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Mind control! Body swapping! Horny moms and cursed nymphomaniacs! This bargain bundle collects four novellas of deliciously erotic fantasy. Step into the mind of Veronica Sloan and savor the seduction of her supernatural taboo. This volume includes "Sex Potion 2," "It's Mind Control, Mommy!" "Curse of the Nympho-Maniac!" and "I Stole My Boss's Body!"~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~From "Curse of the Nympho-Maniac!":While they chit-chatted their way through the awkward phase of getting to know each other, she watched his eyes, his mouth, his nervous hands. Scott was probably a sweet but succinct lover. Going down on her would be his most daring gambit between the sheets. He'd want to maintain direct, unswerving eye contact while they made love, and get embarrassed if either of them made too much noise.A perfect gentleman or a perfect wet blanket, she didn't care. It was all she needed tonight. If they actually had chemistry, if there was anything remotely hot behind his dumb, doe eyes, she'd be in trouble.She hadn't counted on the waiter.From the moment he seated them at their table his eyes were taking surreptitious dives down her cleavage. The looks were fleeting, furtive, and he always turned to Scott afterwards with a smile. The man had slicked back hair and weasel eyes, and under different circumstances she might not even notice the looks, or not care. But from the first she knew he'd be trouble. Looks would lead to dirty thoughts, and the dirtier his thoughts the hornier she'd have to be. That was how the curse worked.She was reduced to rocking in her seat to ease the throbbing ache in her bottom. Every hole in her body wanted to be filled - even the most inconvenient ones. When the waiter returned, she felt his desire pass over her like a hot cloud. She moaned aloud when he poured fresh water in Scott's glass.Both men stared at her, one intrigued, the other scared. Kimberly's eyes locked onto the waiter'sand a devilish smirk bent his face.When he'd gone Scott leaned over the table. "Do you know him?""Um, no." She chewed on a nail. "I mean, no. I mean, maybe. Sorry. I have to use the bathroom.""Didn't you just-?" His words were swallowed up by the ringing in her ears. She rushed between the crowded tables, flames licking at her tender buttocks. Men turned to watch her pass. Was she so extraordinarily desirable? Or did all men need to picture her naked before they went back to chewing their garlic bread?It didn't matter. All that mattered was that she felt it too. She felt the waiter's desire reflected and magnified inside her. If she didn't act on it, she'd explode. She wasn't sure if she'd literally explode, but when the urge came over her, when she absolutely had to have it, her heart beat like a rabbit with twenty wolves on its tail. She needed him. He overwhelmed her senses. His smell, his eyes. She longed for the feel of his fingers in her hair. Tight, curling fingers. Needed him. Needed to please him.He was thinking of her. The hornier he got the sharper the connection became. He was thinking what he'd like to do to her, right there on the table. If she hadn't gotten up when she did, she would have begged him to, right there in front of Scott. No, she couldn't control the curse, but she knew how it worked and could at least channel her nymphomania to where it would bring her the least embarrassment.The least humiliation.The least shame.Oh, but she wanted to be shamed. She wanted to be controlled, dominated, spanked, penetrated. She wanted to submit.

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Sex Magic: Tales of Supernatural Taboo

© Copyright 2017, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

NOTICE: This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

A Note on This Collection:Sex Magic: Tales of Supernatural Taboo (Volume 2) collects four previously published novellas, complete and unabridged. These novellas include: Sex Potion: My Crazy Mind Control Summer (Volume 2); It's Mind Control, Mommy!; Curse of the Nympho-Maniac!; and I Stole My Boss's Body! (An Erotic Body Swap).

Disclaimer: All characters depicted in this volume are 18-years-old and older. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

Author’s Note: The stories in this volume contain graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, including consensual and reluctant incest, intercourse under the influence of mind control, and body swapping. The text is intended for adults only and is a work of erotic fantasy. Remember: In real life, consent is never an option. That's why I've written these stories down, so we can enjoy being naughty together in the privacy and comfort of our minds. Thank you for partaking in my smut, and remember to bump uglies responsibly!

Cover design by Veronica Sloan. Cover Photo © Can Stock Photo / arturkurjan.

* * *

Sex Potion: My Crazy Mind Control Summer (Vol. 2)

When Kevin drinks his magic sex potion, he becomes intoxicating to women. This once shy virgin now has the power to get laid anytime, and he's going to crash the party of the most popular girl in college. Jayla Winters is the sassy prom queen he's always dreamed of seducing, and tonight he'll get his chance. Mind control, threesomes, busty virgins and poolside orgies are all in his future!

© Copyright 2017, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

* * *

Chapter 1: A Sex Potion Party

It was all Brit's idea. I told her it was a disaster waiting to happen, but she was insatiable. She couldn't be stopped!

Well, I could have stopped her if I said no, but where's the fun in that?

"You know you want to," she said, her freckles sparkling in the sun. We were sitting on the rim of the big koi pond at the Culver Mall. It was June, school was out, and we'd come to this nearly abandoned temple of consumerism to discuss our agenda for the summer. We'd spent the last few days fucking each other's brains out on the sex potion before finally deciding it was getting in the way of our friendship. Frankly, it was getting in the way of everything.

"I do want to," I admitted, "but it's too risky."

A school of fat multi-colored fish watched us from just below the water's surface. Brit took a nugget from our bag of Wetzel's Pretzels and tossed it to them. It hit the water with a GLONK! and vanished under the wiggling rainbow. Tails slapped the surface as the koi fought for the salty snack.

I sighed. "That, Brit. Your master plan is gonna end up looking a lot like that."

Brit's "master plan" had two parts, the first of which involved crashing the biggest party of the summer at Jayla Winters' house. That was a bad idea by itself. Neither Brit nor I were members of the high school elite or the cool college crowd that was sure to be in attendance. There was a good chance we'd be kicked out on general principle.

But then of course there was the second part of Brit's plan: Drinking the sex potion before we arrived. That was a terrible idea, and I told her so.

"There'll be too many people. Brit, you know how this stuff works. It starts slow and then it spreads like wildfire."

She was grinning from ear to ear. "But we could do whatever we wanted! Or dress however we want. It won't matter. When the pheromones kick in, we'll be like celebrities. Do I really have to sell you on this? After four years of being a social outcast, you get to be Kevin Rudolph Nelson--"

"--we do not mention my middle name!"

"Kevin Nelson, coolest dude at the party."

