She Gets More (Vintage Erotic Novel) - Anju Quewea - ebook

This is a Vintage Erotic, Adult Novel... Full of sexual adventures... Involving a sexy and Seductive girl... Full of Sex, Surprises and Unusual Naughty Twists.

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She Gets More

CHAPTER ONEAngel Baker sat on the edge of her bed, smoothed a black thigh-high stocking over a shapely leg and attached it to the black garter belt she was wearing. Satisfied, she did the other one, then stood in front of the full-length mirrors that served as doors to her walk-in closet.She smiled as she saw how her blonde pussy hair was framed by the black satin belt. Her cunt moistened. A delicious shiver ran through her body, making her nipples stand erect in the center of her large beautiful tits.She fluffed her blonde, shoulder-length hair around her heart-shaped face and smiled at her reflection. Her 5'4" frame was almost overpowered by her 38D boobs, but they stood proud and high on her chest. Her 22" waist made them look even bigger. Her hips curved gracefully to a neat and firm 34". She checked her lipstick, then turned to her dresser to pick out a bra."Nervous?" asked Dan as he came into the room from the shower."Yes. Nervous. Excited. Horny." Angel looked at her husband and felt the familiar warmth starting in her belly. She walked up to him and ran her fingers through the thick mat of chest hair as she tilted her face up for a kiss. His hands cupped the cheeks of her ass as he pulled her close to him. He leaned down from his 6'2" muscular frame and covered her mouth with his own, his mustache tickling the sensitive space under her nose."Whoa!" she said, pulling away from him reluctantly. "We don't want to get carried away now!" His large cock was standing straight up between them, as hard as she had ever seen it."You can't leave me like this!" he protested. "Let's just have a quickie to take the edge off! I don't want to shoot in my pants before the fun even begins!"She smiled at him, knowing he was right. He could get it up on demand! That is one thing they never had problems with. He was always as ready as she was! She leaned over slightly and flicked her tongue lightly over the head of his dick.He groaned softly. She put her hands on his thighs and she felt the muscles tense. She took another lick and tasted the slightly salty flavor of his pre-cum already beginning to well up in the end slit. Her lips wrapped around the end of the hard shaft and she fluttered her tongue against the tip, then around the head before starting to work her way down the delicious pole."Oh, baby! That feels so goooood!" Dan wound his fingers in her hair and pushed gently down on her head. "Do it to me! Suck my cock! Use those beautiful lips of yours and take me to heaven!"Angel didn't need urging to work her tongue and lips to get more and more of the length of him in her mouth and down her throat. She loved his reaction. She loved the way he tasted and she loved the scent of him that was so familiar and exciting!Lower and lower she traveled down the pleasure pole until her nose was buried in the wiry black hair that grew as abundantly there as it did over the rest of his body. She wanted to inhale his manly scent, but his cock was blocking her air passage. She had to retreat up the length of him.He was moaning and weaving slightly. His grasp on her hair increased. Angel could feel him getting harder, filling her mouth even more, and knew he was ready to cum! Down she went once again, her tongue working back and forth as much as possible considering how full her mouth was!Up and down a few more times and he yelled her name and pulled her to him so that she couldn't get away if she wanted to! His hot sperm hit her throat in a forceful rush, causing her to swallow over and over again! Even then she couldn't contain all of it! Some of the delicious love juice dribbled out between her lips.When she felt him begin to soften and he loosened the hold on her head, she backed off his cock and let it slide out of her mouth. She smiled up at him and licked the rest of his cum off her lips. "That was a wonderful appetizer, my darling.""I'm glad you liked it," he answered, "but I know you didn't like it any where as much as I did! And what about you?""As much as I want to cum, I want to be ready when we get there. Are you sure you want to go through with this?""I am. I have wondered about you. Are you sure you want to? We can stop right now. It won't make any difference to me.""Don't be silly. We've looked at this from every angle and we agreed to it. Let's finish getting dressed and get out of here! Just remember that I love you."Dan gave her a kiss and a smile and headed back to the bathroom. "I think I ought to wash the lipstick off my dick first. It might be a little tacky not to."Angel giggled. It would be kinda funny. Then again, this was supposed to be fun. One of the best nights of their lives. As she finished dressing, she couldn't help but smile at her good fortune. A loving husband, a good life-and now-well, the adventure she'd fantasized about but never thought would come true.When