Sex Games With Laurie And Friends - Lazarus Orlando - ebook

Excerpt:He took over the delightful task of unbuttoning her shirt, his fingers trembling with eagerness as the college sophomore nervously undressed her... not for an instant aware that his roommate and Laurie's best friend were a few feet away!* * *"They're going to do it... this time it's for real!" Ann whispered as Terry leaned over her, close to her ear. She was on her hands and knees on the bunk, her eyes close to the crack and Terry was kneeling half-behind her... his hands busily tugging at the bottom of her still-wet bikini.

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Sex Games With Laurie And Friends

Lazarus Orlando

Copyright © 2017

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"Aw, come on, baby... it'll be a million laughs!" he grinned wickedly, rubbing baby oil on his muscled chest as they sat together on the deck of the battered old inland cruiser. They were tied to a buoy, more than a mile from shore, and the old boat rose and fell with the gentle wake of a passing fishing trawler in the distance.

The pretty redhead was pensive for a moment, her hands on her bikinied hips. "Oh, all right... but I'm going to be sorry I let you talk me into this. Laurie would kill me if she found out! Not to mention dying of embarrassment!"

"Shhh... let's slip into the bow stateroom before the action starts!" He opened a hatch on the foredeck, a wooden cover with peeling paint. It creaked as the hinges opened slowly and then he led the way down the ladder into the tiny area that had been the crew's quarters when this old hulk was a private yacht, before she was relegated to being rented to college seniors like Dave and Terry.

Ann eased down the ladder, stepping cautiously into the darkness of the bow area as Terry helped her with his hands on her hips. He nuzzled her bikini-covered behind as she climbed downward, pressing his nose into the half-concealed furrow of her pert, saucy buttocks.

"Mmmm... don't start anything you can't finish, lover," she purred in a soft whisper, "Remember... we came down here for the show."

"Yeah, I remember... come on, the crack is right over here somewhere." He fumbled across the narrow, restrictive quarters and crawled onto a bunk that lined the opposite side. "Yeah... right here! Come on, they're getting undressed!"

Ann scrambled behind him, bumping her shin on the edge of the bunk and cursing softly under her breath. Her girlfriend and Terry's roommate were only a few feet away, behind the bulkhead that separated the once-stately owner's quarters from this crew area forward. The walls were inch thick mahogany and she knew the other couple couldn't hear them unless they were especially noisy, but it was still thrilling to take such a chance... they were going to watch as Laurie Prentice, nineteen and still the belle of Settlers' Springs, lost her virginity!

* * *

"Dave, darling... mmmm, that feels so nice!" The long-haired blonde girl breathed huskily as they sprawled across the full-size bed in the faded master's suite. They were still clothed and Laurie was on her back—her boyfriend had his hand under her shirt and was softly but insistently massaging the full, pert globes of her breasts inside.

Laurie was the kind of girl you usually saw in high school yearbooks—prom queen, class secretary, most likely to succeed. And she had been all of those things, and more... but she was still not a woman. More than a few times, she and her long-time boyfriend Dave had come close... but they had both secretly agreed that this was to be the week-end when they went through with it. It had been Laurie's secret for weeks... she had no way of knowing that Dave had told his friend and roommate, nor that there were two pairs of eyes watching her in this most private moment.

"Your hand... it feels so strong there." She unbuttoned the first few buttons on her denim shirt, shamelessly and without regret—for she had always known that sooner or later she would give everything she had to give to her wonderful Dave. She had known him since high school and everyone just sort of assumed that sooner or later it would be Mr. and Mrs. Dave Masters.

He took over the delightful task of unbuttoning her shirt, his fingers trembling with eagerness as the college sophomore nervously undressed her... not for an instant aware that his roommate and Laurie's best friend were a few feet away!

* * *

"They're going to do it... this time it's for real!" Ann whispered as Terry leaned over her, close to her ear. She was on her hands and knees on the bunk, her eyes close to the crack and Terry was kneeling half-behind her... his hands busily tugging at the bottom of her still-wet bikini.

