her lips onto mine. Spit sluiced down the corners of our dueling mouths. I tasted bubblegum and rum. When her tongue slithered out, I tasted Jason's balls as well. He'd just exited the shower but nothing else tastes like that. Our brother's flavor. With a groan, he pushed his dick between us, forcing us to embrace his cockhead with our identical pink lips. "Keep kissing," he begged.

Elsie's hands slipped down my chest and seized my tits. I shouldn't be so turned on by that either, I thought, but my body rebelled. This was more stimulation than I'd ever experienced and my reluctant mind was swept along by my accelerating arousal. I moaned into Elsie's lips, and Jason's penis, as she pinched my hard, maroon nipples. Just when I was really starting to enjoy myself, she pinched my bellybutton too. "See? If you didn't follow my lead, you'd never have any fun," she muttered.

I was just starting to reach for her shaved vagina when Jason ordered us onto the bed. "On your backs," he said. "Hold hands."

"Hold hands?" I asked.

Elsie wasn't confused. She pulled me up after her. "Watch," she whispered. "And remember to breathe."

Why did she have to be so right all the time? It felt like minutes since I'd sucked air into my lungs. Time was moving too fast. I clutched Elsie's hand as Jason caressed our thick asses, both hanging over the bed, and forced Elsie's thighs apart.

I watched in mute shock as Jason pushed his dick into Elsie's cunt. My eyes bulged wide and my forearms hurt where she dug in her nails. He was so big! "Ahhh!" Elsie cried. Her thighs shook with the effort of keeping them in the air. "Oh my God, Jason! S-slow down!" Her voice quivered with uncharacteristic fear.

Jason became an animal. He ripped Elsie from my grasp, twisted her around, and bent her back over the bed. She let out a huff as her stomach collided with the mattress. Then Jason slapped her ass. "You're done calling the shots," he said.

"Jason!" she whimpered. Her plea became an anguished moan as he pushed his massive cock between her thighs. Our brother filled her tight little hole until she arched her neck back to the ceiling. "Oh my God!" she screamed. He wasn't gentle at all. He thrust himself balls deep into her on the first go and forced her up on her painted blue toenails. "Fuck, that's a big cock!" she shrieked. Her fingers dug into her bedsheets as his big hand roughly grabbed her tits. He thrust madly until she screamed his name.

"I've wanted to do this for so long," he grunted.

"Yeah?" she panted. "You wanted to fuck your little sisters?"

"Yes," he gasped.

"Well don't let me hog all the fun."

I watched in horror as Jason's thick cock squelched out of Elsie's pussy. Coated in her juice, it glistened in the afternoon light. And when Jason stepped away from her, it throbbed like a separate creature with its own beating heart.

I backed up on the bed as it drew towards me, unable to hide my fear. I'd seen nothing human in my brother while he fucked my twin. Maybe that fear brought him back to Earth, because his eyes filled with compassion when he touched my trembling ankle. "Is it alright?" he asked.

"W-what?" I stammered.

"Can I?" he asked.

"Um," I said, "y-yes. But--" My eyes rolled back into my head as his fingers brushed my swollen vulva. "Please be gentle," I begged. "Please be gentle, Jason."

"But do you want me to?" he asked.

"Just fuck her!" Elsie yelled. "We don't have time!"

"Hsst!" he hissed at her. To me, he said, "Amelia?"

"D-do it," I said. "I...I want you to."

"No," he said, "you don't. But I'll try to be good." His big hands hooked my hips and drew me closer to the edge. I was a quivering mess as he lined his cock up with my pussy.

"No," I whispered.

He froze in place. "No?"

I met his eyes and felt my cheeks go red. "I mean, I do want...want you to," I said. "I just-- This is--"

"This is a dream come true," he said, and began to push. The girth of his cock stretched the walls of my pussy apart with firm, insistent pressure. I hissed, and groaned, and arched my neck back on the sheets in guilty bliss. He was too big and had to force it a little, but my body adored that force more than I expected. The heat of him filled my aching canal all the way to what felt like my stomach. I felt him between my lungs, inside my breasts, in the lump in my throat, and when his balls finally brushed my ass, my thumb was in my mouth. I bit down on it like a nervous child. "It's never been like this," I gasped.

