Shhh! Don't Tell My Brother - Laura Lovecraft - ebook

Julie's brother Kyle is a great guy, but painfully shy and still a virgin. When a girl plays a cruel prank on him, Julie vows to get him laid. She arranges for her best friend to slip into his room the night of her slumber party to have sex with him. When her friend backs out, Julie takes her place. Kyle's room is too dark to see, and she doesn't make a sound. He'll never know it was her, right? ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ This time it would be her fault. This was her idea and it had blown up on her. If only she hadn't left the damn note or Mindy had found out her bad news an hour sooner. But what was done was done. Kyle was going to be crushed again and it was all on her. He wouldn't know that, but she would. He wouldn't know. Again, the words triggered the taboo thought of Julie doing it herself. He wouldn't see her, he wouldn't hear her, and he'd never think it was her. He'd never think it because it was sick! Or was it? Julie wouldn't be doing it because she lusted for him, or had any unnatural feelings for him. She'd be doing it because she loved him and wanted to help him through a tough time. Her mind continued down the bizarre path as if one part of her were talking the sane part of her into it. Who better to do this for him? Mindy was doing it a favor to her and a sleazy little thrill. If Kyle got too nervous, who's to say Mindy would be as patient as she said she'd be? Maybe she'd get aggravated and leave in the middle of it, or have a what the fuck am I doing moment and back out in the beginning? If Julie decided to do it, she'd be as patient as she needed to be and if he had a problem like yesterday she'd...what? The voice of sanity returned. Could she go down on him, get on top and ride him?  It was crazy, twisted, wrong, sick... But who would know? No one, except Julie. Even Kyle would never know. He'd think it was one of the five cute girls downstairs and it might drive him crazy, but he'd eventually settle for it being a hot time and move on, and that's what this was about, getting her brother to be able to move on with girls. This wasn't sick, it was love and sacrifice for her brother who she knew would do anything for her. Would he fuck you? Her fading conscious asked. That was followed by the uneasy thought he'd admitted he'd been staring at her lately.  But he would never do anything with her, at least not knowingly, so what did that matter. Julie fished out a quarter from the dish of change next to her. Heads, she'd listen to reason and let tonight runs its course and just try to comfort him tomorrow. Tails, he'd be getting a piece of tail, his sister's tail. She balanced the coin on her bent thumb and flicked it into the air. Julie caught it in her palm and flipping her hand over, slapped the coin down into the back of her other hand. She took a deep breath and lifted her hand to look at the coin.  It was her little brother's lucky night.

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Shhh! Don’t Tell My Brother


Laura Lovecraft

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

* * * * *

PUBLISHED BY: L.L. Craft Publications

Shhh! Don’t Tell my Brother

Copyright © 2018 by Laura Lovecraft

Chapter One

Lying by the pool, Julie felt like a cat in the sun, warm, lazy and satisfied. Well, okay, mostly satisfied. She’d just gone for a nice swim, her parents were gone for the weekend and she didn’t have work or class for the next three days.

All she planned on doing this weekend was this; lounging by the pool, and relaxing with her best friend Mindy who was lying next to her. The only thing that could make today, and the rest of the long weekend better, was also the thing that could completely satisfy her; some hot steamy sex.

She could have sex in her room because the folks weren’t home, sex by the pool when the neighbor’s weren’t home, and sex in the pool in the middle of the night. Problem was in order to have sex you needed to have someone to have sex with.

She’d sent Nick packing last month when she’d found out he was cheating on her with not one, but two girls down at Penn State. Here she’d been being a loyal girlfriend and going without while waiting for him to come home for the summer.

The upside was since it September when he’d gone down there, she’d only had sex when he’d come home for Christmas and Spring Breaks so its not like she’d been getting it all along. But going without to be a good girlfriend and going without while your boyfriend slipped his dick in any coed that would let him, made it more frustrating.

Mindy and her other friends had told her to just jump back in the game. Hit some clubs or go out with one of the guys who flirted with her at school or at the coffee shop. It sounded good. The idea of just going home with some guy and going full blown porn star on him to release months of pent up frustration.

Unfortunately, Julie was pretty much a good girl. Her parents had raised her and her younger brother Kyle to believe sex should mean something. Just shy of her twentieth birthday Julie had only been with three guys, all of whom she’d dated for a few months before sleeping with them.

She’d wasted the last year with Nick and now as much as the idea of casual sex was a turn on her she knew it would only happen in her fantasies. There were guys interested in her, but she wasn’t sure if she was as interested in them.

If she did begin to date she’d hold to her pattern of seeing if they cared enough about her to wait out sex. Not just sex, but Julie wasn’t about to jerk off or blow a guy she hadn’t slept with first. Those things were more fantasy turn on material.