they pulled up by their friends' home, Dan kissed her again. "You'll be the most beautiful woman there," he whispered. "You'll always be the most beautiful woman in the world to me.""Thank you, kind sir. I think you're pretty sexy yourself. I can't wait to get you home again and compare notes!"They walked hand and hand up the sidewalk. The door opened before Dan had a chance to knock on it."We've been waiting for you," said Sandra. "We hoped you wouldn't change your minds. Come on in." She kissed Dan on the cheek and gave Angel a hug. "I'm so glad you came.""We wouldn't miss it," answered Angel, her body tingling with excitement. She looked closer at Mike than she ever had before. She wondered if he would be the one."Look everyone, "said Sandra, "they finally got here!"Angel felt like she was on stage the way that everyone in the room turned to look at them.. .but it was fine. They were all smiling and she knew this was what she wanted."Why don't you get a plate and some food and mingle for a little while before we get to the main event," suggested Sandra. "I would like to know why you were late, though," she said smiling up at Dan. She patted the front of his trousers. "Did you give away samples before you came? That's not in the rules you know."Angel looked at the saucy little redhead standing next to Dan and almost giggled at the thought of them together. Sandra's curvy short, freckled body looked like it was made for fun and games.. .and she knew for a fact that Dan was game for anything!She felt a hand on her elbow and turned to see Mike. He was the perfect husband for Sandra. His red hair was almost the same color as Sandra's and by his grin, he had the same wicked sense of humor. "Don't you want to try one of Uncle Mike's special house drinks?" he asked."And what's so special about them?""They're wonderfully mixed, and if you're real good, we let you lick them off of any body parts you care to name.""Don't try to bribe her," said one of the other male guests. "You know the rules.""Don't pay any attention to Tony," said Mike. "I never try to bribe anyone, although if I did, you'd be first on my list."Angel smiled at the compliment, then looked around the room. She had seen everyone in the room somewhere around town. She also recognized a couple of the men that she had fantasized about before. Tony happened to be one of them. He had hair the color of honey and eyes that changed from brown to green whenever he got excited about something.She looked around some more and noticed there were two other couples. She wondered when and how.. .then she felt a hand creeping up her skirt from behind."Just wanted to check," whispered Mike. He had come up behind her and was feeling her up. "Whew! You got some hot buns there, lady!" he exclaimed as he cupped one ass cheek in his hand."Now you stop that, Tony!" yelled his wife Paula from across the room. "You know we're not supposed to play until it's time!""Then let's make it time!" said Les. His wife Paula agreed. "Let's get on with it. It's getting late!""Okay" said Mike. "If you'd rather screw than eat, it's fine with me. All the ladies drop your house keys in this box."Angel got in line behind the other women and one by one they dropped in their keys. She knew her hands were shaking and she turned to look at Dan. His handsome face was encouraging, so she went ahead."Okay, Dan," said Mike. "Since you're the new guy, you get to chose first. Just remember, if you draw your own wife, you have to throw her back!"Everyone laughed at that, then Dan reached into the box. He pulled out a key and held it up."That's mine!" Ronnie Johns ran up to Dan laughing. Her long black hair glistened in the light. Her slim figured plastered itself to Dan. With her heels, she was only a couple of inches shorter than Dan."Next!" said Mike. One by one, the men went up to choose a key. Angel watched nervously until hers was pulled out by Fred Johns. He looked almost like a grizzly bear. He had a full beard and mustache and was built like a solid wall. He came up to her and smiled. "I believe this belongs to you?" he said."That's right," she answered. Somehow, his smile and his soft voice put her at ease. After all, she wanted adventure and to try new things.. .and Fred was certainly going to be something new!"Shall we?" asked Fred, leading the way to the door. The others were laughing and teasing them. "Don't be too hard on her," said Mike. "Remember, she's new at this and we don't want to scare her off!"They went to Fred's car. He held the door open for her and she got in. When he got in behind the wheel and pulled out of the drive, she slid over next to him. "Do you know where I live?" she asked."No, but I hope it isn't too far. I've been waiting so long. I can't believe you're really here. I have wanted you for months. Every time I'd see you on the street or in the grocery store, I'd wonder what it would be like.Angel directed him on the short drive and they were finally in the house. Fred helped her off with her coat and from the trembling of his hands, she knew he was just as nervous as she was. That made her feel a lot better. She turned