I stuck a pretzel nugget in my mouth and chewed on it ruefully. "You're stroking my ego now. It won't work."

Her eyes flashed. She knew me too well. "Before he up and left for Stanford, Kevin was the coolest fucking guy of the summer." Her voice rose dramatically as she delivered her speech to the fishes: "He stepped through the door and every chick's eyes fell on him. 'Who da hell is that?' they cried as their panties turned to puddles. 'We must obey his eeeee-very carnal desire!'"

I'll admit, hearing her say it, even in that faux Shakespearian lilt, got me half hard.

"Clarissa will be there," she added.

And then I understood. My best friend had a fantasy about my sister's best friend, and it involved all three of us.

"We don't have to wait for a party," I said. "We can--"

"You know how I feel about that," she interrupted. "If we did it at your house it would feel like an ambush. For all we know, Clarissa's planning on getting gangbanged at that party anyway."

"I don't think that's likely."

"Kevinnnnnn," Brit whined. "I wanna fuck the school hottie with youuuuuu."

I laughed, even though she was being purposefully annoying. I was surprised when Brit first told me about her fantasy--I figured all the times Clarissa casually called my best friend a "fucking dyke" would have put her off. But Brit's opinion of the girl was the same as mine: Clarissa was an alpha bitch, and there was something undeniably attractive about that. She had a rotten soul and a killer body; the temptation to do terribly dirty things to her was overwhelming.

But the thought of using the potion in such a crowded space worried me. I remembered how Vanessa and Cindy and Lauren and Sarah (and the other Sarah) had swarmed me right before I made my move on Ms. Phillips. It was a thrill, but the potion was just starting to take effect. If they'd suggested an orgy right there in English class, I wouldn't have had the willpower to deny them. And if I lost control, where would their runaway hormones take them?

"Sexing up a mob of horny teenagers and twenty-somethings is asking for trouble," I said. "It's..." I winced as the word tumbled out of my mouth, "irresponsible."

Brit shot me a look. "This coming from the guy who brainwashed his sister's BFFs and assfucked his girlfriend's mom in one afternoon."

"Look, that's--" But I couldn't deny it. I was at the mercy of my cock, and the potion just made it more persuasive.

Brit stroked my hand. "Neither of us is innocent, Kev. But it's magic! How can we not use it to have a blast? Just do this with me!"

She really did love it. Out of arguments, I took another nugget of pretzel and tossed it in the water. The Koi swarmed it, and I pointed meaningfully.

Brit considered the fish with an academic frown. With her attention focused elsewhere, I studied her lips. They were pink and pert, and always betrayed her true expression.

We'd been friends for so long and I'd never thought Brit was pretty--not the way Gail or Clarissa or Ms. Phillips was. But the more intimate we'd become, the more I found myself looking at her--really looking at her, whether in conversation or as we screwed like wild rabbits. The way she lost all composure in those moments, the way her cheeks flushed, it was such a different side to her than I'd ever known. Usually she was cracking jokes and putting me in my place, but when she was naked, when I was inside her, all of that was stripped away.

It was a problem, because I liked having Brit as my best friend--and I also liked the way she wrapped her pink lips around my cock. I joked that she was getting pretty good at it for a lesbian, though she said our sessions had pushed her firmly into the bisexual camp.

It wasn't my sexual prowess that did it, though. It was the potion. After our first time in the old lady's house, I let Brittany try the juice for herself. We discovered that it worked just as well on men as it did on women, and she'd used it on me as well as a few other girls she'd been hooking up with on her softball team. I'll admit, being on the receiving end was a little scary--I had no idea what she'd do to me when she was calling the shots--but it was also a rush.

When I drank the juice, it stoked the horny fires that were already burning inside me. I felt it twist through my veins and amplify the primal urge to fuck. My cock buzzed like a lightsaber, my balls swung like anchors, and every thrust felt heavy and heroic and spectacular. When Brit drank the juice and used its powers on me, I felt like a pinball machine with an infinite roll of quarters up my ass.

The desire started slow, like a monster wave rolling in from miles away. You could feel it drag you from the shore of sanity. Your heart beat fast, you didn't know why your inhibitions were disappearing, and for a moment you were agitated, frustrated, confused...and then the wave crashed down. Your mind was emptied of obstacles and you became a hungry wolf that hadn't eaten in months, a flower bereft of the sun, a cracked desert just starting to darken from the rainclouds gathering above. Everything in your life became secondary to fulfilling one primal need: Getting laid.

Under the influence of the magic mind control, my cock was so sensitive that any foreign touch was like its own small orgasm. Brit said that's what it was like for her body, too. She was overwhelmed by the need to be filled. That was why the sex juice, the sex potion, the sparkling crimson madness, had played havoc with her sexuality. She'd had crushes on guys before, but until that need hit her she'd been reluctant to explore. When the desire overwhelmed her, the ache was undeniable. An expert tongue on her clit could still take her to paradise, she said, but drunk on the juice, she wanted the full package.

The need to be "filled" wasn't felt so much on my end (though you're up for pretty much anything when your mind's being controlled), but the urge to touch, to squeeze, to kiss, caress, that's dialed to eleven. From what I've been told about ecstasy, it's a lot like that, except with an accompanying desire to empty your balls at your master's command. Brit had a lot of fun taking me to the very brink of orgasm and then forcing me to back off and service her. Once, she did it to me over the course of two hours. When she finally let me cum, it was Niagara Falls.

We'd done a lot of experimenting with each other, and it was all so new to us that it didn't change our friendship at all. We could laugh together as we explored our bodies, comfortable in both our relationship and the magic. Nothing could be more platonic or more pleasant.

That's all bullshit, of course. It changed everything.

I loved Brit as a friend, but you can't cum inside someone on a regular basis and not feel something more. We did have fun, and we did laugh, but the more we did it the more we drifted from friends to the fuzzy area on the other side of lovers. Technically we were "fuck buddies," but I have a suspicion that only works if you're strictly fucking. The fact is, Brit and I were buddies first. I guess that put us in "friends with benefits" territory, but it wasn't territory we were comfortable in.

The magic was also a huge factor that couldn't be ignored. The weird little postman was right: The more we used it, the hornier we got, and it was very clear that we were messing with something we had no real understanding of.

