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One dark and filthy prison cell. Three desperate men, condemned to hang the next day. And one scared young woman.How did it come to this? When she disguised herself to seduce her Lord and Master, it was just a bit of fun. But now her trickery has landed her in the last place she wanted to be. Locked in a gaol cell, with men who have nothing to lose. And they look hungry...~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~As her body became accustomed to the pain, her mind raced to figure out all the details of what had happened. She groaned, remembering how she had struck the gentleman. She should have thought twice before doing something so foolish, but she had been too outraged at the sight of a defenseless horse being whipped. No one would care that she had been trying to rescue the horse. She had struck a gentleman, and was lucky they hadn't already stringed her up to be hanged. "Guard," she croaked, crawling over to the prison bars. "What do you want?" the man who had thrown the water in her face bellowed. All around her she could hear the scuffling of other prisoners, crying or groaning. The stench of the place was sickening and she had to work hard not to throw up from the sour smell. "I need to leave this place," she told him. "Please. I need to get out of here. This was a mistake."The guard laughed at her. "The only time you'll leave this place is when the ship comes to take you along with the rest of this lot to Australia.""Wait! Wait!" she cried out desperately."Pipe down or I'll give you something to holler about!"

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Shared by Condemned Men

Victorian BDSM Erotica

Anna Austin

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 Anna Austin

Written by Anna Austin

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or over. ~~

Philippa swallowed another mouthful of ale and tried not to gag on the nasty stuff. How men were able to consume this regularly, she had no idea. She figured it was the reason for them being so addlebrained so often, while their sober womenfolk took advantage of them. Like the one who was about to take advantage of Rhys any minute now.

From her position across the table from him, Philippa glared at the buxom red-head who was sitting on Rhys' lap. She was a pretty girl, Philippa supposed, but a whore to boot. It was evident from her low-cut bodice, to the way she was rubbing all over the handsome blond lord, who was too foxed to stop his hands wandering beneath the woman’s gown.

Philippa had been all for riding through the night to London. but Rhys had wanted to make a stop at the tavern to go wenching. Well wenching he would be doing alright. Just not with that red-head.

Longing blazed in her belly as she looked at Rhys and the way he was eyeing the woman’s breasts. Amidst the boisterous chatter and coarse laughing of the men in the tavern, Philippa felt that they were alone. Nobody and nothing else mattered but the man she was staring at, a man who she had a secret longing for. She had wanted for so long to have him on his back while she rode him like the horses they loved so much.

For the most part she went unnoticed; for all the world, she was a slender boy who had walked in with the Marquis of Lancaster. When she had entered the tavern half an hour ago, she’d gotten curious looks from those wondering at the fresh-faced youth walking in with the Marquis. She had ignored them, confident that no one would be able to guess that she was a woman. She had been with the Rhys for several months now and he still didn’t suspect a single thing.

Life would have been much different for her if she had revealed her true gender. But what was a woman for in this world but a whore for the man she found herself with? No doubt existed in her mind, that had she not disguised her sex, she would have ended up being in the same position as the redhead, flat on her back and being screwed by any man who had an itch in their breeches. When she was ready, she would leave her disguise behind and select a gentleman she found to her liking, rather than have no say in the matter.

And the gentleman she found very much to her liking was Rhys, the man she had first run into when she was nothing but a skinny kneed girl of thirteen. Even then, she had been aware of him as a man. but had no idea what her idle daydreams meant. That was, until two years ago when Tommy had lured her into an abandoned building and had his way with her. It had been surprising but not unpleasant, and she had continued meeting him up at odd places for him to stick his stiff hot rod into her. There was a thrill in knowing that if her Da ever caught them, Tommy would be dead and she would get the beating of her life.