Seducing Madison Part 4 - Katrina Millings - ebook

In this fourth installment of the Seducing Madison Series, Madison's master and mistress decide to take her training to a whole new level. If a trip to the play room won't do it, a night with the master and a new man will. Of course, the mistress of the house isn't one to sit by and let everyone else have all the fun, either. She's ready to prepare her new sub to be put on display at a very special party where the competition is stiff and only a girl like Madison can hope to take home the winning prize. Also available for purchaseSeducing Madison (free)Seducing Madison Part 2Seducing Madison Part 3Keywords: multiple partners, mff, mfm, group, threesome, triangle, bdsm, domination, submission, bondage, dungeon, rough, master, mistress, submissive, slave, anal, bisexual, erotica series, short sex stories, toys, punishment, flogger, spanking bench, oral, deep throat

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Katrina Millings

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Table of contents

Seducing Madison (Part 4)

Copyright Dec 2016


Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

By Katrina Millings

Copyright Dec 2016

Chapter One


The Professor gave me plenty of time to myself over the next three days, too much time. She’d become like a drug to me and when I was ignored for too long I went into withdrawals, craving her touch, or even the slightest bit of attention from her. The best time was bed time, when I got to burrow under the covers between her and Mark. I’d taken to sleeping with my head on her shoulder, one of her arms wrapped tightly around me. I couldn’t seem to snuggle close enough to satisfy either one of us and when I tried her arm would tighten around me and her luscious body would press even closer into me. If I’d have had my way, I’d have lounged the days away with them, lulled to sleep by the scent of her lilac perfume and the heat radiating off of his chiseled body.

The more the professor let me alone, the more I sought her attention, lingering near her until she acknowledged my presence. She once called me out of my room and I excitedly set aside the mystery novel I’d been reading, one of Mark’s that I’d borrowed from his library, and hurried downstairs to find her waiting in the living room for me.

“Bend over the arm of the sofa,” she said, offering no explanation.

I bent over and promptly felt a small nozzle inserted into my anus and a luke warm lubricant shoot into my ass.

“I have a new plug for you. It’s bigger than the one I used before,” she said. “Are you ready for it?”

“Yes,” I gasped. A tingle of excitement brewed back there just remembering the irresistible friction the plug had created inside my snug hole last time.

The tip of the plug tapped my rim, then was pulled quickly out only to pierce the resisting flesh again.

“Like I said, this one is bigger. We have to stretch you out a bit first. If I promise to be gentle will you try to hold still for me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Most mistresses wouldn’t even ask, you know. This is about what I expect from you, not what you like, but I can’t bring myself to be too strict with you, love. I’m afraid if I let you, you’re going to wrap me around your little finger.”

Didn’t she know by now that I was no brat? To prove this, I held still as a statue as she used the tip of the toy to pierce my anus over and over in swift jabbing motions that were firm, yet as she’d promised, gentle. In fact, there was no discomfort at all and I found myself pushing my ass back to meet the thrusts and attempt to take more of the plug’s girth.

“My little anal slut wants more, huh?” she said in a taunting voice.

“Yes, yes,” I whimpered.

“You know what to do.”

I pushed out to open up for her. The plug entered me smoothly, despite the girth of it, which was definitely greater than the one she’d used on me previously. In fact, it was inserted so quickly and effortlessly that I let out a gasp of surprise at going from so empty to so pleasantly full.

“All right?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied with a husky voice rich with lust.

“That’s my girl.” She gave my ass a slap before stepping back as if to admire her work.

I remained in position, wondering what came next and was disappointed to be dismissed.

“Go on back to your room. Leave that in for a while. I’ll come up to see you later.”

“Please, don’t you want to come with me now?”

“Is that what I said?”


“Then go on and don’t pout. You wouldn’t want me to be disappointed in you.”

“No, Mistress.”

“Then go. I’ll see you in a while.”

I spent the next hour in my room, the plug deep inside my ass, making me want what I hadn’t known I could desire before I’d met the Brennan’s. It was against the rules to touch myself, or to do anything that would bring me release without permission, but I couldn’t resist. I lied on my bed, legs apart and reached down to grasp the base of the plug. Just as the professor liked to do ever so often, I pulled it out of my ass up to the tip, then pushed it back in, letting the feel of it brushing against my anal walls take me over. My fingers flickered over my clit as I continued to slowly fuck my own ass with the toy. She often called me her good girl, but like a wickedly naughty slave, I’d learned to listen for her footsteps on the stairs so I wouldn’t get caught. When I heard the click of her heels on the marble staircase I quickly put my hands at my side and waited for her to open the door, feeling guilty and somewhat paranoid at the thought of her finding out how I misbehaved when she wasn’t there to see.

She sauntered into the room and locked her eyes on my nude body. I recognized the look. She was in the mood to play. “There’s something I think we should try,” she said, unable to keep the desire out of her voice.

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered, starved for her affection and willing to do anything to keep it.

She’d moved her chest of toys out from underneath the bed to sit in the corner of the room, giving me a constant reminder that we had so many games left to play. When left alone to my own devices, I’d rummaged through the array of contents and let my imagination run rampant with all the toys we’d yet to use. Now she pulled out a dildo similar to the one I’d used to punish the maid at her command. Did she want me to do the same to her?

Quite the opposite, she announced, “I want to fuck you, both places. Mark has had his turn, and it’s time that I have mine. Is that all right with you?”

“Yes, Mistress, oh, yes,” I sighed.

“This one is new. I bought it just for you,” she said, glancing down at the shaft in her hand. It was robin’s egg blue. It looked smooth, but rigid, uncompromising, and it was much larger than the plug in my ass. The size of it was probably enough to give someone else pause, but not me. I trusted my mistress. I wanted what she wanted.

“Unzip me,” she said, turning her back to me.

I unzipped the back of her dress and pushed it off of her shoulders, letting my arms go around her and burying my face in her neck, losing myself in her musky scent. She always smelled so fucking good and her skin was so soft I couldn’t refrain from running my palms over the abundant curves that were her breasts. I didn’t have permission to do that. When she twirled around unexpectedly I thought I might be in for a scolding, but she laughed at my surprise and covered my lips with hers, leaving the taste of cinnamon lip gloss tingling on my tongue.

“Ooh, my pretty girl, I’m going to make you come so hard,” she promised, stepping away from me.

She fastened the harness around her waist and took the cock into her hand. “You want it?”

I bit my lip and nodded.

“Say the words.”

“I want it.”

“Want what?”

“I want your cock,” I replied.

“Get up there on your knees. I like you on your knees when you beg.”

I hopped back onto the bed and knelt with my ass sitting on my heels. She knelt before me and pushed my head down. “Let me see you suck my dick.”

It was a humbling act to take a dildo into my mouth, but I was nothing else if not humbled by my mistress. Still, a mouth full of vinyl wasn’t nearly as enticing as my Master’s huge cock had been and it must have showed in my lackluster performance as I bobbed my head over the toy.

“That’s not terribly impressive, Madison. You can do better. Suck it like you can’t get enough of it. Look at me and stick out your tongue.”

I gazed up at her with curious eyes.

She thumped the head of it against my tongue. “Say, ‘Ah.’”

“Ah,” I obliged.

“You need this cock in your pussy, don’t you?”


“You need this cock inside your tight little ass, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I need it, Mistress.”

“Then make me want to give it to you. Suck my dick like it’s the best cock you’ll ever taste.”

I moved down over the shaft again, taking nearly all of it and then started bobbing my head wildly.

“Yeah, get it wet.”