quickly and ran into his hard-on that was threatening to rip his pants if he didn't let it loose soon!She took his shaking paws in her hands and directed them behind her where they could cup the cheeks of her ass. Fred moaned as he leaned down to kiss her waiting lips. He massaged her buns through the fabric of her dress, then worked it up so that he was feeling bare flesh.His cock jumped between them. "I think we'd better let this out," she whispered, rubbing the pole through his pants. She found the zipper and pulled it down, then undid the button at the top. She tugged, but couldn't get his pants and shorts down over his hard-on!Impatiently, he let go of her and jerked his clothes down. His rod was red hot, rowdy and rigid! It stood straight up and so sturdy it looked like a limb growing off the trunk of a tree!"Oh," exclaimed Angel. "It's beautiful!""Not so beautiful as you," whispered Fred. "I feel like an ox next to a gazelle. I'm wanting you so bad, but I don't feel worthy.""Don't be silly," she answered. "The first thing you ought to do is help me out of this dress." She pulled at the hem and started to lift it over her head."Oh, my God!" he exclaimed as her body came into view. "I never thought, even in my wildest dreams! They stand up there all by themselves!"Angel finished taking off her dress and let it drop to the floor. She stood in front of Fred with her hands on her hips, letting him take in the sight of her naked tits standing proudly under his gaze, their rosebud centers puckered in anticipation.Fred leaned over and took one of the rosy peaks in his mouth, the other globe he cupped in his palm. Angel threw her head back and a small groan of desire escaped her lips at the same time her other lips were moistening with fuck lube. They knew what was coming and they weren't going to miss any part of it!CHAPTER TWOAngel untied Fred's tie and tried to undo the top button on his shirt. She wanted to feel his body next to hers, with nothing in between them! She couldn't get it! It just wouldn't unbutton!Fred sucked harder, kneading her other tit, and gently pinching its puckered rosebud with his fingers. Angel couldn't wait any longer. She used both hands and ripped his shirt open. Buttons flew all over the room!Fred let go of her boobs long enough to shake the shirt off of himself. He grabbed at Angel and hugged her close to him-as close as his huge boner would allow!"Let me take off the rest of my clothes," whispered Angel."No. Don't. Leave the garter belt and stockings. They really turn me on!" His hands seemed to be everywhere on her body!Angel pulled away and led him to the bedroom. He followed so close behind her she could feel his thick pelt rubbing her back and his cock poking her in the middle of her spine.She got to the edge of the bed and turned towards him. He hugged her to him, her boobs crushed against his hairy chest. He kissed the top of her head, then worked his way down the side of her face, stopping to suck on her ear lobe, his full beard tickling her wherever it touched.He shoved gently so that she sat down on the bed, then reclined, her legs still over the edge. He continued kissing his way down her body. His lips trailed down between her breasts, down to her navel where his tongue explored every part, then down farther, past the garter belt and into the nest of blonde curls.Angel's breathing became more rapid as she felt his fingers part the swollen lips of her pussy. She felt him gently blow across her clit! Her cunt became the center of all that she was.. .all that she wanted! She tried to raise her hips and force her beaver into his face.She felt his beard tickle the insides of her thighs as he got closer to his target. Angel heard someone moaning, then realized the noise was coming from her! She grabbed Fred's hair and pulled him into her fur burger! He licked at her hot slit, then buried his tongue deep inside.He explored every inch that he could reach with his tongue, swirling it around inside her cunt and making in and out fucking motions. He backed out and started taking long slow licks up her slit, barely touching her love button."Do it to me!" she yelled. "Make me cum! I can't stand it any longer!" Her grip in his hair tightened as she wiggled her hips and ground her pussy into his face. He sucked her clit between his lips and vibrated his tongue against it, sending her over the edge!"Yes! Yes! Oh, yesssss!" she screamed as her snatch erupted and her fuck juice poured from her into Fred's waiting mouth!Fred stood up and smiled down at her. She could see her cum in his beard. "You taste as sweet as you look," he told her. "Now I need to find out if you feel as good as I've always thought you would."He put his hands under her knees and turned her so that she was laying fully on the bed. He mounted the bed between her legs, his joystick at the ready! She lifted her knees, giving him more room to enter her. His cock posed for a moment at the entrance to her muff, then drove forward, burying itself deep within her hot, clinging tunnel."Oh, yes!" he said. "It's even better than I dreamed! You feel so good! Your pussy is the