Meanwhile, and I understood this part even less, Brit was still questioning her sexuality. I asked her what was so complicated about it, but she said it would be hard for me to understand because I just wanted to fuck every woman on Earth. I told her that was only mostly true--relatives and the morbidly obese were the exception. She said her desires were a little more nuanced than that, and no she wasn't secretly in love with me, the one dude who could fuck the hetero into her. We did agree, however, that losing our virginity brought with it a lot of unexpected emotions--emotions we were unprepared to confront--so we decided to stop fucking each other.

And anyway, Brit was right: I did want to fuck most of the women I saw on God's green Earth. I couldn't be nailed down because my cock was the one calling the shots. I hadn't hooked up with Clarissa or Gail or Melanie or Cassandra since May, and my morality was becoming bendier by the hour. Brit and I tried to keep each other in check, but there were special fantasies we both wanted to fulfill.

And the potion was running out.

"Kevin, answer me honestly, have you or have you not fantasized about doing most of the girls in your graduating class?"

I groaned. Brit knew the answer to that.

"Uh-huh. There isn't a single one you'd say no to. Maybe Sabrina Wayne, but only because you might catch something lethal--that girl is a bicycle."

"Really?" That was news to me. Sabrina had been a longtime fantasy of mine. She had a trashy hotness that was deplorably desirable.

"Oh yeah," said Brit. "She's like the anti-Erika Townsend. Dudes repel off her and jump straight up Sabrina's snatch."

"Erika's not that bad."

"She's a boner killer."

"You're only saying that because she uses words like 'libidinous' in conversation."

"And who does that?"

"Libidinous people like me."

She rolled her eyes. "Okay, answer me this, Einstein: Where will the hottest girls in your graduating class be this Friday night when Jayla's parents are out of town?"

I mumbled something about Jayla's house.

"And there's not much juice left, right? This stuff is addictive, Kev. You know that?"

"I know," I said. "Even if it wasn't, the power..."

"I know. So let's have one last hurrah and sign off on this crazy summer."

I said yes because there was no denying it. I wanted to go, and I wanted Brit with me on this adventure. If nothing else, she could abet my randy misdeeds.

Little did I know, the party was just the beginning of my crazy summer. We thought we were finishing off the potion, but it was far from finished with us.

Chapter 2: Puff, Puff, Pass

Jayla Winters lived on the rich side of town. Most of the neighborhoods there had names that ended in "Hills" or, if they were condos, "Towers." The idea was that they looked down on the rest of us. You know how it is.

Thankfully, Jayla's family lived in Serenidad Hills, one of the few wealthy neighborhoods that wasn't gated. The estates there ranged in style from California modern to castles straight out of a Hammer film. The Winters lived in what I think is called a Georgian, with a terra cotta guest house or two thrown haphazardly across the property. There was a pool, there were three balconies, and it was far enough back from the street that the neighbors wouldn't complain about the noise. It was the ideal party location.

Jayla's parents may not have known she was throwing a huge summer bash, but most of our graduating class did. As Brit and I stood at the foot of the long, spiraling driveway, familiar faces passed us on the lawn. Some brought sixpacks, a couple linebackers were lugging kegs, and all were marching towards the thumping center of the estate. Lights flashed through the windows and the sounds of splashing and screaming echoed from the pool. It was dusk, and the sun turned the sky into a blazing purple bruise.

I didn't have a car and Brit's clunky old ricer would have been towed on sight, so we parked in a lesser neighborhood (Baja Towers) and hoofed it the rest of the way. In my hand I carried the unmarked bottle that held the last of the potion.

I pulled the stopper and offered it to Brit. "Ladies first."

She took a hearty swig and then passed it back to me. I finished it--or at least I thought I finished it. When I pulled the glass from my lips there were still a few drops left at the bottom sparkling like the blood red sky.

"Backwash!" yelled a voice at my shoulder. A lanky arm darted out and snagged the bottle from my grasp. In the split second between his giggle and his swallow, I recognized Sean Owens, a goofy slacker from my sophomore Geometry class. I hadn't had a class with the guy in two years, but he wasn't hard to miss: He had a shaggy yellow beard that was indistinguishable from the shaggy mop atop his head, and he was wearing the same ragged Misfits t-shirt he wore almost every day at school. I didn't have time to stop him from sucking down the last of the juice, or from screaming "PAAAAARTYYY!" and tossing the bottle high in the air. It shattered on the brick driveway.

"HA!" Sean crowed, and offered us a burning blunt. "Sorry, man. Couldn't resist. Peace pipe?"

Brit laughed so hard I thought she was going to pee her pants.

"Dude!" I yelled, my heart pumping wildly as the potion torched my nervous system. "You shouldn't have--"

Brit elbowed me. "Oh lighten up, Kev." She took the blunt from Sean and inhaled deeply. She offered it to me but I shook my head.

"Nice to see some fellow losers at this hoity toity affair," said Sean, smoke billowing from his teeth. "Me, I'm hoping Jay finally sees the prince inside this lowly frog. You know what I'm saying?"


Brit squeezed my balls as she leaned over to return the blunt. "I know exactly what you're saying, man."

"Cause she looks like the princess from that cartoon! The Princess and the Frog?!"

"She looks exactly like that!" The two of them clapped their hands in excitement. "She's so fucking cute!"

Giggling again, Sean choked on his next puff. "Mmm, what the hell was that stuff? SoCo? I'm already buzzing."

"No, it--"

"Yep," said Brit, giving me the eye. "Now get your ass in there and have a good time!"

Sean gave her a whirly salute. "Yeah, girl!" He slapped my shoulder. "Keep it real, Kev!" He moseyed off in the general direction of the pool, trailing smoke behind him like a pungent locomotive.

"It's going to be an interesting evening," I said.

Brit lit a cigarette. "It's going to be great."

Chapter 3: Bewitching the Bitch

By the time I walked into the mansion, my entire body was vibrating with excitement. The house music throbbed to the beat of my heart, and I strolled through the crowd like it was moving in slow motion. Glancing around Jayla's expansive drawing room was like flipping through the back pages of my school's yearbook. Between my classmates and the seniors who'd graduated the year before, I recognized at least half the crowd. Drinks were flowing, people were laughing and dancing, and in an instant I was smitten by a dozen women I wanted right then and there.