Especially the thought of sucking off a couple of Nick’s friends here and making sure he knew of it. No, it was looking like the summer she thought she’d be spending having hot fun and making up for lost time with her boyfriend was going to be the summer of sticky fingers and batteries.

Some of that was coming up in her near future because lying out here basking in the sun had her feeling sexy and horny. Julie wasn’t stuck on herself by any means, but knew she was an attractive young woman.

She’d inherited her father’s raven black hair and deep ocean blue eyes, along with her mother’s cheek bones and lips that Nick had described frequently as ‘luscious’. Julie took after her father’s side height wise, her tall slender five nine frame towering over her mother who barely stood five two.

Her long legs made up a good part of her height and were one of her best features, especially when despite her height she wore high heels. The rest of her body resembled her mother and she had no complaints.

Julie had a slender build which seemed to make her even taller, but she was more athletic than skinny. Her well toned legs led up to a small, but firm tight little heart shaped ass she always showed off in tight jeans and when her parents weren’t around painted on daisy duke shorts.

In contrast to the rest of her, Julie’s breasts were far from small. A full d-cup by the age of sixteen, she’d feared they would keep getting bigger and she’d be top heavy. Fortunately they hadn’t gotten any bigger, but then again neither had the rest of her.

At one point she’d been self conscious of their size, but when it dawned on her no boy was ever going to complain about big boobs on a skinny girl, she embraced them and showed them off whenever she could.

For example, the black bikini she currently wore. The top was barely able to contain them, leaving the tops and inner halves of her round firm globes, visible almost to her nipples which were just tucked behind the cups.

Twice while in the pool with Mindy she’d had nip slips coming from under the water and was glad Kyle hadn’t been out there. On the other hand, the two brothers that lived in the house behind them had out on their porch coincidently since Julie and Mindy had come out by the pool.

The lower half of the bikini would send her parents into fits if they ever saw it. Two strips of flimsy material tied through silver hoops on her hips, it was little more than dental floss in the rear and not much more than that in the front.

There had been a couple of near wardrobe malfunctions with the bottom as well. Not that the guys perving on her would be able to see from that distance, but the idea of them catching a glimpse of her freshly bikini waxed pink pussy was a pleasant one.

Julie supposed she was a cock tease. She showed off her body whenever she could and was a little flirty at work and school, but all show no go as the expression went. She could play sexy all she wanted, but she was pretty much a good girl acting like she could be bad.

Her thoughts had her warm for reasons other than the heat and Julie knew that when they went in she’d be bringing a little something extra into the shower with her.

“Laying here is getting me horny,” Mindy spoke next to her. “What about you?”

“Breathing gets you horny, you little slut.” Julie turned her head and smiled at her best friend since middle school. “But yeah, me too,” she added with a laugh.

“I just keep thinking how hot the two of us look out here to those goofs ogling us next door.” As always Mindy’s mind was in tune with hers. “Keep thinking about them coming down here and getting between our thighs and easing the bikinis to the side and licking our…”

“Whoa!” Julie put her hand up. “Not so much detail, you’re talking to the girl who isn’t getting any.”

“Like I am? I kicked Chris to the curb a month ago for being such a damn mama’s boy he kept cancelling our dates anytime mommy needed something.”

“Yeah, but you could get it if you wanted to. Just look at you.”

Julie wasn’t just being nice, Mindy was pretty damn hot. The total opposite of her, Mindy was short and blonde with a voluptuous set of curves Julie wouldn’t mind a little of. Mindy was her equal in the chest department, but had a well rounded ass to match.

Her busty form featured hips that Mindy was quick to point out were made for doggy style and a set of lush soft and inviting thighs. The two of them made a killer pair when they went out; both sexy, but in completely different ways.

“Look who’s talking, you have guys lining up for you.” Mindy had turned her head to face her. “Especially since word got around Nick’s out of the picture.”

“Wonder how that word got around, hmm?” Julie stared pointedly at her.

“Nick was always an asshole so I’m making sure you get yourself a new man before that cheating dick tried crawling back.”

“I appreciate it, but I don’t know.” Julie shrugged, enjoying the way the movement caused her tits to jiggle. “Trust me, I haven’t had anything but my vibe since April and I’m ready to pop, but you know how it is for me.”

“You’re a good girl.” Mindy smiled at her. “And proof the good ones can be the most fun, but you have to wait them out.”

“Not a lot of guys want to even though I’m worth it if I say so myself,” Julie laughed. “If they knew how much I loved to suck cock they’d stick around.”

“Dirty girl,” Mindy giggled. “Too bad those guys were your neighbors. I wouldn’t mind sucking on something hard right now.”