She giggled and gave her heart-shaped buttocks a sensuous wiggle as he got the bikini bottom over her firm, freckled cheeks and started to ease it down her thighs.

Her curvaceous, sensuously-wiggling ass was naked now as Terry pulled h«r tight-fitting bikini down her legs and tossed it aside. He could see, even in the near-darkness of this forward compartment, that Ann was ready and willing... her small, hair-rimmed pussylips were moist and blushed with pinkness. He leaned over and breathed hotly on the gently quaking folds of her cunt... and her whole body shuddered with naked, unashamed arousal!

"Ohhh, Terry!" she whispered as loudly as she dared. "Eat my pussy, baby... what a treat! We can watch them and fuck at the same time!"

He started to protest that he would be able to see very little with his face between her slender thighs, but he went ahead with it anyway... Ann had one of those pussies that was always sweet-tasting and wet, and there wasn't any doubt about how she liked being eaten. She loved it!

His fingers drew apart the ragged moist rims of her young pussy, the reddish hairs brushing his hands as he opened her up salaciously from behind. Her ass-cheeks clenched and quivered in a stirring sexuality all their own... and when his lips pressed hotly into the sizzling dampness of her crotch, it was all she could do to keep from screaming in rapturous passion!

"Mmmm, lover... put your tongue in it! Ohhh, put your tongue in my pussy before I die!"

* * *

Dave's breath hung in his throat as he opened the halves of Laurie's denim work-shirt and exposed the full, firmly-shaped globes of her teenage breasts. She was well-tanned except for the part the bikini had covered, and it made her tits look that much more exciting... starkly white with soft pink nipples in contrast with the chocolate brown of the rest of her body. She was slender and trim-waisted, with the sensually-rousing suppleness that only a young woman can ever possess. His eyes locked on the firm, pulsing tips of her small crinkly nipples and he ached to kiss them, to get them in his mouth and suck on them until she .screamed, but there was something more important... he had to get her out of her cut-off jeans before she changed her mind!

"L-Laurie," he stammered uneasily. Her eyes were closed and she answered him without opening them. "Life your bottom a little... there."

She murmured something inaudible as she lifted the warm, full cheeks of her young behind from the bed; A visible shudder rippled along her long, bare legs as her boyfriend pulled her unzipped shorts down over her hips and then past her thighs. She had to bring her legs together to let him slip them off... a simple gesture, but one that told him this time it would be all the way!

Laurie was wearing a pair of tiny, practically transparent panties, white with sheer lace around the edges. Dave gripped the elastic at the top of them in near-reverence and started to pull them off.

"Oh, Dave!" she gasped, her eyes closed tightly and her lips quivering with the fervent arousal of teenage passions! He eased her panties over her slim, girlish hips, giving him his first real look at the sparse, narrow vee of her bush and the pale pink lips of her pussy underneath!

He pulled her panties down her slender legs and tossed them onto the bed next to her, then stretched out beside her. She turned her face to his and he kissed her full on her moist young lips; his hand roamed over the flatness of her teenage belly and then fastened hotly over the firm, jutting mound of her breast. Her nipples pressed into his palm like a burning coal and she moaned arousedly as his fingers kneaded the warm, supple flesh of her naked tit.

She groaned and tremored shamelessly as his hand left her breast... and began the inexorable descent to the moistly-quivering lips of her pussy!

"Mmmm, Dave, darling! Ohhhh!" she mindlessly whimpered as his fingers searched in the lightly-fringed dampness of her young pussy. Her cunt was small and invitingly tight and he had trouble just getting his middle finger inside it, but her juices were flowing now like water as she trembled and moaned beside him. Her legs scissored constantly, but never completely closed as she offered her teenage body in complete submission to her college lover!

He leaned over her, their bodies squirming together in a dance of naked passions as old as time, and his lips closed fervently over the girlish, firm mound of her breast. His tongue encircled the peaked, crinkly tip of her nipple and she groaned in aroused eagerness as his hand probed the virginal softness of her damp, hair-rimmed cunt.