I forced myself to concentrate. I maneuvered through the crush of bodies, my heightened senses giving me a preternatural grace. I passed the stunning marble kitchen and works of art that seemed destined for destruction by careless elbows. I ended my journey in what might have been a living room in a normal house, though any word but "ballroom" sounds woefully inadequate. It was in this sweeping space that Jayla had gathered the girls.

Jayla Winters, along with Clarissa and my sister, were all members of my school's varsity cheer squad. I left the kitchen just in time to see the cheerleaders from her year pose for a massive group selfie. As a witness to that much hotness focused in one place, I badly wanted to applaud.

Jayla and Clarissa posed together, and like most of the girls their legs went on forever. Clarissa was tan and tight, and Jayla was a beautiful, buttery cocoa. I drank in the sight of Clarissa as her glossy lips slid up into a big, fake smile for the camera. Her hair was raven black and as glossy as her lips, and her short, short dress just barely covered her muscular ass. In her high heels, her long dancer's legs made my mouth water, and her bouncy tits invited the whole room to drool with me.

At my side, Brittany made a guttural sound. "I want that."

Both of us were throbbing with magic, and I could feel her pressed against the border of my mind. In this state we were almost telepathic. I could taste her emotions, and the hunger in her amplified the hunger in me. I wanted to bend each and every varsity girl over the snack table and fuck them in a line, but I focused all that heat onto Clarissa's brown eyes.

"What. The. Shit." Her lip curled as I pushed my way out of the crowd. In those ridiculous heels she was the same height as me, and when she tossed her hair back she smacked me in the face.

I didn't mind. I smiled at her, and at Jayla.

"No way!" Jayla beamed at me. "Kevin, you got tall!"

"Hi, Jay."

For a former prom queen and head of the varsity cheerleaders, Jayla Winters defied her stereotype. Sassy, cute, and surprisingly friendly, she rose above the bitter school politics that Clarissa and my sister reveled in. She knew the names of every girl on her squad, along with the names of each of their brothers and sisters. I was surprised she still knew mine, though she had spent a handful of nights studying at my house with Katie and Clarissa.

Ignoring Clarissa's grimace of disgust, she pulled me into a soft embrace. I bit my tongue when her big breasts pushed into my chest. Though Clarissa had dressed to the nines, Jay was completely casual in a t-shirt and shorts.

But boy did she fill them out.

"I had no idea you'd be here!" she said. "Your sister just went to grab another drink. Do you want anything?"

"No," I said, trying desperately to regain my focus. That smile, those eyes. "No," I said again. "I'm just here for my date."

"Cool! Where is she?"

I pointed at Clarissa.

Even Jay--sweet, sympathetic Jay--couldn't hold back her hoot of laughter. Her white teeth shined against her chocolate lips. "Wow, I've been at GW too long. Claire, I never thought you and Kev--"

"He's lying," she said through gritted teeth. "Kevin's fucking gay."


I just smiled. It was hectic in the mansion, and the space was wide, but I'd drank enough of the potion. The area around me would become saturated with my pheromones soon, and if Brittany joined me, we'd be unstoppable.

"Don't you love her sense of humor?" I said. "Sure, some people find it offensive, but I think a conservative, un-PC, hateful bitch is the spiciest lover of all."

Jayla's eyes popped. "Ohhhh, shit! Claire?"

Clarissa was fuming. "I swear to God, Kevin. I will stab you with a broken beer bottle. Who the fuck said you could...uh..." Her cute little nose wiggled like a rabbit's. "Um." She swallowed.

"Baby, why don't you tell Jayla that we were just joking around. Tell her how much you love me."

Clarissa's eyes struggled for understanding, even as she turned to her friend. "He's...right. That's how we joke. I...I love him?"

"You love making me happy," I added. "You love turning me on."

Clarissa shrugged. "I do. I don't know why but he...ahhh. Jesus, he turns me on..."

Jayla just gazed from Clarissa to me, and back again. "Wow. You guys are really into each other."

"She's so into me," I said with a wicked smile.

"I'm..." Clarissa ground her teeth. "I'm so into him, Jayla."

"And she wants to kiss me, right here, in front of everybody."

"I..." She was shaking. Her body warred with her mind until I reached out and stroked her shoulder. At my touch, the girl moaned and fell into my arms.

Clarissa's breasts crushed against me as her lips sealed over mine. Her tongue slid out and I tasted vodka, cranberries, and the poisonous sweetness of her lip gloss. Her long fingernails slid up the back of my neck, and I reached down to cup her ass.

"Wow," Jayla said again. "You guys want to take that upstairs?"

In my arms, Clarissa eagerly swung around. "Can we?" She jerked. "Wait. No."

"No?" said Jayla.

I squeezed Clarissa's ass. "Ohhh, yessss," she gasped. "Please, Jay?"

Jayla's laugh was equal parts incredulity and confusion. "Girl, what has gotten into you? I've never seen you like this."

"He does it to me," she said, her voice husky. "Let him do it to me?"

"Okay, fine, fine! Holy shit, TMI!" She reached into her pocket and pulled out a key. "I've locked most of the rooms upstairs, but a couple of the guest rooms are reserved for friends. It's the second one from the end of the hall. Don't make too much of a mess."

Jayla pressed the key into my hand and I stared at it in wonder. In my arms, Clarissa wiggled with excitement. "Uh, thanks, Jay."

She just shook her head. "You guys gotta tell me how you two hooked up later. I'd never believe it if I didn't see it myself."

"It's not a complicated story," said Brittany. She slid up beside me and caressed Clarissa's ass. "We just have the same tastes."

Another wide-eyed look of bemusement from Jayla. "Ya'll got freaky while I was in D.C."

"Yes?" said Clarissa as the three of us headed for the stairs. She frowned at Brittany. "What are you doing here, dyke?"

"I'm going to seduce you to the dark side, bitch." I stepped out of the way as Brittany pushed the girl against the wall. Her pink lips brushed Clarissa's, and soon the two of them were kissing like long-lost lovers. Clarissa even wrapped one graceful leg around Brittany's waist and began to grind against her. Brittany squeezed her breast through her thin dress. "You're going to love everything I do to you, girl."

"Yes," Clarissa growled. "Do me now!"

"Not now," said Brittany. She pushed off the girl and held out her hand. "But really fucking soon."

Clarissa grasped Brit's hand. I slid my arm around her waist, and the three of us marched up the stairs.

"We're like a sexy Wizard of Oz," said Brit.

"Which one of us is Dorothy?" I asked.

