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Professor Brennan and her husband are looking for a very special someone to fulfill their wildest, dirtiest fantasies. They aren't looking for a quick one night stand. They need a submissive willing to do whatever it takes to please them twenty-four hours a day. It's up to the Professor to find the perfect one to play their games. When she runs into the shy Madison at an underground club, she seems to be too good to be true. Who would have thought the timid girl who always sat in the back row with her head down was exactly what the couple had been searching for all along? The Professor knew the quiet girl who was so eager to please was just the right one to take home to her alpha husband, but could she convince Madison they were the right couple for her?This is part one of a serial and it ends on a cliffhanger. The story will be told over five separate installments.Also now available for purchase:Seducing Madison Part 2Seducing Madison Part 3Seducing Madison Part 4Seducing Madison Part 5The Seducing Madison Series Parts 1-5Keywords MFF, Menage a trois, threesome, triangle, multiple partners, BDSM, alpha, bisexual, squirting, fingering, toys, anal, erotic shorts, erotic serials, free, freebie, alpha male, first time, virgin, punishment, master, mistress, submissive, rough sex, professor, kinky couple

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Table of contents

Seducing Madison (Part One)

Copyright October 2016


Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

By Katrina Millings

Copyright October 2016

Chapter One


I opened the front door and rushed inside, excited to share my news. Mark was sitting on the sofa in the living room. He rose to his feet, no doubt seeing the excitement bubbling out of me before I said a word.

“ I found her. She’s perfect for us.”

“ Really?” he asked, not taking his eyes off of me as I kicked off my high heels and shrugged off my coat. The heels I left on the floor. The coat I slung over the back of the couch.

“ Oh, yes, she’s just what you’ve been hoping for, and she’s ready, or she will be when I finish with her tonight.”

“ What makes her so perfect?” he asked with a touch of wariness in his voice. What we were searching for was hard to find and we’d come close before only to not have it work out. We were both tired of being disappointed by that point. Yet, I had a hunch about this girl. She’d be different.

I strode over to him and threw my arms around his neck. While I wore a stunning black dress he was still in his sweatpants and an old ratty t-shirt. Of course, he worked from home and I taught Chemistry class at the private college on the edge of the city, so he didn’t have to concern himself with dressing up the way I did. Bestselling authors like him sure had it easy.

“ Mmm, she’s a blond, gorgeous, twenty-one-year old girl with a tight pussy. What more do you want?” I purred in his ear.

“ You know what.”

“ Oh, she’s a sub, don’t worry.”

“ You sound so certain. Have you been playing one of your games again without letting me in on the fun? Where did you meet this girl?”

“ Her name is Madison and she’s in my class. I’ve had my eye on her, but I never considered her for us until I ran into her at the club a few weeks ago.”

“ Ah, the club, so you have been playing.”

“ Well, how am I going to find what we need if I don’t go looking?”

“ That explains all those nights you came home late. You never mentioned Madison.”

“ I wanted to wait until I knew she’d go for it.”

“ Did she say she would?”

“ I haven’t asked her yet. I was going to bring it up when I saw her tonight.”

“ So how far have you gotten with her?”

“ We’ve done a lot of dirty dancing and some heavy petting in my car,” I grinned wickedly. “Tonight we’re having dinner at the restaurant inside the Brownstone Hotel and I’ve rented the penthouse suite for later. I think all will go well. She’s definitely a sub and she’s on scholarship, barely making ends meet. I think she might like the idea of having a hot, rich, couple like us taking care of her.”

“ You intend to buy this girl?”

“ I don’t really think I’d have to, but no harm in throwing some icing on the cake. Oh, Mark, you’ll love her,” I sighed. “Her pussy gets so wet, like mine is now just thinking about her.”

“ I bet your pussy is nice and wet,” he teased.

He couldn’t have been more right. I was turned on like I hadn’t been in a while. Merely talking about the girl was enough to make me lose control of my senses. I felt his cock twitch and stiffen as I pressed my lower body against his crotch and couldn’t resist dropping to my knees. I pulled his pants down, then made a fist around his shaft and stroked him from the base to the fat mushroom. “Oh, baby, just the thought of me bringing her home to you makes you hard, doesn’t it?”

“ Fuck yes! I’ve been waiting for too long.”

“ Just think, she’ll be all ours. We’ll own her. We can use her however we want. She’s so eager to please. You really will like her, I promise. But I can take care of you until then. Let me put your beautiful cock in my mouth. Can I? I want it so bad.”

“ Yeah, suck my dick,” he urged her. “You know how I like it.”

I did know. I understood him, but I wasn’t actually a submissive. I could play the part, but I couldn’t be the real thing for him. After five years of marriage, we’d discovered that I have my own dominant streak as well as a passion for pretty co-eds. As much as my husband and I enjoyed each other’s bodies, neither of us were getting completely fulfilled because a dom and a mistress together- well- someone had to submit. It had been my idea to find a girl to share and my only stipulation was that I be the one to choose our new pet. I’d been hunting in the clubs for quite a spell now it seemed we were both so close to finally having what we needed. He was just as excited as I was judging by the way he thrust his hips forward to go deeper into my mouth, telling me without words what he wanted from me. I got the message and moved my head down over him until his cock slipped into my throat.