“Not just neighbors, but they go to URI and they’re in the D-bag fraternity that’s gotten in trouble a few times for hazing and harassing girls. Total assholes.”

“Then we’ll just keep teasing. Let’s give them the rear view.”

Mindy rolled over on her on the towel onto her stomach now showing off her deliciously plump rear in her red bikini which had about as much to it as Julie’s. With a laugh, Julie rolled over as well and for added affect bent her legs at the knees and slowly kicked her feet back and forth.

“Nice touch!” Mindy winked and was now doing the same. “Maybe we should rub some lotion on each other.”

“I can only tease myself so much.” Julie sighed.

“Touching me would tease you? There something I don’t know?” Mindy playfully flicked her tongue at her. “A little no boys allowed action going through that dirty little mind?”

“You are pretty hot, but no.” Julie shook her head, liking the way her wert hair felt sliding across her back. “This girl needs cock.”

“They sell fake ones, we could take turns.”

“Eww!” Julie scrunched her face up. “Maybe you’re the closet carpet muncher here”

“Nah, it’s just my mood. When I get horny everything sounds good.” Mindy gestured to the pool. “Look at this set up. The pool, you have the house to yourself. We’re all oiled up and looking fine in bikinis our father’s would flip out over and no sex to be had.”

“We could, we’re choosing not to.” Julie sighed. “Sometimes I wish I could just have meaningless sex. Just a hot one night fling and go my merry way.”

“You could never and if you ever did? You’d feel so shitty afterward it wouldn’t be worth it.” Mindy grinned at her. “You’re a good girl waiting for the one to be bad for.”

“Guess so. I wasn’t even all that bad for Nick. Just couldn’t let myself go. Maybe because he was always kind of vanilla.”

“Now he’s boring two girls.” Mindy rolled her eyes. “His loss.”

“Yup, and hopefully my gain if I meet someone better.”

“Hey, it could be worse. You could be your brother,” Mindy snickered. “The eighteen year old virgin.”

“Leave him alone, it’s not his fault,” Julie told her. “The bitch Heather strung him along for a year, then he found out he was the only guy she wasn’t banging, the nasty fucking whore.”

“Wow, tell me how you really feel.”

“Kyle’s like me, we were both taught sex; especially the first time should mean something. I happened to meet someone I cared about when I was sixteen. He didn’t until he was almost seventeen and she had him thinking she was little miss cherry and wanted to wait.”

“She did wait, but only with him.” Mindy started to laugh, but stopped when she saw the pissed off look on Julie’s face. “Jeez, why so touchy?”

“Because Kyle deserved a lot better than that; he’s a sweet kid and was way better to that slut than she deserved.”

“He’s pretty hot too,” Mindy’s smile was back. “Told you before if he wasn’t your little brother I’d do him.”

“He doesn’t need to be done, he needs a nice girl,” Julie paused, then laughed. “Who’ll do him.”

“He could find one. I’m not kidding, Kyle’s a good looking guy and he’s got that sweet aw shucks smile and he’s not cocky. I really can’t believe the boy hasn’t gotten laid yet.”

“He wasted too much time on that skank, then he spent months moping over her. There are a couple girls that would be interested, but he’s so goddamn shy.” Julie shook her head disgustedly. “Now he’s heartbroken and in that why try mode.”

“Fix him up with someone.” Mindy suggested.

“Who, you?”

“Nah, I’d just fuck him. He’s not really my idea of a boyfriend.”

“Don’t let him hear you say that, you know damn well he has the hots for you.”

“He’s never gotten laid, he probably has a thing for anything with tits.”

“Please, he’s been ogling you since you were thirteen.” Julie smirked at her. “Bet he’s blown more loads to you then any porn star.”

“Nasty!” Mindy made a retching sound. “Why would you do that to me?”

“You said he’s hot. You don’t like hot guys jacking off to you?”

“Not when they’re a friends little brother; I’ve known him since he was eleven so cute or not, he’s sort of like my brother at this point. But enough about him, I’d rather lay here and think about the cute jerks stroking on the porch while they stare at out hot little asses.”

“Nothing little about your ass,: Julie winked at her.

“Skank.” Mindy flipped her off.

“Slut.” Julie stuck her tongue out at her, and then lowering her head on her forearms, closed her eyes and went back to enjoying the warm sun and having absolutely nothing to do.

Julie must have dozed off as her head jerked up at Mindy talking to someone next to her. “Why don’t you take a picture, it lasts longer?”

She turned to see her brother Kyle standing next to them, his face beet red as he stammered.

“W...what do you mean? I just came in through the gate.”

“Bullshit.” Mindy had rolled over onto her back to look up at him. “I felt you staring and I had my eyes open the last couple of minutes, but you weren’t looking at my eyes were you?”