The appreciative groan from above me signaled his mutual satisfaction. "You always were the prettier one," he said, and brushed my bangs out of my eyes.

Elsie had something to say to that, of course, but just then my ears were full of cotton. When Jason plunged inside me again, I didn't hear my own cry. I spread my legs and let him push deeper, begged him to push deeper, because that delicious relief squeezed out all the wrong things I'd done, all the wrong things I wanted, and left me empty of everything but his cock. I reached out to grab his forearms, reveling in his masculine power. When I dared to open my eyes again, Elsie was gazing down at me in hungry jealousy. Our brother moved between my thighs with slow, steady purpose. He didn't slam me, he didn't bang me, he moved only as swiftly as he thought my fragile body could take. "You can...fuck me...harder," I gasped. I clenched around him, and he grunted anew.

Elsie bent down to kiss my lips. She slid her hand down my side and curled her fingers over my stomach, right where it felt like his cockhead was pumping my nervous stomach. With a bestial grunt, Jason pulled her away and made her lay down next to me. Then he pulled himself from my clinging lips and spread her open. He shunted himself inside her, harder than he dared with me, but his rage at her seemed to have ebbed, for soon he was fucking her more softly.

Then he traded thrusts inside us. He'd pump Elsie, then pull out of her and enter me again. I watched him swap our pussy juice, watched his cock literally drip with our copious arousal, as it disappeared inside our matching cunts. Elsie grabbed me at some point and would not let me go. Her lips found mine again and she lined up our rigid nipples for a deep, penetrating embrace. A perpetual kiss, an unending hug, it satisfied our mutual need to be fondled while we were fucked. Below our waists, Jason held our buttocks and made love to each of us in turn.

When Jason got up on the bed to flip Elsie onto her stomach, I knew instinctually what to do. I threw open my legs and pulled Elsie's mouth into my lap. Behind her, Jason spread her ass cheeks and rubbed his wet dick into her crack.

"Anhh," Elsie grunted. "F-fine, you creep. T-take it." I didn't understand what she meant but she gave me no time to figure it out.

I thought Jason's big tongue made up for his lack of oral expertise until my sister licked my pussy. It was another level of pleasure entirely, a level so high and spectacular I seriously wondered if Elsie had done this before. Judging by the way she ate me, she was every bit the sexual omnivore she claimed to be. It wasn't a perfect experience--because whenever Jason plunged too deep she had to stop and catch her breath--but Elsie's nimble lips, darting tongue, and softly probing fingers, took me to the very edge of climax. And when she said, "I can taste him inside you," she tossed me over it.

I came on my sister's face with a gush that frightened me. She continued to eat me out despite the excessive wetness, lapping at me while I bucked into her mouth. I grabbed Elsie's black hair and rode her tongue with stuttering cries of surprise. She grunted back with more guttural noises, much deeper than before, in what was either pain or painful pleasure. The slap of Jason's pelvis against her buttocks filled my ears, and when my eyes finally snapped open I realized he was fucking her ass!

Jason grabbed her hips and growled, "Are you ready, you dirty slut?"

I squeezed Elsie's ears between my thighs, overcome by a guilty shiver. "O-oh my God," I gasped. "Elsie, is he going to--?"

"Cum inside my ass!" she screamed. She let out a gruff wheeze that told me he was as deep inside her rectum as she could bear. His next thrust took him even deeper, and I watched in shivering amazement as Jason filled my sister with his spunk. "I can feel it!" Elsie cried. Her back arched as another thick load exploded into her colon. Watching that animal act, watching her buttocks tense around his plunging cock, sent me into fresh convulsions. For the first time I wished I was Elsie. I wanted the pain. I wanted to seal the taboo between my sweaty ass cheeks. I wanted to feel my brother's climax.

I crawled to him on shaky hands and knees. Breathless, I held his scrotum as he ejaculated again into Elsie's anus. Her skin was red and stretched around his impressive girth. "Why didn't you give me any?" I pouted.

He stared at me in shock. " wanted me to?"

