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For whatever reason, lack of men or lack of the right men or for something else, some men and women feel the need to provide their own orgasms. Here are 14 short stories of women who use toys or other methods to accomplish this. The writing is explicit so these stories are all intended for adults only.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Excerpt from “Samantha and the Wind”:Samantha felt really good about herself when she walked out of her apartment building and onto the sidewalk that breezy spring morning. Wearing a light sweater and a pair of shorts and walking shoes, she exited through the front door and turned left. The shorts hung slightly below her bottom, with a very loose fit, and the dark green material was so thin that she could feel the wind cutting right through it. Other gusts swirled up the legs of the shorts, which were so loose, they flapped around her hips. In itself, that wasn't unusual, but she felt the wind more acutely than she otherwise would have, because Samantha was completely naked under her outer garments.She had chosen that day to go outside without her usual panties and bra, and she felt deliciously naughty, as the breeze penetrated the light fabric, tickling her bare crotch, which she had shaved just minutes earlier. Samantha was glad she was wearing her glasses; otherwise the strong breezes would have made her eyes water. Walking slowly, wanting to receive the maximum pleasure, she headed fully into the breeze, which fondled her in that most sensitive place, or found its way up the legs of the shorts to reach her from a different angle. A few of the other blasts of wind caressed her breasts under their almost non-existent covering, turning her nipples hard, and not just from the chill. Within a few minutes of starting her trek, Samantha could feel the wetness trickling from her, warm and pleasant at first, but cooling quickly when the wind focused on it.Immensely relishing her walk, especially what the breeze was doing, she turned left at the corner and hurried down the short block to the next intersection, where she would turn left again. Samantha couldn't feel any breeze tantalizing her sexually when she was on the narrow side street that connected the two main thoroughfares, and she wanted, as quickly as possible, to get to a place where she could. That breeze, and the effect it was having on her private parts, was her reason for being out on the street wearing such skimpy clothing with nothing but her bare skin under it.Once she had made the second left turn, the breeze began sending thrills through her body again. This time it was blowing directly against her ass, which was just as bare under the shorts as her mound was. A few tendrils of more adventurous air even whooshed between her cheeks, teasing her rear end and contributing to the feeling she had of being wicked and wanton, as well as adding to the flow from her body. The wind and that feeling of wickedness were so erotically pleasing that she bent slightly from the hips, reveling in how much better the strong breeze blew through the fabric and worked its way up the legs of her shorts, to feel the way she wanted.

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Sex Toys

By George Boxlicker

Copyright 2017 by George Boxlicker

Table of Contents

Rachel Loves Her Rabbit

Mary and the Machine

Annette’s Dildos

A Rubber Dolly

Samantha and the Wind

Daphne’s Ducky Dildo

Sharon and Jackie and a Double Dong

Vanessa and Her Toys

Stephanie’s Silver Bullet

Heidi’s Double Delight

Vicky and Her Vibe

Dear Dildo Maker

Romeo Robot

Elizabeth’s Trusty Toys

Author’s Note: All persons in this work of fiction are at least 18 years old.

Rachel Loves Her Rabbit

With a toy like this, who needs a man?

When Rachel was younger, she discovered there was a special Place near the top of the slit between her legs where she could rub it with her fingers for a while and it would give her a warm and wonderful feeling. Rubbing herself there until she got that feeling helped her relax too and sometimes, after she had lain awake and restless in her bed for a while, she would do it to help her sleep. Later, she discovered fucking her boyfriends, which gave her a much better and more complex feeling, but still worked best if she also fingered herself there or had the guy do it.

After she went away to college, one of her dormitory mates showed her a dildo that she owned. Rachel immediately saw the benefits of it and bought one for herself. She used it regularly, and her new companion had advantages over fucking, such as being less messy and always ready for her when she wanted it, as well as being completely undemanding. While she lay in her bed at night, stroking it in and out of her pussy, she still liked to fondle the special place, which she had, by then, learned to call her clit, or man in the boat, or other affectionate nicknames.

In her second year in college, she bought her first vibrator. Not as realistic as a dildo, it had other advantages. She could turn it on and stretch her pussy open with it and feel it tickle the nerves in the lining or she could apply it directly to her clit. When she wanted or needed a really big orgasm, she fucked herself with the dildo and let the vibrator caress her man in the boat. Together, they got her through the first three years of college with a minimum of distractions

from men.

When she was a senior Rachel became acquainted with The Rabbit. While surfing the internet, she saw an ad for "Marital Aids" and found the vibrator of her dreams. It was called The Rabbit Habit, and included every feature that Rachel had ever thought should be included in a sex toy. It wasn't cheap but she resolved that, even if she had to live on stale bread for a month, her pussy deserved it and she had to have it. A week later, the Rabbit arrived in a plain brown wrapper.