"I dunno, but how do you feel about soaking this wicked witch until she's melting in our palms?"

"I'd like that," Clarissa panted. She grabbed our hands and ran down the hall.

Chapter 4: Conquering Clarissa

When the door closed, she had questions.

"How are you doing this?" she demanded as Brittany's hands slid up her thighs. I watched her grind her ass into Brit's crotch, searching desperately for the cock her animal instinct wanted inside her.

Brit pulled the flimsy straps off her dress and let Clarissa's tits fall out. She squeezed them, and Clarissa's hands slid over hers to squeeze too. "I have the power to do this," said Brit. She sank her teeth into Clarissa's long neck.

"Unh!" Clarissa groaned. "I'm...I'm not gay..."

"But you like it, don't you?" Brit pulled Clarissa's face to her and they kissed like virgins on a crashing plane. Brit tore Clarissa's dress nearly in half. It split down to her bellybutton, and Clarissa shrieked in rapturous anticipation.

"God!" she gasped. "You're in my head. You're making me enjoy this!"

"You're enjoying this," said Brit. "I'm just making you horny."

Clarissa shut her eyes and let Brit run her hands over her naked body. Her stomach twisted with every greedy caress. "More," Clarissa begged.

"You smell so good. Kevin, come here."

I had to pull off my pants or risk a serious fracture to my penis. I sighed with relief as it popped from my boxers, and then pulled off my shirt for good measure. I joined them, leaving a trail of shoes and socks behind me.

Clarissa wobbled weakly in her heels between Brit and I. "Kevin," she gasped, as I leaned in and inhaled around her throat.

"She does smell good," I agreed. I ran my thumb over her full, pouty lips.

"Kevin, you asshole..."

"I guess I am," I said. "Will you jerk me off as you call me an asshole?"

Her slender fingers wrapped around my stiff cock. "I hate you," she hissed. "Asshole!"

"Spit on your hand."

She spat on it, and slathered her spit around my shaft. She spat on it again, and rubbed. As she masturbated me, I kissed her, and her teeth bit me with a terrible passion. "Just fuck me," she gasped. "Both of you. I need you assholes to fuck me!"

Brit stepped away to take off her clothes and I reached down to rip the rest of Clarissa's dress off her body. "We're going to fuck you," I promised.

Her toes tangled in her expensive shoes and she staggered into my arms. "My pussy's on fire," she panted.

"Do you know what you told me the last time I controlled you?" Her eyes searched mine in a frenzy as I helped her to the monstrous four-post bed. "You said you get off on being mean to me."

Her pupils dilated. "I do."

I threw her down on the bed. Her legs splayed out, and I kissed her sheer black panties. She moaned as I tongued the puffy slit visible in the cotton. "You know what you are," I murmured into her sex. The vibrations rolled through her core and made her belly jiggle. "You know I want you, you know everybody wants you, you know you can be as mean as the devil and we'll all still want you."

"Yes!" she moaned as my finger slid under the panties.

"You get off on being a bitch."

"Yes!" she screamed as I fingered her sopping pussy.

Brit slid her hand over my shoulder. "Leave her for a second. I want to see her squirm."

I left those luscious legs and turned around. My cock brushed against Brit's stomach as she took my face in her hands and pulled me down for a hungry kiss. "Thank you," she whispered into my lips. "I wanted her so bad."

I grabbed her firm ass, and for a moment Clarissa didn't exist. It was just the two of us--friends and lovers--pheromones flitting between us like fireflies. "And you didn't want to come," she moaned. She reached down to clutch my balls. "Mmm, you shaved."

"It wasn't easy."

"I got bad news for you, though. You're gonna have to keep shaving now, or stop having sex until it grows all the way back. Short pubic hairs are the worst."

My cock flexed in her hand and she gave an excited little giggle. I wrapped my arms around her and nibbled her earlobe. "Maybe I should wax like her. She's smooth everywhere."

"Everywhere?" Brit stood over Clarissa and ran her fingers down her jiggling breasts. Her index fingers played with her nipples as the girl twisted on the bedcover and mewled like a mad kitten. Her fingers slid lower until they rolled over the girl's undulating belly and down to her black panties. "Wow, 'lissa. No razor bumps, no ingrown hairs. I bet even your pussy is perfect. Take 'em off."

Glaring at us, Clarissa did a perfect crunch on the mattress. Her stomach muscles contorted until they were hard as rocks, and she easily rolled the panties up her thighs.

Brit pushed her down before she could slip them off her ankles. "Jesus," she whispered.

Clarissa's vulva was puffy from arousal, her inner thighs already slick with her juices. Her labia was thicker than Brit's, meatier, but the pussy inside was a bright, bubblegum pink. "I want that in my mouth," said Brit. "But first, what do you think of mine?" She gestured over her trimmed bush like she was on Wheel of Fortune.

Clarissa glared daggers at Brit's pink vagina. "I told you, I'm not gay."

Brit's hand squeezed Clarissa's knee. "Tell me what you really think."

"I..." Clarissa's body trembled under her control. "I'm...confused."

"Maybe this'll clear your confusion," said Brit. She crawled up the bed and forced Clarissa to lie down. Then she straddled her face. "I want you to lick my pussy the way you've always wanted your pussy to be licked. I want you to really go to town on me, Clarissa. And I want you to love every messy second of it."

Clarissa's fingers clutched at Brit's muscular ass. Her long nails dug into the flesh, and I heard her cruel tongue lap at my best friend's vagina like a dehydrated dog. "Mmmmm," she moaned. Her fingers squeezed.

"Ahhhh," Brit gasped. She fell forward on the bed, her hands plunging into the covers. "Oh God, she's really getting in there! Yeah, Clarissa. You like sucking my clit?"

"Mmhmmm," Clarissa moaned. She looked so helpless, her long legs draped over the side of the bed. I ran my hands up her thighs.

"Do it," Brit panted. "Do it, Kev. How many times have you jerked off to her?"

"So many times," I whispered. I kneeled down and unlaced her complicated heels. It took a minute, and it felt like an eternity. When I finally pulled the straps from her ivory-painted toenails, her legs began to quake. I let her panties dangle on her big toe. She knew what came next.

Brit swung her leg over to let Clarissa see it for herself. My hands slid up Clarissa's thighs as Brit cradled her head. "Ahh..." Clarissa panted. "Are you going to fuck me, Kevin?" I pushed my cockhead into her clitoris and she let out an agonized moan. "Don't tease me, you little prick!"