Elsie moaned as he pulled out of her. A river of milk spilled out of her gaping anus, puddling on her sheets and staining them for all time.


It was a good thing Elsie sprang into action when she did. Jason was just stepping out of his second shower when the police banged on the door. They wanted the name of the maniac that was driving our dad's mustang. Just like he promised, Jason told them it was all his fault.

The cops took down Jason's info for their records and told him to get in touch with Mr. Dawson. The real shitshow was when dad got home. He was pissed about the insurance, pissed about our step-mom's car and the mailbox, but he was furious that Jason could be so stupid. "Jesus, boy, I didn't raise you like that!" he screamed.

Actually, he was more shocked than angry. "I mean, shit!" he yelled. "If it was Elsie at the wheel, that I could wrap my head around."

Elsie fumed at him. "Nice, dad, really nice!" She even pretended to cry.

"There, there," Helen cooed. She took Elsie into her arms. "He didn't mean it, honey. He's just upset." Over our step-mother's shoulder, Elsie grinned at me like the Cheshire Cat. I just rolled my eyes.

"I dunno what we're going to do, kid, I just don't know," our father muttered. "I mean, Dawson's going to have my head, but maybe we can work something out with the insurance. Just...don't do it again, okay?"

Despite her victory, Elsie was pissed. Jason was the favorite and we all knew it. Dad would have murdered Elsie if she confessed. Our brother walked away with a slap on the wrist.

That didn't mean he was done with us, though. His reputation with dad was going to take serious effort to fix. When it was just the three of us alone, he leaned over to Elsie and said, "You know you still owe me a big favor. One fuck session is hardly even."

"I don't owe you shit," Elsie said. "If anything, you owe me! I won't be able to sit right for a week!"

I felt my cheeks go red as I mustered the courage to speak. "You know, Jason, um, you're right, it's, uh, it's not totally f-fair--" It wasn't his lips that shut me up, it was the tight grip of his fingers on my butt.

When he broke the kiss, he rubbed my lips with his thumb. "So now you're going to make up for her mistake?"

Just feeling his muscular body against mine turned my panties into a warm, squishy mess. "Um...yeah?" I whispered.

Elsie growled something unintelligible and stomped loudly up the stairs.

Jason watched her go, then grinned down at me. "So what part of you should I punish first?" he asked.

I held onto his biceps for dear life.


Cuckolded by My Wife's Brother!

Tony can't stand his wife's brother, even though she loves the smug bastard. Tony never suspected that there might be something more to their relationship, something shockingly taboo. After a tipsy New Year's party, he's forced to watch as his sweet little wife becomes his brother-in-law's personal slut!

© Copyright 2018, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

* * *

Chapter 1

I never liked Tony. Jill's parents I liked, and her mother at least liked me, but something about her brother rubbed me the wrong way. He was so fucking cocky. The way he smiled like he didn't have a care in the world, the way people shouted his name when he appeared, it was like he was a visiting prince from Castle Hot Shit and the rest of the world was peasants. He wasn't that much taller than me, or that much stronger, but whenever he walked into a room I felt like he loomed over me. Every family reunion was an exercise in restraint, as I just barely restrained myself from punching his lights out.

I think I could have dealt with my disgust in a healthy way, I could have let it all go, if Jill didn't adore the SOB. I swear, to hear her talk about her brother it was like he was the second coming of Christ. Oh, Tony's in Iowa getting ready for the primaries, isn't that special? Oh, Tony's taking a picture with the Governor! Oh, Tony just took a two-week vacation in Maine and he wishes we were there too! Oh! Oh! Oh!

It blew my mind that Jill was so gaga over her big bro. He was nothing but a haircut and a smile, one of a million slimy political operatives that trade job titles like baseball cards and wouldn't know an honest day's work if it bit them in the balls. It made me sick. But he was Jill's hero. She called him multiple times a week, or he called her, just to shoot the shit. And of course no topic was off-limits, not even our dirty laundry.

I told Jill once that I didn't like her discussing our relationship with her brother. She was so shocked that at first she couldn't speak. "Look, I know you guys are close," I said, "but we're husband and wife. Our affairs aren't for public consumption."

"Oh, honey," she said, "but Tony loves you!"