As luck would have it, the time of the arrival was late on a Friday afternoon and her roommates were out, and expected to be out late, probably overnight. While anticipating the dream vibrator, Rachel had refrained from either fucking or masturbating since ordering it, and she was really horny, and ready to give it a good test. Planning ahead, she had bought the AA batteries that she knew would be required for Roger, as she had already named him. The battery-operated model was much more convenient than the one with a cord attached, so she had never considered buying the latter.

Sitting by herself in her room, she read the various instructions and warnings included, and admired the sleek toy. It was a translucent pink, and the main cylinder felt almost the same in her hands as a real cock. The realism was continued by the lifelike, mushroom-shaped head, which looked like the real ones she had experienced but was firmer. The size was just what she preferred, long enough and thick enough to fill her pussy the way she liked, but not so big as to be painful. When she looked over the many special features, Rachel grew even hornier, thinking what it would feel like once Roger started doing his thing. Just from inspecting the toy and reading about it, her pussy was already wet.

Eager to try it out and wanting to start getting a return on her investment, Rachel hung a towel on the doorknob in case one of her roommates returned unexpectedly, and carefully locked the door. She closed the Venetian blinds and turned down her bed covers so she would be lying only on the bottom sheet. After removing all her clothing and inserting the batteries in the rabbit, she relaxed on her back, a pillow under her head, and licked the end of the toy for lubrication. When it was ready, she turned it on to the lowest speed.

Cupping one full breast in her left hand, Rachel held the softly buzzing toy in the other, and touched its head to her areola. A quick shiver of delight rippled through her, and continued as she moved Roger's tip in a circle before homing in on her nipple, which had become erect almost as soon as she started.

"Hmmm," she murmured happily from the erotic sensation. For a minute, she left the toy on the first nipple, sending sexual rapture throbbing inward. Her upper body was already squirming on the bed as Rachel turned her attentions to her other breast and treated it to the same happy experience. After a few happy seconds, she could feel her pussy getting wetter, with juices starting to trickle out. She continued to pleasure her breasts until she was sure enough of the lubrication had been produced for Roger to perform his specialty.

"Ya done good so far, Roger," Rachel whispered to her new toy. "Let's see what you do in the big time." She turned the speed up a notch.

His introduction to "the big time" was to slowly caress along first one of his owner's swollen labia, then the other. Rachel's pussy was writhing and she was breathing deeply and sighing from the joys that coursed through her body from all along the path taken by the new toy. After raising her level of arousal by briefly massaging her clit hood, Rachel was fucking her pussy up against Roger and she knew it was time for insertion.

Up until then, everything Rachel had done could have been done with her old vibrator. The special features that had caused her to spend more money than she could really afford on the new sex toy hadn't come into play yet but they soon would. She started by reaching down between her legs and using both hands to hold Roger's head against what she had started thinking of as his rabbit hole. Slowly, she moved it around until it was covered by the juices that had been flowing freely from her pussy. When she knew it was well enough lubricated, she eased the tip inside herself.

The vibrating head against the entrance to her pussy sent a throb of pleasure through her body. There had been times when she had left the head of a vibe there until she came but Rachel knew the Rabbit Habit included a feature that would do an even better job of massaging that place, so she delayed only a few seconds. The special features still hadn't come into contact with her but when Rachel looked down between her legs, she could see them operating. The anticipation of what they would soon be doing to various parts of her pussy gave her a special thrill, and she knew the actual doing would be far better. "Into your little rabbit hole, Roger" she whispered to her toy and eased him in a little deeper.

As the vibrating head burrowed into her pussy, Rachel could feel her level of arousal ratcheting upward. She hadn't come in over a week and believed that period of abstinence would make her first climax from her new Rabbit so much better that it would be worth it. Already it was better for her than any other toy had ever been, and some of the difference was just from anticipating just how fabulous it would be by the time she was finally satisfied.

The first special feature to enter her pussy was what the internet ad and the directions had described as the twirling shaft. Rachel had a G-spot, she knew, because she had played with it many times, or had a man do it for her, but she had never been able to locate its base when she wanted to stimulate herself there. The multitude of protuberances would massage the whole area, inside her pussy, including her special place, as the shaft twirled while the vibrating head caressed her deeper inside. She delayed that for a few seconds, though, reveling in the way the bumps felt as they massaged the entrance to the rabbit hole. As good as that felt, though, Roger had another feature that would feel even better in that sensitive place so Rachel let him burrow in even farther.

The advertisement on the internet had called the next feature "the pearls" and had described how, as the shaft turned, they would roll and tumble at the entrance to her vagina. The "pearls" were a bulge in the shaft, filled with small hard plastic balls and covered by a flexible transparent cover. When that part of the shaft started to wedge into her pussy, Rachel's upper body became even more active, thrashing on the bed while her head tossed luxuriously from side to side on her pillow.