My hands roved over her skin until I had her juicy breasts in my hands. I squeezed, and her nipples dug into my palms like stiff erasers. I'd wanted her just like this for years, and my heart was beating so fast it was a wonder I didn't pass out. I wanted to remember every minute sensation, but my excitement made time rush like a flooded river.

"Beg me."

"I'm begging you!" She was on the verge of tears. Her beautiful face was trembling with frustrated desire. "Stop teasing me. Stop teasing me, Kevin!"

I pushed until my cockhead just barely opened her flower, but instead of sliding in I rolled it up and down her thick labia. "I want you to answer me honestly, Clarissa. Did you ever have a dirty thought about me?"

"Anh," she grunted. She bucked out her hips, trying to force me inside her. "Yes," she finally gasped. "Yes! Okay?"

"Tell me."

She screamed. "Fuck me!"


I marveled as the girl twisted on the bed. She was actually throwing a tantrum. "Why won't he fuck me?" she screeched up at Brit. "I want him to fuck me! Make him fuck me!"

Brit slid a lock of hair from the girl's sweaty forehead. "She wants you to fuck her, Kevin."

I grazed her clitoris with my fingertip. "Tell me, Clarissa."

She glared at me. "The...the summer when you got taller. She...Katie...said you finally grew into yourself and I..." She shut her eyes. "I had a dream about you."

I pushed into her pussy and she let out a long, low groan.

"What was the dream?"

"I don't remember," she panted. "You were fucking me and Katie was watching! I hate that dream!"

"Why?" I grunted. I sank into her another inch.

"Ohh, fuck!" she screamed. "Oh fuck, you're inside me, Kevin. I can't believe this is happening."

"Does it feel good?"

"Shut up! Just keep going. Please. Please!"

I thrust inside her, all the way to my balls, and Clarissa arched her elegant back with a silent scream.

"I like it when you say please." I pulled out, and thrust home again.

"Faster," she gasped. "I want it hard. Please!"

"Was it hard in your dream?"

"So hard. You were hatefucking me. I could see it in your eyes. You held me down and I came..." She squeezed her eyes shut. "I came so hard..."

"You're gonna cum hard tonight. Are you on birth control?"

Her eyes snapped open. "Yes...?"

"Then I'm gonna cum in you."

"Oh, fuck, Kevin..."

"And you're gonna eat out my friend."

"Yes," she panted. "I'll do anything. Anything you want. Just please fuck me. I want to cum. Please. I need to cum! Pleeeeease!"

"Turn over."

There was no argument from Clarissa. She was our slave, our living, jiggling, sex toy. I slipped out of her moist vagina and slid my hands over her ass as she bent over the bed. Brit grabbed a heap of pillows and laid against them. She spread her legs and opened herself with both hands. "Right there, baby. That's where your tongue goes."

"Yes," Clarissa assented. Her fingers slid up Brit's thick thighs.

I spread Clarissa's buttocks and my cock pulsed at the sight of her vulnerable little asshole. I spread her wider, until the lips of her labia were quivering for mercy. "Lick her," I commanded, and slid my cock between her cheeks.

"Mmmmm," she groaned. She began to make out with her clitoris.

"Good," Brit gasped. "That's good, you dirty bitch..."

My dick forced apart the hot walls of Clarissa's vagina. The vibrations of her moan drove Brit wild, and they both screamed for me to do it again. I spanked Clarissa's ass, and the girls growled like jungle cats.

The world fell in around me. Clarissa's pussy was a gravitational singularity, pulling me in, absorbing all light and bending time and space. The universe swirled around my balls, and all my fried mind could understand was how wet I was, how hot her succulent vagina was, and how the unceasing beat of my pelvis against her ass matched the beat of my heart. Her sighs reached my ears like they were passing through cotton. So, too, the sight of Brit holding the girl's head between her legs. Those sights, those sounds, were shadow sensations against my mad pumping into Clarissa's pussy.

It was years of frustration I was letting out, and the harder I got, the stronger my magic grew. My sexual frustration was now Clarissa's frustration, and she wanted me to unload it all at once.

Her long dancer's legs were shaking so hard, her toes uselessly scraping at the floor. Maybe she was searching for purchase, some way to meet my thrusts instead of just surrendering to them. Or maybe she was just twitching from unconscious reflex. She was cumming. I felt that all along my length. Her pussy was soaked, but a sudden, hotter stream joined the flow. She was either squirting or she was pissing on herself, I wasn't sure which.

Every time my balls slapped her clit, she moaned into Brit's vagina. And every time she moaned, Brit moaned too. The house was gigantic, but if there wasn't a party going on we would have been heard in every room. I squeezed Clarissa's ass and she was loving me for it. No, she was hating me for the way she loved me, and her primal grunts were proof of that. She wanted to be hatefucked, she wanted me to force her sticky girl juice to run down her legs like a pungent river.

"M-master!" she screamed. It was impossible for her to concentrate on sucking Brit's clit anymore, so Brit just fondled the girl's tits while she arched her neck back.

I grabbed Clarissa's hair and pulled. "Yesss..." she hissed. "Use me, Master!"

"I'm gonna cum in you, Clarissa."

"Yes, Master!"

"Cum with me, Clarissa." I spanked her ass.

"As you desire, Master!"

"That's it, you filthy bitch. Are you ready?" I reached under her belly and found her clit, the way Brittany showed me. As I unleashed my final strokes, I rolled my finger against it, and Clarissa came so hard she almost melted to the floor. Her knees buckled, and only the force of me fucking her against the bed kept her balance.

"Tell him you're a dirty little slut," ordered Brit.

"I'm a dirty little slut, Master!"

"His cum dumpster?"

"Your cum dumpster, Master!"

"His sex doll!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Masssterrrssss!"

As she screamed her release, I cried out with my own. I grunted like a bull, the cum shooting from me like liquid fire. I came so hard I actually felt it leave my balls and crash through my urethra. It ejaculated into Clarissa's twitching pussy, and the feel of me bulging, of my hot seed splashing her vagina, sent her into another round of convulsions.

I grabbed roughly at her breast and ass as I shoved myself as deep as I could go. My balls pumped against her crack. "Fuck me," she gasped. "Fucking fill me up, Kevin. Master--! Oh shit. Oh shit, that's a lot of cum--"

"Take it," I gasped. "Take it all."