"Awwww, yesss... lover, yess!" she bleated as his middle finger dipped stiffly into the sizzling, tight wetness of her pussy. He moved it in and out, the clinging moist walls of cuntal flesh tightly gripping the stiffened finger :as it eagerly plowed the untried, clasping fissure of her sex.

Dave wiggled the tip of his finger, deep in the virginal dampness of her pussy, and the young, longhaired blonde coed writhed in fervent passion, her hair flailing about her head and her arms pounding the mattress in naked frustration!

She was hot and wet and juicy and the college junior knew she was ready this time... ready for six inches of hard meat between her beautiful thighs!

He tried to add another finger, but she was so incredibly tight that even with the gushing wetness of her juices, he couldn't manage it.

Trying desperately not to break the passionate rhythms of their own seductive arousal, Dave managed to slip out of his shorts. He wore nothing underneath and his cock was fully erect and stiffened with long, pulsing youthfulness.

He took her hand and eased it close to his cock—he wasn't sure if she would even touch it, but the heat of his lust-stiffened hugeness seemed to draw her fingers like a magnet and they closed compellingly around the turgid, blood-heated flesh of his cock... and she squeezed it rousingly in a gesture of naked eagerness!

"Ohhh, Dave... it's soo big!" She had seen him naked a couple of times, but never with his cock so full and huge like this. It was enormous to her inexperienced touch... as big as her wrist and so thick that she wondered how any woman could take it inside her.

"Laurie... c-could you, uh... kiss it first?" he implored, hoping desperately that she wouldn't be insulted. He had wanted her to do this many times, but never had the nerve to ask her until now.

Laurie looked stunned. "Kiss it? Now?" He .nodded anxiously and the long-legged teenager leaned over her boyfriend's muscular loins until her lips were hardly an inch from the turgid, blood-engorged knob of his prick.

"Go ahead... hurry!" he hissed through his teeth, his eyes clenched shut in anxious need. Laurie edged closer until he could feel her warm moist breath on the head of his cock. He couldn't stand it a second longer!

"Awww, Godddd!" he gasped as he grabbed the back of her head and pressed her face down onto his cock. His big, thick pecker surged over her teeth and gaggingly entered the warm, clinging moistness of her mouth. Her tongue pressed incitingly along the under side of his organ as she gagged and mumbled something in protest... but it was too late! He had her mouth around his prick and he wasn't about to let her stop now!

"Mmmggh... please!" she managed to cry around the choking hugeness of his. member, but he had her head gripped now with both hands and was working her face up and down over his upraised rigidity as her lips ovaled in moist submission around his cock!

"Mmmmm, Laurie... suck it, honey! Don't stop... Ohhhh, my God, it feels so good!" Laurie was still resisting, sick with revulsion, until the sounds of her boyfriend's words finally reached the whirling confusion of her mind... Wow, I've never seen him like this! I'm hardly doing anything and he's about to go out of his mind!

Laurie had "come of age"... she had made that first real discovery of her womanhood, and of the frightening powers a beautiful young girl like herself possessed over men. She was really and truly beginning to realize... that she could drive men crazy with a flick of her tongue or a twist of her slender, curvy hips!

The revulsion was gone, and even the bumping of his insistent thrusts against the back of her throat was less painful. The urge to choke was fast-fading... and in' its place, the wicked teasing desire to lick and tongue her boyfriend's cock until he squirmed in agonizing lust!

She ovaled her lips tightly around the bluev-eined hugeness of his cock and worked her mouth up and down over the thick, blood-heated flesh of his sex. He held her for a moment longer, then released her head in wide-eyed disbelief as the young blonde teenager took over... and began to suck him like a real pro!

It was all instinct, for she had never, ever done anything like this... but it came surprisingly easy for the virginal Laurie. It was as if a secret facet of her personality had at long last emerged... the flirty, saucy spark of her smoldering womanhood!