“I…” Kyle looked away. “Yeah, I was checking you out. Sorry, Mindy.”

“Hey, don’t be sorry,” Mindy laughed. “I didn’t say I minded; just don’t try to be sneaky.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“Nothing wrong with being checked out by a hot guy.” Mindy winked at him. “You are a cutie.”

Kyle’s face turned even redder and the shy smile on his face caused Julie to smile. Her little brother was so damn cute sometimes.

“You think so?”

“Know so.” Mindy sat up and Kyle’s eyes immediately dart down to her breasts which were as close to spilling out of her small bikini as Julie’s were. “I remember when you were this geeky scrawny little kid, now look at you.”

Julie knew Mindy was teasing, but not entirely kidding. After being a bean pole up until he was seventeen , Kyle had finally started putting on weight over the last year. Going to the gym and playing hockey had ensured the weight went to the right places, and he was looking good.

Kyle had always been cute, but in a boyish kind of way. Like his body his face had matured and the addition of a neatly trimmed beard made him go from boyish to people thinking he was older than her.

Kyle had grown the beard not just to look older, but cover up the same soft features and cheekbones Julie had which had given him a pretty boy look he hated. He also shared the same deep blue eyes as Julie, but where she took after her mother with her dark hair, Kyle’s hair was a sandy brown.

Unfortunately for him, his confidence hadn’t improved with his looks and he was still a nervous wreck with girls. Even now, he was lobster red and rocking from one foot to the other with a goofy grin on his face as Mindy flirted with him.

“You know, Kyle,” Mindy picked up the bottle of tanning lotion. “I could use some more of this on my back, think you can help a girl out?”

“I…” Kyle swallowed nervously. “Sure I that wouldn’t be too hard, I…”

“What’s hard?” Mindy cut him off. “Are you hard?” She pointed to his crotch, which in his loose running shorts, wasn’t noticeable, but didn’t stop Mindy. “Looks like watching me might have gotten a little rise out of you.”

“No!” He shook his head so hard he looked like an idiot. “I wasn’t looking at you like that, really!”

“Then why were you looking at me? If you were just looking why weren’t you looking at your sister?”

“I was looking at Julie too.”

“You were checking out your sister?” Mindy’s eyes widened in mock disbelief. “Kyle that’s…”

“Leave him alone.” Julie was willing to let a little teasing slide, but Mindy was pushing it. “Ignore her, Kyle, she’s just being a bitch.”

“Aww, was I getting to you, little boy?” Mindy taunted him. “Big sis has to stick up for you?”

“No, I don’t need her to stick up for me, and I wasn’t looking at my sister.”

“You sure? Must be tough never having had sex and living with such a sexy girl. Especially when she’s showing off those big t…”

“Mindy!” Julie snapped at her while sitting up. “Stop being disgusting.”

“Hey, he was the one looking.” Mindy shrugged, then tried to hand Kyle the bottle. “So how about you squirt some cream on my…hey!”

Julie snatched the bottle from her and turning it, squirted a huge glob of it all over her chest. In hindsight that wasn’t the best move as Kyle’s eyes widened at the sight of the white lotion sprayed all over her tits.

“Rub that in yourself.” Julie told her. “Pretend it’s the end of one of your dates.”

“Oh, ow.” Mindy laughed, then meowed like a cat. “Bitchy!”

“Did you want something, Kyle?” Julie asked, trying to get his attention away from Mindy who was now making a show of rubbing the white cream on her tits.

“Oh, yeah.” Kyle managed to looked at her instead of Mindy. “I was wondering if I could ask you something.” He pointed to the house. “In private?”

“Sure.” Julie stood up and stretched, the move earning a loud whistle from the neighbors and one of them yelling, “Hey, take that top off sweet tits!”

“Watch your fucking mouth!” Kyle shouted over to them. “That’s my sister.”

“I’d like to watch your sister’s mouth!” The other one yelled back and they high fived like idiots.

Kyle glared at them and started to walk away from Julie towards the gate that led to the driveway.

“Let it go.” Julie caught his arm. “They’re morons who are going to go in the house and jerk each other off because they can’t find a girl who’ll touch them.”

“Yeah, but…”

“No buts, let’s go.” Julie let his arm go and catching his hand, turned and walked to the house, tugging him along with them. “Mom and dad are away and I’m in charge. I don’t need you getting arrested for punching out that dipshit.”

“What about you Blondie?” The asshole called to Mindy. “I want to see some ass.”

“Then look in the mirror,” Mindy yelled back to them.

“That was a good one,” Kyle laughed behind her.

“Yeah, she’s a riot,” Julie muttered as they reached the sliding glass doors that led into the kitchen.