"Yes. Yes... Anh!" One final jerk of my base and I was done inseminating her.

I fell back from the bed, onto my ass, shaking and gasping for air. I was red, sweating, seeing double. Clarissa's two vaginas were leaking my cum down her four curvaceous thighs.

"That was...intense," I heard Brittany say.

I couldn't respond. My chest was desperately searching for all the oxygen that had left the room.

"Did that feel good, baby?" Brittany was cooing to Clarissa like a lover.

"Y-yes," she gasped. "Fuck. Fuck, I can't believe...what's happening?"

"What's happening is you're still so horny."

Clarissa shuddered. "Y-yes, Master."

"That's a good little slave. Just like a taught you. Who's your Master?"

"You are, Master."

"Come here, baby."

Shaking, Clarissa pulled herself up on the bed and crawled to Brit. Brit wrapped her arms around Clarissa's sweaty back. "Just breathe," she told her.

Clarissa didn't seem as interested in breathing as she did in seeking a sweet, soft kiss from Brittany. "Please," she panted.

I watched Brit's fingers glide over the girl's supple belly until she reached one ripe breast. She squeezed her, but not roughly like me. She squeezed her sensuously, slowly. "What do you want, baby?"

"Kiss me," she moaned. "Please..."

Brittany's tongue lightly explored the girl's mouth.

"Anhh..." Clarissa sighed.

Brit's fingers skated down again, between her legs. "There's so much cum in you, Clarissa. Do you want to eat Kevin's cum?"

"Yes, Master."

When Brit's fingers returned they were slathered in pearly cream. She smeared my cum against Clarissa's lips and the two began to make out, tongues dancing atop each other. "I make him eat pineapple whenever I know I'm going to have his cum in my mouth," Brit whispered to Clarissa. "Tastes better, huh?"

"Mmhmm," said Clarissa, licking her lips.

Brit looked over her shoulder at me. "There's a shower over there. You mind giving us some privacy? Or do you want to watch?"

I would have liked to watch, and I would have loved to join in. But I understood the look in Brit's eye. I'd had my fun, now she wanted the girl to herself.

Nuzzled against her throat, it was clear that Clarissa wanted that too. "Bye, Kevin," she murmured.

The hot shower washed her cum off my dick.

Chapter 5: Wooing Ms. Winters

No matter how cold I ran the water, the heat did not abate. I was dry for a moment, and then the sweat trickled down the small of my back. The ejaculation into Clarissa's sweet sex had earned my balls only a temporary reprieve. The potion would be working its magic for hours yet.

Back in the hall, running my hand over the polished mahogany railing, I inhaled the odor drifting up the stairs. Cannabis and vape, body odor and perfume. The party was a loud mix of voices, clinking, laughing and music, all jumbled together. I didn't trust myself to go down there. Who would I see? The heat of the bodies, the collective intoxication, it would do nothing but inflame my senses and send the blood flooding to my cock. I'd be like a heat-seeking missile in the middle of a war zone. I felt drunk, and I hadn't tasted a drop of liquor in my life.

The second floor was as open and airy as the rest of the house, with the stairs spiraling down the center and the hallways crossing like a carpeted intersection. Straight ahead, one of the rooms had been opened, and I could see through the bedroom itself and over a sweeping balcony. Suddenly aware of how hot it was inside the mansion, I marshaled myself towards the patch of purple sky.

I gave the bedroom only a cursory glance as I passed through it. It was cute, mostly white and pink along the walls, but it felt more lived in than the frighteningly elegant guest room I'd just left. There were posters on the walls, a Queen-sized bed with a simple headboard, and a TV near the closet. I slid between it and the bed on my way to the balcony.

Outside, the cold California air hit me like ice to the testicles. It was a shocking relief, and I gratefully breathed it in.

Above me were the few stars bright enough to shine through the nearby lights of town, below me was the shifting blue glow of the pool. The blue danced over the marble balusters and the long brown legs of the girl behind them. I jumped when I realized Jayla was standing just beside me.

"Shit, I'm sorry!" I blurted.

She didn't even look at me. She just pointed out to the pool with an amused twist to her lips. I leaned over the edge to see where she was pointing, and laughed.

There were dozens of people outside, far more than could fit in the pool. Even so, most of them had stripped down to their underwear, and many of them had jumped onto each other's shoulders in some crude mockery of cirque du soleil. There were girls straddling men's heads with their tops off, faces illuminated by the blue, and they were...roaring?

I didn't understand what I was seeing. They crawled over the pool like ants, floating and splashing in chaotic but somehow synchronized motion. Two large groups had massed themselves on both ends of the pool and were waving inflatable toys at each other.

Jayla slid next to me. "Maria told me they were doing some wacky shit outside and it was so crowded down there I thought it would be faster to check upstairs. I've been watching for five minutes and I still have no idea what's going on."

A loud voice cut through the crowd's murmurs, and suddenly it made sense. There was a man standing on the diving board stripped down to his boxer shorts, a tangle of blonde hair ringing his head like a mane. He raised a pool noodle in the air and hollered, and at his signal the two armies ran into the pool. They attacked each other with inflatable rafts and alligators.

The man on the diving board giggled. He pulled a joint from behind his ear and asked if anyone had a light.

"I've never seen that kid in my life," said Jayla.

"That's Sean."

"He looks like a stoner, but they are lovin' this. You missed it from before, but this all started because he said he felt like he was in Game of Thrones. He was sitting out on the diving board with, like, five or six girls just hanging off of him. Nancy was even feeding him snacks!" Jayla's body shook from her laughter, and I couldn't help noticing the way her chest swayed. Ms. Winters was a buxom girl, and her bra was filled to its limit. "So then he said something like, 'hey, you guys be the dragons, you guys be the bastard's army, you guys be slannis's army--'"

"Stannis's army," I murmured.

She punched my shoulder. "Nerd."

We watched as the men and women in the pool continued to bash each other with pool toys. It was vigorous, but not violent, and soon the play fighting had transformed into something more amorous. Jayla and I were soon staring down at the beginnings of an orgy.

"Where are my dragon girls?" Sean called out.

Three girls in bikinis staggered over, two girls on their shoulders and one girl riding atop them. They let out a collective roar and then tackled Sean into the pool. The splash was immense.