The greater width of the pearls stretched her open as she wedged it into herself and, as had been promised on the internet, the many plastic balls, churning randomly under the flexible surface, sent exquisite joy swirling through her body.

As Roger massaged the entrance to his hole, his mushroom shaped head vibrated deep inside Rachel's pussy and the bumps on his twirling shaft caressed her but those bumps still hadn't performed their main function. Because she wanted to save the best for last, Rachel turned the toy slightly and eased it in farther.

"Oh! Oh!" she blurted excitedly. "There it is!" She had finally found the fabled and elusive base of the G-spot again, and her body reacted to the contact with the rotating pleasure bumps. "Yes! Yes!" she cried, fucking up against the toy she held in her hand. For better control of the Rabbit, she held it with both hands as her body churned up the sheet.

It was time for Roger to perform his specialty. The Rabbit was named for his "ears,” which were attached to an appendage protruding out and up from the main cylinder. Rachel had felt them while inspecting the toy and had seen them fluttering and, when she turned the vibrator back to put them on course again, she felt his ears fulfilling their promise and doing just what they were designed to do for her clit.

Rapture flooded her body. Her entire pussy was awash in delight as every feature of Roger was doing what it was intended to do. "Uhh! Uhh!" Rachel whimpered as her body rocked from side to side and her hips swiveled, wildly, thrusting her legs out and back. "Yes! Oh, God, yes!" she shouted. For a brief fraction of a second she hoped nobody would hear her expressing what she was feeling but after that, she had no thought for anything but what the Rabbit was doing for every part of her pussy.

When she started coming, her motions were even more frenetic, except for her legs that were squeezing her hands and holding the toy in place. Deep inside her pussy, the mushroom head was vibrating busily and pleasing the lining of her love channel. Not quite so deep, the pleasure bumps were twirling and caressing her G-spot and every other place they could reach. The pearls were stretching open the entrance to her pink orifice, making it even more sensitive, and randomly and rapidly massaging her there. Best of all, Roger's ears were fluttering over her swollen clit, stroking and tickling all her sweetest of sweet spots, driving her to new heights of ecstasy.

Before that happy evening, if Rachel had been called upon to name her most memorable orgasm, she would have been unable to single one out. After that evening, however, she would have had no problem. When she climaxed, yelling joyously, her back arching and her legs squeezing the toy that had brought her to the place she had never been before, it dwarfed any of her previous finales. After it was over, all her muscles seemed to totally collapse, leaving Rachel feeling as limp and relaxed as an old tee-shirt.

She had barely enough energy to remove the toy from her pussy and turn it off. Rachel lay on her bed, utterly at peace, drowsy and more sexually satisfied than she had ever been in her life. "What a slattern I must be," she told herself. "I can't even wash the pussy juices from myself and Roger. Oh, who cares? I'll do it in the morning. After I put him through his paces again." Rachel drifted off into the happiest and most refreshing night's sleep she could ever remember having.

Mary and the Machine

She finds a partner who can fuck for hours and not get tired.

It was late on a Friday night and Mary Cook, tall, dark-haired and voluptuous kissed her boyfriend goodbye, halfway wishing he would just stay away. The man did have a few good points but the sex with him that night, as usual, had been extremely disappointing and she was completely unsatisfied with the one extremely weak climax she had reached. Mary had a dildo and a vibrator and would probably use one or both of them on her needy pussy but she wished it could be unnecessary.

“What I really need,” she told herself, “is a man who can fuck all night or some kind of sex toy that I don’t have to hold on to. Something that stands by itself so I don’t have to do any work and can just lay back and enjoy myself.”

However, she was almost certain there was no such thing available, so she got out the toys she did have and, completely naked, made herself comfortable on her bed with her computer propped up in front of her. She intended to use the dildo and the vibe at the same time but she knew that combination would not be enough to do the job. She would also need a good, smutty porn story to watch and listen to as she was using them.

On her way to the site she knew would provide it, an advertisement caught her attention. The part that stood out the most was a big, white dildo and, as she looked over the pictures and read the text, Mary realized she might have just stumbled across exactly what she needed. The ad was for a place not very far from her apartment and the dildo that had caught her eye was one of many, in different sizes and colors, that would be available to all persons who were at least 18 years old and came into the establishment and paid their fee. The toy was used by attaching it to a machine. The mechanical marvel (their words) was intended to service pussies but gay men who wanted to be fucked in the ass could also be serviced.