"And Tony," I said through gritted teeth, "but do you really think he's got some special insight into a functional relationship? He's never dated a girl for longer than a month."

Jill just laughed that off. Her bubbly giggle was what drew me to her in the first place (that and her world-class tits), but hearing it just before a defense of her brother made my skin crawl. "He just hasn't found the right girl," she said. "He has a very hectic schedule, Miles."

"Whatever," I said. It was plain to see that she just didn't get it. Her big hazel eyes were so innocent, her pinks lips pursed into a moue of pure confusion. I had to drop it. She was a doll, if a little dim, and I hated to upset her. And maybe I was crazy. So what if she giggled like an idiot whenever her brother came to visit, so what if she couldn't wait to get her arms around him? He was her brother and she was an affectionate person. She was like that with everybody.

Or so I thought, until the Governor's ball.

Chapter 2

If there is a Hell, it's working with your in-laws. I learned that in December. My bank was one of the main sponsors of Governor Klasky's end-of-the-year bash and Tony was the Governor's favorite bum boy. That meant I had to spend two whole weeks with the prick, running venue options, double-checking the guest list, making sure my bank's logo was present at all the major eye lines, and of course arguing with Tony on who got to speak first. The whole time he acted like this was no big deal, like whatever I wanted was top priority, and yet somehow he always ended up with the better deal. The bank wanted prime spots at all the major tables, and Tony gave me those tables--but then he added more tables to accommodate local big shots. Those big shots donated a fraction of what we were putting up, but that's politics for you. Nothing but a dick-swinging competition.

Fortunately, I can swing with the best of 'em. "Tony, you gotta cut this shit out," I said. "You want to grease the palms of every fat cat in this city, go right ahead, but you can kiss our asses goodbye. Then you and your greasy palms'll be on your own."

From Tony's wounded expression you'd think I'd just punched a nun. "Gosh, Miles, I'm sorry. I didn't realize. We're trying to squeeze as many folks in here as the fire department will allow us. I didn't mean to step on your toes."

"Don't give me that bullshit," I said. "This has got nothing to do with my toes, it's the fucking bank. We're the biggest sponsor on the block and you need to treat us like that."

He nodded enthusiastically. "Oh, you're absolutely right," he said. "I'll talk to the Governor as soon as I can and get the VPs at the foremost table."

I blinked at him in surprise. "Well. Yeah. Yeah, that'd be good. But I mean, we also need more representation in the swag bags. Like--"

"--key chains?"

Now how the hell did he know my CEO was crazy about key chains? "Did I mention that before?" I asked.

Tony chuckled and shook his head. "CEOs love key chains," he said. "They'll be in the bags, no problem."

"How are you going to do that?" I demanded. "I just told you--"

"I had them made up a week ago," he said. "I thought I put that on the budget. Did I not?"

Shit, I thought, maybe he had. I didn't have time to check every single penny, but I didn't want Tony to know that. Then again, he could be bluffing. Then again, he might be telling the truth about the keys but lying about putting it on the budget. I knew how these political guys worked. For events this big it was easy to lose a few minor expenses in the paperwork, and even easier to skim some of that invisible money for oneself. Hell, I was already pocketing five Gs from the transportation budget alone. I didn't need Tony or anyone else snooping through those books.

"Yeah, yeah, sure," I said. "Just make certain those key chains are in the bags. And the VP thing, too. We want the muckety mucks happy."

Tony slapped me on the back. "You got it, man. Has Jill shown you the gown she's going to wear?"

"Uh, no," I said.

"Really?" he asked. "I thought she said she sent you a picture of it."

I shrugged. "She's always sending pictures. Mostly it's cats doing stupid shit or pictures of what she's eating for breakfast."

"Man, I love that," Tony said. "Always brightens my day."

I had to clench my hands into fists to keep from wringing his tan neck. "I'd love to know what happy little pills you take to make you so damn chipper all the time," I muttered.

He gave me his trademark shit-eating grin. "Just lots of coffee, buddy." Then he slapped me on the back again. "Alright, off to serve his majesty. Let me know if you think of any more doodads to dump in the bags, okay?"