sweetest I ever tasted or felt!""Fuck me," said Angel. "Fuck me hard! Give me your cock! Show me how much you like it!"Fred didn't need any more encouragement! He pulled back and thrust forward again! Back out slowly, then in to his balls fast! He fucked her like she was the first woman he had ever been with!She felt him lifting her legs. She raised them and put them over his hairy shoulders. She was fully open to him! He lunged into her humid tight cavern, filling every part of her pussy and bumping against the entrance to her womb! She raised her hips, meeting him thrust for thrust!"Here I cum!" yelled Fred. "Get ready for meeeeee!"Angel felt the hot wad of cum spurt inside of her, then another and another! He just kept cumming! She felt it working out the sides of his prick and onto her thighs! Her cunt couldn't hold it all! The intense heat and action triggered a second climax in her, and her own fuck juice joined his in her sodden abyss!"Whew! That was some piece of action, doll," Fred told her when he was able to catch his breath again. "You were wonderful! I can't believe how lucky I was to draw your key!" He rolled off of her and onto his side. She rolled towards him so they were face to face."I'm glad you were the first," she said. "I wasn't sure what to expect when we first found out about the club. We weren't even sure if we wanted to join, but Sandra talked us into it! I used to think if you got all you needed at home.. . ""I know what you mean. Look at my wife! Ronnie is one of the most beautiful women I know and I love her to distraction, but even the most wonderful relationships get static and need a little boost.""You sure boosted me!" laughed Angel. "This was so great! And I think it's really funny that Dan picked Ronnie's key. When you two get back together, you can discuss us.""And vice-versa. Don't worry, you'll get good grades on my report. I hope you'll do the same for me.""Is it always this good? I mean, what about the others? What happens other times?""Everyone is different, but I can honestly say that everyone in our group is good one way or another. There's no way to compare them. Ronnie tells me the same thing. We look forward to the variety. After all, if they were all the same, what would be the point?" said Fred."The crowd sure did look like they would provide variety. We really don't know everything about the group yet. Sandra said something about initiation, but nothing was said earlier. Is this the initiation?""Nope. This is your trial run. Some people can't handle it. They think they can. Some get right to the point of picking a key and back out. Others actually go through the first run, and then decide it's not for them. So, we wait until the new couple has their first key job, then we hold the initiation.""Well, tell me about it? What happens?"Fred laughed. "Nothing doing! It's a surprise! It's nothing harmful. Just a way to really get to know you.""That's not fair," she said, leaning closer to him. She ran her fingers through his chest hair, twirling it through her fingers. "Can't I get you to give me just a little hint?""I don't give hints. I don't tell," he said. "Just remember, some day you'll have the fun of initiating someone else, and you can have the fun of keeping the secret ahead of time, too.""Oh, all right. Be that way. I'll find some way to get even with you." She reached for his cock. It was semi-hard again."I'd really like to," said Fred, "but you know what time it is. This is one of the nights we have to get back early. We all have to go to work tomorrow." He kissed her, then got up and dressed.She lay on the bed watching him put his clothes on. "It's really true," she said and laughed. "All men do put their pants on one leg at a time.""I'll let myself out," Fred told her. "As soon as Dan and I meet at the cafe so each knows the other is finished, he'll be home. Thank you for a wonderful evening. I hope that I get your key many times in the future.""Me, too. This has been so great. I can hardly wait for Dan to get home so we can compare notes!"Fred kissed her one last time and left. Angel stayed in bed for a few minutes thinking about the evening. She went to the bathroom and took a shower, slowly lathering her body, remembering how Fred's hands had felt on her.As she toweled off she decided to go to the kitchen for a snack. She had been so excited earlier she hadn't been able to eat. She slipped on one of Dan's shirts that he had left on a chair. It was as big as a nightshirt on her!She loved wearing his shirts. His scent lingered in the fabric, reminding her of his wonderful body and how much she loved being as close as possible to him.She opened the door to the refrigerator to see what she could snack on. While she was bent over, she felt something tickle the backs of her legs. She swatted behind her, thinking to brush off a stray thread. She felt the tickle again and tried to brush it off.She was thinking about Fred and wondering how things went with Dan and Ronnie when she felt a tickle on her bare ass. She jumped, thinking there must be a bug of some kind that had gotten into the house-or even worse-a