* * *

Terry could stand it not a second longer, though there was little he enjoyed more than eating the beautiful redhead's sweet-tasting pussy. He could hardly see the action from behind her, and now he was on his knees at her backside, his own long, turgid pecker prodding at the wet, nibbling lips of the girl's young pussy.

"Ohhh, Terry... put it in me!" Ann hissed as quietly as she could for every sound seemed magnified a thousand times in the quiet stillness of the forward cabin. Now they could both see young Laurie and her anxious boyfriend... and they were bug-eyed with curiosity as the naked young blonde gave her first blow-job! It was better than watching a double-feature porno movie!

Her boyfriend lunged into her in a single, jarring thrust that sank eight inches of virile manhood into the sizzling jaws of her cunt.

"Unnghh! Take it easy... you'll make me scream and it'll ruin everything," she whispered hoarsely, her hips undulating in tight, grinding circles of naked arousal around his cock.

Terry smiled and reached around her, leaning forward so that he could rub and fondle her firm, dangling tits as they fucked. Her nipples were hard and crinkly against his palms, and he plowed into her from behind with deep, sensuously-slow strokes that he knew were driving the torrid redhead wild with desire!

"Mmmm, lover... that's it, yesss!"

* * *

Laurie licked tormentingly at her boyfriend's lust-hardened erection, gripping it in her small, trembling hands as the tip of her tongue flirted rousingly with the tiny slit in the end of the bulbous, throbbing head.

She giggled to herself as she heard him moan tremorously... Hey, look at that, he's going out of his mind! It feels so good... I love it, I just love it, mm-mm!

"Ohh, Laurie, baby... suck it... please!" he choked as she squeezed the thick, turgid pole of his cock between her small fingers and licked with just the tip of her tongue around the rim of his prick-head. Only the tiny, moist tip was brushing over the edge of his glans and it was driving him crazy with agonizing lust!

Laurie watched as he squirmed, cocky with her newfound powers, and then she lowered her face toward his muscular loins, ovaling her lips as his cock slithered wetly into her mouth. It bumped the back of her throat, but this time she didn't choke or gag... she let it slip deep into her gullet and clasped every inch of its virile stiffness with her lips and tongue.

"Awww, baby... ba-byyyyyy!" He had his head back and his eyes closed and his words hissed hotly from between his teeth in a groan of sensuous arousal. He pushed up with his crotch and face-fucked her hugely, but the virginal young blonde took every inch... Damn, she's incredible! She's a born cocksucker, that's what she is!

She sucked him delightfully, swirling the wet warm flesh of her small tongue around his pecker until her mouth was sloshing with hot, wet saliva mingled with the oozing pungence of his own semen!

Suddenly... he couldn't stand it any longer. He had to have her... he had to fuck her now or never!

"Laurie... s-stop, stop, please .:." She did as he told her and looked up at him, puzzled, her soft blue eyes misty with hurt as though she had done something wrong.

"Was... Wasn't I doing it right?" she whispered softly in a trembling thin voice, her tiny hand still wrapped around the upraised thickness of his young cock and her lips smeared with the tell-tale evidence of her fellatio.

"Oh, baby, no! You were great... just fantastic!" he said convincingly. "But there's something better... I want to... to put it in you... in your pussy."

Laurie trembled, her naked firm little titties jiggling as she looked down at his immense erection and thought of how it would hurt going into her. But the trembling was not from fear this time... it was the quivering anxiousness of a woman about to be fucked!

"O-Okay... I'm ready," she murmured. She let go of his cock and stretched out on her back. "What do you want me to do?"

The college student looked down at her as she stretched out on her back, her full soft, young nakedness fully displayed in exciting invitation. He could see all of her... the full, firm little melons of her breasts, the flat smooth firmness of her belly, dotted with the tiny, inset cleft of her navel. And below, the wispy trail of soft blonde hair that led to the sparse, curly vee of her pubic hairs... and the quaking, damp lips of her pussy hidden below! Her long, naked legs were smooth and unblemished and they opened and closed in a scissoring rhythm of passionate stirring as old as womanhood... as old as women in heat!