Coffee, my ass. In my experience, a guy's only that happy when he's getting high or getting laid. When I asked Jill about it later she vehemently denied the former. "No way," she said. "Tony's a health nut. He rarely even drinks. He hates messing with his 'chemistry,' as he calls it." I grit my teeth as she giggled to herself. "He's always talking about keeping his genes strong for when he meets the right girl to raise a family with."

I rolled my eyes. "Uh-huh. Real family type, that Tony." I shuffled around her to pull another beer out of the fridge. (We were in the kitchen making pasta. Well, she was doing most of the work and I was supervising.)

"Oh, family's very important to him," she said. "The most important thing," she added, almost to herself.

"So maybe he's getting laid then," I said.

Jill disagreed with that assessment too. "No, he's just excited for the ball."

"What's wrong with you?" I said. "You're smiling weird."

"It's nothing," she said. "I just... You know, we all have different ways of celebrating a job well done."

I snorted. "I'm not celebrating shit until this damn thing is over. Then I plan to get absolutely ripped."

"I know," she said.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing!" she said. "But you did kind of overdo it when you signed the Bertson account."

I chugged my beer ruefully. "I'm entitled. I have a very high stress job, Jill. You want me to be one of these maniacs who comes home and punches walls?"

"Absolutely not," she said. "I want you to enjoy yourself. Just, you know, you could take it easier."

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind," I muttered.

Chapter 3

Looking back, I'm not sure if Jill was trying to warn me or if she was setting me up for failure.

December 31st finally arrived and the Governor's Ball proved to be the biggest party of the year. You know how I know? Even Klasky, the poster boy for uptight assholes, smiled a few times. Most importantly, he allowed himself to be photographed clinking glasses with Rupert Durden, my bank's CEO. Durden badly wanted to throw his name in the ring for next year's senatorial race, and rubbing elbows with political bigwigs like Klasky--and having the world see him rub those elbows--was the first step to getting elected. I'm sure Tony was chomping at the bit to organize his campaign.

Maybe that's why I introduced the two of them, to ingratiate myself into their mutual good graces. "Mr. Durden, here's my brother-in-law," I said. "Tony Holland, Rupert Durden." I think I handled myself well, considering my stomach was bubbling with several glasses of champagne. For me, the toast between Klasky and Durden was the jumping off point. No matter what happened next, I'd done my job. I was ready to make peace with everybody, ready for the New Year, ready to put this whole dumb show to bed.

The ball room was on the ground floor of the Sarkovsky Hotel in downtown. As a favor to his most faithful drones, Durden had gifted me and a select few with VIP suites at the top. After giving my wife a big sloppy kiss at midnight, I took her hand (and "borrowed" a chilled bottle of Dom from the Governor's table) and led her to the elevator. "You and me, baby, we're going to ring out the new year in style."

I thought Jill was stone cold sober but her cheeks were the cutest shade of pink. "You sneak yourself a li'l drinky poo?" I asked.

"No, honey, you're just being so silly," she said. "Are you sure it's okay to leave the party?"

"O'course it is," I hiccuped. "See everybody lingering at the edges? They're doin' their whole schmoozin' and boozin' thing. We're all done with that. Only people left are people like your greasy brother trying to get in the good graces of rich assholes."

"Mmm," she hummed, as the door pinged open. "He works so hard."

"I'm'about to work you hard, baby," I said. "C'mere."

As the elevator sped us to our VIP suite, I pulled my wife into my arms. Tony was right about her gown: It looked spectacular--all the more so with her in it. It was a beaded chiffon evening gown, pearl and champagne pink. One shoulder was tastefully exposed but her cleavage was supposed to be hidden behind a fancy ruffle and string of rhinestones. For a less buxom girl that would have been the case, but the good Lord saw fit to bless my wife with a rack that could not be contained. Sparkling rhinestones framed the tops of her jiggling tits and pulled me into their delicious cleavage. I kissed that pale skin, falling in love all over again with their pillowy perfection. I tried to pull the top down to get at her enormous areolas and the spicy freckles I loved so much, but she pushed me away.

"I don't like being so public," she whimpered.

"You just need to loosen up," I said. "Some Dom, my lady?"