Jayla finally pushed away from the balcony, an incredulous smirk on her face. "I guess the party's going well." She pulled her phone from her pocket and sat down on her bed to check her texts.

I watched Sean swimming with the girls below and wondered if I had a responsibility to stop him. He seemed to be having a great time, and so did everyone else in the pool. It was like his pheromones had suffused the water with love, and half the party was wet.

When I turned away from the balcony, Jayla was watching me with kind, curious eyes. "I'm glad you're here," she said.

Even in a t-shirt and shorts, there was something regal about Jayla Winters. When she'd stood at her balcony, it was like watching a playful empress survey her kingdom. She'd been like that as student body president and cheer captain, too. Whenever she visited the house I felt like we were receiving an ambassador from a rich and illustrious nation. It was how she moved, how she talked, how she responded with her eyes before her words.

Maybe it was growing up wealthy, or maybe that was just the way she was. There were plenty of rich kids at my school, but none of them were ever as beloved as Jayla.

It didn't hurt that she was gorgeous. Since graduating she'd grown her hair out, and it flowed past her shoulders in glistening black braids. Her soft brown skin, her high cheek bones, her strong but feminine chin, filled me with visions of African royalty.

I have no idea how long I was staring at her before I remembered she could see me.

"I'm sorry," I said when I came back to myself.

She just shook her head, a lop-sided grin on her face. "You're such a dork."

I pulled my shirt away from my back. I was getting too hot. "I am," I admitted. "I am a huge dork."

"But you didn't ask why I'm glad you're here."

"You are?"

She nodded. "I know we weren't always so great to you when we came over--"

"Oh, you were fine. Clarissa was--"

"Yeah," she cut in. "And how the hell did that happen?"

"Uh, magic." I moved from the balcony to the threshold, but I kept the cool air at my back. It helped me concentrate.

"I believe that. It's the only thing that makes sense." She tossed her phone on the bed and leaned back. "But I'm glad to see you out and doing stuff. You were always so focused on homework and...wait, weren't you dating Tiffany Collins?"

"We broke up."

She pulled a rope of hair behind her ear and studied me intently. "You aren't subtle about staring anymore either."

I coughed politely. "Uh." I was moving around her bed, gazing at those long, smooth legs. "No. Are you still dating Darren?"

She followed me with her eyes. "Kinda."

I moved back around the bed. Was I pacing? Or was I circling her?

She knew what I was doing. "There a reason you're still in my bedroom, or do you just like Big Willie Style?"

I was staring at a poster of Will Smith circa 1997. My buzzing brain thought that if I could focus on something other than Jayla's delicious breasts, I might...might what?

"I'm sorry," I said. My heart hammered at my ribs. "You probably think I'm being a weirdo."

She laughed, and it was a beautiful sound. Her bright white eyes, her bright white teeth, struck a sharp contrast with her milk chocolate skin. "I always thought you were shy, Kevin. Not a weirdo."

I took a deep breath. This part never got any easier. "The thing is, Jayla, I'm really attracted to you. And...I've never, well--I've never, uh--"

"Oh my God, this is ridiculous. Kevin, are you too scared to say I'm the only black girl you know?"

"H-how did you know--"

"Most guys--white guys--get really awkward when they try to bring it up." She shrugged. "I'm used to it."

"I'm sorry."

She chuckled. "Don't be. At least with you I know it's just your normal level of awkwardness and not a race thing. Some of the guys on Darren's basketball team have thrown a few questionable comments my way. So what's up?"

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and as I reached back to scratch them I realized I must have looked like the biggest goober, just standing there pawing at myself while I thought of something--anything!--to say. Jayla saw right through me, and her expression changed from amusement to almost pity. "Oh, Kevin, are you trying to hit on me?"

I swallowed around the lump in my throat. "Kinda?"

She hid her smile behind her hand, her cocoa cheeks darkening but her eyes trying to keep it together. "That is super sweet, honey, but I don't think you're...I don't think we'd be a good match. Okay?" She didn't want to embarrass me, and that was amazingly kind in itself.

"No, totally, I get it, yeah." The sweat that broke out on my forehead wasn't from embarrassment, though. The potion was thrumming through my veins. "Can I ask, er, why you don't think we'd be a good match?"

She arched her eyebrows and cocked her head to the side in a striking "you asked for it" posture. It amazed me how expressive Jayla's face was, how much it could say in the smallest of changes. "Kevin, you're a nice guy. But I like dating men who are a little...more dominant? I think, since I grew up here, I'm more interested in white guys than some other girls I know. So, y'know, it's not racial, honey--it's just that you're not my type."

"What if...I was more of a, I dunno, alpha male or something?"

She grinned. "Baby, every girl wants an alpha. You don't need to do that for me, do that for yourself." She suddenly frowned, and looked over her shoulder. "That's weird, did it just get hotter in here?"

"Yes," I breathed.

"Okay, glad it's not just me." She slid her hands back behind her and crossed her ebony legs. "So, you were saying you wanted to be an alpha?"

"Yes," I said, standing a little taller. I would have felt ridiculous, but when the potion elevated my horniness it also assuaged my nerves. I wasn't self-conscious, I was on the prowl.

Jayla bit her lip. "Well...I like it when a guy tells me exactly what he wants, none of this stuttering shit like he's afraid to say I'm black. I'm black. Deal with it."

"I think you're a beautiful Nubian goddess."

She clapped her hands together. "Oh my God! 'Nubian goddess?' Okay, that's a new one." She shook out her hair and set her hands back behind her. She pushed her breasts forward, exposing the tops of those round, chocolate orbs and deepening her cleavage. "What else, Kevin?"

"I want to see you, every inch of you. I want to taste you, caress you, I want to possess you."

Her breasts rose precipitously as she took a deep, slow breath. " want to possess me? Like, you want to own me?"

"Don't try to trip me up with the racial thing," I said. "I want you like a man wants a woman--a beautiful, dark-skinned woman who always says what's on her mind."

Her grin was big and bright. "That's good, Kevin. You sound...stronger." She bit her lip and glanced down at my belt. "So, uh, now tell me about you. What are you packing down there, white boy?"

I grabbed my crotch. "Why don't you unwrap this package and find out?"

She clapped her hands again, falling into a fit of giggles. "Oh yeah, that's very good. I like that." Her eyes flashed up at me. "Mmm, so, that why you walked in here, to find out what kind of men I like?"