Sex, weed and various disasters 3 - Federico Calafati - ebook

An ebook about 4 friends living in New York and try to survive and become who they want to be

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Federico Calafati

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In Rolando’s flat, he and Hannah were redressing. Hannah was terribly embarrassed, while Rolando had a road smile on his face. “Why have you got that expression? I think there are no doubts, it was fantastic” Hannah stood up and spoke to him with an artificially calm tone.

“Maybe nobody would define me as a good girl” she started with a sure frown. “Neither have I believed to be such a girl nor surely it’s not what would have been said by the judge Fenton, with whom I have been quarrelling since 2009. Anyway, I had never done anyone such a sly thing. And it’s your entire fault!”

Rolando looked at her with any particular interest and smiled at her.

“Anyway, you can tell our friend that we can go out together tomorrow evening” Hannah was astonished. “What? And why should you do that?” “Because if I didn’t go out with our friend Jessa, you would have too many guilt feelings to keep on having sex with me” Hannah got defensive.

“And why should I want to keep on having sex with you?” she asked calmly even if she showed an overwhelming hysterical vein.

“Reason number 1: I’m the best lover you have ever had”

“Your pusher must have the best dope of the surroundings, to let you see these things!” she replied, with all the hardness she was capable of. Rolando ignored her completely and went on speaking. “Reason number 2: The fact of hiding this thing both to Jessa and to your boyfriend excites you so much!” Hannah felt as if she had got a punch on her face. “Who says I’ve got a boyfriend?” Rolando gave her a scornful gaze. “But who do you think I am, a sort of brainless boy who attended the public school? I can connect the dots” Hannah didn’t answer.

“Reason number 3: If you should refuse; I will go straight to your boyfriend who lives a stone’s throw from my house. I will blurt this out and I don’t know how happy he will be to know that his girlfriend prefers hanging out in exclusive areas rather than staying with proletarians like him”

Hannah went close to him and he gave him a very strong slap. Rolando suffered the blow, but he went on smiling unperturbedly. “Then I suppose there is an agreement between us” he exclaimed, putting his hand forward to shake it.

Hannah reflected for a while and finally she yielded “Ok there is an agreement” Rolando went closer to her and she quivered.

“You can go now. Tell your friend we will meet tomorrow evening at 8 p. m” Hannah nodded and went towards the door without saying anything; she was wounded in pride and she was already thinking about how she would have avenged such an offence.

At the reave party, after about twenty minutes spent in necking with Claire, Liam decided to detach from Claire. He soon looked around trying to see Blaine.

“Oh my God, I am alone with this crazy girl! If I see Blaine, I’ll beat him to pulps this time!” he said loudly, just next to Claire. He felt confused and his brain was pulsating like never before. His senses seemed to be sharpened and the cascade of emotions caused by LSD overwhelmed him completely, making him feel powerless but extraordinarily vital. He had never been quivering and out of control kike that night.

“Hey, do you realize I am here, don’t you? Claire protested angrily. “Certainly yes, otherwise I’d be in a panic!” Liam answered “I cannot remain totally alone or I will drink four times my body weight, that is to say two and half times yours and I will end up raped by some maniac in the alley nearby” Claire glared at him.

“Ok, since you think you can make fun of me with impunity, I go away!” Liam grabbed her by the arm and spoke to her with a begging voice.

“No, no wait for me, don’t leave me alone!” “It’s too late, don’t follow me!” she said, getting free from his grasp with a jerk. Claire disappeared into the crowd and Liam didn’t see her anymore.

“And now what the hell do I do?” Liam exclaimed as he felt the panic rising inside him and threatening to overwhelm him.

In the meantime, two guys clearly drunk approached. They carried a huge container with six intense green small tubes from which a bluish liquid flowed.

“Hey, friend take a tube and put it into your mouth!” one of the guys shouted smiling. Liam saw he was very tall, with dark blond hair and a charming smile. Liam smiled at him back, while another girl was grasping the tube next to his.

“What is there inside?” Blaine asked sceptically after the dirty trick Vanessa had pulled him. The guy hugged him sideways and smiled again.

“Ninth, first drink and then ask!” Liam reflected and soon afterwards, in the grip of euphoria, took the tube and drank a very long sip. After doing that, he flicked his fist upwards and screamed.

“This is done!” the tall guy said satisfyingly “We are going to the best area of the party, the private one! You can come if you want! I am Jack, by the way” Liam shook his hand smiling.

“I am Liam, I join you with pleasure, and I lost my friends in this total chaos” The other guy smiled and, hugging the others, he started singing a song loudly. Liam joined them and followed them in the back of the shed, behind a red curtain.

Behind the curtain there were some guys sitting on the ground around four bongs arranged in the middle. Jack and the others sat and dragged Liam with them. He took a seat next to Jack and to a red-haired girl who seemed to be nearly eighteen. The music went on pumping up and Liam was completely euphoric, while the drug was flowing in his veins like an icy fire.

“It’s a great place!” he commented. “Help yourself! Take a bong and smoke, my dear friend I didn’t know until eight seconds ago! Anyway, this is Sarah!” he said introducing the red-haired girl sitting next to him. She smiled shyly and Liam gave her his hand.

“Hi, I’m Liam!” he uttered jovially. “You already know my name, anyway, nice to meet you!” she replied. In that moment, Jack stood up and shouted loudly.

“It’s time for Spin the Bottle! It’s an old game but it is always efficient! Who wants to play?” he asked shouting and Liam smiled. He was so confident, so enthralling.