spider! She whirled and ran into a solid wall of flesh!"Dan! You scared me!" she said as she fell against him."Sorry. I just couldn't help it! You looked so cute with your beautiful ass poked into the air like that! So, did you have a good time?"Angel looked at him and saw that he was smiling. "From the look on your face, you sure did! Yes, as a matter-of-fact, I did have a good time. A great time, in fact! How was Ronnie?""Well, she wasn't you, but she was definitely an experience.""What does that mean? Good or bad?""Good. Just different. What about Fred.""He was fun. How about a little snack?" she offered, turning back to the refrigerator."The only snack I want is standing in front of me," he said, wrapping his arms around her. She felt his hard-on pressing against her back."And what is that all about? Didn't Ronnie take care of you? I know I did before the swap meet. You shouldn't be horny already!" She was pleased that he was up again. Ronnie was a gorgeous woman and she knew that Dan was a vigorous lover. She didn't expect him to want sex again when he got home, but here he was, as hard and excited as a bull in heat!She turned again and lifted her face to his. Their mouths met, warm and searching. Angel felt his tongue probe her lips and invade her mouth. Her pussy swelled and moistened in response. She was ready again! She wanted him so badly! She sucked on the tongue that was searching the inside of her mouth."Oh, baby," sighed Dan, as he came up for air. "You don't know what you do to me sometimes!""Sometimes?" she asked. "I know what I want to do to you all the time!" She reached for his belt and undid the buckle, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, then plunged her hand down the front to fondle his hard prick!"Angel," he cried. "My Angel! You'd better stop that.. ..""Or?""Or we'll never make it to the bedroom.""So?" she asked, her hand stroking the soft hot flesh covering his iron-hard rod.With one quick move, Dan removed his pants and shorts. His cock stood upright, its head dark purple with desire! His arms went around her and he lowered her to the floor. She spread her legs eagerly. She didn't even notice the cold tile beneath her!His large column of delight slid into her love channel! She grabbed his shoulders to brace herself as she lifted her hips to meet him! He dove deep and hard, filling her pussy with his hot, rigid rod!His hands were flat on the floor, bracing himself. He leaned down and took the front of his shirt that she was wearing in his teeth and pulled. She knew what he wanted. She let go of him long enough to grab the front of the shirt and rip it open!His lips clamped on the hard nipple and she gasped her pleasure! Her pussy was so hot! So wet! So needy! She tried to shove more of her tit into his mouth. She raised her legs to wrap them around his waist and pull him even closer to her.She still wasn't close enough. The shirt he was wearing was in her way! She tore at it until the buttons flew off. He raised his head and rubbed his body along hers. She could feel his furry body rubbing against her soft skin, exciting her even more!She writhed under him. Her hips bucked as she wanted him to fuck her harder and harder! She wanted the fire inside of her at least banked. She couldn't think any more! She didn't want to! She was all cunt! And that cunt wanted to cum! Nothing else mattered!"Come on, baby," he said in her ear. "Come on. You know you want to cum! Let go! Let it come!""Oh, yes! Yes! I want it! I want to.. .to.. .YESSSSS!" she screamed as her pussy exploded with its release! She thought she would never stop cumming! Her entire body felt like it was climaxing!"Oh.. .oh.. . " she said as soon as she caught her breath. "That was better than ever! But why have you quit? You didn't cum. Did you give it all away?" she teased."No, I've got plenty left, and I'm lying here very still so that I don't let go yet." He raised himself off of her and withdrew his still-hard cock."What? Where are you going?" she cried, reaching for him."Same place you're going," he smiled. "Your back must be sore from that hard floor. I just want to get on the carpet in the living room for the next act." He was on his feet. He reached down and grabbed her hand and pulled her up."Next act? You mean, the one where you cum this time?""Both of us," he answered. He finished taking off his shirt, then removed what was left of the one she was wearing. "You know, we might consider getting some clothes with those hook and loop fasteners. It could get expensive if we have to replace two of my shirts every time.""We could just go naked all the time," she suggested. She got to the center of the living room and laid down on her back, her arms welcoming him.He knelt in front of her, then rolled her over. "Why didn't you tell me you wanted it doggie style," she asked, smiling over her shoulder at him. "We haven't done this for a while.""No, we haven't. There are a lot of things we haven't done for a while.. .and some we've never done at all.""like what?""like, just wait and see," he teased as his cock slid into her sopping wet cunt from behind.CHAPTER THREE