My hands clutched his ass as he grunted. I loved to swallow him. It was a skill I’d learned just for him. I let him fuck my face, knowing he was thinking of the sweet co-ed I’d found for him. I wasn’t jealous. I was thinking of her, too. I could teach her to do this for him. I could teach her a lot of things and the lessons would begin tonight. My pussy was sopping wet thinking about what the evening would bring. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. Getting her alone in my hotel room would be easy. She wanted it bad. The last time I’d kissed her I’d felt her body quake with undeniable desire. She hadn’t wanted me to stop. Tonight I wouldn’t.

I pulled my head back, easing off the cock in my mouth and moaned when Mark shot his cum into it. I swallowed greedily, but some of the seed spilled out and stained the front of my dress. I didn’t mind. I had a sexy red number I planned to wear to meet Madison, not that I had to try so hard. Like I said, she wanted it bad.

Chapter Two


I was completely obsessed with Professor Brennan. It was asking for trouble, getting involved with a teacher, absolutely against the administrative rules. If we were ever caught I could lose my scholarship. I reasoned that I might not have too much to worry about in that regard. A scandal could cost her career, so it wasn’t as if she’d tell our secret. Who would ever know? We just had to be careful. That didn’t mean it wasn’t a risk, but I was so drawn to the professor I’d have told myself any lie to have her.

The club where we’d first gotten to know each other, if you will, was an underground establishment. She was the only person from campus I’d ever run into there. I’d heard about the place through the grape vine, but it was a joke as far as the other students were concerned. Everyone knew what went on there. None of my classmates were interested in checking it out. I was different from them. I needed something that I’d discovered wasn’t so easy to find, but in that club, you could find just about anything you could ever want.

Wanting something isn’t always the same as having the nerve to go after it. At first, I started going to the club with no more intentions than to sit alone and watch. It was a wild scene, too wild for me. Masters were leading their barely clothed slaves around on leashes. I once saw a slave bend over a table and receive a spanking right there in front of a crowd for spilling their master’s drink. The sight of the welts on the slave’s ass had turned me on more than I cared to admit. I’d never been punished like that before. The truth was, I’d never been much of anything. I was a virgin, which was practically unheard of at my age these days, but I’d never found a guy I felt comfortable to share my fantasies with and I was willing to wait. Occasionally, someone would buy me a drink and ask me to join them for the evening, but I wasn’t ready until I saw the professor.

I didn’t recognize her right away. She looked so different from the proper way she dressed and behaved in class, but it was her, my Eastern World History instructor, Professor Brennan. She was wearing a tight leather skirt and a black lace tank top. Her raven hair, which she usually wore in a bun, hung in long loose waves down her back. She was standing at the opposite end of the bar from where I was sitting. She didn’t appear to notice me at first. I stared at her too long, half shocked to see her and half mesmerized by how beautiful she looked. Her eyes locked with mine just when it occurred to me I should head for the door before she caught me gawking at her. Then it was too late to run. She was heading towards me, her hips swaying from side to side in a seductive, slow saunter.

“ Madison, I didn’t expect that you’d be here.” Her pouty lips curved in a smile. However nervous I was, she was obviously not put off at all by my presence.

I was surprised she knew my name offhand. I was quiet and shy in class, rarely raising my hand to answer questions. I usually slouched in my seat, praying she didn’t call on me.

“ Professor Brenna, I-um-

“ It’s all right, Madison. We all have our secrets. Now you know mine and I know yours.”

“ Yes, mam, I guess so. I come here sometimes just to-well, I was-

“ Curious?”

“ A little.”

“ You didn’t use a fake ID to get in, did you? I presume you’re old enough to have a drink?”

“ Yes, I’m twenty-two.”

“ Good, I’ll buy the next one. You look a bit uptight, like you could use another.” There was no mistaking the amusement in her tone. In my awkwardness, I’d quickly become a source of entertainment for her.

She waved her hand to the bartender and ordered me another daiquiri. “Twenty-two is a wonderful age to be. I miss my twenties.”

“ You don’t look much older,” I murmured.

“ I’m thirty, but that’s not so bad, either. I enjoy myself, as you can see.”

“ Do you come here a lot?”

“ You could call me a regular.”

“ Are you married?”

“ Yes, to a very handsome writer. He’s quite successful. I’m very proud of him.”

“ Is he here now?”

“ No.”

“ He doesn’t mind you coming here alone?”

“ Not at all. What about you. Boyfriend?”

“ No, I don’t date much.”

“ No one here has tried to snatch you up? I find that hard to believe.”

“ I don’t- I mean, I just watch.”

“ Watching can be fun. Doing is better. I bet you just haven’t found the right person yet. Maybe I could help. Are you dominant or submissive?”

“ Oh, I don’t know,” I blushed.

“ Of course you know. You’re one or the other. Some people are both, but whatever you are, you must know. I’d guess you’re submissive. And by the way you were looking at me a moment ago, I’ll say you like women, yes?”