She continued reading while inspecting the photograph of the machine and learned how the dildo selected by the customer would be fastened to the end of a long metal arm which was connected to a metal wheel. The connection was off-center so, as the wheel turned, at the speed selected by the user, the arm would first be thrust forward, plunging the dildo into whomever happened to be lying or kneeling on the couch which would be provided for customers. As the wheel completed its revolution, the dildo would be drawn back out. The person using the machine would be in his or her preferred position and a woman could, in theory at least, fuck all night and come an infinite number of times.

“This is exactly what I was just wishing for,” Mary said to herself as she picked up her telephone to call and ask about business hours and other details.

They would be open the following day at one PM so she made an appointment. The fee was higher than she expected but Mary considered it to be well worth it for the sexual thrills that were promised. In order to whet her appetite for the carnal pleasure the next day, she decided to eschew masturbating that night.

At one o’clock the next day, Mary arrived at the nondescript building and used her credit card to pay for two hours with what the manager referred to as “The Sexmaster.” If she wanted more, there would be an additional charge but Mary believed two hours should be enough, especially since the clock would run from when she turned the sex machine on, using the remote control she would have strapped onto her wrist.

Mary was escorted to a cubicle with minimal privacy; nobody else was visible but moans and cries and other happy sounds from other clients could be heard clearly. The rather simple directions, which were posted on the swinging door, were pointed out to her and she was handed the device with which she would control the machine. Customers were allowed to wear as much or as little as they chose but, when the attendant left, Mary elected to strip naked, because that was her preference when indulging in any kind of sexual activity. She decided to start with a comparatively small dildo and, after coming for the first time, would switch to something bigger.

She selected a toy that was pink to match her skin, about six inches long and thick in proportion. Along the shaft were a series of molded bumps and, at the base, was a clit spur with multiple rubber fingers, which Mary would start using when she reached a high level of arousal. Once she had removed the plastic wrapper and attached the dildo, the horny woman sat on the couch, which was covered with a clean fitted sheet and a pillow, leaned forward to make necessary adjustments and pulled the safety rails into place on the sides of what she was anticipating would be her place of joy. With everything set, she used the remote control to turn the machine on to its slowest speed.

The wheel turned; the toy on the end of the metal rod moved slowly toward her and Mary guided the head into her pussy. In anticipation of the hours of carnal fun she expected to have, she was already lubricating enough that she had decided not to use the warm oil that was available to her. When the realistic head of the dildo made its first penetration, she sighed happily and lay on her back believing she was going to get the best fucking of her life.

“Ooooo,” she crooned when four inches of the soft plastic slowly burrowed into her pussy and withdrew at the same speed.

After three more thrusts at that slow pace, Mary increased the speed, but not too much because what she needed was a long, slow fuck. The Sexmaster responded perfectly and plunged its toy into the place where it was wanted. With the next incursion, she fucked back to meet it, just as if the machine were a real, live lover. Mary was already starting to moan in pleasure and her vocal responses became louder and her movements started getting more erratic as the array of bumps did their jobs.

Not only were the strokes of the dildo giving her thrills, she had begun playing with her nipples, as she usually did when fucking. The little pink nubbins were as hard as pebbles, as they had been even while she had been divesting herself of her clothing. She moaned more loudly and her body began tossing from her excitement and her head rolled from side to side on the pillow.

“Where have you been all my life?” she asked the machine, but got no reply except for the soft “whirr” of its wheel and the steady slow driving of its dildo in and out of her.

As good as it already was, Mary knew how to make the fucking even better and slid closer to the machine so she could start taking the dildo more deeply into her pussy. Even better for her, since the plastic cock was being shoved all the way into her, the clit spur came into play too. She howled in delight the first time the tiny fingers raked across her sensitive, swollen clit and every trust after that got even better. Mary’s ass started bouncing and pitching on the narrow couch and her legs were waving in the air as her finale grew more and more imminent.

“Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me!” she warbled joyfully. The machine couldn’t hear her, of course, although everybody else in the large room probably could unless they were drowning out her voice with their own cries of bliss.

Mary let the machine run at the same speed for several hundred more plunges into her eager pink hole, each seeming to feel better than the one before it. Her body continued bouncing up and down, ramming her pussy back against the machine as the dildo drove in and out of her and the spur raked across her clit. She could feel a tremendous eruption building up from somewhere deep within her body and getting closer with every stroke. She had been using the machine at a medium pace but, with her finish steadily drawing nearer, Mary turned it on to full speed.

The mechanical marvel began pounding its plastic tip into her more deeply and at a faster rate than she had ever been fucked before but Mary still kept pace, jamming her pussy back and meeting the dildo at the same speed. Her happy body kept bouncing and thrashing all over the narrow couch and Mary was glad for the safety rails, because she might otherwise have fallen off and landed on the floor. Her smoldering volcano began to erupt and she cried out again, louder and more ecstatically than she ever had before in her entire life of uninhibited sex.