Sewers - Eliselle Yu - ebook

Samantha needs a professional for her next job at The Society and she hires Ramona, an expert in concrete and constructions.But not everything is what it seems.

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"Can I..?"

Ramona raised her eyes from the cup of steaming tea and watched behind her glasses the woman who was standing near the table.

Tall, athletic, wearing a very expensive and raffinate suit, but with two stiletto shoes with iron heels.

"Please..." she said, indicating a chair.

Samantha sat, crossed her legs and put her hands on the table, her fingers crossed.

She leaned over slightly, showing a generous cleavage under the slightly open jacket.

"I need your services" she said simply.

Ramona lifted the cup and took a sip, looking at the woman who stood in front of her. It was all too clear what kind of services she demanded, but she had to be careful ... before finding herself to be a client of her own services!

She adjusted the glasses, put down her cup and reached out, touching a lock of long hair.

She stroked them, they were like silk and she looked back at the woman in the eye "They are natural red, right?"

Samantha smiling "I have them 100% natural" she answered “due to dye for work occasionally, but I try to keep them as well as I can"

Ramona leaned in turn closer to her interlocutor and continued "I do not think I understand your name, Beauty"

"Samantha" she replied smiling and winking an eye. She reached a leg, touching the boot with one of the stiletto cleavages.

Ramona smiled scornfully and said, "It is unprofessional"

Samantha was quiet and reached out, taking her "Perhaps ... but I do not care"

"What ... are you interested in?"

"Two things: accept my job and fuck you ... not necessarily in that order"

Ramona sipped more tea, reclines in her chair and crossed her legs. But slightly she moved her foot, touching the woman. She watched for a few minutes without saying anything and without looking down, until Ramona said, "What services do you mean? I offer several"